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John Stone's May 2007 "100 Challenge" (Completed)

Discussion in '"100 Challenges"' started by John Stone, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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    Questions belong in this thread.

    Until the challenge begins, please refrain from making any posts in this thread except your Official Entry post. Once the challenge starts, you may post all you like.

    This premise of this challenge is pretty simple: Each participant starts the month with 100 points. A point is deducted each time a workout is missed, a meal is missed, an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack is consumed or a daily update to your official challenge post is missed. The goal, of course, is to finish the month with 100 points!

    Here are the rules:

    1) The challenge begins on May 1, 2007. You must have your starting post up by 7:00 AM (EST) on May 1, 2007.
    2) It doesn't matter if you are cutting, bulking or maintaining. The common goal here is 100% consistency.
    3) Each person participating in the challenge should start a post in this thread by the cut-off time. Your Official Challenge post must be updated each and every day. The updates won't take long (examples below). If you miss an update, you must deduct a point. Please note that you should edit your existing Official Challenge post--don't start a new post every day.
    4) Miss a workout for any reason, deduct a point.
    5) Miss a meal for any reason, deduct a point.
    6) Eat an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack, deduct a point.

    Feel free to post before/after pictures if you like (optional).

    Of course this challenge is based on the honor system. You can cheat, but that would be pointless.

    Here's an example Official Challenge post (feel free to copy and paste, substituting your own information):


    Sample Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8%.

    Monday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Wednesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Friday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 200 pounds
    BODY FAT: 9.8%
    ARMS: 16.75"
    CALVES: 16.5"
    CHEST: 42.75"
    FOREARMS: 13.5"
    HIPS: 38.75"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 32.5"


    DAILY LOG (Note: Each entry should be completed the day after, or at the end of the same day after all meals/workouts are completed. Please be sure to keep a running total of your points, as shown below.)

    MAY 1: I did my cardio and ate all meals as scheduled.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAY 2: My car broke down and I missed my back workout. I walked to Burger King for dinner and had an unscheduled cheat meal.
    -2 points [98 points]

    MAY 3: I missed my cardio today, but ate all meals as scheduled.
    -1 point [97 points]

    MAY 4:

    MAY 5: I missed yesterday's update, but I did my delts and traps workout yesterday, and ate all meals as scheduled (including my scheduled cheat meal). Today I did my cardio, ate all meals as scheduled and did my leg workout.
    -1 point [96 POINTS]

    You get the idea.....
  2. specialk

    specialk Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2006
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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I plan to continue my cut this month and I want to loose approximately 5-6% BF before Father's Day. I am doing Chad Waterbury's Summer Project

    Monday: Full Body Weight training (PM)
    Tuesday: HIIT (cardio) (PM)
    Wednesday: Full Body Weight training (PM)
    Thursday: HIIT (cardio) (PM)
    Friday: Full Body Weight training (PM)
    Saturday: HIIT (cardio) (PM)
    Sunday: Rest

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week (Friday or Saturday night).

    WEIGHT: 192.6 pounds
    BODY FAT: 15.3%
    ARMS: 15"
    CALVES: 15"
    CHEST: 42"
    THIGHS: 24.5"
    STOMACH: 36.5"



    May 1: Experience the day after 100 Points
    May 2: In high demand 100 points
    May 3: Where do I begin... 100 Points
    May 4: I was willing to push myself 100 points
    May 5: This workout just kicks my butt 100 points
    May 6: Stop procrastinating and finally go 100 points
    May 7: "No" a hundred times a day 100 points
    May 8: Time went rather quickly 100 points
    May 9: Happy, healthy, and having a great life 100 points
    May 10: Light at the end of the tunnel 100 points
    May 11: Feeling this could be my next slip-up :mad: 99 points
    May 12: Didn't know what to make of it 99 points
    May 13: The perfect Mother's Day 99 points
    May 14: Enjoy summertime activities. Beach, boating, fishing, etc. 99 points
    May 15: Worth the time and effort 99 points
    May 16: I really have to watch my choices today 99 points
    May 17: Trying not to trip up 99 points
    May 18: One more in the books 99 points
    May 19: I had a good run of it :doh: 98 points
    May 20: I finished WSP with a bang instead of a fizzle 98 points
    May 21: No rest for the wicked... 98 points
    May 22: Just in time for summer 98 points
    May 23: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's ride to work I go! 98 points
    May 24: It's surprising how slow things take :o 96 points
    May 25: There's always tomorrow ;) 94 points
    May 26: This weekend was filled with land mines everywhere 94 points
    May 27: Now that it's behind me 94 points
    May 28: I want to achieve this lofty goal 94 points
    May 29: Strong enough mentally and physically 94 points
    May 30: It was a beautiful day to ride 94 points
    May 31: On that cheery note... :cry: 93 points
    #2 specialk, Apr 23, 2007
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2007
  3. eleonardo

    eleonardo Well-Known Member

    Dec 1, 2004
    Likes Received:
    GOALS: Cutting and overall improvement of fitness.

    COMMENTS: This month will be superb! I've experienced Waterbury's Summer Project at the end of April. Seeing what it's done for me in that short period of time, May's gonna be a blast!
    I expect to lose about 5 kg's of weight, if not more. In total I'm aiming for 9/10 kg's by the end of June.

    PROGRAM: Waterbury Summer Project
    3 x Total Body workout / 3 x HIIT / 1 x rest day
    The Total Body workouts vary from week to week. For more info see WSP

    DIET: T dawg 2.0 with 2 cheat meals per week.
    Caloriebrake down. P/F/C 45/40/15
    Calories: +/- 2000

    09.00 carbs/protein (oatmeal/whey)
    11.30 protein/fat (shake/flax seed oil)
    13.30 protein/fat (chicken/veggies/olive oil)
    16.00 protein/fat (curd cheese/flax seed oil)
    17.00 carbs/(protein) (chicken sandwhich, apple)
    17.30 workout

    18.30 PWO (weights) dex/whey (chicken/brown rice)
    18.30 PWO (HIIT) fat/protein (beef/veggies/olive oil) (HIIT)

    20.00 protein/fat (beef/veggies/olive oil)

    Daily: multi vitamin pill, vitamin C, fish pill and lots of water (3+ liters)



    May 1: First day of the month. As expected a day of perfection!

    May 2: Day two! HIIT was on the program, but instead of chose to do 2 x 30 min biking to work and back and 1.5 hours of indoor soccer. Don't want to overdo cardio! I'm contemplating on how much cals I should consume. I'm closer to 2000 than 2400 lately. I don't want to undereat! Diet was on track :cool:

    May 3: AKA Day 8 of WSP. I already described the horror of this workout in my journal. My PPWO was a chicken burger and half a milkshake. Why half? To match my macros. Not the best of choices, but I had no choice, since I had no time to prepare a meal before the movie.
    99 -1

    May 4: HIIT 18m : check, diet: check. I changed my dietery guideline's from 1 cheat day per week to 2 moderate cheat meals per week. Theoretically I could erase my previous point deduction :evil: :lol: Of course I won't, since this happend before the change. :nono:

    May 5: Today was rest day and cheat meal day. I did both. I must say I enjoyed 100% and am glad that my body got some rest.

    May 6: WSP workout done. Diet in order.

    May 7: I was home at 1.45 am and still did HIIT. How's that for commitment!!

    May 8: As soon as I came home, I dropped on the bed and woke up the next morning; I needed that! Diet was on track. I'll be moving today's workout to tomorrow or the day after, since I also have soccer tomorrow.

    May 9: WSP circuit followed by 1.5 hours of soccer. Suffice to say I had my share of exercise today. Diet was good: I did however eat a bit more carbs considering the ammount of exercise I did. I'm happy with the progress!

    May 10: HIIT done tonight at around 23.30. I really didn't feel like doing it, but this was a do or die situation. I knew if I skipped this one workout when I really didn't feel like it, it would become so much easier to skip another one when you're just not up to it. I feel we get these decisive choices to make once in a while and I passed the test on this one.
    Diet: today I had my cheat meal. It'll be the last for a week, since it was higher than modest and I've had plenty of carbs this week already.

    May 11: Diet was great. Perhaps a few cals too low, but heck, after a cheat meal it's ok. It kinda compensates (not really, but ok). No workout today, my body felt really tired so I listened to it and gave it time for recovery. I don't want to overtrain. I must say it didn't come at a bad time.

    May 12: I was extremely tired when I got home from work, due to the 4.5 hours of sleep I got the night before (played poker all night). I jumped into bed and woke up few hours later around 21.00. Needless to say HIIT wasn't someting I was longing. Nontheless, I really pushed today's session and in the end it was probably my best session sofar!

    May 13: Almost forgot to edit. Thanks Buttersweet :D weights today. It was easier than the previous workouts. So that was a good change. Diet on track. I'm proud of myself!!

    May 14: Normally I post the day after, but since It's so late and I already had my last meal, I doubt much will change. Today was an easy day. No activities. Diet, as always, on track :)

    May 15: Workout: finished only 75% of it, since I was talking to the trainer and when we were done the gym was closed. Does this call for a point deduction? Neh. I'm not that anal! Diet: grand :D

    May 16: Diet was good, a bit too low on cals though. Weight dropped a bit the next day, so today (17th) I'll eat a bit more. Training-wise I did only soccer, cuz I was lazy to do more :p The session was quite intense, so I'm satisfied. Half way point passed and I'm extremely pleased with the results sofar.

    May 17: Diet: weekly cheat meal :D McD's! :D Training: check :)

    May 18: Today I had 2 oreo's. I guess that's a cheat! -1
    98 -1

    May 19: Scheduled cheat meal today. I really went out with my cheat meals this week :) I guess it's ok once a month, but should not make a habit of it! HIIT done, my quads were burning afterwards.

    May 20: When it rains, it pours. Spent the whole day and night watching Prison Break. No workout, and cheat meal. Back to work with spirit tomorrow.
    96 -2

    May 21: Back to normal, whew! This one day of cheating is not good for me! I'm sticking to my moderate cheats. This week I'll have to undo the damage done this weekend. Anyways, gym went fine and diet was on track again. -0!

    May 22: Workout done, diet grand!

    May 23: HIIT done, and diet was superduper! I forgot to post yesterday????? -1?!
    Hate losing points for NONSENSE. Better this than diet/workout I guess.
    95 -1

    May 24: Need to get more sleep. When I was home yesterday I fell right asleep on the bed while I was s'posed to go to the gym. This happens almost every week on thursday. Oh well, no points deduction since I'll make up for it this Saturday, but still! Diet was good. Overall a good day. Last week. Full throttle ahead.

    May 25: Project "Full throttle ahead" has started off extremely well. I had an excellent high intensity workout in the gym. DOMS are setting in. I'm quite pleased with that. It's been a while since I had those. Diet was on track. I'm pleased!

    May 26: My rest day :D Diet on track!

    May 27: All in order. If changes happen, will update :) !

    May 28: Cheat day :D No workout, it was a holiday.

    May 29: I had a cheat meal :p *giggle* It was sooooo goood. hahaha. :D
    94 -1
    #3 eleonardo, Apr 23, 2007
    Last edited: May 30, 2007
  4. Nowhereman

    Nowhereman Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2005
    Likes Received:
    100 Challenge

    GOAL: Bulking On SUP2!

    COMMENT: I want to gain muscle.


    Six meals per day

    WEIGHT: 168
    BODY FAT: 15.95
    ARMS: 13.5
    CALVES: 14
    CHEST: 38
    FOREARMS: 11.5
    HIPS: 37.25
    THIGHS: 23
    WAIST: 35

    WEIGHT: 176
    BODY FAT: 15.95
    ARMS: 13.5
    CALVES: 14.5
    CHEST: 38
    FOREARMS: 11.75
    HIPS: 38
    THIGHS: 23
    WAIST: 36


    May 1: I put up last months end stats but I will more likely change them tomorrow. I had a four day vacation and my diet was non-existent. I'll be sure to measure again tomorrow and see if my stats changed.
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 2: Can't complain. Everything went well. I'll get my chest workout in today.
    -0 points [100 points]

    May 3: I had an unscheduled cheat meal. But it was the tasting of the food for my wedding. What could I say? Umm no thank you today is not my cheat day? I did come back and workout and I had all my other mealls. I was very full at the end of the day.
    -1 point [99 points]

    May 4: I don't know why it feels like I had a cheat meal yesterday, but I didn't. I had al my meals and I did some cardio.
    -0 points [98 points]

    May 5: This sucks I missed my workout and I had another cheat meal. On the brightside we had a "surprise" bridal shower.
    -2 points [95 points]

    May 6: Missed update
    -1 point [94 points]

    May 7: Missed workout and had a cheat meal. It has been very tough lately (with the wedding) trying to get to work out on the specified days. I will makeup for the missed workouts but I of course will take off points.
    -2 point [93 points]

    May 8: I got in my workout, a bit late, but I got it in. I'm currently eating a meal right now. I'm 100 percent sure I'm not going to get a cheat meal in today.
    -0 points [93 points]

    May 9: Dang. I was busy elsewhere and I did not update. Missed workout, cheat meal and post. Sucks.
    -3 points [90 points]

    May 10: Skipped workout, cheat meal, and update
    -3 points [87 points]

    May 11: Skipped workout, cheat meal, and update
    -3 points [84 points]

    May 12: Skipped workout, cheat meal, and update
    -3 points [81 points]

    May 13: Skipped workout, cheat meal, and update
    -3 points [78 points]

    May 14: Cheat meal, and skipped update
    -2 points [76 points]

    May 15: What an embarassment. I'm so close to the top of the page and I have not even kept up with it. It has been very hectic, and I have worked out when I could (which hasn't been much) but I'm back and I do not see any problems from here to the wedding, as far as workouts go. I know there will be a couple of unscheduled cheat meals but I won't be missing any more workouts. I did workout my back once a week since the last update for back and the same for chest, except for last week. I have not had a leg day in forever so I'm pretty sure I'm going to get feel it on Friday. Despite that I still made gains in my Back yesterday. I'll see how the chest goes tomorrow (it has always been a weak area for me and all this skipping workouts is sure to have hurt it). I did cardio and I had all my meals.
    -0 points [76 points]

    May 16: Had my chest and arms today. Not as bad as I thought. As a matter of fact I rocked on all my exercises except for one, I did on less rep than two weeks ago. But on everything else I went up in weight.
    -0 points[76 points]

    May 17: Just a cardio day today. I had all my meals, except one, but I'm about to get it know.
    -0 points [76 points]

    May 18: Leg day today. Nothing too exciting. I did all the necessary reps to go up for next week. I had all my meals
    -0 points [76 points]

    May 19: Ok I had a drink last night at a concert so I'll take off the points today. I'm also off to have a cheat meal another minus. I had my workout though. Almost made an excuse but I made it.
    -2 points[74 points]

    May 20: Dang it when did I miss a day?????
    -1 point [73 points]

    May 21: I missed my workout, but I will get it in tomorrow. My A/C burned up. Took a while to fix. I'll get my workout in tomorrow FOR sure. Oh I also forgot a meal.
    -2 points [71 points]

    May 22: I got in yesterday's workout and the cardio this morning. All my meals were good. I still need one more, but I"m at home and there should be no problems getting it in.
    -0 points [71 points]

    May 23: I got married through the court today. I didn't think it would have been smart of me to say "Hey now I'm going to go do chest day" right after "I do". We had dinner, another cheat meal and a missed workout. I'll get it in tomorrow.
    -2 points [69 points]

    May 24: Did my chest and arms today, since I missed it Wednesday. I still did cardio this morning but I had a cheat meal.
    -1 point [68 points]

    May 25: Missed update
    -1 point [67 points]

    May 26: Missed update
    -1 point 66 points]

    May 27 Missed update
    -1 point 65 points
    #4 Nowhereman, Apr 23, 2007
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2007
  5. Organichu

    Organichu Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I figure I'll get in on this. :)

    I'm marathon training, so I guess that my goal is sort of cutting... because I'll inevitably lose weight as the mileage increases. Main goal, though, is piling on the miles and shaving off the moments.


