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Nutrition and Health

Discussion in 'Nutrition & Supplements' started by mastover, May 28, 2012.

  1. mastover

    mastover Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    Nutrition trumps exercise. For optimal health, one must adopt healthy eating habits. Almost all chronic disease is caused by a poor diet. By extension, a truly healthy nutrition lifestyle can ameliorate many diseases. Make 2012 the year that we radically improve our health by changing the way we eat.

    I get many requests for training programs, but when it comes to nutrition (even with clients) I notice no system of consistency. They put nutrition on the back end of the equation. This is a serious mistake. If you are not willing to alter the way you eat, expect zero results with health and body recomposition. Cardio and training, combined with a less than stellar nutrition plan is going to send you around in circles until you quit. Let's get real peeps. Nutrition is primo if you want to reach and exceed your personal goals, and avoid all the health pitfalls from a poor diet.
  2. user786

    user786 Active Member

    May 2, 2007
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    Excellent Advice Nutrition has Always been my pitfall :blank: and i must have spends many years going in roundabouts.
    Time to sort this out !
    Nutrition/Sleep >> Resistance Training>> cardio
  3. jbivens

    jbivens Active Member

    Jan 6, 2008
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    Amazing how the less physically demanding of the two (nutrition and training) is the one most have troubles with... ...which is why I truly believe that most physical limitations we put on ourselves are mental.

    I've heard (and made) every excuse to not train - too tired, can't get out of the house, worked late, etc.... Eating properly takes very little more energy than eating poorly. It's a choice. All mental.

    I've been seeing a doctor for my blood pressure. I am on 2 meds, twice per day, to regulate it. I am determined to not need those meds. And diet will be 90% of what gets me there.
  4. Jaer

    Jaer Well-Known Member

    Apr 21, 2004
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    I disagree with this statement very highly.

    It is a choice, but choices are not made easily for a lot of people. I would say the majority of people who are overweight know they should have a salad instead of pizza. Put both options in front of someone, and it isn't just a choice--it is a test of will power, and that does take a lot of energy to pick the salad over the pizza.

    The choice is even harder given a stressful day. The pizza (to some) not only tastes better, but eating it makes them feel better. The act of indulgence is soothing, the carbs give a shot of energy, and maybe it evokes memories or feelings the person finds pleasant. And once the pizza is consumed, the eater will feel pleasantly and properly full--the way they think they should after finishing a satisfying meal.

    The salad, on the other hand, isn't as good, doesn't provide the same enjoyment, and just isn't appealing or satisfying when finished. It leaved them desiring something more--even if they aren't technically hungry.

    Right there, that whole scenario--pizza is less taxing on the person than salad. It isn't just a choice--there is a whole bag of extras on top.

    And that's if both options are presented. It's even worse coming home from a long, bad, tiring day. You can either take the time to wash the veggies, chop them up, and eat an unsatisfying salad...or simply grab something from the freezer, nuke it, and be done. Or even call and have the finished product delivered soon after you changed into something more comfortable and collapsed on the couch.

    To say eating healthily is only slightly more energy than not trivializes all of the people who struggle with making decent food choices day after day after day in an environment that makes the bad choices so much easier to get and seem so much more appealing.

    I don't mean to say it is impossible to make the right choices time and again, nor am I suggesting we can't reprogram ourselves to better enjoy the good choices and dispell our desire for the bad. But do be aware that for some, especially in the beginning, making that choice is a powerful amount of effort.

    sometimes has the struggle himself, but it isn't that bad most of the time. But he knows people who only have the energy to last so long, and it is a constant fight every hour of the day to keep on task.

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