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John Stone's March 2009 "100 Challenge" (Completed)

Discussion in '"100 Challenges"' started by John Stone, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. MrsGoldsen

    MrsGoldsen Active Member

    Aug 11, 2007
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    Sure, why not......:tucool:
  2. jimmcbride

    jimmcbride Active Member

    Jan 24, 2009
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    GOAL: To look so good it would be a crime to keep my shirt on.

    COMMENT: i would like to get down under 200lbs with loosing as little mass as possible. i started in jan. at 230lbs i've lost 15 in two months i feel a lot better but i have been very slack in my eating habits and my work outs have been random and often lazy. i think the "100 chalange" will be helpful in keeping me on track.

    Monday: Weight training (full body work out HIT)
    Tuesday: Weight training (full body work out HIT)
    Wednesday: cardio (bike 45 mins)
    Thursday: weight training (FB HIT)
    Friday: Weight training (FB HIT)
    Saturday: Cardio (bike 45)
    Sunday: REST

    MEAL SCHEDULE: High protin. low carb diet. one cheat meal (pizza or buffalo wings) fri or sat night.

    WEIGHT: 215
    BODY FAT: n/a
  3. kismocles

    kismocles Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2005
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    I'm in

    GOAL: Drop 2" off my waist; finish with 90pts or better.

    NUTRITION: Eat clean with one cheat meal a week; No refined sugar, including in the cheat meal.

    WORKOUTS: Lift 3x a week, usually MWF; cardio and abs 2x a week (usually TTh); No workouts on weekends.

    -Weight: 221

    Weight 219; Reached goal of finishing above 90 pts, with a final total of 96 pts. Didn't do the 2" off waist for whatever reason. Would estimate maybe a 1/2" reduction there, but never did the measurements.
    What I would do different: I joined the challenge at the last minute so did not set clear goals or do measurements. Also, I would do more on the cardio side (3x a week) and lift 2x a week. I did 100% compliance on the diet side and REALLY was helped here by this challenge. I also never missed a workout because of a lack of willpower etc. All my misses were travel related, or things which I have had no control over. Not to make excuses, but just to acknowledge the effect the challenge has had on my discipline.