    6'1", 198 lbs, 16% bf

    Weight training is twice a week, routine dependent upon how I feel... varying a lot because of the running.

    Calories around 3,700 split between 5-6 meals.

    D'oh! Misunderstood the rules, forgot that I had to update each and every day.

    I kept to my diet and exercise everyday, but didn't post. So...

    94 points
    May 7: Ran 10+ miles... felt great. Good diet, everything on key.
    #5 Organichu, Apr 23, 2007
    Last edited: May 7, 2007
  6. bagley61

    bagley61 Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I am in for May :nod:

    Where I have been and where I am at:
    Mid October 2006 - 351 pounds.
    January 1st 2007 - 335 pounds, 37% BF, 124 pounds of fat, 211 pounds of lean mass.
    February 1st 2007 - 324 pounds, 35% BF, 113.4 pounds fat, 210.6 pounds of lean mass.
    March 1st 2007 - 315.3 pounds, 33.9% BF, 104.9 pounds fat, 210.4 pounds lean mass.
    April 1st 2007 - 307.1 pounds, 32.5% BF, 99.9 pounds fat, 207.1 pounds lean mass.
    May 1st 2007 - 308 pounds, 32.6% BF, 100.5 pounds fat, 207.5 pounds lean body mass

    GOAL: Cutting
    I will lose 12 pounds of fat and try very hard not to lose any lean mass by lifting hard and smart and eating clean and as planned.

    WORKOUT SCHEDULE: First thing in the a.m..
    Weight Training - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    HIIT cardio - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
    Abdominals - 3 x per week.

    Eat clean 6 days per week, 1 pre-planned out free day per week.

    Starting stats - May 1st:
    Weight - 308
    Fat % - 32.6%
    Fat mass - 100.5
    Lean Mass - 207.5
    Chest - 50.25
    belly - 50.5
    waist - 46.5
    hips - 48.25
    thigh - 28
    calf - 19
    arm - 17.25
    forearm - 13.75

    MAY 1st: a.m. - I did my HIIT cardio - elliptical. Very good intensity and definately hit my 10 inensity. All meals and supplements in as planned.
    - 0 points [100 Points]

    MAY 2nd: Today I have been married to my beautiful wife for 20 years - it has been a good journey together thus far. Shoulders, triiceps and biceps weight training done. Meals and supplements in and as planned. I did have a glass of red wine in the evening though.
    -1 point [99 points]

    MAY 3rd: a.m. - Fasted HIIT cardio done. Oh lordy - I ate well and on plan until the evening. Then I had a couple of vodka grapefruits which led to snacking on some garbage food.
    -1 point [98 Points]

    MAY 4th: a.m. - I did my Leg workout - supersetted with incline chest presses.
    Ate clean and as planned
    -1 point for not posting in time. [97 points]

    May 5th and 6th: Ended up going out of town. I did get my saturday morning HIIT cardio and abs in before I left. I ate fairly clean but had no plan and drank a bit too much saturday evening.
    -3 points (2 for food plan and 1 for drinking alcohol)
    [93 points]

    May 7th: I had a very good weight training session doing Chest and back. I am back in the zone on eating - Meals and supplements in and no cheating!
    -0 points [93 points]

    MAY 8th: HIIT cardio elliptical - done. Abs - done. I ate well and as planned all day - but a few chips and chocolate covered peanuts my wife was eating somehow got ina and past my guard - grrr - I hate being weak to these evening munchies! Better plan tomorrow to handle the evening munch attacks!
    -1 point [92 Points]

    May 9th: I had a very good Shoulder, tri's and bi's weight training session this morning. - definately getting stronger over the last 7 months. Just need to stay clean on the eating today! - Well, once again I had a great day going untill the late evening and then snacked on some unplanned stuff. This seems to be a hard time of year for me for some reason. I shall not give up though. I am going to fight through this and get back on track!
    -1 point [91]

    MAY 10th: a.m. fasted cardio done.

    6 days of no posting -6 points. Definately struggling with the evening munching and having too much alcohol lately. Workouts have been solid and steady every morning though.
    I will not give up - I've worked tooo hard these last 7 months to throw it away!

    -6 points [85]

    May 16th: I had a strong Shoulders, triceps and biceps training session with active rest between all sets on the elliptical.

    May 22nd: I admit defeat this month - just too much going on right now - I will regroup and be back for a strong July, August and Setember challenges.

    The rest of you all - Stay strong on your challenges!
    #6 bagley61, Apr 23, 2007
    Last edited: May 22, 2007
  7. Cursim

    Cursim Well-Known Member

    Jun 15, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I just started SGX today. I'd love to be a part of the challenge.

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: Can't give away SwoleCat's secrets, but I'll be as descriptive as I can.

    My workout schedule includes cardio every day and weight training 5 days a week. Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays I do not lift. If I don't lift on the other days , I lose a point.

    SGX daily meal plan, one cheat meal a week.

    WEIGHT: 180 pounds
    BODY FAT: 25% (?)

  8. oakley1278

    oakley1278 Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Count me in!

    Cutting to 10% by May 31st and training for a sub 44 minute 10K on May 20th.

    Current Stats (5/1/07):
    Height: 6'1"
    Age: 26
    Weight: 209
    Chest: 42.25"
    Bi's: 16.25"
    Waist: 33
    Navel: 33.5"
    Hips 41.25"
    Thigh Relaxed: 21.5"
    Calf Relaxed: 16"

    Body Fat (4 point pinch): 13.3%
    Total Body Fat Weight: 27.8 lbs
    Total Lean Body Mass: 181.2 lbs

    Fitness Goals:
    Cardio 6 Days Per Week - Run 100 Miles in May
    Lift 4 Days Per Week

    Diet Goals:
    5-6 small meals per day
    1 carb meal per week...but ZERO cheat meals all month
    zero candy bars, chips, cookies or simple sugars allowed

    5/1/07 <100points>:
    Well over 1 gallon of water
    2 protein shakes (morning and early evening)
    2 chicken breasts
    2.5 cups of cottage cheese (lunch was one big serving of 2 cups)
    1 single serve package of Beef Jerky (140 cal, 27g protein, 5 carbs)
    2 sugar free popsicles (15 calories each, 2 net carbs)
    1 apple

    Running: 5.75 miles during my lunch break
    Lifting: Chest - only thing noteworthy was 4 reps at 315lbs on flat bench

    5/2/07 <100 points>
    FOOD (spaced out over 5 meals)
    1.5 gallons of water
    1 protein shake with two scoops of powder and 1/2 cup of unsweetened strawberrys
    2 chicken breasts
    1.5 cups of cottage cheese
    1 package of beef jerky (same as yesterday)
    1 pre-packaged protein bar (320 calories, 32g protein, 5 net carbs)
    1 sugar free popsicle for late night desert
    12 red grapes

    Ran 4.35 miles during my noon lunch break
    Didn't lift after two days in a row of heavy lifting. Will run and lift tomorrow.

    5/3/07 <100 POINTS>:
    FOOD: 6 meals spaced out
    Came in a little light yesterday with only 1770 calories consumed. I just wasn't too hungry.
    1 Reduced Sugar Granola Bar
    1 package reduced sugar oatmeal
    1 large apple
    Small Salad with Vinegarette Dressing
    1 cup 1%fat cottage cheese
    1/2 cup 4%fat cottage cheese
    2 sugar free popsicles
    1 small stick of beef jerky
    2 chicken breasts
    1 can tuna fish with mustard

    Lifted (shoulders and back) during lunch break
    Ran after work on treadmill, 4.18 miles
    Walked outside after the gym, 4.56 miles
    Side note: My iPod started to malfunction...I think a battery is dying or something in the sensor. It's causing quite a hassle as I've come to rely on this for tracking mileage, time and progress in my cardio. Ugh...gotta figure that out today.

    5/4/07 <99 POINTS>:
    FOOD: 5.5 meals spaced out
    I missed my post yesterday. UGH...it was a busy Saturday, but that's no excuse MINUS MY FIRST POINT! Well regardless, I ate perfect and got a chance to lift. I did arms at the gym during my lunch hour and ran late at night on an impulse, so I got another good 4.1 miles in that I didn't plan on.
    2 chicken breasts
    1 salad with light blue cheese dressing
    1 8oz top round sirloin
    1 cup 4% cottage cheese
    1 sugar free popsicles
    1 can tuna fish with mustard
    1 - 1"x1" piece of cheddar to hold me over till morning.

    Lifted - bi's and tri's during lunch
    Ran - 4.1 miles at night.

    5/5/07 <99 POINTS>:
    FOOD: 5 meals spaced out
    4 eggs with a little cheddar cheese on top to start the day off
    1 package of wheat and cheddar cheese crackers (190cals)
    1 beef jerky stick
    a TON of water during my mountain biking stint
    1 piece of trout when i went out to dinner
    2 servings of vegetables with dinner (squash, broccoli, carrots)
    2 glasses of diet 7up while watching the de la hoya vs. mayweather fight
    1 handfull of red grapes
    1.5 cups of mixed cut up fruit
    1 atkins protein bar

    No lifting today
    Mountain Biked for 2 hours consecutively in tough conditions...very exhausting, but a nice change form the normal cardio I do.

    5/6/07 <99 POINTS>:
    FOOD: 5 meals spaced out
    NOTE: I took in 2420 calories today...slightly higher than the 2000-2300 per day target, but considering 3 cardio sessions I feel as though it was still lower than I should have. I imagine 3000 calories would have been appropriate on a day when I burned approx 2000 from cardio sessions.
    Atkins Protein Bar
    Protein Shake - added 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries
    2 hot dogs, no buns after cardio
    3 servings, salted peanuts at baseball game
    Atkins Protein Bar
    1 can tuna with mustard
    6 oz beef, grilled
    1 ear corn with margarine
    1 cup of sugar free pudding with protein powder mix
    1/4 cup cashews

    No Lifting today, but as scheduled...Chest tomorrow
    LOTS and LOTS of cardio today!!! I ran/walked 3.79 miles at noon
    I rode my mountain bike to my brother in laws house and back in the early evening to eat dinner with the family. 14 miles each way...28 round trip! Legs feel good the next day...I really enjoyed that.

    5/7/07 <99 POINTS>:
    FOOD: 6 meals

    3 chicken breasts spaced out through day
    1 turkey wrap with mustard and lettuce.
    16 oz of diet pepsi
    1 can tuna with mustard
    1 cup of sugar free pudding with protein powder mix included
    1/4 cup cashews
    2 sugar free popsicles
    ~12 strips of asparagus with vinegar marinade and a little salt
    A TON of water
    1/2 cup of reduced sugar instant quaker oats

    Benched after work. Got in a GREAT workout...really pushed my chest to failure and it felt good. After i benched I played softball...1st game of the year and we won! I played pretty well. Got home and dealt with a plumbing issue and then ran 4.55 miles before hitting the shower and bed.

    5/8/07 <99 POINTS>:
    FOOD: 6 meals

    1 grilled chicken breast
    1 cup of fresh fruit cut up (melon, strawberries, oranges)
    2 filets of grilled tilapia with lemon and pepper (great dinner! lots of flavor, good protein 110 cals per filet and very nice break from the boring grilled chicken routine)
    1 can tuna with mustard
    1 protein shake...2 scoops of protein
    1/4 cup cashews
    A TON of water
    1 cup of reduced sugar instant quaker oats
    1 atkins low carb protein bar

    Did arms after work today. Good quick routine...worked very hard in the 40 minutes and am nice and tight today. I ran 7.2 miles after I got home from the gym. It felt great and I didn't want to stop, but my right knee disagreed and I decided not to over work it.

    5/9/07 <99 POINTS>:
    FOOD: 5 meals
    Ate very well today despite a lot of temptation. I still haven't had a beer this month and I plan on continuing that until the 31st when I go on vacation.
    2 servings - tuna fish with mustard
    1 cup quaker oats
    1 Wendys BLT Salad with Grilled Chicken on top (had to eat there, but still a very clean meal). 1 package Italian Vinegarette Dressing on top. No croutons
    1 Chicken Breast
    1 (another) salad with blue cheese dressing
    1 protein shake with 2 scoops and a 1/4 cup of frozen no sugar added strawberrys
    1 quaker reduced sugar granola bar
    2 cups coffee with a little skim milk added

    I lifted at noon (shoulders and back). I played softball at 6pm and it was hot out...I'm an outfielder and ran a lot. I went home and ran 4.65 miles around 10:30pm and hit the sack very tired.

    5/10/07, 5/11/07, 5/12/07, 5/13/07 <91 POINTS>:
    Today is 5/14/07...I missed THREE DAYS! Down 3 points just for the days not posted! UGH. How frustrating. Thursday was clean all day. I don't remember meals, but it was honestly clean as a whistle. Friday was perfect too except for a little extra hot wing sauce I had on a grilled chicken salad for dinner. Saturday was good in the morning, good in the afternoon and good overall for EATING, but I must confess, I drank a lot Saturday Night. I'm being hard on myself for doing this, but it was one of the most fun nights I can remember...I'm deducting 4 points for having drank 6 beers and 6 shots. I woke up Sunday mad as hell at myself and ran 6 miles hung over to purge my body of that garbage. I ate very well Sunday with the exception of 1 smore by a campfire...no excuses...my nephew made it especially for me and I felt bad denying the 4 yr old. Regardless, it's off my schedule...minus 1 more point.

