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John Stone's March 2011 "100 Challenge" (Completed)

Discussion in '"100 Challenges"' started by John Stone, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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    Until the challenge begins, please DO NOT make any posts in this thread except your Official Entry post (a single placeholder post is OK). Once the challenge starts, you may post all you like.

    This premise of this challenge is pretty simple: Each participant starts the month with 100 points. A point is deducted each time a workout is missed, a meal is missed, an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack is consumed or a daily update to your official challenge post is missed. The goal, of course, is to finish the month with 100 points!

    Here are the rules:

    1) The challenge begins on March 1, 2011. You must have your starting post up by 9:00 AM (EDT) on March 1, 2011--NO EXCEPTIONS!
    2) It doesn't matter if you are cutting, bulking or maintaining. The common goal here is 100% consistency.
    3) Each person participating in the challenge should start a post in this thread by the cut-off time. Your Official Challenge post must be updated each and every day. The updates won't take long (examples below). If you miss an update, you must deduct a point. Please note that you should edit your existing Official Challenge post--don't start a new post every day.
    4) Miss a workout for any reason, deduct a point.
    5) Miss a meal for any reason, deduct a point.
    6) Eat an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack, deduct a point.

    Feel free to post before/after pictures if you like (optional).

    Of course this challenge is based on the honor system. You can cheat, but that would be pointless.

    Here's an example Official Challenge post (feel free to copy and paste, substituting your own information):


    Sample Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8%.

    Monday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Wednesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Friday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 200 pounds
    BODY FAT: 9.8%
    ARMS: 16.75"
    CALVES: 16.5"
    CHEST: 42.75"
    FOREARMS: 13.5"
    HIPS: 38.75"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 32.5"


    DAILY LOG (Note: Each entry should be completed the day after, or at the end of the same day after all meals/workouts are completed. Please be sure to keep a running total of your points, as shown below.)

    MAR 1: I did my cardio and ate all meals as scheduled.
    -0 points [100 points]

    MAR 2: My car broke down and I missed my back workout. I walked to Burger King for dinner and had an unscheduled cheat meal.
    -2 points [98 points]

    MAR 3: I missed my cardio today, but ate all meals as scheduled.
    -1 point [97 points]

    MAR 4:

    MAR 5: I missed yesterday's update, but I did my delts and traps workout yesterday, and ate all meals as scheduled (including my scheduled cheat meal). Today I did my cardio, ate all meals as scheduled and did my leg workout.
    -1 point [96 POINTS]

    You get the idea.....
  2. Reno

    Reno Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2004
    Likes Received:
    GOAL: Cardio 6 days a week, 30 mins per session.

    COMMENT: I'm over an injury and want to get back into shape and get back to consistent workouts.

    MEALS: 5-6 small meals a day. ONE cheat meal per week.

    March 1: Diet was good, but missed the 30 min cardio time goal. -1 [99 points]
    March 2: Diet was as scheduled and cardio complete. 0 [99 points]
    March 3: Bad day, diet wasn't as planned and failed to meet the cardio time limit. -2 [97 points]
    #2 Reno, Feb 14, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  3. Reckoner

    Reckoner Active Member

    Feb 18, 2011
    Likes Received:
    First post on the forums; been lurking for 2+ years - this is as good a time as any to say hello, and get started.

    GOAL: General Fitness and Health (Cutting and Increasing Strength)

    COMMENT: I want to be consistent, break a sweat everyday, stick to smart nutrition, and get 7-8 hours of rest a night.

    Workouts are not on a set schedule, but are typically arranged as follows:
    Day 1: 40-45 minutes LISS rowing | 6x9 "deep" pushups; 5x10 25lb bicept curls; 6x30sec bicycle crunches
    Day 2: HIIT rowing (March 1 will be the start of John's example plan - 14min 30/45) | 5x5 shoulder width pullups; 6x10 25lb weighted lunges; 6x30 bicycle crunches
    Day 3: 90 minute Moderate Intensity Yoga class
    Miscellaneous: 60-90 minutes indoor climbing (moderate intensity)

    *Note: I try to workout every day; doing the above in a cycle.

    Typically 3 meals per day @ 5-600 calories each w/ Three 20g Protein Shakes Per Day.

