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John Stone's May 2009 "100 Challenge" (Completed)

Discussion in '"100 Challenges"' started by John Stone, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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    Questions belong in this thread.

    Until the challenge begins, please refrain from making any posts in this thread except your Official Entry post. Once the challenge starts, you may post all you like.

    This premise of this challenge is pretty simple: Each participant starts the month with 100 points. A point is deducted each time a workout is missed, a meal is missed, an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack is consumed or a daily update to your official challenge post is missed. The goal, of course, is to finish the month with 100 points!

    Here are the rules:

    1) The challenge begins on May 1, 2009. You must have your starting post up by 7:00 AM (EDT) on May 1, 2009--NO EXCEPTIONS!
    2) It doesn't matter if you are cutting, bulking or maintaining. The common goal here is 100% consistency.
    3) Each person participating in the challenge should start a post in this thread by the cut-off time. Your Official Challenge post must be updated each and every day. The updates won't take long (examples below). If you miss an update, you must deduct a point. Please note that you should edit your existing Official Challenge post--don't start a new post every day.
    4) Miss a workout for any reason, deduct a point.
    5) Miss a meal for any reason, deduct a point.
    6) Eat an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack, deduct a point.

    Feel free to post before/after pictures if you like (optional).

    Of course this challenge is based on the honor system. You can cheat, but that would be pointless.

    Here's an example Official Challenge post (feel free to copy and paste, substituting your own information):


    Sample Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8%.

    Monday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Wednesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Friday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 200 pounds
    BODY FAT: 9.8%
    ARMS: 16.75"
    CALVES: 16.5"
    CHEST: 42.75"
    FOREARMS: 13.5"
    HIPS: 38.75"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 32.5"


    DAILY LOG (Note: Each entry should be completed the day after, or at the end of the same day after all meals/workouts are completed. Please be sure to keep a running total of your points, as shown below.)

    MAY 1: I did my cardio and ate all meals as scheduled.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 2: My car broke down and I missed my back workout. I walked to Burger King for dinner and had an unscheduled cheat meal.
    -2 points [98 points]

    MAY 3: I missed my cardio today, but ate all meals as scheduled.
    -1 point [97 points]

    MAY 4:

    MAY 5: I missed yesterday's update, but I did my delts and traps workout yesterday, and ate all meals as scheduled (including my scheduled cheat meal). Today I did my cardio, ate all meals as scheduled and did my leg workout.
    -1 point [96 POINTS]

    You get the idea.....
  2. Jerpreacher

    Jerpreacher Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2004
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    GOAL: Disease management

    COMMENT: I'm under doctor's orders to take it easy, physically. We'll see how long that lasts, but I need to take control of my diet and stick to my regimen of meds, and also lose a bunch of weight if at all possible. Specific point-scoring things:

    - taking all meds as prescribed (3 pills in the morning, one in the evening.)
    - Going to all PT appointments (twice a week for four weeks)
    - Eliminate wheat for the first week-ish. I'm testing the theory that wheat has a negative effect on rheumatoid arthritis.
    - One cheat a week, paying careful attention to changes in symptoms. Still no wheat until the time's up.
    - update every day with symptom changes

    Karate when physically possible. Will update if symptoms improve

    WEIGHT: 213.8


    May 1: An unexpected flat tire made my morning a rush, but I got my pills in. Looking forward to a good clean month.

    May 2: Good on pills yesterday evening and this morning. I'll call last night's dinner the cheat for the week - weeks start on Sundays. It wasn't all that bad, though, and for the next week I'm avoiding wheat at all costs. PT appts are Monday and Thursday. Swelling hasn't changed much, but I actually feel pretty good. If this keeps up, I'm going to try to do karate Monday night and see how it goes.

    May 3: Good on pills, good on food, etc. The swelling seems to be down somewhat, although I did have some twinges yesterday which probably related to the overnight rain. Hard to tell how today will go - I'm always pretty stiff first thing in the morning.

    May 4: Still going strong. PT appt this morning was interesting - I'm a little achy because of it. I still want to go to karate tonight but I'm going to play it by ear. Swelling still seems to be decreasing, which is good.

    May 5: Did two hours of karate last night, and that went tolerably well. Don't seem to be any more swollen because of it. Staying solid with my food goals - editing for clarity. Tonight is not a karate night, I think, but I'll go for at least an hour tomorrow and Thursday.

    May 6: Took yesterday off, and I think the rest was helpful. Swelling still appears to be going down, albeit slowly. Some pain this morning, though. Went grocery shopping last night - trying to get food with zero wheat is actually quite annoying. I can't decide if I'm hoping it is a cause or isn't.

    May 7: Still good to go with the pills and the no wheat, etc. Did an hour of karate last night, it went pretty well. Still feeling reasonably good. Looking forward to the next phase of the wheat experiment, though.

    May 8: Holding steady. Swelling seems to have plateaued, but I don't have much pain at all - I'll settle for that.

    May 9: The plan is to buy a loaf of bread after practice today and eat it with great glee. Will report in tomorrow if there are any changes. Update +7 hours later: My hands are swollen to the max. I'm ambivalent - I really like bread... *sigh*

    May 10: I'm still quite swollen and also very grumpy. I'm going to go no-wheat for at very least the rest of the month and see how long it takes to get back to where I was pre-bread loaf.

    May 11: Swelling seems to be coming back down, which is very good. I'm still feeling a little sore, and the weather doesn't seem to be helping, but it's not really bad yet. Plan is to start Stronglifts 5x5 over lunch today - I'm sick of not lifting. We'll see how that goes.

    May 12: My internist was terribly interested by my little experiment, so I'll be going in for testing this week. The swelling has mostly gone back down, and I feel pretty good. I did the first day of Stronglifts yesterday, so my quads (which are melodramatic little suckers) are killing me, but otherwise it was really good to be lifting again.

    May 13: God, legs are still sore, but very much looking forward to hitting the gym. Everything's on target otherwise - haven't missed any med doses or anything.

    MAy 14: Blood drawn to confirm the whole gluten thing. Had to reschedule the gym trip yesterday (grr) due to visiting dignitaries in the office. Headed over there now, though.

    May 15: Missed update.

    May 16: Still chugging along. Need to figure out how to manage this whole food thing. It's making me really grumpy.
    #2 Jerpreacher, Apr 13, 2009
    Last edited: May 16, 2009
  3. g8trmike

    g8trmike Active Member

    Dec 22, 2008
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  4. GuitarNWeights

    GuitarNWeights Active Member

    Jun 27, 2007
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    GOAL: Cutting down to 8%

    COMMENT: I will be away for the start of the month from 1st-5th, so I will start the challenge (deducting points) on the 6th.

    Monday: Weight training: chest (PM)
    Tuesday: Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted or pm)
    Wednesday: Weight training: back (PM)
    Thursday: Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted or pm)
    Friday: Weight training: Shoulders and arms (PM)
    Saturday Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted or pm) Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Off or Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Five to Six meals per day, one/two cheat meal(s) per week.