    I lifted on Thursday (arms), I ran Thursday (4.5 miles). Perfectly on schedule. I didn't lift Friday as planned and on schedule, I didn't run Friday as I gave my legs a rest for the 5K race the next day as planned and on schedule. Saturday, no lifting, but ran the 5K competitve race...19:35 got me 31st place out of 331 runners I was disappointed with that. I wanted 19:15 or better. Sunday I ran just a hair over 6 miles immediately in the morning to burn out the junk I drank the night before. Felt great. I almost didn't post my disappointing weekend and considered bagging the challenge for the month, but I'm not a quitter and the truth is the truth...I let myself down, but all I can do is look ahead and remain positive. Lifting, running playing softball and eating right for the rest of the month!!! Won't go below 90pts! I WONT!!! :)

    5/14/07 <91points>:
    Well over 1 gallon of water
    1 protein shakes with 2 scoops of protein and some strawberries.
    1 low carb protein bar
    1.5 cups of cottage cheese
    1 cup of low sugar oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
    1 sugar free popsicle
    1 apple

    Running: I pushed myself to a whole new level last night. I ran 12 miles! I've never run over 9.26 before. It felt amazing. I couldn't tire myself out. I figured I'd run until failure (legs, lungs, feet, knees...) nope, nothing failed. It was getting too late and I didn't want to completely destroy myself with a competitive 10K race this week.
    Lifting: Arms...bi's and tri's.
    In addition to running and lifting I played 7 innings of softball last night. Busy day! I cant imagine how many calories I burned!

    5/15/07 <91points>:
    Well over 1 gallon of water
    1 protein shake with 2 scoops of protein and some strawberries.
    1.5 cups of cottage cheese
    1 cup of low sugar oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
    1 sugar free popsicle
    2 apples
    2 cans of tuna fish with mustard and 1 tablespoon of mayo for a little flavor
    1 chicken breast, grilled
    1 sugar free jell-o pudding cup (60 cals)
    18 baby carrots with 2 tablespoons of blue cheese dressing
    2 glasses (24 total oz) of diet pepsi.

    Lifted: Chest. Solid workout. Went to the driving range and hit about 120 golf balls to get ready for a lot of golfing coming up in the next 3 weeks. Cardio: I was going to take the day off, but decided to do some LISS instead. Walked with my dog 4.43 miles late at night, watched the movie "Alpha Dog" and hit the sack around 1:00am. It was a very productive day and everything was on target for my goals.

    5/16/07 <91points>:
    1 big Whey Protein Shake (2 scoops of protein, 2 cups skim, 1 cup raspberries)
    1.5 cups of cottage cheese
    1 sugar free popsicle
    2 rice cakes (60 cals each)
    1 turkey wrap for lunch...ate about 25% of the actual wrap bread
    1 handful baby carrots
    1/4 of a deli pickle
    1 cup of oatmeal
    16oz diet pepsi

    No lifting today. Played 7 innings of softball until 8:30pm. as a runner scoring i took a throw from an outfielder directly off my right calf muscle. it hurt...right in the middle of the muscle. i thought for a little while it would ruin my cardio plans for later that night. it almost did because i could barely walk...fought through first 1/4 mile of pain and then it got progressively less noticable. ran 6.27 miles and hit the sack.

    5/17/07, 5/18/07, 5/19/07, 5/20/07 <86points>:
    Uh oh...Stomach Flu hit me like a train. I was out! Flat out D.O.N.E! Couldn't pick my head up, stand, walk, barely even crawl to the bathroom to puke up the NOTHING that was in my body From Thursday afternoon until Saturday Morning. I ate ZERO calorie and drank maybe 8oz of water for 24hours. Doctor wanted me in the ER. I'll save the dramatic story and say I missed all meals Thursday Night until Saturday morning (about 8 meals) and did nothing but sleep and try to survive. MINUS 5 points for missed posts and meals. Sunday I was back on track.

    Didn't exercise (other than puking) Thursday or Friday (minus 1 point). Ran 2 miles Saturday evening and then a 10K race (44:41) Sunday morning when my strength and appetite came back.

    I ate flawlessly yesterday. Lots of protein, not a single simple sugar...oatmeal, chicken breasts, tuna, water, protein shake with fruit, 1 rice cake and a sugar free pudding cup for desert.

    I lifted today - Did chest. I noticed that I was touch weaker today...probably a result of weight (muscle) loss and of course being so sick last week. Either way I got through it. Played softball in the evening and then ran 9.03 miles at night! It was a great day to be alive.

    I ate very well yesterday with the exception of 2 slices of pizza...still, it's unscheduled and in my opinion, junk food. Minus 1 point.

    I lifted again today...it was arms. One of the longest and most exhausting lifting days I've had in a while. It felt great. No running yesterday, but I plan on a long 10 mile run tomorrow as part of my training.
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    GOAL: Cutting

    BODY TYPE: Mesomorph

    This will be my eighth challenge to date, I finished last month with 99 points (so close to 100!). So far I have been cutting for the first five months then a one month maintenance period followed by a trial bulk last month. During my cutting period, I dropped 26lbs in weight with minimal loss in muscle. During my bulk I added 5-6lbs of mass. This month I plan to switch back to a cutting program in order to drop 1-2lbs of fat per week. My aim is to hit 8-10% bodyfat with a visible six-pack in the next 6 weeks or as long as it takes. My bodyfat has never been below 10% so it's a challenge; but I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.

    Monday: Weight Training: Chest & Arms
    Tuesday: Tag Rugby Training or Cardio - HIIT (PM)
    Wednesday: Weight Training: Legs & Abs
    Thursday: Tag Rugby Training or Cardio - HIIT (PM)
    Friday: Weight Training: Back & Shoulders
    Saturday: Cardio - HIIT
    Sunday: Tag Rugby Match or Day Off

    1. Basal Metobolic Rate = 2065 Calories
    2. Active Metobolic Rate = 3200 Calories
    3. Cutting Calorie Intake (-1000) = 2200 Calories
    Six meals a day of Calories = 365 Calories

    WEIGHT: 203lbs
    BODY FAT: 13.5% (Health Central)
    ARMS: 14" (Myotape)
    CALVES: 17.75" (Myotape)
    CHEST: 42.25" (Myotape)
    FOREARMS: 12" (Myotape)
    HIPS: 41" (Myotape)
    THIGH: 24.5" (Myotape)
    WAIST: 36.5" (Myotape)



    WEEK 1:
    MAY 1: Tag rugby training tonight (90mins), I also played my weekly 5-aside soccer game (90mins). I'm feeling a bit hungry today, this cutting diet is going to alot tougher than before because I've just come off a huge bulking diet. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [100 Points]
    MAY 2: Chest & Arm workout done tonight, I found the weight a bit tough on some exercises. Might be due to the change in calorie intake, I'm not sure. I think from now on I will increase the weight on exercises every three weeks rather than every two weeks. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [100 Points]
    MAY 3: I took an unscheduled night off from the Gym tonight, tag rugby training was moved to tomorrow night so I planned to do my Legs & abs workout this evening. I decided to put it off instead because I'm feeling run-down all week, but I will get that workout done over the weekend. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [100 Points]
    MAY 4: Tag rugby training done tonight, it was a really tough session because of the heat outside today. [100 Points]
    MAY 5: I got to my Gym at 5:30pm today to find out they were closing at 6pm as part of their new weekend opening hours, I wasn't very happy to find this out since I'm up there all the time & there was no notice of this change until it actually happened! So I missed my Legs & Abs workout today (-1) & the cardio session I had planned doing afterwards (-1). I had my scheduled cheat meal tonight which was a chinese takeout, it was spicy chicken & boiled rice so it wasn't so bad. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [98 Points]
    MAY 6: I felt really unwell today after I got up & I don't really know why. I definitely don't have the energy for a weights workout. So I'm going to miss this weeks Shoulder & Back workout & I won't be able to make up for it next week (-1). Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [97 Points]
    MAY 7: Another wasted day...it's a national holiday today in Ireland so I have no work but the Gym is closed at 6pm again. I felt very low on energy today so I spent most of the day in bed. I missed my Chest & Arm workout but I will get it done before the end of this week. To add insult to injury today I had some pizza with my girlfriend because I didn't feel up to cooking a meal (-1). I haven't eaten fast food in a long long time (especially not during a cut) so that feels like a step backwards. This long weekend turned in to a minor disaster food/ training wise, it has been my worst slip-up in a while. It feels bad because this is the first week of my new cutting period which I was very motivated coming into. As I've said before I also HATE losing points for missed weights sessions more than anything else! Well all I can do now is put this weekend behind me & get back on track. These mistakes will just add to my motivation & help me reach my goal. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [96 Points]

    WEEK 2:
    MAY 8: Shoulder & Back workout done tonight. I also played my weekly 5-aside soccer match (90mins) with was really high intensity tonight. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [96 Points]
    MAY 9: Legs & Abs workout done tonight, I found it very tough. I'm not exactly sure why but it's probably a combination of a low calorie intake & the fact I have missed the last two legs sessions. My full workout took 90mins to complete instead of the normal 60-75mins. I'm hoping to go back on creatine in the next week or so, that should give me a bit of a boost with my training during this cut. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [96 Points]
    MAY 10: Tag rugby training done tonight, we have the final of the league this Sunday. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [96 Points]
    MAY 11: I didn't make it to the Gym tonight, so I'll have to do tonight's weights on Monday. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [96 Points]
    MAY 12: I left early this morning for a days surfing, it was good exercise but I won't let it take the place of a cardio session (-1). Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [95 Points]
    MAY 13: We played the tag rugby league final this afternoon & we won 17-8. Spirts are high so we'll be out to celebrate tonight. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [95 Points]
    MAY 14: Chest & Arms workout done (last week's workout), increased some exercises 10% but I still found some others tough with the existing weight! Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [95 Points]

    WEEK 3:
    MAY 15: Tag rugby training done tonight, it was a good high intensity session. I also played my weekly 5-aside soccer game (90mins) it was another really tough game. I finished the last of my USN Whey Protein last night so from today onwards I'm back on my Maximuscle Protein/ Creatine blend. With this supplement I get a smaller serving of Protein but more Carbs & 10g of Creatine daily, I really like this supplement. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [95 Points]
    MAY 16: Legs & Abs workout done, I had a really great workout tonight. These past couple of weeks I felt a bit low on energy especially after a long day at work with a weights workout to do afterwards. Tonight was a typical example of that, my Legs workout is probably my hardest. I really didn't feel like doing heavy squats & deads. But I remembered from past experience no matter what is holding you back mentally or physical; can be put aside. So after I released this I had a ground-breaking workout, I increased all exercises 10%. This included raising my squat & dead's to 100kg (up 10kg) needless to say I was very happy with this outcome(another PB lift for both)! Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [95 Points]
    MAY 17: I didn't make it to tag rugby training tonight because I was out for dinner with some friends of the family. I will make up for this with a cardio session over the weekend. Scheduled cheat meal was dinner tonight, I had chicken satay to start & salmon for the main course. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [95 Points]
    MAY 18: I did a cardio session tonight, 15min HIIT on the treadmill. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [95 Points]
    MAY 19: I didn't get to the Gym today (-1) because I was with some friends watching the football ( FA Cup), I also had an unscheduled cheat meal (-1) of fish & chips while I was in the city. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [93 Points]
    MAY 20: Scheduled day off today, the tag rugby summer league starts up next Thursday night. The games are now on every Thursday night so I will start doing a cardio session on Sunday aswell. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [93 Points]
    MAY 21: Back & Shoulder workout done which I missed last Friday night, good workout; short but tough. I also went for a high intensity 20mins swim after the Gym for some cardio, it was tougher than I expected & I couldn't have done more than 20mins! I'll try & fit swimming into my schedule from now on because it's a great form of exercise. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [93 Points]

    WEEK 4:
    MAY 22: Tag rugby training done & weekly game of soccer done, I'm wrecked & ready for bed. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [93 Points]
    MAY 23: Chest & Arms workout done, this is a really tough workout with alot of weight on each exercise. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [93 Points]
    MAY 24: We played the first game of the Summer tag rugby league tonight & won 16-9, these games are on every Thursday night from now on. If there is no game I'll take a rest day on a Thursday & do cardio on a Sunday. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [93 Points]
    MAY 25: I didn't get to the Gym tonight to do my Legs & Abs workout, but I'll get it done over the weekend or next week. Scheduled cheat meal tonight was a cheeseburger & a coke. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [93 Points]
    MAY 26: Cardio session done today was a 30 min swimming session, I just made it up as I went along to see how much I could do & in what times e.g. 100m freestyle in 1:30. I'll keep track of these times & draw up a program. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [93 Points]
    MAY 27: I didn't make it to the Gym again today (-1), which was a big mistake. I had the whole day off with nothing to do except a weights or cardio session. I had other jobs to do today that didn't get done EITHER. Yet other slip-up today, to make things worse I had an unscheduled cheat meal with my girlfriend (-1): chinese food with a coke & some ice-cream afterwards. Therefore today was another example of me not taking this cut as seriously as I should. I am going to do the weight workout I missed this week on Monday and then take a break from weights until Monday 4th June. I hope to start a new program that week. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [91 Points]
    MAY 28: Chest & Arm workout done from last week, increased some exercises 10%. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [91 Points]

    WEEK 5:
    MAY 29: Tag rugby training done tonight for 2hrs in the sun! I also played 5 aside for 90mins indoors & the hall was like a oven. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [91 Points]
    MAY 30: Scheduled night off from weights tonight. I had my scheduled cheat meal tonight. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [91 Points]
    MAY 31: Tag rugby match played tonight, we won 14-8. Scheduled meals & sups/ vitamins taken. [91 Points]

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    Back again, still have two months left in the Biggest Loser contest at work. I'm still trailing, but making steady, if slow, progress. The last week or so of April was hard for a number of reasons, and my gains have sort of trailed off, so I am going to lock it down the first couple weeks of this month and get back on track. After the first week I'm going to double my cardio - LISS on weight days, something a little bit more intense on non-weight days. My weight workouts have been going very well, so I'm going to continue with this split a while longer. Goal for this month is to break 190.

    Monday: Legs
    Tuesday: Fasted LISS
    Wednesday: Push
    Thursday: Fasted LISS
    Friday: Pull
    Sunday: Fasted LISS


    6 a day, 1200 cals unless weight loss exceeds 2-3 pounds a week.

