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November 2010 TSM: jasarsenault

Discussion in 'Transformation Spotlights' started by John Stone, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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    For this month's Transformation Spotlight I've selected forum member jasarsenault (Jason). When Jason started his transformation he didn't have a solid plan and hadn't even put much forethought into what he was about to do. Mistakes were made, muscle was lost and strength was sacrificed as he dropped more than 50 pounds. Jason was not satisfied with his "end" result, and immediately started the next, more thoughtfully designed phase of his transformation.

    Jason's transformation is a textbook example of a person who decided to make a change and didn't fall into the trap of endless planning. Perfect? Certainly not, but at
    least he jumped in with both feet and started doing something. While I feel planning is important, I see far too many people who spend weeks and weeks attempting to create the "perfect" plan right down to the last gram of protein. Don't fall into that trap! Get the basics down, get started and make adjustments as you progress.

    xmas 2008.jpg


    June 2010

    flex front 2 oct 19.jpg
    October 2010

    Height: 5' 8"
    Age: 32
    Starting weight (Winter 08): 205-209 pounds
    Current weight: 149.5 pounds

    Why did you decide to make a transformation?
    It's funny because I don't really remember exactly why I decided to make a transformation. I remember for a long period of time being unhappy with my physical condition but at the same time I was indifferent to it. I knew I was out of shape and I didn't like that, but at the time I really had no intent of really doing anything about it; I felt that I was too busy with school and I enjoyed beer and eating too much. In the winter of 2008 I turned 30 and almost on that day I decided that rather than spend my 30s out of shape and indifferent to how I lived, I was going to try to get into the best shape of my life. It was a very sudden idea, sparked I suppose by my change in age and because I was slightly frightened by my indifference to the way that I lived my life.

    What sort of planning did you do before you started?
    There was very little planning to start. I joined a running group and ate very poorly (as in far too little). I ran a lot and lifted a little. The result was that by that summer I had lost a ton of weight, probably over 50 pounds, but I was skinny and weak.

    It wasn't until then that I realized that losing weight, while good, wasn't the end of my transformation and that I would require a lot more planning and a set of new goals that included learning a lot more about diet and lifting.

    From there I tried to read more about dieting and food. I had some success but I still wasn't satisfied. This past summer I contacted Mastover to help with my nutrition needs.

    What were your initial goals?
    My initial goals were simply to lose weight so that I would look "toned". This didn't happen losing weight in the way that I mentioned. I shifted my goals to include gaining some lean mass while at the same time getting leaner than I was then. My goals have changed again; they've had to because when I started I never thought I'd get to this point! I now realize that I had set the bar really low for myself.

    What was your diet and supplement intake like?
    For a long while it consisted mostly of just eating as healthy as I could, not really paying attention to my macros or calories. While I saw some changes, I felt like I was often spinning my wheels in the gym. I was working out like crazy but I was seeing very little change.

    Mastover helped set up a diet plan and I made sure that I followed it as strictly as possible, allowing myself a little deviation and cheating here and there.

    As for supplements, I'm terrible at remembering to take them so the fewer the better. I really just took whey and creatine for the most part.

    What was your training like?
    I tried a number of different programs and I felt like I was working my ass off, often spending long periods in the gym for five or more days a week and seeing very little results. Mastover helped me set up a program. I can't go into specific details but for me I was using a three day split, simply trying to gain strength, work on form, and be consistent.

    What obstacles did you encounter, and how did you overcome them?
    I think the biggest obstacles for me, probably like many people, were mental obstacles. I made so many excuses as to why I couldn't work out. Then I made excuses as to why it wasn't giving me the results that I wanted. Now I realize that it's simply a choice that I have to make - if I want to get fit, I need to make time and put in the effort. This has allowed me to realize that my potential for getting in shape is much higher than I had ever realized! When I started I had a goal of merely losing weight, which was a good goal for the time, but now I have trouble setting long terms goals for my fitness because I plan to simply keep pushing my hardest, knowing that I'm going to get places that I had never thought possible.

    How has your life changed?
    I've come to realize that the health of your body and mind are very connected. I look back and realize that I was a completely different person then than I am now - and I realize that it was not a great place to be. I was very negative about everything. I found myself avoiding simple things because of perceptions of myself - I hated shopping for clothing and going out; I hated seeing people that I hadn't seen in a long time because I knew they would recognize how much weight I put on. I ended avoiding public places as much as possible. Now I'm a lot more positive and confident, a very different person. There's no way that I would want to go back to that place.

    How did JSF and the JSF Forums help you?
    JSF helped in so many ways. I've used the site for all kinds of info, from lifting to diet, but also as a source of inspiration. I check it out almost everyday.

    What advice would you offer to others?
    Find a plan and stick to it. This has made a huge difference for me. In the beginning I had trouble with sticking to a workout plan and diet.

    Be consistent - in both diet and working out. That's the biggest thing I've learned. Changes don't come all at once, but they do come from daily/weekly consistency. I concentrate on each day and set mini goals for the week. For example, last week my goal was to hit my macros for all 7 and to get in a little more cardio. The extra day may not mean much for just last week, but those extra days over a year will make a difference.

    What are your future plans?
    I'm going to keep going hard so that I can get in shape in ways that only a few years ago I had never even thought possible.

    Any closing thoughts?
    For anyone out there beginning their journey - it may seem daunting and difficult, but it's very, very possible. It just takes dedication, consistency, a plan, and a willingness to learn.

    I'd like to thanks JSF for being such a wealth of information. I'd like to thank the members who've helped, inspired, and answered questions along the way. I'd also like to thank Mastover for his help. All of this has meant that I've seen more progress in the last few months than I had in the previous year!!

    Thanks for your time, and congratulations on your incredible success!
  2. mastover

    mastover Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Wow! How inspiring is this!?!?!?! Looks like two completely different people! Congrats! :claplow::bow:
  3. PDCA

    PDCA Active Member

    Apr 29, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Awesome!! Good job for sticking with it, changing your plan and continuing your progress. The journey is all the fun! Keep at it! :tu:
  4. george mavridis

    george mavridis Active Member

    Jan 24, 2010
    Likes Received:
    That's a great result and congratulations on the TSM. Continued success and looking forward to the next progress picture you post.
  5. dejavued

    dejavued Senior Member

    Apr 9, 2007
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    nice work!! :bow:
  6. BJ

    BJ Active Member

    Mar 31, 2009
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  7. Paddy

    Paddy Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2008
    Likes Received:
    congratulations! what a great choice for tsm. you've got a great shape and your transformation is inspiring. :tucool:
  8. chicanerous

    chicanerous Elite Member
    Lifetime Platinum Member

    Feb 1, 2004
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    Great work! Congratulations! :tucool:
  9. kree-kree

    kree-kree Well-Known Member

    May 13, 2007
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    Congratulations!! Such a great change...can't wait to see what the future holds for you:tu:
  10. jasarsenault

    jasarsenault Active Member

    Sep 26, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Thanks for all the positive feedback! I'm more motivated than ever before now (especially with my wedding coming up in March that also happens to be very close to the beach :D)

  11. Seltzer

    Seltzer Elite Member

    Apr 29, 2005
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    Congratulations! It's very well deserved.
  12. digitalnebula

    digitalnebula Plagiarist

    Jan 19, 2005
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    Wow :eek:

    Nicely done sir!
  13. Rogozhin

    Rogozhin Active Member

    May 9, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Fantastic transformation Jason. :tucool:

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