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Need help desiging a 2 day split couple with 3 days AM Fasted Cardio LISS

Discussion in 'Weight Training/Bulking' started by Justitia, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Justitia

    Justitia Elite Member
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    Aug 3, 2004
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    After what has really been a 4 year absence from fitness due to my partner's long-term illness and then, probably from shear exhaustion and doing so much physical work in his care, I ended up having 2 cervical spinal surgeries (back-to-back) in mid April. (One was due to my neck bone having shifted to narrow the passage way for my spinal cord - risking the spinal cord being severed in some traumatic event, like a fall or car accident. The other was due to a herniated disc in the exact same area, narrowing the space for the spinal cord even further -- that had to be operated on from the front - the first from the back - hence 2 surgeries.)

    I am on medical leave through December as that was the expected recovery time , particularly given some post-surgery complications (1 was I developed C5 Palsy 3 days after the 2nd surgery, losing use of my right arm.)

    However, my recovery was nothing short of miraculous. I still have some weakness in my right arm and left hand (we don't know the cause of the left hand weakness - it just started about 2 weeks after surgery as my right arm started to recover.) But no one would notice as I am fairly strong from my previous years of fitness gains.

    My only concern now is fatigue -- almost certainly due to having laid in bed for much of the day for 4+ months -- 2 months before the surgery waiting for the surgeon's schedule to open up and 2+ months post surgery.

    I have been discharged from acute rehab as well as post surgery PT. I have been cleared for driving for a month now. My surgeon works out himself and has cleared me for starting to go back to lifting. I am sort of poster child for his success.

    I used to work with Swolecat and then Mastover in developing programs. I could not do either of their programs with consistency because of my time constraints (and tha tI am not a very consistent person :o)

    I have a food plan that I evolved over time based on a combo of their approaches and some tweaking that works pretty well for me -- about 1300 cal a day, 50% protein, 30% fat and 20% carbs. I am definitely a high-protein, low carb person -- that type of food plan is the only one that has ever been successful for me -- and both Mastover and Swolecat had that orientation as well.

    Swolecat's program involved 4 days of lifting and 7 days fasted cardio. I can't do that. Mastover and I were evolving a lifting program that was a two day split -- and though he wasn't wild about the fasted cardio., I still did it 3 times a week.

    But that was when my partner started becoming debilitated and things cut short there.

    I know what will work for me -- but I don't know enough (or I am too scared to) develop a 2 day split of weights on my own.

    I have to start light to see how my strength is , but can anyone suggest an upper body/lower body two day split (i.e., 1 day upper body, 1 day lower body)?

    I know a 2 day split is not ideal but that is the time and energy I have -- and it will always be that way -- even when I go back to work.

    So I am now 5'3" (having shrunk) and weigh 157 lbs. Super flexible and pretty energetic despite the fatigue. It is more how long I can stay up during the day before I tire out. (About 5 hours now.) I won't get my endurance back until I rebuild my muscles.

    All comments are appreciated :tucool:
    #1 Justitia, Aug 10, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2014

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