    WEIGHT: 197.2 lbs
    ARMS: 15.5"
    CALVES: 15.5"
    CHEST: 39.5"
    FOREARMS: 12"
    HIPS: 41"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 35.25"



    May 1:
    Out of town
    May 2: Out of town
    May 3: Out of town
    May 4: Out of town
    May 5: Out of town
    May 6: Did cardio. Ate all meals [100 pts]
    May 7: Good workout. Ate all meals [100 pts]
    May 8: Missed update, Missed workout -2 [98 pts]
    May 9: Unscheduled cheat meal -1 [97 pts]
    May 10: Mother's Day. Day off from everything [97 pts]
    May 11: Did cardio. Ate all meals. Missed update -1 [96 pts]
    May 12: Good workout. Had 2 unscheduled cheat meals, missed update -3 [93 pts]
    May 13: Did cardio. Had unscheduled cheat meal -1 [92 pts]
    May 14: Good workout. Ate all meals. [92 pts]
    May 15: Did cardio (did yardwork instead of elliptical). Will do todays workout tomorrow and tomorrow's on Sunday. Ate all meals. Missed update -1 [91 pts]
    May 16: Did cardio. Good workout. Had unscheduled cheat meal -1 [90 pts]
    May 17: Good workout. 2 unscheduled cheat meals -2 [88 pts]
    May 18: Did cardio. Ate all meals. Had unscheduled cheat meal -1 [87 pts]
    May 19: Missed workout. Ate all meals. Had 2 unscheduled cheat meals -3 [84 pts]
    May 20: Did cardio. Ate all meals. [84 pts]
    May 21: Day off - it's my birthday. Missed update -1 [83 pts]
    May 22: Missed workout. Ate all meals. -1 [82 pts]
    I'm withdrawing from the challenge for the rest of the month
    #4 GuitarNWeights, Apr 14, 2009
    Last edited: May 29, 2009
  5. Ray

    Ray Active Member

    May 19, 2006
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    Goal: Continued fat loss, strength gains.
    Comment: I was fairly lax in last month's challenge, I'm going to try harder this time.

    Workout Schedule (still not finalized)
    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Biceps
    Wednesday: Back
    Thursday: Shoulders + Triceps
    Friday: none
    Saturday: none
    Sunday: none

    Meal Schedule
    Six a day. (five minimum, max 2000 calories total)

    Starting Stats
    Weight: 206 pounds

    Daily Log

    MAY 1:
    Nothing scheduled today, ate fine.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 2:
    Diet went as planned, shifting my schedule around again this month so no workout again today.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 3:
    Last day off, diet was good.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 4:
    Workout and diet were good. Added more weight to my chest exercises.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 5:
    Workout and diet as planned.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 6:
    Workout and diet were as sheduled, i'm going to try and space out my meals more evenly, as i seem to have some that are much larger than others. I've also noticed I'm not drinking as much water as when i began, going to try to remind myself to drink more.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 7:
    One of my better days diet-wise, meals were spread out and not too varied in calories. I've begun a habit of drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water with each meal to make sure i'm drinking enough throughout the day. workout as scheduled.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 8:
    Workout and meals still in order. Back to college soon so I'll have to try harder to stay on top of things. It's been a solid week without losing a point and I'd like to keep going.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 9:
    Workout and meals were as sheduled.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 10:
    I really didn't want to workout today, and kept rationalizing about how I could put it off to tommorow, but I did it anyways. Meals were as scheduled.
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 11:
    Workout and meals were fine. Got to add more weight to the chest exercises again today, so I was really beat but finished all my sets.
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 13:
    *edit: Seems I only missed one update + workout. Workout was as scheduled, but I ate poorly and missed my workout today. It's harder to keep track of things now that I'm occupied with college again, but I'll try not to repeat my mistake and pay more attention to my schedule.
    -2 points [98 points]

    May 14:
    No workout today, but I ate poorly again, and havent been drinking much water.
    -1 points [97 points]

    MAY 21:
    Err... Majorly sidetracked. Back on track now though.
    -16 points [81 points]

    *I'm withdrawing from this month's challenge.
    #5 Ray, Apr 15, 2009
    Last edited: May 25, 2009
  6. Bob99

    Bob99 Active Member

    Sep 28, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Previous Challenges
    February 2009 Challenge
    March 2009 Challenge
    April 2009 Challenge

    I'm heading into my fourth month of dedicated fitness, and I feel great!


    1. Work out 5x per week at the gym
    5 minute cardio warm-up, then weights for each muscle group. Abs every other day. Occasional bonus weekend workouts.
    Day 1 - Back
    Day 2 - Biceps and Triceps
    Day 3 - Legs
    Day 4 - Chest
    Day 5 - Shoulders

    2. Bike 36 minutes EVERY DAY
    Done on my home exercise bike. No missed days!

    3. No junk food
    Prep meals in advance, bring them to work. When I'm forced to eat out, it's got to be healthy (e.g. salad vs. ten-mile-high chocolate cake.) I'm going to say 2-3 cheat meals a month, since that's what I've been doing anyway, so I might as well be upfront about it.

    4. Update this posting daily!
    I lost 7.3 lbs in April, which is great! I feel my weight loss slowing, which is understandable. Still, I'm going to drop another 8-10 lbs of fat this month and get down to 170. I'm going to tighten up my diet, and eat a higher protein / lower carb ratio for the whole month. After that, I'll see where I can go. I might cut for June also, or I might increase my nutrients by 500 / cal per day, hit the weights as hard as possible, and start building some additional muscle (especially in my upper body!)

    I still need to slim down my legs, I have massive thighs (or "mighty oaks" as my mom says, which run in the family) - If I can get them to less than 23", my physique (and my jeans) will thank me.

    I want to increase my chest size, it's still pretty small. 41-42 is my ideal goal on that. All upper body needs to be increased, really, so bring on the weights and the protein!

    Bodyfat: 24.5 (still the same Janky bodyfat scale - I don't trust this thing for a second)
    Weight: 179.2
    Arms: 13.5"
    Chest: 39"
    Waist: 34"
    Hips: 39.5"
    Forearms: 11"
    Thighs: 23.75" L / 23.5" R
    Calves: 16"

    Bodyfat: 23.7%
    Weight: 176.6 lbs
    Arms: 13.75"
    Chest: 38"
    Waist: 33"
    Hips: 38.75"
    Forearms: 11"
    Thighs: 23.75" L / 23.25" R
    Calves: 16"