    WEIGHT: 197.6
    BODY FAT: 42.0
    ARMS: 14.0
    CALVES: 16.25
    CHEST: 45.75
    FOREARMS: 11.0
    HIPS: 43.5
    THIGHS: 26.0
    WAIST: 39.0

    Week 1 STATS
    WEIGHT: 195.6
    BODY FAT: 41.5
    ARMS: 14.0
    CALVES: 16.25
    CHEST: 45.25
    FOREARMS: 11.0
    HIPS: 43.5
    THIGHS: 26.0
    WAIST: 39.0

    Week 2 STATS
    WEIGHT: 195.4
    BODY FAT: 42.5
    ARMS: 14.25
    CALVES: 16.25
    CHEST: 45.5
    FOREARMS: 11.0
    HIPS: 43.5
    THIGHS: 26.25
    WAIST: 38.75


    May 1: (100 pts) First goal this month is to make it a week without losing any points. I have no illusions about my ability to make it through the month perfectly - I have a road trip around my birthday - but I didn't make it through the first day last month without losing a point. Did my LISS this morning on the treadmill instead of the bike. MUCH more work, and more fun, too - I just don't feel like I get much out of the bike, even when I'm at a "fat-loss" heart rate. I want to get my endurance up too for its own sake. Legs last night were brutal - had an 11-hour workday and barely brought enough food, didn't get to the gym til 9:30, and didn't get done til 10:30. I'm still going up in squats and calf raises, have hit my grip-strength limit on SLDs, and did lunges with a bar instead of dumbbells. I liked the bar well enough, except I think I will have to do it in front of my head instead of across my shoulders, because it's a bitch to get off. Overall a very good workout.

    May 2: (100 pts) No issues yesterday - ate just fine. Push tonight!

    May 3: (100 pts) Had something of a cheat meal yesterday but didn't end up going over in calories, so I'm not taking off points. Push workout went well, although I think I'm going to switch out lat raises for upright rows - I just don't seem to make much progress with lat raises. Ran this morning, which was lovely - I vastly prefer it to biking. I've shed most of the water I was holding at the beginning of the week, and am feeling pretty good about my overall progress.

    May 4: (100 pts) A new cutting low this morning, which I'm very happy about. I'm very curious to see if my overall progress will speed up again now that I'm solidly past my couple of cheat days early last week.

    May 5: (100 pts) Apparently either my progress is speeding back up, or something weird is going on, because I dropped 2.2 pounds from yesterday. That puts me at over 4 pounds lost in less than a week. I know I had a bunch of water to lose, but I did not expect it was THAT much! I'll take weekly measurements tomorrow and try to get a sense of where it's coming from - I also will push back adding extra cardio a week unless I jump back up a fair bit tomorrow. No food issues yesterday, and I had a good pull workout. I believe I'm going to switch to a different kind of rows, though, because I seem to be stalling out with cable rows. I'm thinking bent-over dumbbell rows are the way to go for the moment.

    May 6: (99 pts) Cheated like mad yesterday, and consequently put the two pounds of water weight right back on. Measurements have not changed much from Tuesday, which is more or less what I expected. I'm still undecided if I'm going to do double cardio starting next week. My work schedule has been pretty hairy, and I'm not sure if it will be really productive to take more of what little free time I have. Off to go hike for a while, now.

    May 7: (99 pts) Had a lovely hike yesterday, minus the bruise on my ass from the dog that decided I was a sheep to herd. No particular food issues, although I wasn't counting all that closely. Got LISS in on the bike today - I'm considering this "experimental" for the week, because I'm not sure I can do double workouts on this schedule and calorie level without totally burning out, but it's worth a shot.

    May 8: (99 pts) Got through my leg workout fine, but couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning, so I'll run after work instead. I think I'm going to hold steady for a week or two at my current weights for legs, because I'm at the outer limit of what I can do with decent form. I'm at pretty respectable weight, too - just under bodyweight for squats, all I can hold for SLDs, all my shoulders can bear on calves, and 60 lbs on weighted lunges. If I were bulking I'd push forward, but I'm not going to be bulking for a while. New low today at my official one-week mark for the month - 193.2.

    May 9: (99 pts) Man, doubles are hard. I'm feeling pretty wiped out this morning after running last night and biking before work. I'm going to finish out the week this way, but I don't know if I can sustain this.

    May 10: (98 pts) -1 for my weekly cheat meal. My push workout was frustrating last night - I'm not gaining in strength anymore. I knew I'd hit this point, but I don't have to like it. Next week I'm going to trade dumbells for the ez-bar on military press and start doing pushups instead of bench press, just to change things up. I switched to upright rows last night and those went well, and dips are still progressing - probably largely because my strength-to-weight ratio keeps going up. Ran this morning - my stamina is going up nicely, although my heart rate is waaay too high for a light jog. I'm still not sold on doing doubles, but I think I do need all the cardio. I also need to lock down my diet - I've been fine on calories, but not paying enough attention to macros.

    May 11: (98 pts) Did my biking this morning, but man, is my motivation fading. I need to spend some time this weekend thinking about where I want to be going with this.

    May 12: (98 pts) Decent pull workout last night - almost didn't make it, though. I had just about decided to go home and put it off til today when I had an itch on my shoulder. Went to scratch it and damn, but my delts are rock hard! I was so happy about that that it gave me the motivation to get through the workout. I still have a thick layer of blubber over everything, but I can definitely tell the difference these days. Today is a rest day, and man, do I ever need it.

    May 13: (97 pts) Not going to kid myself about my food yesterday - it was mostly quite clean, but there was a lot of it. - 1 for that. Measurements look about right for next to no change in overall weight. Going to add an additional challenge for the following week - log everything! I've been waay sloppy about that for the last week or two, and it's definitely hurting my progress. I am going to do doubles this week as well, since I'll be out of town for the weekend and part of next week, and don't expect to be good at all.

    May 14: (97 pts) Was much more restrained yesterday in my food. I didn't do my usual Sunday hike because I still felt totally drained - I'm not going to take a point off, as it was a considered decision. Did my cardio this morning and have logged my breakfast.

    May 15: (97 pts) Made myself do my leg workout last night, and it went ok. Went up a bit on squats just so I'd officially be at bodyweight and held steady on the rest. Ran this morning - getting much better at that, although my knees were twinging a bit afterwards. Was fine on food. Weight's not moving at all, but I know I'm holding a bunch of water.

    May 16: (96 pts) -1 for dinner last night - it probably wasn't too over on cals, but the lovely shot of whiskey would have cost me the point anyway. Did my biking this morning, and will do my push workout tonight. Over the next two weeks I am going to miss exactly one week of lifting, and I have decided that I'm not going to take points off - I could use the rest. I am going to try to do cardio every day, though, and that's where I'll undoubtedly lose points.

    May 17: (95 pts) -1 for dinner. Did not work out, ate and slept instead, and damn it felt good. I've been pretty worn out but have pushed through it, and now I'm wondering if that was really the best way to go. I'll have some time off for the next week, and I think it will be good for me.

    May 18: (95 pts) Ate, read, slept. Feels good to take a bit of time off.

    May 24: (79 pts) -5 for not updating, -5 for eating like crap, -1 for not lifting last night, -5 for no cardio (I didn't go this morning but I may go in the evening instead.) Not pretty, but expected. I had a lovely time at my folks' house, ate at all my favorite restaurants, saw one of my old friends, and generally regret nothing. I'm only a pound or so up from last Friday, too, and I expect that to be primarily water - better far than I expected. I'm thinking about doing the South Beach thing next month, just for variety - we'll see.

    May 25: (78 pts) Did not make it to the gym yesterday at all. Going to have to do some work this weekend, or I'm going to be a slug by the time I get back from my trip to VA.

    May 26: (77 pts) Still bleeding points, but also still dropping pounds. I'm just a fraction away from my all-time low today - I don't think I'll hit my goal of breaking 190 this month, but I won't be that far off if this keeps up.
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  11. Austin

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    I'll give it a go. It will really be a challenge considering I am vacationing from May 27-June 3 in Pawley's Island, SC.
  12. thevinery

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    Tuesday: shoulderpress, shrugs, lateral raise, ab crunches, plank
    Thursday: squats, lunge, stiff-legged deadlift, back hypers
    Friday: dumbbell press, assisted dips, incline press, lying tricep press, ab crunches, plank
    Sunday: deadlift, assisted pullup/lat pulldown, row, bicep curl, back hypers

    25+ minutes, three times per week, moving towards HIIT (probably Monday, Wednesday, and Sat - but will be flexible about this because I'm more worried about keeping the weight training days consistent).

    - 1450-1650 calories, depending on workout and needs
    - one cheat meal per week
    - stay close to 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat
    - will subtract 1/2 point if don't quite hit percentages but keep calories on track (i.e. 35% protein), full point if percentages are really off.
    MAY 29 - MAY 31 (start-82):
    29. TUESDAY: lifting done, food perfect (-0)
    I started new lower calories today too. I've had days this month where I hit close to 1650 and thought that was ok given calculated metabolic rate, but I don't think that's doing it for me. I've been shooting for 1500 and usually hitting around 1550. I'm going to now shoot for 1400 and keep it pretty strict. Definitely no high 1500s and 1600s, and keeping cheat meals more manageable. Cutting the alcohol down to one glass of red wine per week (I've had more as long as it was within calories this month). I want more change next month! :)

    30. WEDNESDAY: cardio done, food perfect (-0)
    Checked back in with my remote training coach/pain in the ass buddy, and he's helped me put a new plan together as I transition into a 6 day split for a bit at the end of June. I'll be doing an "upper" day combining two days of my old routing, a "lower" legs and back day combining the other two days of the old routine, one day off -- wash, rinse, repeat. I'll stick to this through June 13th, when I finish my exams for the year.
    WHY am I running in pants in almost June? Need to pick up a pair of shorts for cardio. Sweating like a fat man today during my run. Did 25-30 minutes of running with 6-7 sprint breaks (I was so exhausted I lost count!)

    31: THURSDAY: lifting done
    Need to have an outrageously productive day today, as an essay's due tomorrow and I have a ways to go on it. But I've got my food for the day and am looking forward to the lifting session... First day of Mike's combo. I was starting to get sick of the old routine, so this will be a welcome change. I have to get to the gym in time tonight! I tend to get there 40min until closing, and then if things are particularly busy or something comes up I feel rushed. No good! Scale has been consistently lower over the last few days... wondering if I've just finally lost all the water weight and crap from my overeating on the trip... It would be good news, because it would mean that I've actually lost weight this month, not more or less stagnated!

    JUNE 2nd - weigh in and progress pictures. (June 1st I'm turning in an essay and will likely be low on sleep and food... so delaying by one day.
    JUNE 4th - body fat testing.
    MAY 22 - MAY 28 (start- 84, end -- 82):
    22. TUESDAY: planned cheat day, lifting moved to thursday (-0) :blank:
    Diet was kept reasonably in check given that it was a planned cheat day. As mentioned, wasn't able to hit the gym in Poland, so moved lifting to later in the week. The city was gorgeous.

    23: WEDNESDAY: cardio moved to thursday, cheat day (-1) [FLY BACK FROM POLAND] :(
    Got in too late to go into Central London and hit the gym or I might have gotten in to do the lifting. Calories were probably relatively ok but I wasn't tracking so I can't be sure, and macros were probably off, so dropped a point. The end of my mid-challenge train wreck. All I can do is dedicate myself to a perfect rest of the week and finish strong before June, learn from my mistakes, and try again. I'm hoping I didn't completely derail my progress... I guess we'll find out when I re-test body fat in early June. FCK.

    24: THURSDAY: 35min cardio plus sprints done, lifting X2 done, food perfect (-0) :D
    This morning was the first day that heat and humidity was a problem during running. But I kicked ass and ran to "the far away park" with around 6 sprint breaks. I couldn't make them quite as long as usual, but I'm happy with the morning's work. Missed one or two lifts on the lifting workout that I'll finish tomorrow. They don't overlap with tomorrow's work -- just got to the gym a bit later than I wanted. Food was sterling.

    25: FRIDAY: lifting done, calories ok but macros off (-1)
    Just found out that the chicken I cooked myself for the day isn't cooked all the way through (despite the fact that I left it in the oven for an extra 15min??), so I'm scrambling to keep calories and macros on track. But workout was good and I think I should pull through ok. Going to a party tonight where a friend is DJing... have decided not to drink instead of having my usual glass of red wine. Don't think I can afford it after the mid-month F up... macros ended up being pretty off at the end of the day - deducting a point for that.

    26: SATURDAY: cardio done, food good (-0)
    Did my working up to HIIT routine, was only able to knock out 6-7 sprints before collapsing, but felt good!

    27: SUNDAY: lifting done, food perfect(-0)
    In an uncharacteristically organized move, I prepared my morning egg white omelet (i.e. mixed all together but didn't cook) last night. So nice to wake up and basically pour a wonderful meal into a pan and eat! Mushrooms, spinach, lots of spices, green onion.... yummmmm.... Ridiculously busy at the gym today, but got my workout done. Was supposed to move up to a measly 6kg for tricep raises today and couldn't even manage three reps... and then completed less than I was able to last session with 4kg... Hmmm.... Frustrating when you are weak to have to move up by almost four pounds every time you increase weight, especially for something like a tricep raise.
    Am getting close to my second body fat testing. It's going to be hard for me if I don't see progress. I don't think I've been as strict as I need to be; my body really wants to hold on to this weight, and I need to fight it HARD. I'm going to finish strong this month, get through my exams at mid-June, and then probably change up my routine before the July challenge and hit it really hard. I can't tell yet whether I'm not making progress or whether it's just too soon and very slow... the BF testing will be a big encouragement or a source of frustration.
    Regardless, all of this is becoming habit, which is the first hurdle... wish me luck.

    28: MONDAY: cardio done, food good (-0)
    A slightly abridged cardio session in the morning. Was pouring rain and NO FUN AT ALL. England has snapped into a strange cold season. We had the heat on in the house briefly because my male, usually overheated housemate had the chills. Macros were a little bit off and I had some unplanned carbs at the end of the day, but I was still well within calorie limits and close to targets, so I'm not deducting any points.
    Week 3 Summary: 4/4 lifting sessions, 3/3 cardio sessions, 2 point lost on diet
    Overall, things went pretty well this week! Major recovery from Poland and didn't jump off the wagon. Will finish strong through the month and then reevaluate my plans. Looking forward to doing more HIIT-esque cardio - my sprints are improving. I need to be more consistent with the diet generally - my major weak point this month - and I think next month I'll be more strict about limiting carbs in the evening/macros/etc. I need to also check that I'm actually correctly estimating my caloric intake... I haven't weight my morning breakfast portion to make sure I'm not giving myself twice the calories I think I am, etc. I might also drop calories a little bit... over the month, I'm seeing guys eating fewer calories than I am and cutting quickly without losing muscle! I think I can drop the diet down a bit and still add or maintain muscle if I keep my macros together... and I could use the motivation that comes with a little quicker progress! I don't see much if any weight loss this month... but I'll be taking pictures for better comparison soon.
    MAY 15 - MAY 21 (start-91.5, end - 83):
    15. TUESDAY: lifting done, food perfect fo real (-0):D
    Pretty easy lifting day - got work done - feeling great! Got enough sleep, even!

