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What are your goals?

Discussion in 'Female Health & Fitness' started by andi, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. greentea

    greentea Well-Known Member

    Jun 10, 2004
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    It's been great for me reading this site. Both inspiring and informative.

    I'm 37, 5'8" and 192lbs. My goal is to not continue living in a body that makes me want to hide. I was active in sports thruout my teens & 20's, and have slowly let myself go in my 30's. It's one of those things where I knew I was gaining weight, but kept "fooling" myself into thinking, "It's not that much." And the first time I bought that one size larger I "fooled" myself into thinking, "It's just one size. I can get back down." (I call it The Crawl.) You know when you gain 7-10 lbs in a year. And because it happened over an extended period of time, you manage to rationalize. But when you do that 4, or 5 years in a row then catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror in a store, you're shocked and stunned and mortified and ashamed. And you know that you've been wearing sweatpants or roomy skirts as often as possible. And you know that you've been wrapping a sweatshirt or jacket around your waist and you initially told yourself it was to discourage guys from making comments about your bangin' booty, but deep down if you told the truth it would be b/c the bangin' booty has turned into a junk-in-the-trunk of the worst kind. And b/c you're feeling discouraged and dismayed, you don't wise up right away and start exercising and eating healthily--ohh noo. You start eating more crap and laying on the couch and sleeping far too much. But the wising up has begun, my friends. And I'm so grateful for this site for its support, feedback, and encouragement. Whew!

    p.s. I'm not too computer-savvy so I may have ?'s from time to time. e.g., how do I get the smilies to work?
    #61 greentea, Jul 13, 2004
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2004

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