    WEIGHT: 178.6 lbs

    Looking forward to joining the challenge.

    MAR 1: [99 points] (-1): Despite the fact that I was ready to get it done today, car issues and overall soreness prevented me from getting my workout done. Diet was spot on. On to a new day.
    MAR 2: [99 points]: Good day; pushups, bicepts, tricepts. 45 minutes of cardio (19 minutes in the 80-90% HR Zone). Good nutrition.
    MAR 3: [99 points]: Good day; 90 minutes of moderate yoga, broke a good sweat, stretched muscles as I was unaware I had; also broke me out of a funky bad mood I was dealing with all day. Good nutrition.
    MAR 4: [100 points]
    MAR 5: [100 points]
    MAR 6: [100 points]
    MAR 7: [100 points]
    MAR 8: [100 points]
    MAR 9: [100 points]
    MAR 10: [100 points]
    MAR 11: [100 points]
    MAR 12: [100 points]
    MAR 13: [100 points]
    MAR 14: [100 points]
    MAR 15: [100 points]
    MAR 16: [100 points]
    MAR 17: [100 points]
    MAR 18: [100 points]
    MAR 19: [100 points]
    MAR 20: [100 points]
    MAR 21: [100 points]
    MAR 22: [100 points]
    MAR 23: [100 points]
    MAR 24: [100 points]
    MAR 25: [100 points]
    MAR 26: [100 points]
    MAR 27: [100 points]
    MAR 28: [100 points]
    MAR 29: [100 points]
    MAR 30: [100 points]
    MAR 31: [100 points]

    #3 Reckoner, Feb 18, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  4. AzDesertRhino

    AzDesertRhino Active Member

    Jan 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Been lurking around here way too long and not doing what I'm supposed to do. Time to get with the program.

    I'm in for this challenge. Will have all info updated prior to start of the challenge!!:tu:

    GOAL: Work on getting the weight off and improve muscle tone and mass

    COMMENT: I need to get my weight off and just get in better shape in general. Been dealing with serious family health issues for over a year and it has taken it's toll.


    I will work out a minimum of 4 times a week. Due to being "On Call" and getting called out at all times, I will have to get the days in as time schedule allows.

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    STARTING STATS & Ending stats to be posted at the end of the challenge. (Starting weight 293 pounds, for the record)

    I also started the Sober March Thread. I must do well in both and will document both on a daily basis.

    Good Luck to all (although there really isn't luck involved)

    3-1 Worked out, all meals consumed - - A good day :tu: -0 points = 100 points
    3-2 All good today, Meals & workout!! Stayed on course! 100 points:tucool:

    Tomorrow will be a challenge in the diet department. Company meetings in Phoenix & have to leave the house at 0500. No workout tomorrow!

    3-3 No workout-as planned. Ate clean but not on schedule minus 1 point =99 points. :rolleyes:

    3-4 Good workout. Good nutrition. Good overall day! 99 points :nod:

    3-5 Good nutrition. No workout. Did something to my back at work. Can still meet my weekly goal if I am able to work out tomorrow. If not, I lose another point!! - - - - - - 99 points :tu:

    3-6 Got my workout in, back was much better this morning. Ate as planned, had my "cheat meal" with my wife. Went to a Chinese restaurant. The rest of the nutrition through the day was good. - - - - 99 points :)

    3-7 Good workout and nutrition spot on. Forgot to log in to document my results!! :mad: -1 point - - - 98 points

    3-8 Good workout this morning and good nutrition today!! - - - 98 points

    3-9 No workout today (Planned) - Ate a bit heavy, clean but a bit much:drool: -1 point - - - 97 points

    3-10 Good workout this morning and decent nutrition. 97 points.

    3-11 No Workout (planned) Good nutrition. :D 97 points.