    16: WEDNESDAY: fasted cardio done, no lifting (-1) :(
    I slammed cardio this morning. About 35min fasted LISS including 5min warmup, 9-10 sprints of 20-30 seconds. Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't be doing HIITesque cardio in fasted state? Anyway, I felt up for it, and feel fantastic now. Will go check out the forums. Not looking forward to dragging my ass into central London to get to the gym today - I've got to find a local back-up gym for days like this... [Didn't get into London------AAAAARRRGGH. Am going to get a set of weights for home emergencies.]

    17: THURSDAY: cardio done[in seminar all day...] (-.5) :(
    Shortened cardio but got it done. FYI, might not be updating while gone in Poland - won't take off points for that but will keep track while gone. Food was a bit off today but within calories - dropping half a point.

    18: FRIDAY: no lifting (thought I would be able to do it in poland!) (-1) :(
    Lesson for the future? Just don't shift the lifting sessions unless I absolutely have to. This was a major mistake!

    19: SATURDAY: no lifting (ditto) (-1) :(
    20: SUNDAY: no cardio, planned cheat meal and then some, vodka drink (-3):nope: [FLY to POLAND!]
    Beautiful day - flew into Wroclaw which is a gorgeous city. Ate cherries from boyfriend's grandmother's garden all day, plus pierogi at night... ahhhhhh, so goooood! Didn't take the break to do cardio like I had planned to, and getting to the gym turned out not to be possible. Bah.

    21: MONDAY: no lifting, cheat meal (ditto) (-2) :nope:
    Took a bus into Zlotoryja, which is beautiful. Offered endless food by boyfriend's mother. Near impossible to keep to ratios, though I did eat lots of nice lean meat and cottage cheese. But... pierogi. :eat:

    Week 3 Summary: 1/4 lifting sessions, 2/3 cardio sessions, 3 points lost on diet :eek:
    This week was basically a train wreck. Going to Poland in the middle of the month was a problem, and I didn't make sure I was extra-ready (having the week's lifting and cardio done before I left) for the trip. A learning experience that I won't repeat. That said, I had a wonderful time and my head feels really clear. Ready to get back to work and get my exams done.
    MAY 8 - MAY 14 (start-95; end - 91.5):
    8. TUESDAY: lifting X 2 done incl. May 7th make-up session, perfect food (-0) :D
    First lifting session since Friday - made me feel so good and so energized. A major noticable difference. People are starting to recognize me at the gym... "So... is this for a sport or something? You seem pretty serious..." It's nice to feel like a semi-regular - and have people ask if I'm done with or needing weights instead of just standing around awkwardly because they aren't sure what to say to me. I guess they're getting used to a girl in the weight room who isn't doing 25 reps with 2pound weights!! Wrists and forearms a bit sore from pullups and lateral raises... anything I can do about that?

    9. WEDNESDAY: good food (no cardio, need to do another day) (-0) :)
    Included a small whiskey in my calories last night... just needed it Baaadd. In future challenges I might try to cut out the alcohol to cheat days - right now as long as it's just one drink and within calories... Pfffft.

    10. THURSDAY: lifting done, perfect food. (-0) :D
    Calories on the high side but well within limits. Hungry all day and couldn't pass up a latte, which always fucks with the planning a little bit - had to be very macro-careful the rest of the day. Also woke up headachy and sore-throated - a minor reaction to the London temperature change, or an oncoming cold? Wish me luck... Four more days to a perfect week! Lifting felt easy today - bumped up weights for next week for most everything.

    11. FRIDAY: cardio done, calories a bit over, [planned lifting] (-.5) :blank:
    Woke up again with headache and throat soreness -- even though I made sure to over-hydrate yesterday, as I thought I might just be needing more water. Fasted cardio this morning (LISS 30min) was a bear - zero energy, pushing just to get through every minute, no air. I'm thinking about working from home today and shifting around the week's lifting schedule... I'd rather nip this in the bud. Will change macro targets a little today to make sure I get lots of fruits and vitamin C. Ech. I want a nap. Update: calories went a bit over today, but only by a tad - knocked half a point off.

    12. SATURDAY: cheat meal and then some at Eurovision house party, (-2):o
    Still feeling a bit nasty yesterday, so stayed home again to beat it. Delayed the cardio and lifting (will have to double up on Sunday, which is fine with me. I'm not going to lift and push myself when I feel sick, especially as I tend to keep colds for weeks!) but will do both when I go into Central London tomorrow. Took my happy cheat meal but went a bit overboard later in the evening as the buckets of chips loomed by... knocking a point off for that. Ditto for a couple of extra drinks.

    13. SUNDAY: lifting X2 done, perfect food, no cardio (-1) :(
    Argh, doubling up lifting when one of the doubled days is a legs day is TOUGH. Probably the end of the cold and the couple of drinks last night didn't help, and I know I'm not as hydrated today as I could be. I think a lot of the workout's difficulty was also the bump in weights for most everything - felt good and wiped me out. Time for me to move from my wimpy 4kg for lateral raises next week - I've been over-doing reps because the 6kg (12lb) are still too heavy for me to do three sets of hardly anything! Hoping that pushing today will make the difference for me to start 6kg baby steps... Such a weakling! Planned to get cardio in at the end of the day and got caught up in schoolwork. That's what happens when I miss morning sessions... I'm so close to having my act together here, but I need to make sure that misses like this don't happen. Another point gone.

    14. MONDAY: cardio done, good food (-0) :)
    Boring LISS cardio for about 25 min -- took it easy because of soreness and slight lingering cold. Damn, the DOMS were heavy from yesterday's combo session. My legs are really feeling the work - in part because I've been lifting a bit light as I figured out squats and deadlifts, and yesterday was the first day I had weights for some of the big combo exercises that really challenged me. Feels so good!
    Next week and the week after will require a little extra planning as I'll be in Poland for four days starting Sunday morning - will sit and figure out how to reconfigure things tomorrow. Definately taking a cheat day to drink some vodka!

    Week 2 Summary: 4/4 lifting sessions, 2/3 cardio sessions, 2.5 points lost on diet :blank:

    MAY 1 - MAY 7 (start -100; end - 95)

    1. TUESDAY: lifting done, eh food (-1) :blank:
    bad diet: forgot lunch and only got 30% protein, but stayed in calories.

    2. WEDNESDAY:good food (-0) :)
    I was slamming to finish Masters term assessment, pulled an all nighter and slept in the library-- but stayed on track with the diet (as in, scored hard-boiled eggs in afternoon, packed chicken sandwich, and canned tuna at 2 in the morning!) I'm impressed with myself but exhausted. I'm moving my Thursday lift to Friday (my workouts are short and don't overlap muscles for thurs/fri, so in think combining them for friday is better than doing them today on no sleep)... don't think this is cheating...

    3. THURSDAY: bad food (-1) :(
    Slept and recovered from school. Did well on food until offered free dinner in evening. Good lean chicken and avocado salad... but three glasses of wine plus bread and manchego. Damn. If I skip my Monday cheat meal I'll think about giving this point back... ?? Remarkably, I don't think I was too much over on calories... maybe 1750? Having to guess a bit.

    4. FRIDAY: lifting X 2 done, good food (-0) :D
    I did Thurs and Friday's sessions -- it was fantastic, but--- whew! Moving the session was the right decision. Was so exhausted part of me wanted to skip it today, but I couldn't bear losing two points... especially given my track record thus far.) Food good as long as I make it through the rest of the night ok (it's late in England!). Still tired and odd from Wednesday's overnighter. Motivated not to lose any more points this week. It would be great to end the challenge with 98 points after this bad start. Also, still having trouble re-hydrating after Wed.

    5. SATURDAY: cardio done, good food (-0) :D
    So good to be less stressed, go grocery shopping, have time to run around my beautiful neighborhood. Fasted LISS, about 25min.

    6. SUNDAY: cardio done, cheat meal (-1) :(
    Took a cheat meal as planned, but I think I went a bit overboard. It was worth it! First day without work stress in weeks. So nice to relax with the housemates and enjoy some good food and good company. Fasted LISS, about 35-40min with 7-8 sprint breaks of about 30sec. I'm working my way up to HIIT. training, doing shorter all-out sections and longer recovery sections for a longer workout.

    7. MONDAY: no cardio, no lifting! (-2) :doh:
    A very bad way to end the week. I found out as I was leaving for Central London that everything was closed for the bank holiday. Should have at least altered my routine to do home things but did not. Will double up the workouts tomorrow, as my Tuesday routine is VERY light anyway, but I'm not happy about only getting three sessions this week. Then was out all day running errands, back after dark, can't run after dark in my neighborhood. Next week I'll be seriously back on track - feeling guilty and off after this week of not quite making it. I want this to be the last lost point day. I'll think about picking up a set of 4-10kg weights, as that would have solved my lifting issue for the day... As would have better planning.

    Week 1 Summary: 3/4 lifting sessions, 2/3 cardio sessions, one extra cheat meal. Bad girl! :nope:

    WEIGHT:133 BODY FAT:20.5% LEAN KG/LB: 47.7/105 FAT KG/LB: 12.3/27

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  13. meta

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    Jul 31, 2006
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    Missed the last couple challenges, ready to get back in. Went from 225.5 -> 205.5 in the first few challenges, then "took a break" the last few months and rocketed back to 215.5 -- that's +8 pounds in 3 months, or 300 *extra* calories *per day* on average. Not working out at all during that time didn't help, but damn. I have to say, in retrospect, ~205lbs was pretty nice, and I'd love to get back down there by the end of this month. It's going to take a major change of inertia starting today.

    WEIGHT: 215.5 lbs (4/30)
    BODY FAT: 29.0% (tanita) (4/30)

    Generally M-F
    - 3x weight training per week (min)
    - 2x cardio per week (min)

    - 3x per day minimum, target 1650-2250cal depending on workout
    - Drink no HFCS


    Mon,30-Apr-2007: [--- pts]. Pre-challenge entry to get back into it. 215.5lbs, 29.0%bf (tanita). 84fl oz H20. 2450cal total. 9am: 3 scoops chocolate Opticen w/water (325cal); 1pm: 3 scoops chocolate Opticen w/water (325cal); 7pm: Rice/beans/sausage dinner (~1800cal). Workout: None.

    Tue,01-May-2007: [100 pts]. 215.5 lbs, 30.5% bf (tanita). 8fl oz H20. 2500cal. 9am: 3 scoops choc Opticen w/water (325cal); 2:30pm: 3 scoops choc Opticen w/water (325cal); 4pm: 3 scoops choc Opticen w/2% milk (475cal); 7pm-9pm: cheese, spag, ice cream, etc. (1400 cal). Workout: None.

    Wed,02-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Thu,03-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Fri,04-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Sat,05-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Sun,06-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Mon,07-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Tue,08-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Wed,09-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Thu,10-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Fri,11-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Sat,12-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Sun,13-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Mon,14-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Tue,15-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Wed,16-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Thu,17-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Fri,18-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Sat,19-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Sun,20-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Mon,21-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Tue,22-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Wed,23-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Thu,24-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Fri,25-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Sat,26-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Sun,27-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Mon,28-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Tue,29-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Wed,30-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Thu,31-May-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
    Fri,01-Jun-2007: [___ pts]. ___ lbs, __._% bf (tanita).
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    i'm in

    GOAL: To lose about 2% of BF, or a couple of centimeters in my waist.

    COMMENT: The April challenge was good, in spite of all the coffee, but I lost too many points. I have to try and finish May challenge with 100 or not less than 95 points. It can be done, and it is going to be done. I also need to give my very best at every workout, especially boxing, even to the point I feel like throwing up. Limits have to be moved! Additionally: no more than 2 teaspoons of peanut butter per week, not more than 2dl of milk daily... this will be edited along the way, if I see there's other stuff I have problems with.

    Monday: aeroboxing
    Tuesday: elliptical trainer 30 min (AM) + chest, shoulders, triceps (PM)
    Wednesday: aeroboxing

    Thursday: elliptical trainer 30 min (AM) + back, biceps (PM)
    Friday: aeroboxing

    Saturday: elliptical trainer 30 min/walk 90 min (AM) + legs, abs (PM)
    Sunday: walk 90 min/yoga 60 min/rest day


    5-7 meals per day (1700-1800cal), one cheat snack per week, two cheat meals per month, two drinks per month, at least 2,5 l of water daily.

    WEIGHT: 64 kg
    BODY FAT: around 22% (?)
    BICEPS: 28 cm
    CALF: 36,5 cm
    HIPS: 102 cm
    THIGH: 56 cm
    WAIST: 77 cm

    WEIGHT: 63 kg
    BICEPS: 29 cm
    CALF: 37,5 cm
    HIPS: 99 cm
    THIGH:56 cm
    WAIST: 75,5

