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June 2011 TSM: Nyred

Discussion in 'Transformation Spotlights' started by John Stone, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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    For the June 2011 TSM I've selected forum member "Nyred" (Deryn). Deryn may have started off with a fairly generic goal of losing some fat, but his transformation became so much more that that. He definitely lost the fat, but he's also become far more healthy and athletic than he ever thought possible. A simple off-the-cuff and lighthearted comment about being able to do a triathlon wound up taking Deryn's training in an entirely new direction...

    Tmp00001.jpg Tmp00003.jpg

    Tmp00005.jpg Tmp00007.jpg



    Why did you decide to make a transformation?

    I really didn’t realize that I was “that” overweight until I went and visited my mother in October of 2009. Her house had just burned down and we were staying at a hotel, that had wall to ceiling mirrors across from the showers (we have just a little 2x3 mirror above our sink at home). I got out of the shower and saw just how big I had let myself get.

    When I got home I joined the gym that week. I weighed myself for the first time in years. I was at 203 pounds. At first I just wanted to lose the weight. I met with a personal trainer (a free consultation came with membership). She got me on a plan; to not only lose some of my fat, but also to correct my posture.

    What sort of planning did you do before you started?
    I didn’t really have any plans. I had been going to the gym on and off (more off) for about 7 years. As I got started it was more about nutrition than workouts or cardio. I needed to clean up my diet. My wife and I did a lot of research on food combining: vegan diets, how to increase protein intake without over taxing my liver and how to do body/liver cleansing.

    What were your initial goals?
    To lose the fat. And to eat better. When I started I was at 203 pounds. I knew that was just too much for my frame. When I graduated boot camp in December of 1988, I weighed 165 with very little body fat. That was a result of getting 3 squares a day and having a little bit of a Smart Mouth.

    What was your diet and supplement intake like?
    I concentrated on whole foods. There’s a myth/truth about grocery shopping to lose weight: "Shop on the outside aisles of the store" - meat/fish, produce & dairy.

    Every morning for the past year and half I would make a smoothie and a juice before leaving for work. The smoothie was a banana or avocado, raw nut butter, molasses, cinnamon, liquid vitamins, smart fiber, Vitality protein (fermented Algae) & water. The juice was usually carrot, celery, baby spinach (great source of calcium and protein), ginger, garlic, sprouts or dandelion greens. I’d add a pinch of cayenne pepper if it was going to be cold in the warehouse.

    I’d pour the smoothie into my togo container and the balance I’d drink for breakfast. I’d then pour my juice into another togo container. At 9 in the morning I’d break out my juice and sip on it all morning. For lunch I’d have my baby mixed greens & baby spinach salad with an essential fatty acid oil & apple cider vinegar dressing. Usually adding ½ can of Tuna or nuts or a chunk of salmon. As I was leaving work and heading to the gym I’d add a digestive aid like kefir or acidophilus to my smoothie and drink it on my commute to the gym.

    For dinner I’d usually have a cooked vegetable concoction. We try really hard to make lunch the big meal of the day.

    What was your training like?
    When I first started, I was using a workout that was supposedly used by Brad Pitt for the movie Troy. It was a good muscle building routine. I slowly added more cardio to the mix as my lungs and stamina could handle. The body weight started coming off, but slowly. After 90 days I had lost 10 pounds. Then it clicked. My metabolism finally changed and the weight just started falling off. By 180 days I had lost 28 pounds. Only 15 pounds from my goal. By the end of July 2010, I had reached my goal weight of 160. Since then the lightest I have been is 155 but I’ve been keeping around 160 since July of 2010. I have not been over 165 in the past 10 months.

    In May of 2010 I volunteered to help at an aide station at a half-Iron-man Triathlon. I joked that I could do this. It gave me a purpose and goal to keep going to the gym.

    So, I started “training” for training to do a triathlon. I could swim, but not very well or for very long. I spent almost 9 months working on being able to swim proper. I then added in long training sessions on the spin bike and treadmill. Again, I could run, just not very far/long. No endurance. Bike was the same. Finally in January 2011, I forced myself to sign up for the May 1st 2011 Sprint triathlon. Now I was committed. With 12 weeks before the race I stepped up my training. I was swimming 3 days a week, running (on the street or on the treadmill) 3 days a week, and bike riding (3 days a week). I was hitting the weights during the first few weeks but as my discipline training got longer each day, I had to cut that out. I also managed to take 1 day a week off from training.