    3-12 Good Workout - - Cheat meal day but good nutrition otherwise. Went to
    a Mexican Restaurant we had not been to before, good food!! 97 points

    3-13 Good workout this morning. Ate clean but missed 1 planned meal -1 point 96 points!!:o

    3-14 No workout (planned) - Good nutrition today. 96 points:tu:

    3-15 Good workout today. Since I'm on call this weekend the wife & I went for a cheat meal at Panda Express. Wasn't planned until late -1 point - - 95 points

    3-16 Good workout and good nutrition today!! 95 points

    3-17 No workout (Planned) & Great Nutrition. Then got busy & forgot to log info!!:mad: -1 point 94 points!:cry:

    3-18 Good workout and nutrition today. 94 points

    3-19 No workout (planned) "On Call" today and very busy. Ate a sandwich I shouldn't have at 8 PM. -1 point 93 points

    3-20 Good workout this morning. Nutrition on track!! 93 points :D

    3-21 Good workout and ate properly!! Stayed the course! 93 points

    3-22 Stayed on course today. Good workout and nutrition. 93 points

    No workout tomorrow (3-23). Going to Phoenix at 0300 hours. Hope to be able to keep the nutrition on target.:confused:

    3-23 No work out as planned. Got all meals in. A good day overall! :spaz: 93 points

    3-24 Good workout this morning. Good nutrition but ate too much when having dinner. -1 point 92 points:rolleyes:

    3-25 No workout (planned) Good nutrition - - 92 points

    3-26 Good workout and nutrition!! - 92 points :D

    3-27 Sunday, planned off day and cheat meal but over did it at wife's B'day party. -1 point for over eating! It was a good day though, overall. 91 points

    3-28 good nutrition, workout sucked. Just wasn't with it. -1 for slacking 90 points. :o

    3-29 GOOD WORKOUT AND NUTRITION!! :spaz: Felt much better 90 points.

    3-30 Good workout this afternoon. Worked all day & night yesterday and had some questionable food at around 1 a.m. Not real bad but not right on!! -1 point 89 points

    3-31 No workout - - planned. Nutrition ok but pulled another all nighter and ate around 3 a.m. -1 point 88 points. :eek: Will weigh in early a.m. and post results.
    #4 AzDesertRhino, Feb 25, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2011
  5. Ray

    Ray Active Member

    May 19, 2006
    Likes Received:
    GOAL: continued fat loss.

    WORKOUT SCHEDULE: Body weight exercise for first week, followed by weights for the remaining three.

    5-6 meals per day, totalling < 1500 kcal.

    WEIGHT: 212.0 pounds
    BODY FAT: ?
    CHEST: 42.75"


    MAR1: Solid start, doing more of my own cooking :)
    [100 points]
    MAR2: Still good
    [100 points]
    MAR3: Down to 209, still on track
    [100 points]
    MAR4: Still good, nothing interesting
    [100 points]
    MAR7: ate more than I should today, and messed up on the 2 previous days without recording
    -7 points [93 points]
    MAR10: I've been sick with nasty headaches the last few days, I ate properly but skipped exercising and didn't update twice.
    -5 points [88 points]
    MAR11: Ate well but didnt work out, feeling a bit better though.
    -1 point [87 points]
    MAR12: Meals and workout fine. Getting an awful sore throat from my cold, good thing I have no planned workout tomorrow.
    [87 points]
    MAR16: wow, missed 3 updates. Down to 204 atm though, feeling great, not very hungry.
    -6 points [81 points]
    #5 Ray, Feb 25, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2011
  6. jasonross

    jasonross Active Member

    Feb 7, 2011
    Likes Received:
    I'm in. i hemmed and hawed at the beginning of February, and ultimately didn't make

    WOW. my entire post got deleted... for no reason. that really, really, really sucks. it was there yesterday, then when i came to edit it this morning, it's almost all gone, except for half of the first line. the same thing happened when i updated yesterday morning, and i had to back up and cut & paste the old post in there.

    anyway, i was at 90 points, and i had another good day with a solid workout and good nutrition. so i'm still at 90 points.
    day 19: [90 points] another awesome workout, solid nutrition
    day 20: [88 points] scheduled cheat meal & rest day, but i ate too much (-1) bonus point for making myself sick (-1) see journal for details
    day 21: [88 points] this is my rest week after 8 weeks of training. keeping diet super-clean, light cardio here and there. took the dogs for a long walk today
    day 22: [88 points] a good yoga workout, great nutrition.
    day 23: [88 points] good workout, great nutrition.
    day 24: [88 points] another great workout, another great nutrition day
    day 25: [87 points] left computer cord at work over weekend, couldn't post on home desktop for some reason (gave up after 3 tries) other than that, good workout, good nutrition (-1)
    day 26: [85 points] left computer cord at work over weekend, drank too many beers (-2)
    day 27: [84 points] cheat meal day, but also drank a milkshake (-1)
    day 28: [84 points] great workout after rest week, perfect nutrition.
    day 29: [84 points] great workout, great nutrition.
    day 30: [83 points] good workout, good nutrition, but ate a couple wings at work. (-1)
    day 31: [83 points] a scheduled rest day, good nutrition.

    so there it is. 83 points, not too bad for my first 100 challenge. not where i wanted to be, of course, but there's plenty of room for improvement. and even though my whole post got deleted halfway through, i found my starting stats.

