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May Madness 250 km rowing challenge starts May 1st, 2007

Discussion in 'Fitness Challenges' started by scottknl, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. scottknl

    scottknl Active Member

    Aug 28, 2006
    Likes Received:
    In order to participate in this challenge, you need to join the WaterRowerChallenge group at


    Please send me an email if you have any questions about it. I hope to see a few people join in and have some fun. :lol:

    Here's the original announcement:

    The May Madness Challenge is a 250 km distance race with a
    time limit of 01 May, 2007 to 31 May, 2007. With summer coming fast, here's your chance to get in shape.

    In order to compete in the challenge you must have a rowing machine
    with a monitor for distance completed. Water Rower SIII and SIV, and
    Concept 2 rowing machines are acceptable so far. If you want to row
    with a different make of rowing machine, please ask in a post to the

    Each competitor in the challenge will row the distance in many rowing
    sessions between the start date and midnight on the end date in their
    local timezone. Each rowing session should be logged in the Database
    at the following URL:


    This is a reminder that when we run contests on this group, we post in
    C2 meters (or km). Here's how to calculate:

    > If you have an SIV then C2 meters = SIV distance * 0.89282.
    > If you have an SIII then C2 meters = SIII distance * 1.43960.

    Competitor's are urged to regularly report their progress so that
    others who may wish to "catch" a leader have a fair chance to do so.

    People may post questions or comments to the group regarding this

    Thanks to all participants.

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