    May 1: Ate on target today. Went to the gym and exercised chest. Biked 36 minutes in the evening. One heck of a start for the month that is going to push me further than I've ever been pushed!
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 2: I went to the gym this morning and exercised shoulders, with a bit of bonus chest thrown in. I ate out for both lunch and dinner today, but I still ate healthy at both meals, so eating was on target. It was interesting - I met up with an old friend, and at both meals I felt myself saying "Well, it's a special occasion... we haven't seen each other in a while... order anything!" In both cases, I made the healthy choice, and I'm happy I did. The reality is that what I'm eating has nothing to do with catching up with my friend, I can enjoy that and still eat a salad. In the evening, I biked 36 minutes. Day 2 down, no points lost!
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 3: I ate on target today, and I biked 36 minutes in the evening. Took a day off from the gym, but I'm back in action tomorrow for some back exercise. Trying to get more sleep this month, so I'm off to bed! I cooked some additional chicken tonight, I did an experiment where I roasted 10lbs of bone-in chicken breast. 10 lbs (4.6kg) netted 1900g of usable chicken after cooking, skin & bone removal, etc. That's enough for 4 days, so I would need to cook 20lbs per week at that rate of the bone-in. At $1.99 / lb, that's $40 a week on chicken, not too expensive. I'm going to do a pre-cooking / post-cooking comparison over the next few batches I cook up.
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 4: Ate on target today. Exercised back at the gym, and biked 36 minutes in the evening. I was 180 this morning, so I'm curious to see how long it takes before the 180's are completely gone, with no yo-yo effect. On a sidenote, I really feel like I've made a good change to my lifestyle. There were so many things that I used to do (snacking on junk food, eating out all the time, eating chips and cookies with lunch, general unhealthiness) and I've completely dropped them from my life. I can't imagine not eating breakfast before going to work, or not brining lunch with me - it seems so unhealthy, and so difficult to achieve any fitness goals if you're not committed. Yesterday was the start of Week #14 for me, and today is day 92 on the bike. This stuff really adds up!
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 5: Ate on target today. Exercised biceps and triceps at the gym. Biked 36 minutes. I did a 5 minute warmup on the treadmill and I felt light, which was a nice change. I'm really looking forward to dropping these final 10 lbs, and then getting some extra protein in and hitting the weights hard.
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 6: Ate on target today. Exercised legs at the gym. Biked in the evening - I didn't get the full 36 in, but I'm not counting it against myself since my exercise bike broke and I spent over an hour taking it to pieces and repairing it. I'm not exceptionally skilled at stuff like that, so I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to take care of it! My bike occasionally reset mid-ride, so hopefully this alleviates that problem.
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 7: Ate on target. Exercised chest at the gym. Biked in the evening, for the full 36. I'm feeling my leg workout from yesterday, which is good. My legs need a lot of slimming down, so I worry when I don't feel the workout the next day. I need to stretch tonight, since I'm stiff! I also have a semi-funny weight loss success story. I've dropped about 32 lbs so far, and today I had to go to the optometrist and have my glasses reduced in size. They were loose on my head, since I've dropped some fatness. I no longer have a head that is a complete sphere, a la Charlie Brown. That's a good thing!
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 8: Ate on target. Exercised shoulders. Biked for 36. That's how we do it!
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 9: Did not eat on target (-1) and did not bike (-1) Going out of town tonight, so it will be more of the same tomorrow!
    -2 points [98 points]

    May 10: Did not eat on target (-1) but I got 36 minutes in on the bike. I'm going to take measurements tomorrow, but they might be distorted due to some mother's day cheat meal action that I enjoyed today.
    -1 point [97 points]

    May 11: I ate on target today, and exercised back at the gym, but in a shocking move I did not hit the bike in the evening. I was up quite late preparing a huge batch of food (20lbs chicken, 9 lbs eye of round steak) and that took longer than I expected. I'm also getting a cat tomorrow (which I'm VERY EXCITED about!) so I had some cat-related things to take care of. I'm not happy about missing the cardio, but skipping the bike is not something I'm going to make a habit of.
    -1 point [96 points]

    May 12: I ate on target, and exercised biceps & triceps at the gym. Did not bike again, due to the new cat - I hung out and played with it until 3am. But I'm back on the bike tonight, this is getting ridiculous.
    -1 point [95 points]

    May 13: Ate on target. Exercised legs and really hit my hamstrings hard. Biked in the evening and finally broke my streak of not cycling. Enjoying the cat, it's difficult to tear myself away from him!
    -0 points [95 points]

    May 14: Ate on target. Exercised chest, and biked for 36 minutes. I'm feeling some leg stiffness, but not nearly enough - I'm going to have to hit them harder next week. It felt good to work my chest, I need to try and work in a bonus chest exercise this weekend. My weight is dropping steadily, I was at 176.4 today. If this keeps up, I'm going to be exactly on target by June 1. I want to drop to 170, which will probably be the first few weeks of June. After that, I'm going to increase my food and protein consumption, and lift heavier / harder than I ever have. If I can build 1lb per week of muscle, I'll bulk for 3-4 months and then be in really good shape after that.
    -0 points [95 points]

    May 15: I ate a cheat meal tonight (-1) and I was so tired I didn't bike (-1). I did get to the gym and exercise shoulders, which was good.
    -2 points [93 points]

    May 16: Ate on target. Went to the gym and did a full-body workout, which was nice. Got back on the bike for 36 minutes. I'm close to hitting my goals, I can't let up now. I'll take some photos and measurements tomorrow.
    -0 points [93 points]

    May 17: Today was day 100 on the exercise bike for me, which is a great milestone. I've logged 56 hours / 1066 miles on the bike since I started on January 22, and I feel great about it. It has definitely contributed positively to my weight loss, and I'm sure I'll log at least another 50 days before I back off and enter my bulking phase. I ate on target today, but had some brownies at a family lunch, so -1 for that. I didn't get to the gym today, but I'm going to go tomorrow. I bought a book on stretching today to help increase my flexibility.
    -1 point [92 points]

    May 18: My gym was closed today due to the Canadian holiday (Victoria Day Weekend) so I couldn't go. I'll go tomorrow and do a Tuesday -> Saturday routine instead. I biked 36 minutes today, but I also ate pizza, so -1 for that. Man, I'm losing a lot more points than weight. Time to tighten it up.
    -1 point [91 points]

    May 19: I ended up working from 10 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. today. I did get to the gym, which was good (exercised back) but I didn't get in any time on the bike, so -1 for that. My eating was healthy despite the wacky schedule.
    -1 point [90 points]

    May 20: I got to the gym late tonight and exercised biceps and triceps. Ate healthy, but again did not hit the bike as I was working until 2:30 a.m. -1 for that.
    -1 point [89 points]

    May 21: Another crazy day! 5:30 a.m. -> 12:30 a.m. Ate healthy, but no gym or bike so -2 for that. My schedule has calmed down now, so I'm going to sleep on the weekend and get some proper workouts in!
    -2 points [87 points]

    May 22: Wow, today was another crazy workday that left me completely slammed. I did not get to the gym, and I didn't bike. What a horrible trend this is becoming! At least I ate healthy.
    -2 points [85 points]

    May 23: Holy moly, I actually went to the gym today. I exercised legs and it felt good. It was actually good to go on a weekend so I could exercise with no time limit at all. I ate healthy, but did not bike, since I was at work until 5:00 a.m. delivering the project that I've been working on. It's off to Japan now, and finished, so hopefully this marks a return to normalcy.
    -1 point [84 points]

    May 24: I went to the gym today - shocking, I know! I exercised chest, and it felt great. I also biked in the evening (another shocker!) which was long overdue. I've seen almost no weight loss this month, and the frequent skipping of cardio is almost certainly the culprit. I ate on target too, which makes this the first day in a while I haven't lost any points. I'm going to finish out the month without losing any more, and June is going to be an intense effort, as I don't want to lose my momentum.
    -0 points [84 points]

    May 25: Another perfect day - eating, gym (shoulders) and bike. I did some stretches from the book I bought on stretching, and I'm so inflexible it's ridiculous. I've been stretching every day for the past month while at the gym, but my form hasn't been 100%. When I try to bend at my hips it's like they're fused together. It's kind of ridiculous. I'm going to spend some time with the book every night and try to really focus on form... Even if it takes me a year, I really need to improve my flexibility. I figure by the time a year passes I'll be fit enough to take advantage of it... no big gut getting in the way of my toe touches!
    -0 points [84 points]

