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My workout and diet

Discussion in 'Weight Training/Bulking' started by SpikyHedgehog, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. SpikyHedgehog

    SpikyHedgehog Active Member

    Mar 19, 2009
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    Allright gentlemen, I need some advice.
    My routine: 2 full body workouts per week. Usually tuesday and saturday. I always do 3 sets of each excercice. The added weight on my sets make it so that set 1 goes well, set 2 gets harder and I struggle at set 3.
    What I do:
    - Overhand pull-ups: 8-6-6
    - Weighted push-ups with feet elevated, 15-14-12
    - One legged weighted squats, 15-15-13

    Since I feel like some smaller muscle groups are not getting a thorough hammering with these, I also do some isolation:
    - Hammer curls: 10-8-7
    - One legged calf raises: 15-15-13
    - Lying dumbell tricep curls: 13-12-12
    - Dumbell shoulder press: 15-12-11
    - Wrist rollers: 3 reps, one rep being rolling all the way up (using the "back-side" of the forearms), back down, back up (using the "belly side") and back down.

    On the other days, I do 2 HIIT workouts per week, finishing those up with planking excercices. These strengthen the core which is important for my main sport (rock clibming) and which also explains the wrist rollers that i do. Believe me, your forearms get lit on fire during rock climbing.

    My diet: I went to a nutritionist. Explained my goals.
    I now have a surplus of 400-500 cal per day, mainly coming from carbs and protein. I ditched all the junk food: no more Big Macs, no more cola, no more pizza, etc.
    My diet consists of:
    - 4 Slices of bread in the morning with coffee and a banana
    - 10 am snack: another banana and a glass of 250ml of soy milk
    - Lunch: baguette with cheese and ham. No salad or mayonnaise or stuff
    - Afternoon snack: another glass of 250ml of soy milk and some dry cookies (no chocolate on it or stuiff like that, just dry cookies)
    - Early evening snack: a handful of peanuts (25gr)
    - Supper: 62gr of rice, veggies and 300gr of fish (codfish, mackerel, salmon, tuna, etc)
    - Later night: one yoghurt with pieces of fruit in it, a kiwifruit and a glass of skimmed chocolate milk

    Just after a workout, while the sweat is literally still dripping, I drink one of these "meal substitutes". They don't actually substitute a meal for me, but they contain lots of protein, minerals and moderate amount of carbs.
    I have sensitive guts and I have a touch time digesting high quantities of lactose. And eggs basically turn me into a chemical weapon in pain if you see what I mean so I stay away from that.

    My goal: I'm a rock climber. I do indoor climbing once a week. So I'm not trying to look like Arnold Schwarzie in his peak days as being TOO bulky will simply hinder the climbing.
    My goal is to look muscular above average, low bodyfat %age and fit.
    I know it sounds cliché and silly, but imagine Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity, that werewolf dude in those god-awful Twilight movies, Brad Pitt in Fight Club (maybe a little more mass than him though).
    Now I know that these guys have coaches and supplements and money to basically get to that shape. And it requires a very low body fat %age, but it gives you an idea.

    What I am now: 30 yours old, tall and slightly less muscular than your average fit guy. 15% body fat and a 21.7 BMI. I have some subcutaneous belly fat, but for the rest, my fat storage is pretty low.
    I was severely skinny (if it wasn't for my length, I'd have been downright puny) as a kid.

    Mah questions:
    1) I heard deadlifts are a good excercice. Unfortunately I have no barbell. only dumbells. Any subsitutes? Or are my current excercices good enough?

    2) I'm still not sure what's better for chest development: feet-raised weighted push-ups or dips, assuming I add enough weight to stay in the 10-15 rep range? Maybe I should do both: tuesday push-ups and saturday dips?

    3) I have mild form of Pectus Caritanum. This is the chest deformity where the chestbone sticks out a little. Not to be confused with Pectis Excavatum where the chestbone is sunken in.
    But in order to hide the caritanum, would it help to build more chest muscles? Can I basically have a nice looking chest despite this deformity?

    4) As I said, my goal is not to look like the Hulk. I'm trying to build some mass and minimise fat gain (or even burn some). Is it good to do some HIIT on my non-workout days? Would this help in getting rid of the subcutaneous belly fat? I know that kinda fat is stubborn as hell... I heard that if you're looking to bulk, you should eat everything, including junk, to grow. That somehow sounds... strange.

    5) Would going climbing the day after a workout or workout the day after climbing overload my body and cause overtraining?

    6) Any other comments about my routine?

    Sorry for the long read and sorry if some of my questions are stupid. Also dont shoot me if you see mistakes in my routine.

    #1 SpikyHedgehog, Mar 8, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2013

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