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What does each sport teach us moral virtues or affect our personal traits?

Discussion in 'Introductions & Advice For Beginners' started by autumngirl, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. autumngirl

    autumngirl Well-Known Member
    Bronze Member

    Aug 9, 2008
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    OK this topic I am interested in. Out side the box of physical activity is actually recommended for 150 minutes for all human beings and that physical activity can reduce stress, etc. Do you think each sports, with its features (large group, small group, solo, physical movements, etc) can actually teach us certain personal traits or moral virtues?

    How sports can impact our personal traits or teach us moral virtues:
    • Walking / Fast Walking
    • Jogging / Running
    • Weight Lifting
    • Football / Basketball / Volleyball, etc. (large group)
    • Tennis, etc (solo)
    • Martial Arts
    What do you think? I prefer that you share your personal experience.

    For myself, I have found weight training to teach me a lot about concentration and balance, so it is mentally challenging for me especially that you need to change your workout movements / exercises regularly. However, I have found that kick boxing / martial arts in general teaches me patience. Soccer helped me in the past become more strategic or planner but stay alerted and concentrated while volleyball and basketball is more about physical balance and maintain relaxation. Yoga or Gymnastic was the most challenging and I was never able to practice it mainly because it require openness or easy of flow of energy in terms of self expression (which has always been a struggle for me) :)

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