    May 26: Ate on target, exercised back, biked for 36 minutes. I had a scoop of protein powder with 250ml skim milk before bed, and I think I'm going to add that as an end-of-day meal. It's full of protein goodness, and very healthy. I blended two ice cubes into it, and it made for a very instant-cold drink. I like cold drinks, so that's a nice bonus! I need to go through my eating plan tomorrow and fine tune it again, to cut away these last pounds and really get into shape. Tonight I went shopping / cooking crazy, and bought $110 of meat from the butcher shop. 20 lbs chicken, 5 lbs extra lean ground beef, 3.5 lbs eye of round steak. I cooked it all, and took some photos of the whole process that I'll post tomorrow. That will cover me for the next 2-3 weeks. I also bought 2.2 kg of almonds and divided them up into small 40g bags that are easy to grab and carry. It was quite the food assembly line here, but in 4 hours I was able to guarantee my success for the next several weeks. Not a bad investment of time!
    -0 points [84 points]

    May 27: Ate on target, and exercised biceps and triceps today. Just biked 36 minutes and I'm absolutely drenched in sweat - this could be the sweatiest I've ever been in my entire life. I'm feeling and looking good. I think another 3-4 months of this will really get me into exceptional shape. I feel like my life is still a bit too fitness-dominated, but I think that feeling will reduce once I've met my goal and I'm just maintaining. I really enjoy fitness, but there are many other things I need to accomplish as well! Hopefully I will just be able to approach them with the same determination that I've applied to this, since it's working well. I've also decided that June is going to be another month of cutting. I'm going to increase my food and go on a slow bulk, but not until July. I've still got the last bit of fat to address and target in June, which will put me in a much better place to start my bulk.
    -0 points [84 points]

    May 28: Exercised legs today, but unfortunately the gym visit was cut short as I was called back to work. I ate on target, but did not bike in the evening. -1 for that.
    -1 point [83 points]

    May 29: Did not exercise today, and did not bike. I'm going to make up the exercise tomorrow, but -1 for the not biking. I was quite tired this evening, as I've been working like crazy lately.
    -1 point [82 points]

    May 30: I went to the gym and exercised chest. It felt good, it was great to exercise chest on a weekend. I ate on target today, but I didn't bike. What is wrong with me? This is the worst month ever!
    -1 point [81 points]

    May 31: I did not get to the gym today, and I had a cheat meal. I'll make up the gym tomorrow, but -1 for the cheat meal. I biked 36 minutes this evening. I have to say, this has been a disappointing end to the month, losing 20 points is absolutely unacceptable. It looks like I'm going to be busy in June, but I need to stay focused and stick with it to be successful!
    -1 point [80 points]
    #6 Bob99, Apr 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2009
  7. Akira-Kai

    Akira-Kai Active Member

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    7 "meals" a day Monday - Saturday
    No cheat meals Monday - Saturday
    No Alchol
    May Day Bank Holiday Weekend is "Carb Up" time - diet will not be strict!

    Weight training 4 days a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
    Aerobic training 3 days a week: Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays

    GOAL: 8% Body Fat (-2%)

    WEIGHT: 129.5
    BODY FAT: 10%
    BICEPS: 13
    CALVES: 14
    CHEST: 36.5
    FOREARMS: 11
    HIPS: 33.5
    THIGHS: 20
    WAIST: 26.5

    WEIGHT: 130
    BODY FAT: 9%
    BICEPS: 13
    CALVES: 14
    CHEST: 36.25
    FOREARMS: 11
    HIPS: 33
    THIGHS: 20
    WAIST: 26.25


    Fri 1st: Good Arms & Abs set, diet strong. 100 Points
    Sat 2nd: Excellent Run, diet as planned. 100 Points
    Sun 3rd: Another excellent run, diert as planned. 100 Points
    Mon 4th: Good Chest & Triceps, diet as planned (sort of). 100 Points
    Tues 5th: Good Shoulders & Back, diet strong. 100 Poiints
    Wed 6th: Excellent run, diet strong. 100 Points
    Thur 7th: Good leg workout, diet strong. 100 Points
    Fri 8th: Good Arms and Abs workout, diet strong although feeling a bit ill. 100 Points
    Sat 9th: Good run, started to feel very ill and diet suffered accordingly. (-1) 99 Points
    Sun 10th: No Run and diet off due to illness. (-2) 97 Points
    Mon 11th: OK Chest & Tricep workout and diet strong. 97 Points
    Tues 12th: Good Shoulders & Back workout and diet strong. 97 Points
    Wed 13th: Good, unexpected run and diet strong. 97 Points
    Thur 14th: Excellent leg day and diet strong. 97 Points
    Fri 15th:Good Arms & Abs and diet strong. 97 Points
    Sat 16th: Good 4 mile fasted cardio run and diet still strong. 97 Points
    Sun 17th: Very good 4 mile fasted cardio and diet still strong. 97 Points
    Mon 18th: Good Chest and triceps and diet strong. 97 Points
    Tues 19th: Good Shoulders & Back and diet strong. 97 Points
    Wed 20th: No aerobic but diet strong: (-1) 96 Points
    Thur 21st: Good Leg day and diet strong (cheat day today!) 96 Points
    Fri 22nd: Good Arms & Abs day and diet strong 96 Points
    Sat 23rd: Good run but diet really bad (-1) 95 Points
    Sun 24th: No run and dit bad (-2) 93 Points
    Mon 25th: No training and diet off (-2) 91 Points
    Tues 26th: No training and diet still off (-2) 89 Points
    Wed 27th: No training, poor diet, no update (-3) 86 Points
    Thur 28th: No training, poor diet (-2) 84 Points
    Fri 29th: Good shoulders & back and diet regains its strength 84 Points
    Sat 30th: Good run and I'm making this my cheat day of the week (well I'm allowed 1 day!) 84 Points
    Sun 31st: No run and diet off (-2) 82 Points

    FINAL SCORE: 82 Points
    Well not a great month. Illness at the beginning and the wife going away at the end screwed most things up, however I have made progress but I haven't hit the goals I set. The cut continues into next month's 100 competion.
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  8. Dumah

    Dumah Active Member

    Feb 17, 2009
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    Had a few victories and defeats last month, for instance, I gained about 6 lbs so there was a psychological WTF. I don't have an accurate way to track body fat currently, but there were visible gains in muscle mass and a decrease in BF%, and I think that focusing on muscle groups on my workouts instead of full body sessions was a major cause. My current intake goal of 2300-2800c was acceptable, and I think I'll stick with that throughout May. I'd like to post my first pics on the site this month.

    Workout routine will be something like -
    Sunday: Chest/Back, 4m Tabata
    Monday: Legs, 1h Spinning
    Tuesday: Arms, 1h Spinning
    Wednesday: Off
    Thursday: Wild card
    Friday: Shoulders/Traps
    Saturday: 1h Weight circuit class

    5/1/09: 2500c, 45m of shoulder/trap/abs and a 4m Tabata session (lasted a little longer than last time as well!) 100 points

    5/2/09: Skipped weight circuit class because I was Best Man for my buddy's wedding. -1. 99 points

    5/3/09: Ate clean (did not track), but did not work out. -1. 98 Points

    5/4/09: 2500c, 45m leg routine (squat went up another 15lbs) and 1h Spinning. 98 Points

    5/5/09: 2800c, 45m arm routine and 1h Spinning. 98 points

    5/6/09: 2700c, rested. Had a couple of cups of wine during the evening, so deducting a point. 97 points

    5/7/09: 3300c, way overbudget with a cheat meal. -1. Had a kickass chest/back work out, and am surviving the burpees a little longer. 96 points

    5/8/09: Did not track calories nor did I work out due to court appearance. -2. 94 points

