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Record breaking 215 lb squat

Discussion in 'Media Threads' started by KT Monahan, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. KT Monahan

    KT Monahan Active Member

    Jan 5, 2007
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    A primary school girl has smashed a world weightlifting record - by hoisting more than two times her own bodyweight.
    Naomi Kutin, 10, claimed the astonishing achievement after squatting 215 pounds - despite weighing just under 93 pounds herself.
    She lifted the staggering amount - which weighs the same as Mike Tyson in his prime - in front of a packed crowd in Texas, USA.


    The schoolgirl - who is only in year six and stands at just 4ft 8in tall - stunned onlookers by claiming the women's world record, outdoing the previous holder - a 44-year-old.
    Naomi said: 'A lot of my friends and all of my teachers didn't believe me when I said I had broken the world record.

    'It was only when I brought in my medal and certificate that they did. Everyone thought it was really cool.
    'It's great being stronger than everyone I know. I'm always beating the boys in sports at school.'
    And her proud dad Ed, from New Jersey, USA, said: 'Naomi has always jumped higher and done more push ups than other kids her age, even the boys.
    'But beneath it all she is just a normal, shy ten-year-old with an extraordinary talent

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