    What obstacles did you encounter, and how did you overcome them?
    I think I encountered the same obstacles that most of us find. Boredom, lack of speed in change, work, etc. Also, there were several weeks last summer where I just couldn’t make it to the gym. Worked 12 hours a day (with an hour commute each way) 6 days a week. I just didn’t have the time or energy to go to the gym. I did when I could, but I concentrated on diet during those times.

    How has your life changed?
    I am much more active. I look forward to running in the park after work, or strapping the bike to the car in the morning and going for a ride after work. Some one asked me what is my favorite discipline in the triathlon. I think because I spent so much time on it, swimming has become my favorite. I find it easy and satisfying.

    Also, my health has greatly improved. My wife said that I was developing sleep apnea when I was heavy. Now I sleep straight thru the night. My overall health and vitality is better than I think I have ever been.

    How did John Stone Fitness and/or the JSF Forums help you?
    I discovered JSF not long after John started. I found the similarities in John’s life and mine too scary too ignore. I just lacked the drive.

    I am mostly a lurker on the site. If I need to look for information on workouts or diets or exercises I can find it on the JSF forums. I do have a few threads where I post my progress pics or my training log. I’m encouraged by people who post honest criticism and points to improve on.

    What advice would you offer to others?
    Don’t give up on yourself. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”. Don’t expect to lose that 50 pounds by next Friday. Little steps and little gains. Set small REACHABLE goals.

    Also, surround yourself with people who will help you reach your goals. My wife is my biggest fan. If it’s what I want to do it she will give me 110% dedication to make it happen. Keeping people in your immediate circle who don’t support your or your goals will keep you from accomplishing what you want. Maybe you might have to change your circle.

    What are your future plans?
    My immediate plans are the Donner Lake Sprint Triathlon in July. That one’s a challenge. Donner Lake is at 6000’ elevation. The bike ride has another 1000’ climb.

    Then I plan to concentrate more time in the gym and with the weights. I want to bulk up a little more. I’d like to be 175-180 with little body fat.

    Any closing thoughts?
    Number 1 goal. LOOK GOOD NAKED!

    Thanks for the inspiring interview, Deryn! Congratulations on your new body and your new life!
  2. leftyx

    leftyx Senior Member

    Jun 16, 2005
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    I don't know which goal to congratulations you on first. There are so many. :D
  3. mastover

    mastover Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    Congrats! :tucool:
  4. jbivens

    jbivens Active Member

    Jan 6, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Excellent Job Deryn. Your dedication and commitment to a healthier lifestyle shine through in this TSM. Well deserved. Bravo! :tucool:
  5. jeremy155rr

    jeremy155rr Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2006
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    Congrats on the recognition Deryn, you've done great! Hope the training is going well, keep up the good work!
  6. Mauidude

    Mauidude Active Member

    Apr 19, 2008
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    Great job man! There are many of us here on JSF who know the hard work and dedication that it takes to accomplish what you have. I wish you the best of luck in your future fitness endeavors.
  7. T-1 Sella

    T-1 Sella Active Member

    Jan 30, 2010
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    Congrats to you for all of your hard work and dedication!
  8. Bob T

    Bob T Well-Known Member

    Mar 29, 2011
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    Nice, very nice!:tucool:

    It is guys like you that help me when I think about quiting...thank you.

  9. Nyred

    Nyred Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Thank you everyone.

    I just wanted to share with you, the comments I just got from my doctor from my yearly physical/cholesterol screening I had last week. Previous check-up was March 2010.

    Comments: Your liver, kidney, thyroid, prostate function and blood counts are OK. Your cholesterol is much improved with your diet, exercise and weight loss - congratulations! Your total is near goal of <200 and LDL (bad cholesterol) is now well below goal of <160. In addition your HDL (good cholesterol) is high wich can help protect your heart.

    So, not only am I feeling good about what I've done on the outside, I'm really excited about what I've done on the inside.

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