    5/9/09: No work out today due to family reunion. -1 93 points

    5/10/09: No work out today due to girlfriend's commencement out of town. What a fun filled weekend... 92 points

    5/11/09: Time to get back on track. 2900c, forgot to take my multi and really noticed the difference in my work out. However, pushed through a decent leg day and spin class. I know I'm supposed to not yearn for external validation, but it sure does feel good to hear people tell me how good I look... 92 points

    5/12/09: 2750c, worked arms and 1h Spinning class. Not much else to say! 92 points

    5/13/09: 2850c, rested. 92 points

    5/14/09: 2500c, no workout due to a bartending job after my office job. Wanted to work out, so deducing a point for lost potential. 91 points

    5/15/09: Went pretty far over calories and did not work out. Also drank a few that night. -3. 88 points

    5/16/09: Skipped the weight circuit class, but had a good independent shoulder/trap work followed by Tabata. 88 points

    5/17/09: No workout. Ate above calories. 86 points

    5/18/09: Broke 3k calories (mostly clean but not all), so -1. Had an awesome chest/back workout and an hour of interval spinning. 85 points

    5/19/09: Broke 3k again due to a cheat meal at the buffalo wings place, otherwise ate clean. As a plus, I purchased a tub of N.O.-XPLODE and tried it for my arm workout today, and WOW! I didn't lift much more weight than normal, but I didn't tire out and quit at the same points when I reach that last rep. We'll see how my results are after more use, but I'm optimistic. 84 points

    5/20/09: Office birthday party, and lightly partook in the festivities, so I could not log every calorie I took in. Had a small piece of cake, and some beer when I got home to clean house... I mean, who can clean house without a drink?? ... Anyway, -2. 82 points

    5/21/09: Office pizza. Stopped keeping track around mid afternoon. -2 80 points

    5/22/09: Stopped tracking calories around mid afternoon. Company had an office cookout, and I overdid it a little bit. -2 78 points

    5/23/09: Weight circuit class went well. 78

    5/24/09: Worked shoulders/traps. Ate clean, but no tracking. -1 77

    5/25/09: Memorial day cookout, gym closed. Otherwise did well except not logging. -2 75

    5/26/09: Back to diligent tracking, had an ugly week with the holiday and just overall slacksterbating. 2300c, had an awesome leg workout on N.O.-XPLODE. 75 points

    5/27/09: 2300c and worked arms for 45m. 4min of Tabata Burpees. Getting all four minutes in, but still collapsing during the second two minutes. 75 points

    5/28/09: 2600c, rested (except a little yard work). Girlfriend came over and cooked dinner, which normally would have been disastrous calorie-wise, but kept it at a light stir fry. 75 points

    5/29/09: 2400c, worked chest/back. 75 points

    5/30/09: Cheat day, and had a wicked huge burger meal, and felt bloated and sluggish the rest of the night. Did not wake up in time for weight circuit class. -1 74

    5/31/09: No workout, ate okay but had a few drinks. -2 72 points...

    Not a terrible month, still seeing visible muscle developments. I still took a few too many liberties during the course of the month. I didn't sign up for June in time, but hopefully I'll stay focused this month. I'll probably cut my calories back to about 2400 per day again.
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  9. matalo

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    Jan 21, 2004
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    GOAL: Cutting- My final goal is to lose 20-30 pounds. My short term goal for this month is to lose at least 8 pounds of fat.

    See attached spreadsheet.

    Five - Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.




    MAY 1: Forgot to post. Did not perform run. -2 points (98)

    MAY 2: Forgot to post. Great workout. -1 points (97)

    MAY 3: Off day. (97)

    MAY 4:

    MAY 5:

    Attached Files:

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  10. selters

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    Jan 22, 2007
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    I want to clean up my diet and hopefully lose 5 pounds of mainly body fat in the process. I also want to Improve my endurance.

    Monday: Pecs and abs. Eight 45 sec intervals.
    Tuesday: Back.
    Wednesday: Legs. 45 mins low intensity cardio.
    Thursday: Pecs.
    Friday: Shoulders and traps. Eight 20 second intervals.
    Saturday Biceps and tricpes. Four 4 minutes intervals.
    Sunday: Day off.

    Five meals a day. No candy, soda, chips or unhealthy, unnecessary foods. Included here is the post workout protein shake.

    WEIGHT: 197,5 pounds
    WAIST: 37,5 inches
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  11. b2hhall01

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    I'm in

    GOAL: The mythical weight loss, muscle gain

    COMMENT: lose 10 pounds, decrease body fat by 4%

    Monday: Work 24h
    Tuesday: 5x5 Program
    Wednesday: Cardio
    Thursday: Work 24h
    Friday: 5 x 5 Program
    Saturday: Cardio
    Sunday: 5 x 5 Program

    5x5 is from Stronglifts.com by Mahdi

    Protein Shake tid, sensible meal for dinner (300 cal, low fat),
    snack of 300 cal at night, so ~300 cal x 5 (aprox q4-5h)
    No alcohol

    STARTING STATS (as of 5/1)
    WEIGHT: 233 pounds
    BODY FAT: 34%
    ARMS: 16"
    CALVES: 18"
    CHEST: 36"
    WRIST: 7"
    HIPS: 47"
    THIGHS: 30"
    WAIST: 40"

    May 1: 100 Posting this late, but I tried to post yesterday and couldn't figure out how, so not going to deduct. Ate crappy and had wine. Meals 1, 2 were good. Counting points off for alcohol, and not sticking to meals 3, 4, and 5. Did not work out because I couldn't get to my gym, which is in the basement, but is being refinished so the contractor was down there all day. On the plus side, I did want to do something, so I rearranged and cleaned my entire upstairs. I wear a bodybugg, and my goal calories burned is over 2500. Yesterday showed as 2800, so not too bad. Still, one point off for not sticking to workout. I guess I could keep the point since I did do a lot of activity and heavy lifting, however, I am my own worst critic, so away it goes. Total 100-1-3-1= 95. :bang:No worries though, the first was definitely out of character and not my usual routine, so I'm going to just have to keep those 95 for the rest of the month. [95]

    May 2: 95.Hit all meals right. Had some interestingness with cooking chicken, but luckily got help from the little lady who reminded me that I may need to defrost BEFORE I cook. Oh well, learning everyday. Really enjoying some fruit, quark, a little fage. Intake was 1461 cal, 60p/30c/10f.
    Workout was good. I'm hitting some of the harder stuff in my 5x5 program, so its definitely working. Did 30 min total on the elliptical doing HIIT-3 min warmup, 5 min cooldown, 22 min with 30s max, 90s regular pace. Bodybugg shows 2529, so a deficit of 1068. I know these are exact numbers yet also estimations, still I hit the goals set for the day, so feeling pretty good.No ETOH. Sooo, kept all the points. [95]

    May 3: 95. One point off for a meal, did a good workout. Loving the muscle. No ETOH. [94]

    May 4: 94. Meals all as scheduled. Worked a 24, so no workout, but keeping to schedule. Weight today was a new low at 231.2, 34.5% bf. Still doing well on the motivation scale, I am loving this challenge. Have a bday on the 23rd, so that is a good short term goal. Day off of work, and the contractor won't be here today, so the basement is mine and I'm looking forward to the workout later today. I'm also cooking some chicken breasts on the grill later today that are currently brining, so that should be awesome as well. Keep up the good work everybody! [94]