    Weight: 257.6
    Chest: 47.0
    Abs: 45.0
    Waist: 42.5
    Arm: 15.0
    Forearm: 12.0
    Thigh: 24.5
    Calf: 16.5
    BF%: 27-28%
    Resting HR: 60

    and my ending stats...

    Weight: 242.2
    Chest: 44.75
    Abs: 43.0
    Waist: 41.0
    Arm: 15.0
    Forearm: 12.0
    Thigh: 23.5
    Calf: 15.5
    BF%: 21-22%
    #6 jasonross, Feb 28, 2011
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2011
  7. KC

    KC Active Member

    May 23, 2007
    Likes Received:
    GOAL: Weigh 110 pounds

    COMMENT: Going on a vacation April 4th and want to look good in my bathing suit!

    Monday: Rest
    Tuesday: Floor Hockey Game/ Pilates
    Wednesday: Weights
    Thursday: Run
    Friday: Rest
    Saturday: Long Run
    Sunday: Weights

    No sugar.
    1 cheat meal a week.
    3 litres of water/day

    WEIGHT: 120 pounds


    MAR 1: Good workout and cardio from hockey. Eating was good. drank water.[100 points]
    MAR 2: Leg workout. Meals were good. [100 points]
    MAR 3: Went for a run afterwork. Passed up thai food. [100 points]
    MAR 4: Today was my planned cheat meal. Went to a hockey game and knew I would be eating there and having beer. It was supposed to be a rest day but did a mini workout afterwork [100 points]
    MAR 5: I ended up eating some late night pizza today. I was supposed to go a a long run but the weather was bad so I did my Sunday workout this morning instead [99 points]
    MAR 6: The weather got worse and there was just no way I could make it outside to run. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Everything else was good. [99 points]
    MAR 7:Still didn't get that run in but didn another great workout in it's place. Just hoping for a little less ice. [99 points]
    MAR 8: Played floor hockey tonight for a great cardio workout. Unfortunately I ate some chocolate before the game (and didn't even realize (at the time) that I shouldn't have eaten it) [98 points]
    MAR 9: Got in an awesome workout tonight. Meals are good. Tons of snow tomorrow so may have to put my run off again. [98 points]
    MAR 10: Did pilates today. Still didn't make it out for a run. Hopefully next week the roads will be better. [98 points]
    MAR 11: Today was a rest day.[98 points]
    MAR 12: Played in a floor hockey tournament today. 5 games. I was pretty exhausted by the end. This took the place of my long run as it was all day and there was no way I could run afterwards![98 points]
    MAR 13: My body was still pretty exhausted from yesterday. I'm decided to rest today and go for a run tomorrow on my usual rest day.[98 points]
    MAR 14: Running wasn't going to happen again today my body just needs a little more rest, but I went for a long quick walk in it's place followed by some pilates. [98 points]
    MAR 15: Usually I play floor hockey on Tuesday but we had a break this week. Instead I went to a concert and food night and because I didn't plan it ahead I lost my workout time. The food was great and I stayed on track so I was happy with that aspect. -1[97 points]
    MAR 16: I had a fabulous workout today. About 1 1/2 hours (cardio, weights, stretching) and it felt good. Tomorrow being St. Patricks day I'm going to have a cheat day. I will still get in a workour however before I head out to celebrate! [97 points]
    MAR 17:As mentioned I had planned to have some drinks and not so good food, but I didn't go crazy. I did fit in a 30 minute pilates workout which was better then nothing! [97 points]
    MAR 18: Today was going to be rest day but got home early and thought I might as well get in a workout. [97 points]
    MAR 19: Miseed my workout today -1 [96 points]
    MAR 20: Over ate today and didn't make the best choices.-1[95 points]
    MAR 21: [100 points]
    MAR 22: [100 points]
    MAR 23: [100 points]
    MAR 24: [100 points]
    MAR 25: [100 points]
    MAR 26: [100 points]
    MAR 27: [100 points]
    MAR 28: [100 points]
    MAR 29: [100 points]
    MAR 30: [100 points]
    MAR 31: [100 points]
    #7 KC, Feb 28, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2011
  8. mike45