    MAY 1:
    not so good a start since the cat is still ill, and I didn't get enough sleep, had to move my cardio to the evening after lifting - yuck, other than the poor workout the rest went as prescribed - but this lousy start makes me feel depressed:blank:
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 2: boxing was superb today! my legs are killing me, and it felt so great to leave the gym into warm spring air; the cat seems to be doing better, and so am I, still have one snack left, it's going to be some peanuts or an apple
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 3: got some urgent translation material, had to do my lifting and cardio at 11 PM and AFTER dinner - that sucked but i'm not going to let that kitty win :) diet was perfect today! I also got a job so I'll be changing my plan as soon as i see what my working hours are, and stuff... had 3 cups of coffee -buahahah, terrible; forgot to add: had my first teaspoon of pb last night, before the workouts
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 4: after all the housework and a really demanding boxing session, I felt like 'rewarding myself', fortunately there was nothing 'rewarding' in the house, apart from Nuttela which just wasn't worth using my spare cheat snack, so I conclude:
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 5: lousy rainy day. had a great lifting workout though, followed by some cardio in the middle of which i thought i'd fall asleep (i was just so tired), but finished it perfectly - even felt like i could be going for hours. diet was pretty good. had my second teaspoon of peanut butter - needed it so badly after all the exercise.
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 6: rest day - needed it badly, diet excellent (politely refused a piece of cake), but had my first drink this month (a glass of wine)
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 7: such a lousy day, feeling depressed, no boxing (some City's Day or some saint or something) - had to do cardio, boring, diet clean; I'm going to the newly restored city waterfront Riva later and will probably have my cheat snack for this week: the smallest portion of ice-cream, or maybe i don't have anything...
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 8: new job, first day, great but exhausting, new daily schedule, getting up at 5:45 am:cry:, so did my lifting and cardio from 9:45 to 11pm - so sleepy now; oh, and had my first cheat meal this month
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 9: after only 4 hours of sleep I woke up at 5:45 and came back home at 5pm, had lunch, a short nap and went top the gym - boxing was great! I'm terribly hungry, but diet was good today, and I had a lot of water. I'd give myself extra points for today if that were allowed :)
    - 0 points
    MAY 10: see May 9 hahahah, ok, I had about 6 hours of sleep, and came home at 5:30, lifting was good, and cardio too, but I feel so exhausted, although mentally perfect
    - 0 points
    MAY 11: almost perfect, still, no negative points
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 12: shitty ending to a shitty day, but diet and especially exercise was excellent! tomorrow: sunbathing! yes!
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 13: i was forced into my second and last cheat day this month:mad: it was also my rest day, so i feel a bit guilty, but more importantly, today i wore my favourite summer skirt for the first time this year, and wow, i mean, i've always had nice legs, but this is something completely different, and i'm so happy about their shape!:D and my biceps are beginning to shape nicely too, so i'm really really happy [​IMG]
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 14:
    slow day at work, came home at 5:30, had lunch, a short break and rushed to the gym, boxing was difficult due to extra heat (around 30C today), and I was so tired that I couldn't even remember which punches i had to do when:/, came home, had eggs, prepared lunch for tomorrow - exhausted; had my first teaspoon of peanut butter this week
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 15: almost dropped out of the challenge today, didn't feel like doing anything, didn't see any purpose in anything, felt like a loser, but had my cheat snack for the week, then did lifting and i'm back on track again, not too happy, just back [​IMG]
    - 0 points [100]
    MAY 16:
    boxing was great and diet would be too, but the family meeting (not even my own family, so could not say 'no') forced me into another cheat meal (semi-healthy), so i join the 'human' group now:)
    - 1 point [99]
    actually, now that i see the nubmer it feels kind of shitty, sorry guys:)
    MAY 17: so tired and sleepy all the time... didn't have enough water, almost had another cheat snack or a few, but resisted the temptation, lifting was so difficult due to lack of sleep, but i made it through, yuck
    - 1 point [98]
    MAY 18:
    sugar overdose; boxing was like boot camp tonight, hated it
    - 1 point [97]
    MAY 19:
    sugar overdose 2; hate myself, also realized that my scale may be wrong, and that i'm probably 4 kilos heavier than i thought, just perfect, i'm around 68; [​IMG]
    - 1 point [96]
    MAY 20:
    last unscheduled cheat day of the month, i'm down to my limit for the challenge, and i just couldn't help it if i wanted to keep people around me alive:) I WILL NOT LOSE ANY MORE POINTS!
    - 1 point [95]
    MAY 21: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
    - 0 points [95]
    MAY 22:
    back on track and tired as hell, but managed to get some 9 hours sleep the night before :)
    - 0 points [95]
    MAY 23:
    by the book, but starting to feel negative affect of tiredness on my training
    - 0 points [95]
    MAY 24:
    i'm weak, had some ice-cream and a good lifting workout, my arms looking great, but the torso is still bothering me, guess this comes last
    - 1 point [94]
    MAY 25:
    more ice-cream, when the temp is above 30C i just can't help myself:) boxing was superb though, really pleased with that. found out June is the last before summer break, so i'll hit the gym and start lifting really really heavy in July
    - 1 point [93]
    MAY 26:
    great cardio and lifting, my legs are killing me
    - 0 point [93]
    MAY 27:
    - 1 point [92]
    MAY 28:
    after only two hours of sleep last night i was in no shape to do boxing after work. i had a nap and went to the movies: the pirates - boring: should have stayed at home and slept more:)
    - 1 point [91]
    MAY 29:
    by the book, very good lifting, pleased
    - 0 points [91]
    MAY 30:
    - 0 points [91]
    MAY 31:
    almost missed my lifting but forced myself into it and did a very good one
    - 0 points [91]
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  15. gazareth

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    Aug 1, 2006
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    gazareth's May "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Cutting - I was planning to follow SGX all month but I made the choice to change to a T-Dawg 2.0 plan and do HIIT instead of LISS as of the 14th.

    COMMENT: I have 3 goals for May: run the Oxford Town & Gown 10km in under 1 hour, continue to make strength gains in the gym and lose more fat.

    I will not lose a point in May.

    Revised schedule being used from 21st May
    Monday: Weights (ME Upper) lunchtime
    Tuesday: Weights (ME Lower) lunchtime, Cricket training PM
    Wednesday: Football PM or HIIT lunchtime
    Thursday: Weights (RE Upper) lunchtime or PM
    Friday: Weights (RE Lower) lunchtime or PM
    Saturday: Cricket match (PM)
    Sunday: HIIT PM
    Notes: Cricket match is weather-permitting, and there's no match scheduled for 5th May.

    Revised schedule being used from 14th May
    6 meals a day, according to a T-Dawg 2.0-esque routine, viewable here. One cheat day per week.

    WEIGHT: 172 lbs
    BODYFAT: 12.8%
    CHEST: 37.75"
    ARM: 13.5"
    WAIST: 34"
    HIPS: 37"
    THIGH: 24"



    Tuesday 1st May: Good start - cardio, 6 clean meals and cricket training. I'm dialled in and ready for some serious fat-ass-kicking :) -0 points 100 points

    Wednesday 2nd May: Everything fine once again: did my cardio (split across walking on steep incline and elliptical), ate 6 clean meals and had a killer lower body workout. It's now been a week since the last cheat day, and I'm starting to get cravings. So far I'm finding them easy to brush off as I'm so "dialled in" right now. I just have to make it to Saturday! -0 points 100 points

    Thursday 3rd May: Did my cardio this morning (LISS as usual), ate 6 clean meals and ran 5.5km this evening. Only another 4.5km to add on to that distance :lol: Oh yeah, I also submitted my first ever mortgage application :o -0 points 100 points

    Friday 4th May: Another perfect day. 6 meals according to the SGX macros, cardio this morning (all on the incline treadmill today) and weights this evening. I'm now looking forward to my first cheats in 9 days tomorrow :D -0 points 100 points

    Saturday 5th May: Dunno what to mark myself for here - cheat day and no cricket match scheduled. At the end of March, I decided to ditch my usual morning LISS cardio on weekends so I could get some more sleep and also eat my first meal at a more reasonable time; the gym doesn't open until 9 which means that I'm often not eating meal 1 until 11 or so. To be fair I was only doing cardio on Saturday or Sunday (and not both) so it shouldn't make much difference, especially if I do my runs on Sunday evenings. -0 points 100 points

    Sunday 6th May: Just about managed to get 6 clean meals in at appropriate timings, despite sleeping until about midday! Didn't do my run, but I'll do it tomorrow instead. If I don't, I'll deduct a point. I've also got to do my weights workout around lunchtime tomorrow as the gym closes early (it's a public holiday in the UK). -0 points 100 points

    Monday 7th May: I decided that even I couldn't fit in 45 mins LISS cardio, a weights workout and a 7km run into one day without putting myself at risk of overtraining or fatigue (it's a lot of calories to burn on this cutting diet), so I postponed ME Upper to tomorrow; I'll do it before cricket training (which isn't very strenuous) or I'll deduct a point. I did my morning LISS cardio and ran 7.4km this evening, and ate 6 clean meals. My brother bought my favourite cookies today, so it's been tough to stay on plan. I'm proud to have gotten through a week of May without any points lost :) I just noticed that I've labelled all my dates wrong this month so far :doh: -0 points 100 points

    Tuesday 8th May: Right, everything is now "caught up" and being done on the correct day. Whew. I did cardio this morning, ate 6 clean meals, did ME Upper and then caught the end of cricket practice. I've just finished eating PWO meal 2 - top round with red onions drenched in soy sauce, sweet potato and broccoli :eat: -0 points 100 points

    Wednesday 9th May: Cardio? Check. 6 clean & "SGX-friendly" meals? Check. ME Lower? Check. Textbook once again :) Check out my journal for some vids I recorded during my workout today... if you want. -0 points 100 points

    Thursday 10th May: I only ran 4km tonight as I wanted to go a bit easier on my legs. I'll do a longer run, about 8.5km, on Sunday. I also managed to get the elliptical all to myself for all 45 mins of my morning cardio today, for the second day running! I hate doing my cardio on anything other than the elliptical so this pleases me :) 5 good meals so far, about to have the 6th. Cheat day this week is tomorrow as we are having a big end-of-project team lunch. I may indulge in a little chocolate throughout the day and imbibe a few fermented wheat drinks in the evening ;) -0 points 100 points

    Friday 11th May: I did cardio & RE Upper today, so cool beans. It was also my cheat day, so hooray! -0 points 100 points

    Saturday 12th May: Cricket cancelled due to rain :rolleyes: I ate on plan all day, which was hard as always when Saturday isn't a cheat day :) -0 points 100 points

    Sunday 13th May: Did an 8.4km run, ate 5 clean meals and then spoiled meal 6 slightly by having some ice cream. I just couldn't repress the sugar craving. Ah well, I'll suck it up and won't lose another point :) -1 point 99 points

    Monday 14th May: First day of new routine, and NO MORNING CARDIO :dance: I did my ME Upper workout, and a good one it was too. I ate according to my plan and overcame some pretty strong hunger at times. I also have had a dry mouth since 5pm or so :confused: I think my body is going to take a short time to transition itself from SGX to this slightly lower calorie (but higher carb!) diet. -0 points 99 points

    Tuesday 15th May: HIIT done and 6 meals eaten according to the new plan. I had toasted wholemeal pitta as the carb source (with chicken, lean bacon and salad inside) in my evening meal and it was awesome. I'm really looking forward to getting in the gym tomorrow evening and trying to apply some of the tips people gave me on my squat/RDL form. -0 points 99 points

    Wednesday 16th May: 6 good meals & ME Lower done. -0 points 99 points

    Thursday 17th May: 5 good meals, but then a carb binge after meal 6. I didn't go for a run either. It was all going so well :cry: -2 points 97 points

    Friday 18th May: I ran out of chicken so I was kinda forced to do my cheat day today instead of tomorrow. Ah well, no big deal really, as long as I don't cheat tomorrow :D I did my workout as usual. I haven't missed a weights workout since November or something :) -0 points 97 points

    Saturday 19th May: A good day. Meals on plan & cricket match played. 10km race tomorrow :scared: -0 points 97 points

    Sunday 20th May: Ran the 10km in under 55 mins :dance: More details in my journal. I'm very proud :) -0 points 97 points

    Monday 21st May: Did ME Upper at lunchtime (I'm trying to do a 4 day split now, working out at lunchtimes at least a few days a week) and had a perfect day nutritionally. Sweet. I don't think I'll be ready to stop cutting at the end of this month :blank: -0 points 97 points

    Tuesday 22nd May: Did ME Lower - reached my deadlift rep goal :) Check my journal for a video. I ate on plan all day and went to cricket training. -0 points 97 points

    Wednesday 23rd May: Did HIIT after work and ate 6 clean meals. -0 points 97 points

    Thursday 24th May: Did RE Upper and ate 6 meals on plan. I'm enjoying eating fruit and pitta on this new diet. My cheat day this week will be Saturday, but I haven't decided if I'm going to take it. I don't think I'm going to cheat all day anyway. I want to try and be as good as possible :) I haven't decided if I'm entering the June challenge yet or not. If I do, I won't be being as strict with my rules. I've had enough of 100% "all out" cutting and I want to enjoy my life a bit more. -0 points 97 points

    Friday 25th May: Did RE Lower, ate 6 clean meals and then had an ice cream. I just wanted it. I'm done with cutting, for now. I'm going to revise my meal plan and cheat rules to give myself a little leeway, tomorrow. But an ice cream wasn't on the plan for today, so -1. -1 point 96 points

    Saturday 26th May: No cricket match scheduled for this weekend and I wasn't selected to play in a higher team :( Cheat dya. -0 points 96 points

    Sunday 27th May: Now that I'm no longer cutting, the goal nutrition-wise is to just eat clean. I did that today, probably around 2900 calories. I also did HIIT. -0 points 96 points

    Monday 28th May: Vague goal for eating clean vs cheats is 4 cheats of some kind per week... may not be that strict! Anyway I used one of these up by having some ice cream after my main evening meal. Calories were still fine I think. Also did ME Upper. Decided I can't be bothered with the next challenge, I need a break from these things :) -0 points 96 points

    Tuesday 29th May: Lots of clean, healthy food today! Mmm... fruit. Mmm... bread. Good to be 'back' :D Also did ME Lower. As always, full details in my journal. -0 points 96 points

    Wednesday 30th May: Good food again today, and HIIT in the evening. Treat #2 of 4 in the form of a meal out with work people. -0 points 96 points

    Thursday 31st May: Did RE Lower, ate well. Glad May is over :) I'll be back for the August challenge. -0 points 96 points
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  16. sevenatenine

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    Mar 4, 2007
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    GOAL: At 199lbs I will no longer be overweight according to the BMI index. Its a crude scale at best, but regardless I would like to be at the most 199lbs by the end of may. It would be nice to shatter that number and land somewhere in the mid 190's, but I will set my official goal at 199lbs.

    COMMENT:I work midnights and dont wake up tell at least 2pm, so my updates might seem late if I do them in the morning (mid afternoon), but I wont count them as late. I have 3 birthdays this month, my mom's, my sister's and my girlfriends so that might be tricky.... nah! I'm still 100% focused so they should be fine, although its still more cake then I would like to eat.
    Also If I miss a workout for any reason other then being lazy (I haven't missed one for that reason ever ;) ) I will give myself the chance to make it up. Working midnights leaves me a very narrow window to hit the gym, and usually if I have to work early I dont have a chance to hit the gym that day. So if something out of my control comes up and I get my days mixed up I wont deduct a point as long as I manage to get all 4 workouts in sometime throughout the week. If I sleep in, mess around and waste time, just dont feel like going, or anything else that would be my fault and within my control I don't have that chance to make it up.

    Monday: lower body 8x3
    Tuesday: upper body 3x8
    Wednesday: rest
    Thursday: lower body 3x8
    Friday: upper body 8x3
    Saturday rest
    Sunday: rest

    At least 5 meals per day.
    3000 calories per day for the first week of may as a sorta re feed week.
    2000 calories per day for the rest of may to continue fat loss.
    Maximum 2 cheat meals per week (reasonable calories)
    3 Birthday party's. Whether they cost me 1 or 2 cheat meals depends, I will use my discretion on this one.