    May 5: 94. All meals as scheduled, did have 2 low cal beers, so -1, though did fit into caloric amount of the day. Workout as scheduled, went really well. Due to work reschedule, will not be able to work out on Wed, so will move said workout to thursday. Still average for the week should be fine. [93]

    May 6: 93. Missed one scheduled meal. Moved workout from Wed to Thursday secondary to a work schedule change so no change in total for week. [92]

    May 7: 92. Good meals, great workout. Crappy updating -1. [91]

    May 8: 91. Missed a meal, drank wine. Did a lot of activity and a good workout. Again, slack on the updating. -3. [88]

    May 9: 88. Better on the updating. No etoh. Overate on 1 meal. -1 [87]

    May 10: 87. Updating, Had one cheat meal with the family. One MGD 64 which counts as alcohol. I kinda didn't want to subtract it, but then, all this is self reporting, so I'm either honest or not and if I'm not, it only hurts me. Also, I'll keep as good track of it as I can, and then when I do next month, we'll see the comparisons. Also a great workout. Definitely on the part of the 5x5 workout where it is starting to kick my butt. That and 30 min on the elliptical with 25 of that HIIT, good workout. -2. [85]

    May 11: 85. Yesterday worked a 24h shift, ate well. No workout, but that is as scheduled. [85]

    May 12: 85. Ate all meals as scheduled. Good workout. Continuing with the 5x5 program. Squats at 144 lbs, BP 104, DL 164. Running on the treadmill. [85]

    May 13: 85. Ate all meals as scheduled. Great workout. Did have small bottle of wine. -1 I think I see my achilles heel. [84].

    May 14: 84. Worked 24 yesterday. Diet was spot on. No workout scheduled. [84]

    May 15: 84. Worked out super, diet perfect. Right on track. [84]

    May 16: 84. Good workout. Love watching inspiring movies to get on track. Last night it was GI Jane. Diet really good. Did have a few shots of vodka so -1. [83]

    May 17: 83. Didn't work out yesterday. Was too tired after getting home from a 12h shift that had been unscheduled, but that's really just an excuse. Did very good. Did drink 4 shots of vodka. -2 [81]

    May 18: 81. Did well yesterday. Still finishing up the last hour of a 24h shift. Diet great though people still insist on bringing junk food to the hospital. Narrowly avoided eating a ton of chips and salsa con queso. No workout scheduled. Also, gonna have some difficulty with the workout in the next week or so. My downstairs gym is being renovated and this week is the sheetrock. In addition, my bday is Sat, and I'm going on a little vacation on Monday, so I'll have to work to get a good workout in, and it will be a little different from what is described above, but I'm sure I can get in something satisfactory. 81

    May 19: 81. Did pretty good yesterday. Overate on one meal. Had a great workout. Benching/OP 109, Squating 149. Even able to do more reverse crunches, which are awful. -1. [80].

    May 20: 80. Didn't workout but did 4h of yard work that definitely needed doing and was strenuous enough to count as cardio. Meals were good, but did have a small bottle of wine. -1 [79].

    May 21: 79. 24 h at work, no workout as scheduled. Meals spot on. [79]

    May 22. Had 1 cheat meal and a few drinks at Dave and Busters. Taking off today and tomorrow for my birthday, then will be out of town next week. Trying to keep activity levels up, but off my workout. Coincides with my downstairs gym being sheetrocked and dusty. Still -1 for meal, drinks, and workout. Expect tomorrow to be just as bad. At least it will give me a good stepping off point to improve on next month. [76].
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  12. Bludder

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    This sounds like a great idea to motivate me into getting all my meals in despite the circumstances at work...I'm in!
  13. teresa_333

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    Mar 9, 2009
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  14. theleanfish

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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat below 20% once and for all! So exciting!

    Cardio 6 days a week
    Lifting 4 days a week

    5-6 meals per day, 1 cheat meal per week

    I will read my affirmations twice a day.

    WEIGHT: 212.8
    BODY FAT: 20.6%
    ARMS: 13.25"
    CALVES: 16"
    CHEST: 41"
    FOREARMS: 10"
    HIPS: 38"
    THIGHS: 24.1"
    WAIST: 37"


    Daily Log:
    May 1: Chex Mix and Oreos. -1. 99
    May 2: Coffee Cake. -1. 98
    May 3: Hot Fries, Capirinhas, Boneless Chicken Wings, Froyo with Oreo and Fruit, Ice Cream with Walnuts and Caramel Toffee Almond Bar. -4. 94
    I'm doing so well with everything else. I just need to stop having cheat meals.
    May 4: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and White Bread, Froyo. -2. 92
    May 5:
    May 6:
    May 7:
    May 8:
    May 9:
    May 10:
    May 11:
    May 12:
    May 13:
    May 14:
    May 15:
    May 16:
    May 17:
    May 18:
    May 19:
    May 20:
    May 21:
    May 22:
    May 23:
    May 24:
    May 25:
    May 26:
    May 27:
    May 28:
    May 29:
    May 30:
    May 31:
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  15. Rocketman

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    May start stats: 146.8 lbs, 17.2-.4% bf, according to scale.

    1st: Good day eating, and got my excersize bike built.
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  16. jopreacher

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    Well, my big things for this month are the basics: eating clean and working out consistently.

    I missed the cut-off for last months challenge and it made a difference. I wasn't nearly as disciplined and my weight stayed pretty much the same as a result. I was pretty good with working out and hit some good PRs on some lifts but it is easier for me to lift because I enjoy it so much.

    Now that I feel like I have a decent strength base I am going off Stronglifts and transitioning over to Crossfit. I also want to run some, so I'll be doing that as well. To be honest, my focus on Jits/Standup has been next to zero since I moved to a new gym. I honestly miss the old one and feel frustrated by this. My goal on that front for this month is to go to the new gym 2x a week for the full month. If I still am not ok with it I'll try something else.

    Specific Goal Details:

    Exercise: Run 2x a week, Crossfit/Weight Train 3x a week, Jits/Standup 2x a week. Friday is a rest day or active recovery.

    Food: 3 days at 1600 cal, 1 day at 2100 - repeat. 2 cheat meals a week, but they have to fit in the calorie range for the day. Cheat meal is defined as food that is overly processed, alcoholic, sugary, fried, or a white refined carb.

    WEIGHT: 141
    BODY FAT: 25% (tanita) or 21.5% (accumeasure calipers)
    ARMS: 12 1/4" (bicep)
    CALVES: 14" (at largest point)
    FOREARMS: 10 1/4"
    HIPS: 38"
    THIGHS: 24" (where thigh meets torso)
    WAIST: 32" (at navel)

    DAILY LOG (Note: Will update the morning after a day is done)

