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YouTube Fitness "Personalities"

Discussion in 'Media Threads' started by phillydude, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. phillydude

    phillydude Don't Never Give Up.

    May 23, 2005
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    So who do you watch/follow on YouTube? it doesn't matter if they are informational, motivational, or just entertaining .. I'm curious to find new channels. Here's who I'm subscribed to, in no particular order:

    BroScienceLife (Dom Mazzetti)Mike Tornabene) - I also follow his GnaRPM, Bros V, and his personal one.
    Bradley Martyn - He works a lot with Dom/Mike, and Bros V is their shared channel.
    SuperTraining06 / Jim McDonald - Most of Mark Bell's Powercasts are on one of these two channels.
    RxMuscle - News and Interviews from the sport of Bodybuilding. Dave Palumbo is the personality.
    MassiveJoes - Australian channel on supplements/bodybuilding. A wide variety of topics/lifestyle stuff.
    Dana Lynn Bailey - Fitness/Figure competitor (Flag Not Fail). She's the perfect combo of fit and fine.
    Gifted Nutrition - Phil Heath's channel. Not a lot of content, but hey, he's the 5x Olympia champ.
    Buff Dudes - The brothers cover training, nutrition, workouts, and a lot of very basic information. Funny too.
    Kai Greene - Possibly the most compelling personality in the sport of bodybuilding.
    The Tiger Fitness - Marc Lobliner is opinionated, loud, and always controversial in his opinions.
    CT Fletcher Motivation - take everything above and multiply it by ten... I command you to watch!
    Powerful JRE - Joe Rogan is the best podcaster/interviewer in the game right now. MMA, comedy, and training are in his wheelhouse.
    Watch his Lance Armstrong interview as a sample of his best work.
  2. IROC-Z

    IROC-Z Raw Bench Daddy

    Oct 27, 2007
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    I got sick of most of the Youtube fitness dudes as I gradually started to figure out that most of them are frauds. I do still follow Joe Rogan and I agree that his podcasts are the best. The only other one I follow is my buddy, Jedd Johnson/Diesel Crew. This guy is for real and he is absolutely the classiest dude in the entire fitness industry.
  3. Merk

    Merk Satan is my spirit animal

    Oct 29, 2005
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    Greg Nuckols
    Omar Isuf
    Dan Green
    Chris Duffin
    Layne Norton
    Rich Piana
    Jerry Ward
  4. autumngirl

    autumngirl Well-Known Member

    Aug 9, 2008
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