    WEIGHT: 205.8lbs
    BODY FAT: to much
    ARMS: 14.25"
    CALVES: 15.75"
    FOREARMS: 11.5"
    THIGHS: 26"
    WAIST: 38.25"

    WEIGHT: 195lbs
    BODY FAT: still to much
    ARMS: 13.75
    CALVES: 15.25
    FOREARMS: 11.5
    THIGHS: 25.25
    WAIST: 37.75

    MAY 1: AM Weight 205.8lbs: Yep today was may 1st. This clean diet almost doesn't feel like work anymore, my girlfriend insisted I take her to burger king so I packed myself a little something and away we went. She had the BK double stacker with a poutine and orange pop... I ate a half a tub of cottage cheese and almonds. Apparently fucking with me is still funny though cause she asked if I wanted a bite at least 3 times... each time I stuffed some almonds and cottage cheese in my mouth and said "Blughehdcuhhh". I won. I am still amazed to this day that im the fat one.... :rolleyes:
    [100 points]

    May 2:
    AM Weight 204.8lbs: Ok so today came and went. It was a rest day (I HATE THEM) so nothing really exciting, although I decided to have a Cheat meal. A chicken ceasar salad wrap on a whole wheat wrap with a few "rice chips". cheat meal #1 for this week. I guesstimate it to fit into my calories for the day so thats even better. 90% of the time my cheat meals aren't the worst thing I can find, I try to keep them fairly healthy food most of the time, and if I can, within my daily calorie allotment.
    I have to work early tomorrow so im pushing my workouts forward a day.
    [100 points]

    May 3:
    AM Weight 205.2lbs: Today came and went. I almost didn't eat enough today, I forgot how much I had to eat to consume 3000 calories per day. Only 3 more days of this shit then its back to shedding my fat suit.
    [100 points]

    May 4:
    AM Weight 204.4lbs: I feel much better now that I have been back to lift some weights, plus I added 10lbs to my front squat, standing calf raise's and my stiff leg/stiff back deadlift (it was tough on that last one though cause my grip was giving out). My ass is already starting to hurt and I'm sure that by the morning my quads and hamstrings will also hurt... I know it doesn't make any difference, but oh how I love feeling that hurt :love:. Tomorrow is the weekend... this will be a tough time for me cause my schedule isn't as regimented, so my eating tends to also not be as regimented. I will not fuck up this weekend though.... I just wont :confused:
    [100 points]

    May 5:
    AM Weight 204.2: Well I fucked up already by waking up late.... not a huge deal but I like to get up early on the weekends and enjoy them, oh well. Later that night: Well I ended up turning the late waking around and got quite a bit done. I mowed the lawn (front and back), pulled the leaves out of the basement window wells and bagged them along with any garbage on the lawn, then I washed, dried and waxed the car, as well as conditioned the leather. I ended up not making it to the gym tell 11:30pm, but I did make it and had a great workout. While doing BB curls I noticed a vein in my right bicep popping out with each contraction.... that either means my muscles are growing, my fat is shrinking, or some combination of the two! After all that it was nearly 1am and Melissa made me take her to burger king... I figured after that day I would have myself some BK as well. Cheat meal #2 for this week, BK triple stacker, fries and a diet coke. *Personal note* Never get anything bigger then the double stacker. Triple stacker was to fat, I cant even imagine how someone would fit a quad stacker in there mouth... plus when I squeezed the triple to fit it in my mouth, it was like wringing out a sponge soaked in grease. Still tasty, but the normal double will do in the future.
    [100 points]

    May 6:
    AM Weight 205.8: Survived.
    [100 points]

    May 7:
    AM Weight 205.2: So I'm back down to 2000 calories per day.... it was nice to not be constantly eating all day, but at the same time, in only 1 week my body got used to 3000 calories per day and I was hungry all day. Managed to evade eating everything a few times, hopefully tomorrow my body will be a little more used to eating less and it wont be asking me to feed it all day long. On an unrelated note I discovered www.pandora.com yesterday, and after playing around with it a bit today I decided it kicks ass! Its an online radio that constantly adjusts what it plays for you based on what you tell it you like.... if you have a few minutes to play around with it and you like music check it out :tu:
    [100 points]

    May 8:
    AM Weight 203.6: Not much to say today. I'm tired and need to go to bed because I have to get up early and go shopping (again) for a present for my sister for her birthday. 4 days later is my girlfriends birthday. 8 days after that is my moms. This is going to be an expensive month.
    [100 points]

    May 9:
    AM Weight 202.0: Went shopping with Melissa today to get my sisters birthday present, we stopped and had some Chinese food in the food court at the mall. Cheat meal #1 for this week.
    [100 points]

    May 10:
    AM Weight 202.8:I found the birthday present for melissa online this morning....Samsung DVD-HD870/XAC (dvd player). Checked availability from both best buy and future shop... and both of them are sold out :bang:. Back to the drawing board. Oh and diet and workout as planned today :D
    [100 points]

    May 11:
    AM Weight 201.6: I can feel myself becoming obsessive.... All I wanted was 1 fucking pretzel, but NOOO!!!! I cant lose a point, I wont! I must finish with 100! and im not spending a cheat meal on a lame ass pretzel!!!!
    [100 points]

    May 12:
    AM Weight 201: Well first thing this morning I wake up and hear my girlfriend scolding my cat for being dirty and in the fireplace, then as im lying there I hear her proceed to try and shower the soot off the cat. I'm not sure how, but either while playing in the fire place or while in the shower my can managed to cut 1 of the pads on each of her back paws, so when I woke up there was bloody cat tracks everywhere and my girlfriend was following her around and asking me if she was going to die.... holy melodramatic! Sure cut paws aren't a good thing, but im sure many cats have survived much worse! While all this is going on I hear flapping above the damper in the chimney... I just realized why the cat was in the fire place, a stupid bird got caught in the chimney and my cat was trying to "help it out". So I put a rubbermaid tote in the fire place, got the lid ready and dropped the damper in hopes the bird would drop into it and I could slide the lid on the tote, catch the bird and let it outside. Well the bird decided to fly around my house instead.... bad idea cause we have 2 cats. The fat black cat ended up with the bird in her mouth, then she jumped up into her tree house (cat scratch post with a couple platforms and a house on top) and somehow the bird got away from her. Anyways I ended up getting the bird outside before the cats killed it :D. All this before breakfast.
    Today was the day me and my mom were throwing a double birthday party for Melissa and my sister. We had Chinese food for dinner (allot) then my mom whipped out 2 cakes. One puff pastry/custard thing (I don't think its called a cake) and one brownie cheese cake, which they made me eat a small piece of each (they were sooooo good!). After cake and Chinese I was sooo stuffed I couldn't eat again for a while... ended up missing a few meals, then had a left over Chinese food snack.... My cheat meal basically turned into a cheat day, so I finally lose a point. Oh and since I cracked anyways and blew my diet today, I ate that fucking pretzel we were talking about earlier :lol:. I must say I feel much more human and much less obsessive now.
    Now to finish off the day with some cottage cheese, go to bed, wake up and hop back on the train.
    [-1 point = 99 points]

    May 13:
    AM Weight 202.8:Well now I know how much of that chinese food is still inside me... time to eat some fiber and flush it out! Also, todays the start of the "Avoid the chocolate brownie cheese cake in the fridge" game.
    Cake 1
    Chris 0
    [-1 point = 98 points]

    May 14:
    AM Weight 200.8:Well I tied up the game, the scores now an even 1/1 (me vs cake). I REALLY didn't feel like squatting today when I woke up, but I went anyways, and of course once I got the guy doing bicep curls out of the squat rack I "enjoyed" my squats.
    [98 points]

    May 15:
    AM Weight 200.2: Everything as planned today.
    [98 points]

    May 16: AM Weight 198.8: I'm finding I actually crave things as of recently (past few days). In the past I have not been so strict with my diet and allowed myself to have a few "rough meals" a week, no set number, just whatever I felt I needed to feel human. A "rough meal" being a meal that isn't a full out "cheat", but isn't a "proper" meal either. So if I felt like having some frozen pizza or chips one night I would allow myself to have some to kill the craving, but I would make sure it fit into the calories of my preset meal or less. Or a rough meal could be something fairly healthy (whole wheat wrap with chicken caesar salad on it :drool:) that I just dont know the nutritional information on, so I call it 400, add some milk and call it a meal. I found doing it this way I might have a few rough meals one week, and none the next.... really depended on how I felt, but in the end it made me feel less like a junkie sitting at a table watching other people smoke a crack pipe.
    After reading that last sentence again, It's no longer such a huge mystery how I got so fat. Oh well, keep on rollin with it I guess.
    [98 points]

    May 17:
    AM Weight 198.4: So, to make a long story short....
    [98 points]

    May 18:
    AM Weight 198.2:I would have eaten something naughty today, but I just couldn't find anything in my house that wasn't healthy. Intent is nothing without the act, so I pass :D
    [98 points]

    May 19:
    AM Weight 198lbs: Melissa's mom took us out for dinner for Melissa's birthday. Cheat meal #1 this week, and we now have another cake in the house, this time its a DQ frozen cake. Also again after a large cheat meal I ended up missing a couple meals so "bye bye 1 more point". I cant wait tell may is over, this month is actually starting to make me angry everytime I see it on a calendar or something.
    [97 points]

    May 20:
    Moms birthday party today, pretty much a repeat of yesterday.
    [96 points]

    May 21:
    AM Weight 200lbs: Today was the last day of the long weekend but after how the rest of the weekend went I pulled my shit together, fought every urge, and managed to eat as planned even through running around all day. I had to switch a couple things around and eat a few things different, but still good food (my biggest deviation was eating a protein shake and an apple for a snack because I was at my moms).
    [96 points]

    May 22:
    AM Weight 199.4lbs: Good workout today, good nutrition, cant complain.
    [96 points]

    May 23:
    AM Weight 197.2lbs: Finally the cheat meal bloat is gone. Cheat meal #1 this week was within my calorie budget, but was the worst cheat meal ever and I wish I could take it back. I decided to have a couple pizza pockets for my before work meal (I love pizza in all forms) so I tossed a couple in the microwave, started eating them and YUCK!!! Not only did my girlfriend get the no name brand ones that taste like cardboard, but she got "three cheese" and pizza isn't pizza without pepperoni. The three cheese no name brand ones taste like cardboard wrapped processed mush.... I guess its not a bad thing cause she likes them and I wont touch them EVER again, but I wish I could take back eating them and have an apple instead.
    [96 points]

    May 24:
    AM Weight 197lbs: I don't want pizza anymore.... now I just want to deadlift.
    [96 points]

    May 25:
    AM Weight 196.8: today went off without a hitch.
    [96 points]

    May 26:
    AM Weight 195.6 Cheat meal #2 today, mmmmmm pizza. Other then that I was good today.
    [96 points]

    May 27:
    AM Weight 197: 4 days left in may.
    [96 points]

    May 28:
    AM Weight 197: everything as planned.
    [96 points]

    May 29:
    AM Weight 195.6: Having stupid long monkey arms makes bench press days frustrating, especially inclines. With only 105lbs I failed on the 6th rep of my last set doing a 3x8.
    [96 points]

    May 30:
    AM Weight 195lbs: No workouts today.... but today isn't a scheduled workout day so I get to keep all my points anyways :P
    [96 points]

    May 31:
    AM Weight 195lbs:
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    Return of the Bam

    I am back, and this time it's personal!!

    GOAL: Cutting - Slow and Steady

    COMMENT: I have had little success going crazy diets, and super training and never cheating, so I am taking a more lifestyle approach. I will not lose a point in May.


    Cardio 2-3 days
    Train 3 days

    Eat low calorie/carbs every other day. Saturday free day. Sunday only veggies, and fruit.

    WEIGHT: 222
    BODYFAT: 30%



    Tuesday 1st May: Trained Arms, Chest. Ate 5 Meals. Perfect Day!! (100 Points)
    Wednesday 2nd: Walked for 30 minutes, Ate perfect. (100 points)
    Thursday 3rd: Ate perfect, gave blood can not lift- will do tomorrow. (100 points)
    4th: Perfect day- 100 points
    5th: Perfect day- 100 points
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  18. k3vb0

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    Jun 2, 2004
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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: My goal is to continue to cut while avoiding injury. I will be focusing on clean eating at all meals and only 2 cheat meals max per month. For my workouts, I am going to continue Christian Thibaudeau's Destroying Fat workout.

    Monday: Heavy lifting chest/back + alactic work
    Tuesday: OFF
    Wednesday: Lactate-inducing workout 1 + 20-30 minutes of steady-state aerobic work
    Thursday: OFF
    Friday: Heavy lifting quads/hams
    Saturday : Lactate-inducing workout 2 + 20-30 minutes of steady-state aerobic work
    Sunday: OFF

    Workout Schedule May 21- 31
    Monday : Upper Body
    Tuesday : Aerobic Workout
    Wednesday : Lower Body
    Thursday : aerobic Workout
    Friday : Upper Body
    Saturday: Lower Body
    Sunday : Aerobic Workout

    5-6 meals per day
    2 Cheat meals per month, usually on Saturdays. No points lost if I decide not to have a cheat meal.

    WEIGHT: 210
    BODY FAT: 19%
    ARMS: 16 5/8
    CALVES: 15
    CHEST: 44

    WEIGHT: 207.4
    BODY FAT: 17.6%
    ARMS: 16.25
    CHEST: 43
    WAIST: 41


    May 1: Even though today was supposed to be an off day, I want to accelerate my fat loss, so did fasted cardio for 30 minutes this morning. Diet was spot on. One perfect day-in a row. [100 Pts]

    May 2: Slightly lighter workout today, but a workout nonetheless. Achilles tendon was painful. so I held off on leg exercises. Diet was on track. [100 Pts]

    May 3: Planned day off. All meals on time and within macro ratios. [100 Pts]

    May 4: Got in a decent quad/ham workout along with a cardio workout. Diet was spot on. [100 Pts]

    May 5: Typing this as I am finishing my aerobic workout. Finished my lactate workout before. Today was a cheat day, and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with neighbors and had some great Mexican food. I weighed in at 1.5 pounds lighter at the end of this week, which is okay, but i had hoped to be losing 2.5 pounds a week so I can be under 200 by the end of the month. I am cutting carbs back more and increasing my cardio to compensate. [100 Pts]

    May 6: Well, today I caved. After working in the yard in the rain all day, eating egg whites and protein shakes, and then my wife brought home pizza. After being cold, it smelled so good and, well, one point lost. Got in an extra cardio workout this morning though. -1 [99 pts]

    May 7: A perfect day. Did a heavy chest back workout along with an alactic cardio workout. Meals were perfect. Diet: (P/C/F 289/80/70 2092 KCal) [99 pts]

    May 8: Another perfect day. I did my lactate workout early this week since I knew tomorrow would be a rough day. I followed the lactate workout with 30 minutes of LISS on my exercise bike. Meals were spot on again. I upped my carbs for today since the lactate workout kicks my butt. I [just finished my final meal after my workout, and I am starving. Diet: (P/C/F 244/141/84 2257 KCal) [99 pts]

    May 9: Today was a much needed day off. Diet was spot on though. Diet: (P/C/F 335/50/72 2215 KCal) [99 pts]

    May 10: Got in a 45 minute cardio workout. Diet was spot on. Found out today that my Achilles is not healing, so I will have surgery on May31. The Dr will repair the tear as well as lengthen my achilles, which is too tight. Diet: (P/C/F 261/81/44 1761 KCal) [99 pts]