    MAY 1: Challenge started on a rest and refeed/cheat day. Easy way to start. :)
    [-0] 100
    May 2: Heavy Lifting and clean eating w/in calorie range.
    [-0] 100
    May 3: Ate good and did "Tabata This" from Crossfit. It kicked my tabata rear. I also made homemade paleokits for the office so I am not tempted to eat peanut M&Ms.
    [-0] 100
    May 4: I picked socialization over doing what I was supposed to do. -1 for bad food, -1 for over the cal limit -1 for missing a run, which I will make up for today. I did have a good time and I caught up with a bunch of friends. I need to learn how to balance this, so I think it's safe for there to be a once a month trip to BB Rovers and drink with friends.
    [-3] 97
    May 5: Good day - running, pullups and on-target eating. :)
    -0 [97]
    May 6: Lifted at lunch, at well. Was supposed to go Jits but work got crazy and I end up there until 8 pm. I wanted to stop for fast food pretty damn bad, but I didn't and went home and ate my planned and pre-prepared meal - so yay! Off to Moms for Mothers day tmr.
    -1 [96]
    May 7: Ran at lunch and did pullups/pushups. It was like a frikin sauna. It was cheat day/extra calorie day. I am at Moms and we are off for massages. :) Food might get a bit wonky the next few days.
    -0 [96]
    May 8, 9 and 10: At Moms. I did run on Saturday, but Sunday was a travel day. I also didn't monitor my food. Back to the old gym this week on top of my regular run/xfit schedule.
    -7 [89]
    May 11: Ran at lunch for 20 min. It was hot and i felt like trash, but I did it. Was feeling sick yesterday so no evening workout. MY cals were ok but my last meal was not healthy food.
    -1 [88]
    May 12: Day of slack. Tomorrow will be better.
    -3 [85]
    May 13: Perfect day. Ate good, ran and went to jits.
    -0 [85]
    May 14: Another good day. Food was on target calorie wise and I thrashed heavy weights at the gym.
    -0 [85]
    May 15: I'm on a roll. Another solid day on food - and it was my rest day. Down to 140. :)
    -0 [85]
    May 16: Good food, good jits.
    -0 [85]
    May 17: Good Food. Squats, Deads, Pullups, Bench, Abs and back.
    -0 [85]
    May 18: Ran @ lunch. Good food during the day - had a cheat meal for dinner but that's my one for the week.
    -0 [85]
    May 19: Crossfit workout at lunch: Row n Bench Press. Pack level. I love how Crossfit always makes you feel like you got a killer workout in. Calories on point as well.
    -0 [85]
    May 20: Crossfit Squats and Sprints - Pack. It is hard to sprint after squats. Food fine. 139!
    -0 [85]
    May 21: My lunch wasn't as healthy as it could have been - but at the end of the day my calories were good. I did the Crossfit WOD: Twins - Pack.
    -1 [84]
    May 22: Somehow I missed updating yesterday morning. Gah. This was my rest day and my 'extra calorie' day. So just -1 for missing the update. I hate losing points for that.
    -1 [83]
    May 23: Jits saturday! Good class - feeling strong, learned an awesome move. I went to a friends house for UFC and drank too damn much. I am paying for it today. -2 for food and drinks.
    -2 [81]
    May 24: no workout - didn't write down food.
    -2 [79]
    May 25: no workout - didnt write down food. Glad its back to work time to get me back on track.
    -2 [77]
    May 26: Cross Fit Total (bench instead of OHP) PR'd all lifts! I guess I needed some rest. Also continuing to drop weight. Ate good stuff and was on calorie target.
    -0 [77]
    May 27: An hour and a half of jits last night means crazy soreness today - but hey - I lost a pound overnight! Food was on target calorie-wise, but i did have some fries and a cider.
    -1 [76]
    May 28: A run and good food.
    -0 [76]
    May 29: High Cal day and rest day.
    -0 [76]
    May 30: Great way to end the month - I got another stripe in Jiu Jitsu today! Everything else was fine.
    -0 [76]

    May 31:

    WEIGHT: 138
    BODY FAT: 23% (tanita) or 19.6% (accumeasure calipers)
    ARMS: 12 1/2" (bicep)
    CALVES: 14" (at largest point)
    FOREARMS: 10 3/4"
    HIPS: 37.5"
    THIGHS: 22.5" (where thigh meets torso)
    WAIST: 31" (at navel)
    Score: 76

    Pretty good month. I feel pretty in-sync with my body now and what it takes to get that scale moving in the right direction. My jits is coming along nicely: I got a new stripe and I tapped a blue belt twice this month. I PRd several lifts and am close to PRing pullups. I have moved over to crossfit as my primary means of fitness. I really don't like either of those body fat measurements. My guess is I am somewhere in-between.
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  17. KC

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    Goal: I will weigh 105 by May 31st.

    Comment: I got a new challenge. My gym closed and I've decided to take the summer off from the gym and work with what I've got. I'm running a half marathon on May 24th and playing 2 sports a week starting mid-may Plus I'll be away for a birthday vacation May 16th. Basically this month will be a little crazy, but I'll use the challenge to keep things as routine as possible.

    Start Weight: 110

    Monday: Off
    Tuesday: 6.5km run in the AM
    Wednesday: Strength training & Yoga
    Thursday: 6.5km run in the AM
    Friday: 6.5Km run in the AM
    Saturday: Strength training & Yoga
    Sunday: Long Run

    I will incorporate lots of raw fruit and vegetables. Every morning I will have a green smoothie (I Love them) to start things off. It's nice weather and there are a lot of events that will focus on food. I can't say I won't be eating these "bad" foods at all, but I will document everything and take off a point if I go overboard.

    Daily Log
    MAY 1:Ran this morning and diet was good. Off to a great start! -0(100)

    MAY 2:Worked out in the morning, the rest of the day I was busy (doing fun stuff) My meals weren't the best foods, but all were as planned and I didn't eat anything more then I expected to. -0(100)

    MAY 3:Only the third day and already I've had to switch my schedule around a bit. I couldn't do my long run today so I'll do it tomorrow after work. Everything else was fine. -0(100)

    MAY 4: I did a 16km run after work, followed by some pilates to stretch my leg muscles. -0(100)

    MAY 5: I did my strength training and yoga tonight. I didn't want to run the day after my long run. I had a work lunch so I just had a light dinner. -0(100)

    MAY 6: Not a great day. I completely slept through my run this morning, and I had too many other comitments in the day to be able to make it up. I had a work lunch today and someone ordered lasagna! (usually its just salad & sandwiches) Not a big deal, but I already had plans for dinner out a friends house, which was another big meal. The worst part is I indulged in some chocolates, I really didn't need. -2 (98)

    MAY 7:Missed my workout today as well. I talked myself out of getting up in the morning and ended up making plans for the evening that didn't give me enough time for a run. That'll teach me. - 1(97)

    MAY 8: Today was a good day. Everything went as planned. -0(97)

    MAY 9: I did an 18km run this morning. I did it with a friend and that always makes it easier. We went out for breakfast afterwards to replenish and I ate out for dinner as well. I made the best choices I could. -0(97)

    MAY 10: Since I did my long run yesterday today I did my strength and yoga. -(97)

    MAY 11; Today was a rest day and I did rest. I slept in the morning and had a nap after work. All meals were fine -0(97)

    MAY 12: I didn't run today but I had an awesome workout with cardio and strength instead. -0(97)

    MAY 13: Today starts my hiatus from the challenge for a few days. 'm going out of town to celebrate my birthday so I know I will be eating poorly, however I do still plan to make the best choices. Next week my schedule changes a bit as I start playing 2 sports a week for the summer plus I'm running a half marathon next weekend. -0(97)

    MAY 19: I'm back from my trip but not feeling very well. I stayed home form my floor hockey game tongiht. Eating was good but no excercise today. -1 (96)

    MAY 20: I wasn't planning on working out today and even though I missed yesterday, I still took today off. -0 (96)

    MAY 21: Tonight was my first Ultimate game of the year. It's a great workout lots of running. -0 (96)

    MAY 22: I didn't workout this morning and went to a birthday party afterwork where I definitly indulged more then I should have - 2(94)

    MAY 23: Pre-Race day. I did a workout and yoga in the morning and was very careful about what I ate/drank all day - 0(94)