    mike45 Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2004
    Likes Received:
    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to get back to around 165 pounds, where I felt the healthiest. Best way to get on track is to start this month.

    Monday: Cardio (20 minutes), Back, Biceps, Traps
    Tuesday: Practice (2 hours)
    Wednesday: Cardio (20 minutes), Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Core
    Thursday: Practice (2 hours)
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Practice (2 hours)
    Sunday: Cardio (20 minutes) Legs, Abs, Lats

    Six meals per day, no cheat meals allowed.

    Weight: 177 pounds

    3/1/11 - Ate well, practiced for 2 hours. 100 points
    3/2/11 - Ate well, had a good workout. Gotta definitely work my core in more and I want to also incorporate push-ups into this workout because I am working with limited equipment. Definitely a busy week filled with work, so back to work now. 100 points
    #8 mike45, Feb 28, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  9. kennyhack

    kennyhack Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    GOAL: Lose fat & eat clean

    COMMENT: I want to lose fat, eat clean and eat 5-6 meals per day.

    Monday: 45' run
    Tuesday: Weight training + 25' elliptical
    Wednesday: 45' run
    Thursday: Weight training + 25' elliptical
    Friday: 45' run
    Saturday: Weight training + 25' elliptical
    Sunday: REST

    5-6 meals a day, no sugar. Cutting carbs (except fibrous carbs) after 6PM (except when doing weight training in the evening) . ONE cheat meal per week.

    Weight : 189 lbs.


    MAR 1: :Felt really motivated and ate clean for the whole day. In the evening I did my weight training + 30' cardio
    -0 points : [100 POINTS]

    MAR 2: : Great day, perfect diet and a good workout ! [100 POINTS]

    MAR 3: : Did my workout as usual, but I was so hungry that I binged eating so much WW bread . -1 point : [99 points]

    MAR 4: : I performed my workout, but I drank some alcohol during the carnival party... so -1 poing [98 points]

    MAR 5: : Carnival time at night... but at least I did my workout -1 point : [97 points]

    MAR 6: : Carnival time... It was my day off training, but I screwed up the diet -1 point : [96 points]

    MAR 7: : I did a great workout but ended up eating too much in the afteroon -1 point : [95 points]

    MAR 8: : Good diet & workout 95 points

    MAR 9: : Back to good & clean diet as scheduled.
    #9 kennyhack, Feb 28, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  10. Chuckfinn

    Chuckfinn Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Likes Received:
    March 2011

    goal: cut. Will post more tomorrow
  11. joe6pk

    joe6pk Active Member

    Dec 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    MAR 1: Ate all meals as scheduled, but too much desert
    -1 point [99 points]
    MAR 2: Ate all meals as scheduled
    -0 point [99 points]
    #11 joe6pk, Feb 28, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2011
  12. futuredave

    futuredave Active Member

    Jul 18, 2009
    Likes Received:
    GOAL: 2 upper body workouts/week. Lower body work as outlined by physical therapist. 1 interval workout/week on bike or elliptical

    COMMENT: Doing an upper body program to strengthen back/shoulders and overcome shoulder pain. Also, seeing a physical therapist re lateral knee pain. Follow his program.

    MEALS: 4-6 small meals a day of whole food. Protein, healthy fats, loads of veggies. ONE cheat meal per week.
  13. leftyx

    leftyx Senior Member

    Jun 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    March 2011

    goal: cut. doing Scivation program

    COMMENT: I want to lose fat, eat clean and eat 5-6 meals per day.

    Monday: 30 mins LISS, weights
    Tuesday: 30 mins LISS, weights
    Wednesday: REST
    Thursday: 30 mins LISS, weights
    Friday: 30 mins LISS, weights
    Saturday: REST or HIIT if I miss LISS this week
    Sunday: REST or HIIT if I miss LISS this week

    Scivation nutrition plan. 5-6 meals a day. ONE cheat meal per week.