    May 11: Completed my heavy quad/hamstring workout along with 30 minutes of HIIT on a Concept 2 Rower. Diet was spot on. I finally feel like I am dialed into my program. I feel like my metabolism is stoked. My waste is getting smaller, and my pants are fitting better. Diet: (P/C/F 241/186/52 2205 KCal) [99 pts]

    May 12: Weighed in this morning at 206, which means I have lost 4 pounds since starting or roughly two pounds per week. Hopefully this means I am continuing to lose fat and not muscle. Today I had to go shopping for furniture for the basement, shopping for plants for the yard, and attend a graduation party so I moved my lactate workout to tomorrow. That will work great because tomorrow is a cheat day and Mother's Day brunch, so I will have more carbs to work with. Today's diet was good, but since I was at a party I did not get to measure my meals I don't have my ratios. I did make sure to eat things that are within my plan and to keep my calories under 2200. [99 pts]

    May 13: Lacate workout completed. Also worked all day planting flowers for my wife (this is her favorite Mother's Day present). Started planting at noon and finished around 8 in the evening. Today was a cheat day. I did not go overbaord but enjoyed brunch with my family. This coming week I will be traveling to Ashburn Virginia, so I will be modifying my workouts to whatever equipment I can find. I am not sure of the days either since there will be at least one or two working dinners until late in the evening [99 pts]

    May 14: Stupid internet not working at the hotel. Got in all meals, but got in so late there was no time to workout. The hotel gym only has cardio equipment, so I will have to find someplace else to do weights. I will only get in three workouts this week due to work schedule. -1 [98 pts]

    May 15: Meals eaten okay but took a cheat meal today when I went out to dinner. No more cheats for the week. Got in a half hour jog on the treadmill at the hotel. Achilles hurts, but it felt great to get in a run. [98 pts]

    May 16: Got in a half hour jog on the treadmill. God, I have missed running. FOund out today that the Hotel Shuttel will take me anywhere I want, and there is both a 24 hour fitness and a Golds Gym down the road. Weight workout tomorrow. Diet was pretty good today as well. [98 pts]

    May 17: 45 minutes on the exercise bike in the hotel gym. Diet was spot on. I fly home tomorrow morning and will finally have access to a gym again. [98 pts]

    May 18: Travelled all day and got in late. But I got my meals in. Forgot to update on time. -1 pt [97 pts]

    May 19: All meals in on time. I think taking the week off from lifting has been good for me. Got in a 3.5 mile run. Achilles is sore, but it felt great to run outside again. First time since September of last year. [97 pts]

    May 20: 45 minutes of fasted cardio this morning. Diet was spot on. I have been on this weight lifting program for over 5 weeks now, so I am going to switch starting this week. Diet was spot on. [97 pts]

    May 21: Changed my workout to more of a Body for Life style workout. I was amazed at how my strength had gone up since the last time I did this workout. I also ran 3 miles today....albeit slowly. Meals were spot on as well. [97 pts]

    May 22: 30 minute exercise bike workout pre breakfast, 40 minute exercise bike workout post dinner. Meals were spot on. [97 pts]

    May 23: Was supposed to do a leg workout today, but life intervened. My parents bought a new laptop (whihch I spent last weekend setting up), and today bought a new wireless router. Being the family tech guy, I got to spend several hours on the phone with my Dad walking him through setting up a wireless network. Anyway, a point lost for missing my workout. Diet was on target though. -1 [96 pts]

    May 24: No workout again. Damn. Have hurt my back again. -1 pt [95 pts]

    May 25: My back/hip are thrown out. Went to the chiropractor and he told me to keep off of my feet for a few days. Diet on track. [95 pts]

    May 26: Still can't workout. Diet on track. [95 pts]

    May 27: Cardio workout, 35 minutes. My back/hip is finally getting back to the point that I can start wokrking out again. Diet on track. [95 pts]

    May 28: Back is still messed up. No workout, cheat day. -1 [94 pts]

    May 29: Got in an upper body workout and a light cardio workout. Biking seems to help my back, which is close to normal again. Diet was spot on today. [94 pts]

    May 30: Completed a light leg workout and abs as well. Back is feeling much better. Weigh in tomorrow. Diet was good. [94 pts]

    May 31: Got in my morning cardio [94 pts]

    Not the best of months. I dropped my body fat 1.15%, gained 1 pound of muscle, and lost 3.61 pounds of fat. This is all trending in the right direction, but not fast enough. Time to tighten up the diet and increase the cardio.
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    Apr 14, 2007
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    im in!

    Im in my official numbers are gonna be up by next monday cause i have a few things i wanna do before i start cutting (changing my diet) i also have 2 meals where ima have to cheat this month cause of prom and family matter is that okay as long as i deduct a point i hope so well im in staring on may 1st ill be updating soon-lucas good luck to all my friends!
  20. Rise

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    GOALS: Get stronger, bigger

    COMMENTS: I've lost 6lbs. over the past 3 weeks of working out and i don't think i have much more to lose before i can't lose anymore. I didn't really mean for that to happen, but since it did i let it go till i was done cutting and now i'm going to concentrate on more calories to get my body weight up with lean muscle mass.

    PROGRAM: Gravity Homer's Sticky Plan, 3-4 Day exercise program depending on my schedule
    Day 1: Chest, Shoulders, Tri's
    Day 2: Back, Bi's
    Day 3: Legs, abs
    Day 4: Full body or cardio (optional)

    DIET: 6 Meals/day, healthy foods, 1 cheat day per week. 50/30/20 carbs/proteins/fats
    -Breakfast: Multi vitamin and kashi protein/fiber cereal
    -2nd breakfast at work: 2 egg whites & whole wheat/whole grain toast
    -Sandwich for lunch: pb&j on whole grain, turkey or ham, or chicken salad
    -Afternoon Snack: cashews, golean bar, or piece of fruit
    -Dinner: chicken, steak, or ground beef with veggies, corn, or brown rice.
    -Evening: Protein shake (1.5 serving)

    SLEEP: 8 hours/night

    WEIGHT: 142lbs.
    BODY FAT: no idea
    ARMS: i need a tape measure
    CALVES: see above
    CHEST: yes
    FOREARMS: no
    THIGHS: maybe
    WAIST: so




    May 1: [100] - well this was a close one, i had to find some good meal substitutes to get through the day without losing any points since i worked alllllllll day long. but i made it and i'm ready for day 2.
    May 2: [100] - i wasn't feeling well today, and the muscles i was going to work out felt like they needed 1 more day of rest so thats what i did. since i'm working out 3 days a week thursday & friday will keep me on schedule, but if i miss either of those two days... time to start subtracting points!
    May 3: [100] - today i had my most intense back workout to date. i did a full set @ 160lbs. which is 20 lbs over my body weight! i was very happy and i'm finally noticing some definition on my back again. Looking foward to working it out some more, but i think i need to tweak my bi's workout. perfect eating schedule too.
    May 4: [100] - did i ever tell you how much i hate squats? every time i do a squat, an angel cries. anyway, good day overall and good workout.
    May 5: [100] - Today is my cheat day. i picked today mostly because i'm working 8 hours at a 2nd job and its going to be near impossible to keep my meals scheduled & to "spec." no workouts scheduled for today.
    May 6: [100] - i am SORE from squats on friday... hopefully that doesn't last too much longer. well it lasted throughout the day, but the day went relatively smoothly. got my meals in and finished my first bag of whey protein mix for protein shakes!! woooo, onto the next flavor!
    May 7: [98] - today was rough. i succummed to my first craving, and then my 2nd in the same day. i was offered my greatest weakness: free pizza for lunch. i could NOT refuse, so i took it, and it was well worth the [-1] and probably always will be. later in the day, my gf made brownies and *made* me eat one [-1]. oh the pain, the agony, the SWEET GOODNESS~!@~!@ well, i got that outta my system and i had a good workout at the gym. i felt pretty bloated at the end though, bleh.
    May 8: [98] - I'm still feeling a bit bloated today so i'm going to lower my cal's a bit and i'm even going to do cardio for the first time since starting working out again! i'm looking foward to the pain... i ended up running for about 20 minutes, i just couldn't go any longer than that. looks like something i need to work on. meals went well and i kept them small.
    May 9: [98] - I'm a bit sore today from the cardio i did yesterday for the first time. today is back day - my favorite day. i'm thinking about trying 170 lbs. lat pull downs today (i'm 140 atm). well i ended up doing straight pull ups after reading a pull up thread in the bulking section of the forum and i did 16 in a row! i did all of my regular exercises on top of that and even tried some new ones as well as ate all my meals. good day today!
    May 10: [98] - I'm going switch around my days working out since i have to pack to go home for mother's day but i've been eating right and my work outs will be done while i'm in NY. so many damn meetings today... bleh
    May 11: [97] - i'm driving back to NY today for mother's day/to sign the contract to sell my house today. i did my exercises OK, but because of the 3 hour drive home and my parents chaning the $#@#! lock on me, i had no where to go for about 5 hours. I missed a meal [-1] and it was pretty much out of my hands since its against my religion to eat fast food. Disappointing, yes, but again out of my hands :/
    May 12: [97] - Today is cheat day! i'm going to drink some beer, enjoy some hotdogs maybe, who knows! i'm going to a Mets game with my father for the day and the only limit is the fact that my stomach has shrunk quite a bit over the past few weeks :P
    May 13: [96] - Oof, almost slipped up today already. its tough when you aren't home to stick to a diet isn't it? well i spent some time scrounging around my parents house to find something OK for me to eat, but i finally did it. i also picked up some muscle milk that i'm going to try for the first time, i hope its not disgusting... it was !#$%!@ GROSS!! i don't want to even talk about it. I lost a point since i had a slice of cake for mother's day, but it made my mom happy so for once, the [-1] was worth it.
    May 14: [96] - I'm back on track today and have a healthy week planned ahead of me. I'd like to not lose anymore points, especially after this weekend's mishaps, and i'm ready to go! i think i'm going to work out my back today and do chest on weds since i did a bunch of pushups yesterday. I did do my back and WHAT A WORK OUT!! i did 170lb pull downs whcih is a new record for me - i'm weighing about 140 right now so bw+30 lbs! great day!
    May 15: [96] - Today went relatively well until i did squats at the gym at which point i hurt my knee and had to stop doing leg exercises to avoid hurting myself further. so i did my abs exercises and called it a day. no points off for injuries.
    May 16: [96] - Today was cool. we had a massive thunder storm and i decided to switch days working out and take a 2 day break from the gym to recover from my past two work outs better. i ate well and enjoyed myself :)
    May 17: [96] - Well, its very possible that i'll lose a point both today and tomorrow because my gf is having some event at her college that i am attending and they are serving dinner there. i may end up having dessert or a drink or two... well i did have desert, but it was fruit and the drink i had was red wine. for dinner i had salmon & veggies... so i'm in the clear. if i had any beer i woulda taken a point off, but red wine is good for your <3
    May 18: [96] - i think today is going to be a cheat day. yep. i had desert that wasn't healthy today. its definitely my cheat day.
    May 19: [96] - Chest day. Today was a SUPER workout! i went up in weight again and i'm very impressed with myself, i didn't think i was going to be able to do it without a spot... i passed my prevoius plateau point that i've always had when not having someone to spot me! awesome day!
    May 20: [94] - Damn. Today was bleh. 1. i didn't update and 2. i didn't get all my meals in. [-2] unfortunately, but it was a good day overall. i had an unscheduled work out since i had to re-organize my storage unit which had plenty of heavy stuff in it. tomorrow will be better!
    May 21: [94] - Deciding on what to do today at the gym... i'm thinking legs? Yes, i decided on legs. Great workout today! I did fairly heavy squats (for me) and ended at 120lbs. which last time made my knee pop, but i felt great this time! i did some nice heavy deadlifts, hit the limit on the pre-weight bars that go up to 110lbs. so i should be deadlifiting 120lbs by next go around. all in all a great day!
    May 22: [94] - I signed up for the June challenge, i'm hoping to stay above [95] for that challenge. i ate good today. hooray.
    May 23: [94] - Yesterday was a bit boring, hopefully today will be more exciting. i'm thinking about trying a reverse pyramid at the gym today, and i'm going to start at 180lbs. with my lat pull downs... bw+40lbs. This is gonna be fun! and it was! well i did it, sort of. i was able to do 7 reps @ 180 but doing this basically burned me out for the rest of my exercises to the point of almost injuring my biceps during the curling portion of the workout. i'm going to hold back a little bit from now on to avoid that and i'll save the big weight days for maxing out at the end of an exercise cycle. other than that, i ate well and starting saturday i have a new workout plan i'm going to try out. I'm excited!
    May 24: [94] - well today ended up being a cheat day. i took my gf to the movies and we saw Shrek 3 - somewhat of a disappointment, and i shared a small popcorn & small drink. the "small" drink must have been 30oz. or so but we barely drank any of it, didn't even hit the 3/4 mark so i was proud of us. my biceps still hurt from my last workout, i think i may have over done it but hopefully i feel better by saturday - my next big workout day. i'm off from the gym until then!
    May 25: [94] - there is barely anyone at work... everyone took off to make it a 4 day weekend. yet i'm still here! LAME! good day overall, ate all my meals blah blah blah.
    May 26: [94] - Today i started my new workout as suggested by KT over in the newbie forums. its chad waterbury's TBT program and it was a bit odd to be honest. i don't think i went heavy enough on the weights but i still got a decent work out. i was out in boston for the day and suprisingly got all my meals in OK so i'm pretty happy about how it went. good day!
    May 27: [94] - quiet day, did a lot of shopping for the new house, ate all my meals.
    May 28: [94] - today was interesting - day 2 of my new work out. i did 3 exercises i've never done before: DB upright rows, good mornings, and front squats. it was weird but fun. i think i may be going a little to low on the weights, i'll have to start upping it a bit more. i had all my meals and i've been doing suprisingly well with those, im very proud of myself. good day! :)
    May 29: [94] - can you believe it? only 2 more days. i'm thinkin about doin some cardio today... yeah i didn't do any cardio. had all my meals though and no scheduled workouts though i would like to start actually doing cardio... i'm going to start taking points off for not going on optional days i think.
    May 30: [94] - day 5 of my new TBT program im doing. should be interesting! well it was. i couldn't even update after the gym yesterday i was so dizzy and weak. i don't remember ever feeling like that, it was a pretty insane work out. 15 reps is just... nuts. but i made it, and i had all my meals. but i'm not looking foward to week 2 day 5...
    May 31: [94] - Well, i made it. today was a cheat day and i celebrated by not really cheating. i really enjoyed this challenge and thanks to everyone who stayed with it with me. congrats to everyone who made it! :)
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