    MAY 24: Race Day. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but it was a hot day so I'm not too disapointed. Played some frisbee and walked in the afternoon. Meals were good. -0(94)

    MAY 25: I really wanted to workout today, but my body did not agree. I needed to take the day off after my half marathon yesterday. I ate more then I should have tonight though. I couldn't help snacking on some crackers before and after dinner. -1 (93)

    MAY 26: Tonight was my ball hockey game. Good workout. -0 (93)

    MAY 27: No workout today, I went out for a belated birthday dinner instead. -1(92)

    MAY 28: Tonight was Ultimate Frisbee which is amazing cardio. All meals were good. -0 (92)

    MAY 29: Great workout tonight cardio and strength and meals were good. -0(92)

    May 30:I substituted some fun stuff instead of a set workout today, walking, hiking, playing catch etc. I did go out for dinner and picked the healthiest choice I could -0 (92)

    May 31: Great workout in the morning strength and cardio. Good meals and lots of water. -(92)

    I didn't reach my goal but I am 100% okay with that. I knew May was going to be a tough month because of a crazy schedule and lots of social activities so the challenge gave me exactly what I needed to get through and still keep fitness and health a priority.
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  18. k3vb0

    k3vb0 Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2004
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    B]GOAL[/B]: Drop weight from 209 to 195, train for Ride the Rockies

    COMMENT: Recovering from surgery so my workout protocol will change as I am able to do more

    Cardio 5 days a week
    Weights at least 3 days a week (as soon I have Dr's approval to lift)

    Five to six clean meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 209.6 lbs.
    WAIST: 40"

    WEIGHT: 204.8
    WAIST: 38"

    MAY 1: Planned off/cheat day [100 pts]
    MAY 2: Cycling 36.1 miles, 2522 kcal burned. Diet : (P/C/F 158/104/84) 1834 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 3: Off day. Diet (P/C/F 171/138/72) 1903 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 4: Cycling 30.1 Miles, 1946 kcal burned. Diet : (P/C/F 213/190/58) 2101 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 5: Cycling 14.8 miles, 934 kcal burned. Diet : (P/C/F 195/254/5857 2280 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 6: Cycling 30.8 Miles 1850 kcal burned. LIfting : Bench, Curls, Military DB. Diet : (P/C/F 166/186/66) 2266 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 7: Cycling 26.1 Miles 1555 kcal burned. Diet : (P/C/F 123/199/69) 1919 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 8: Cycling 21.5 Miles 1261 kcal. Diet : (Cheat day, did not track) [100 pts]
    MAY 9: No workout, off day. Diet : (P/C/F 158/162/66) 1979 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 10: Chest, Back, Abs. Diet : (P/C/F 150/160/93) 2085 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 11: 50.8 mile bike ride, 3837 kcal burned. Diet : (P/C/F 184/336/122) 3057 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 12: AM Treadmill: 25 mins, 367 kcal burned. 15.9 mile bike ride, 946 kcal burned. Diet : (P/C/F 360/54/41) 2034 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 13: Much needed off day. Diet : (P/C/F 272/109/26) 1764 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 14: AM Treadmill 30 minutes. Bi/Tri/Delt workout. Diet : (P/C/F 276/70/44) 1789 kcal [100 pts]
    MAY 15: Off day/Cheat day. Diet : (Did not track) [100 pts]
    MAY 16: 10 mile Bike Ride : 554 kcal burned. Diet : (P/C/F 305/229/57 2634 kcal) [100 pts]
    MAY 17: 50 mile Bike Ride : 4127 kcal burned Diet : (P/C/F 121/361/126 3055 kcal) [100 pts]
    MAY 18: No workout, off day. Diet : (P/C/F 328/311/42 2980 kcal) [100 pts]
    MAY 19: No workout, off day. PT messed up hip. Diet : (P/C/F 184/194/ 67 2154 kcal)[100 pts]
    MAY 20: 25 mile bike ride. Diet : (P/C/F 226/172/56 2094 kcal). [100 pts]
    May 21: No workout, forgot to post. -1 [99 pts]
    May 22: 10 mile bike ride, chest, back and ab workout. Diet : (P/C/F 265/185/70 2444 kcal) [99 pts]
    May 23: 50 mile bike ride. Diet : (P/C/F 138/312/85 2578 kcal). [99 pts]
    May 24: 30 mile bike ride. Diet : (P/C/F 113/337/86 2580 kcal). [99 pts]
    May 25: 27.5 mile bike ride,. Delt, bi, tri workout. Diet : (P/C/F 188/255/74 2452 kcal). [99 pts]
    May 26: Off day. Diet : (P/C/F 207/222/76 2350 kcal). [99 pts]
    May 27: 17.8 mile bike ride : 974 kcal burned. Diet (P/C/F 191/209/84 2324 kcal). [99 pts]
    May 28: 21.7 mile bike ride : 1283 kcal burned Diet (P/C/F 172/200/85 2193 kcal). Forgot to post -1 . [98 pts]
    May 29: Chest/Back/Abs workout, cheat day (P/C/F 203/291/145 3181kcal) [98 pts]
    May 30: Off day. Diet: (P/C/F 197/273/87 2637 kcal). Forgot to post. -1 [97 pts]
    May 31: Missed workout due to work. Diet: (P/C/F 165/209/74 2142 kcal). -1 [96 pts]

    This was a pretty good challenge for me. My scale weight dropped 4.8 lbs, I lost 2 inches off of my waste, and dropped my bodyfat from 23 to 18%. My wrist is healing and I am able to handle more and more weight. All in all, it was a pretty good month.
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  19. MrsGoldsen

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    Aug 11, 2007
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    May 20-Haven't been blogging, but nothing horrible diet-wise and up and down on the exercise. A few pretty good sweats, but not what I should be. Getting back on the bandwagon.

    May 6-some yard work the past few days, run of the mill food selections (no organic wheat grass smoothies, but no deep fried snickers bars, either......).

    May 2-Split dessert last night, and took about 1/3 of the meal home for a nice Saturday afternoon lunch (vs. leaving Vivace stuffed last night). Walked around the zoo this morning after a bagel and Bruggercino, and I'm off to do some upper body before hitting the shower and dinner at a friend's house.

    "MAY DAY!" Well, I'm posting, so I've already beaten last month's challenge......no formal exercise planned for today, just a lot of research. Ate a healthy breakfast, wasn't hungry for lunch, going to dinner at Vivace. My goal is to stick to sharing a dessert (he better want the one I want......)

    Count me in.:bb:
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  20. Riser

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    May 29, 2007
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    Let's do this!

    Goals: Fat loss, more specificall I want to be 190 by EOM mostly from fat loss

    Current Weight: 193-195 lbs

    Workout plan:
    Weights 2-3 times a week, cardio to make up 5 workout days a week, probably LISS cardio this month

    5-6 a day, should be around 1500 calories or so

    Heavy yardwork (as in - digging trenches for the storage shed foundation) will be counted as at least cardio

    May 1: Skipped my workout but made up on Sunday, one bad meal, didn't update -2 (total 98)
    May 2: No workouts planned, one planned cheat meal, no update -1 (Total 97)
    May 3: Unplanned workout, one bad meal, updating today -1 (Total 96)
    May 4: Missed workout but good means and updated -1 (Total 95)
    May 5: Good meals, but missed my workout -1 (Total 94)
    May 6: Good meals, finally got my weights in -0 (Total 94)
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