    Weight: 149
    BF: 18.35%
    Chest: 37
    Waist: 36.25
    Arms unflexed: 12,12
    Forearms unflexed: 10,10
    Thighs: 20.5, 20.5
    Calves: 13.5, 13.5



    MAR 1: [100 POINTS] diet perfect, workouts perfect
    MAR 2: [99 POINTS] tried something different for breakfast, it didn't work out. 2 Wake Up Wraps from Dunkin Donuts. Too much fat. No workout today/ day off.
    MAR 3: [99 POINTS] perfect diet, perfect workouts
    MAR 4: [98 POINTS] ate a lean cuisine for dinner (too many carbs) perfect workout
    MAR 5: [98 POINTS] weekends are hard to judge. but plan was 5-6 meals a day and I ate 5. all good food
    MAR 6: [98 POINTS] scheduled cheat meal, did a HIIT session got in 5 meals
    MAR 7: [98 POINTS] perfect diet, perfect workout
    MAR 8: [98 POINTS] perfect diet, perfect workout
    MAR 9: [96 POINTS] turkey bacon flatbread sandwich ( too much fat - 20g ), 2 oreo cookies
    MAR 10 [96 POINTS] diet okay, workouts okay /
    I count 5 people left in this challenge. Looks like everyone left is going to the end. Wonder who will win? Hahhah everybody who finishes wins if they keep it up.
    MAR11 [95 POINTS] Ambushed by Starbucks who gave away free mini-pastry with a coffee today. Perfect workout.
    MAR12 [95 POINTS] 5 good meals, good workout
    MAR13 [94 POINTS] 3 meals, good workout - supposed to eat 5-6 meals but after the cheat meal I couldn't eat another thing. And I slept lousy from eating all that junk.
    Only four left since Jason hasnt updated in a few days. Good luck to all.
    MAR14 [93 POINTS] ate a extra thin pita with my tuna salad for dinner
    MAR15 [91 POINTS] ate 3 E.L. Fudge cookies, had a thin bun on my hambuger for dinner
    MAR16 [90 POINTS] only got in 4 meals, supposed to eat 5-6 a day.
    MAR17 [88 POINTS] started the day with 2 cookies with coffee, -1, then had to quit workout, i got hurt, -1
    MAR18 [88 POINTS] perfect diet, perfect training
    MAR19 [86 POINTS] did HIIT, missed a meal, forgot to update on time -2
    MAR20 [85 POINTS] did HIIT, ate a few taco chips and 3 cookies -1
    MAR21 [85 POINTS] perfect diet, perfect workout
    MAR22 [84 POINTS] perfect workout under restricted time conditions, good nutrtition but ate 2 kisses -1
    MAR23 [83 POINTS] good nutrition until dinner, had a cookie, and night meal, ate too much peanut butter -1
    MAR24 [82 POINTS] good nutrition until dinner, had a cookie, great workout -1
    MAR25 [81 POINTS] good nutrition until dinner, had a cookie, great workout -1 ONLY 3 OF US LEFT!!!
    MAR26 [79 POINTS] only ate 4 meals, ate 6 cookies, good training -2
    MAR27 [78 POINTS] only ate 4 meas, 3 good meals and a cheat -1
    MAR28 [77 POINTS] ate 4 hershey kisses and a chips ahoy cookie, had a good workout -1
    MAR29 [76 POINTS] ate dnner at costco (had the most healthful thing i could find), good workout -1
    MAR30 [75 POINTS] good nutrition, day off training, day late posting -1
    MAR31 [74 POINTS] good training, too many carbs at dinner (my fault, i chose dinner) -1
    #13 leftyx, Mar 1, 2011
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2011
  14. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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  15. AzDesertRhino

    AzDesertRhino Active Member

    Jan 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Well, March didn't turn out too bad for me but I could have done better.

    I lost 11 pounds and worked out a lot more than I had been. It got me into the habit of watching my food intake and working out pretty consistently.

    I'm going to try to work out more this month but can only commit to 4 days a week due to the job I work.

    Ya know, this working for a living stuff is highly over-rated!!:lol:
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