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Training Hams and Quads

Discussion in 'Weight Training/Bulking' started by mastover, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. mastover

    mastover Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    Here is a terrific leg workout geared for the advance lifter, or someone who is in an stagnant rut with hypertrophy and strength. I would not do this every week, but seeded in every 4-6 weeks. The great thing with this routine is that you can train legs only 2x per month, yet continue to make gains. Remember that progress is not due to volume, but intensity of effort applied. Your first attempt might be experimental with poundages used for the specified rep ranges, however, your second attempt should be all out. Your second time with this routine might be 2 weeks after your first time. After that, use it sparingly but increase weights used.

    Leg training is a killer, no doubt... But extremely important for not only the wheels.... the entire body as a system. As a personal aside, I remember a time where I was training for a show about 15 years ago. My body fat was at the same level for 3 weeks and I was getting very frustrated. On this particular day, I was training legs and doing hack squats for my final exercise. On my last set I failed at 7 reps on the last set, and on the final rep of that set I descended into the hole and swore that I couldn't come back up. Well, it took me about 8 seconds to come back up from the hole. This completely destroyed me.I came back home and slept for 12 hours. The next day I woke up and my bodyfat finally broke under the 4% range. (After being at 5% for weeks) Not only that, but I 'Looked' completely different. I eventually won the overall at the show. I am convinced that this one 8 second rep completely altered my physique and put me into another space of development and helped me win the overall.

    Legs is where it's at. :tu:

    Enjoy :cool:

    Legs – 13 sets:

    This is great for pounding glute ham tie in and getting thicker hams up top.

    Half rep stiff leg deads in rack- this isn't a standard rack pull. You use the same technique that you would for hams, push your hams back, keep back flat etc, but only go down to knee level. You can use more weight, and make sure you flex your glutes at the top.

    Do sets of 8 pyramiding up. When you get to a hard 8, it's 3 sets of 8. Don't pause these on rack this week. Just let bar go down to knee level and come back and flex glutes and hams. 3 total work sets.

    Lying leg curls
    3 sets of 15 - Do not go excessively heavy. Use perfect form. Only take 60 seconds between these sets, it'll go fast. Push your hips into the pad, and flex your hams as hard as you can in the contracted position. 3 total work sets.

    Leg press - Pyramid up until you can't get 10 reps. This usually takes 3-4 to warm ups, then you can get 3-4 more sets adding weight as you go. Keep feet just a little wider than shoulder width and in the middle of the platform. Control on the way down with a 3 second descent and drive up without locking out. 3 total work sets. By using a 3 second eccentric, you will initiate more quad growth. They will explode with more muscle.

    One-legged leg press - 3 sets of 8 - All sets should be a hard 8. Go rock bottom on these. Use a weight that will allow you to do that. On your last set, do a triple drop, so do 8 reps, lower the weight and do 8 more, and finally lower the weight and do 8 more. 3 total work sets. What I like about these is that doing them one leg at a time not only hits the teardrops and hams harder, but makes it impossible to round the lower back.

    Lunges - one set with medium weight dumbells. Walk as far as you can until you drop, and that’s your one set. 1 total work set.

    Stretch your quads and hamstrings for 10 minutes. Static stretching, hold each stretch for 35 seconds.
  2. JoeSchmo

    JoeSchmo Well-Known Member

    Nov 7, 2004
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    Looks like fun (yikes) :)

    I like these too .... I'll do them on my non-squat leg days (every fourth week).

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