    MAR 01: A Sunday so no workout, just eating clean which I did. Expecting a blizzard here in Philly. [100 pts]
    MAR 02: The "blizzard" was just a snow storm but my *^%$#$!! gym decided not to open. I made a second attempt at the local YMCA but they were closed too. So I missed my workout and lost a point. [-1][99 pts]
    MAR 03: Life back to normal here. Hit the gym and ate clean all day. [99 pts]
    MAR 04: Lifted today for first time in months. Felt great. Did chest and shoulders. Ate clean all day. [99 pts]
    MAR 05: Did cardio and diet as planned. [99 pts]
    MAR 06: Lifted today: back arms and legs. Ate clean as planned. [99 pts]
    MAR 07: Weekends are about hanging with the kids and eating clean. My one cheat meal was today, when I took my 3 year old out for lunch. Can't avoid fries in that circumstance. But clean all day otherwise. [99 pts]
    MAR 08: Played with the kids all day and ate clean, no cheats. [99 pts]
    MAR 09: Did arms and chest today. Ate clean. Loving this spring weather. [99 pts]
    MAR 10: Clean eats and 40 mins cardio today, with some nice ab work. [99 pts]
    MAR 11: Good day today; hit shoulders, back and legs. No issues at all [99 pts]
    MAR 12: 40 mins elliptical....not seeing any movement on the scale, but keeping at it. [99 pts]
    MAR 13: Today was upper body, so I did chest and arms. Felt really run down and wanted to skip today, but didn't let myself. [99 pts]
    MAR 14: Weekend so main challenge was eating clean. This website keeps me honest so I avoided the snacks the kids had when their cousins came to visit. [99 pts]
    MAR 15: Ate clean all day, even skipping the cheat meal this week. [99 pts]
    MAR 16: Half way done! Lifted today, upper body, though I feel like I have African sleeping sickness or something. Pushed myself through it, but now just want to climb under my desk for a few hours. [99 pts]
    MAR 17: Lifted today, lower body because traveling on Wed. so I switched cardio till then. No issues [99 pts]
    MAR 18: Just could not workout today Started my day at 5.30 to catch a flight. Return flight was so delayed I didn't get home till after midnight. So I lose another point here. Just glad the issue wasn't being lazy. [-1] [98 pts]
    MAR 19: Did a shorter cardio routine at much higher resistance. I think I got more of it that way. [98 pts]
    MAR 20: Did a home workout today using dumbbells. First time I did it this way, but it was pretty good. Did upper body (chest shoulders and arms). Ate clean all day. [98 pts]
    MAR 21: Actually sore from yesterday's workout which is a good thing. The home equipment did the trick. Ate clean all day; this challenge does help a lot on the diet side since on the weekends esp. I have a hundred opportunities to eat sugar. But I don't. [98 pts]
    MAR 22: Ate clean and skipped the allowed cheat meal for the second week this month. Will be on the road all day tomorrow but have to find a way to workout. [98 pts]
    MAR 23: Another travel day extended well beyond my expected return. So I was unable to work out when I got back; but ate clean. [-1][97 pts]
    MAR 24: Lifted today to make up for yesterday; did this instead of cardio. One week to go. [97 pts]
    MAR 25: Once more spent the whole day on the road with no opportunity to workout. [-1][96 pts]
    MAR 26: Hit lower body pretty hard today, since I missed two workouts this week. Stairs will be murder tomorrow. [96 pts]
    MAR 27: Did a great upper body workout today and ate clean all day. [96 pts]
    MAR 28: A day with family where the challenge is not to like the stuff the kids do. JSF has really helped me eat clean all month, since I hate the idea of losing points for something I have control over. So food was fine. [96 pts]
    MAR 29: Sunday so no workout. But ate clean all day, no cheat meal. Did a lot of running and playing with the kids, as well as some work around the house. [96 pts]
    MAR 30: Ate as planned and did a very hard upper body work out today. One more day! [96 pts]
    MAR 31: Finished on a strong note, with a good cardio workout and clean eating all day. [96 pts]
    #23 kismocles, Feb 24, 2009
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2009
  4. Jerpreacher

    Jerpreacher Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2004
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    COMMENT: I had great success last summer with the Zone diet, Crossfit, and karate training. However, my currently-unknown joint ailment flared up and made any sort of activity hard, plus I lost my job, which meant my only stress-compensation was eating. Not good, obviously. Tomorrow I start a new job, though, and I'm going to need every ounce of energy I can muster - which means eating right, working out, and taking good care of myself. That's what this month's Challenge is about for me. I'm hoping to lose about 8-10 pounds (half of which will likely be water,) but I'm trying to keep my focus this month on the job and on my health. All goals are subject to change and addition based on doctor's orders.

    5 days per week either gym or musclepower commute (walk or bike to work)
    - Focus on strength training/compound lifts
    Karate practice 3 or 4 hours every week (this takes care of core strength)
    One trail run per week (may be to work!)

    Zone diet, 13 blocks, ideally three meals/two snacks
    One "heavy" (non-clean-food) cheat meal per week
    Two "light" (clean food, non-Zone proportions and/or quantities) cheat meals per week

    8 hours in bed a night
    No missed medications
    No processed food in the house
    No alcohol while contraindicated
    No caffeinated beverages

    WEEK 1 STATS (Mar 2)
    WEIGHT: 213.4
    BODY FAT: 43.5

    WEIGHT: 210.6
    BODY FAT: 44.0

    WEIGHT: 211.0
    BODY FAT: 42.0

    WEIGHT: 210.2
    BODY FAT: 43.5

    WEIGHT: 211.6
    BODY FAT: 42.5

    MAR 1: Ready to go! Today was my "heavy" cheat meal for the week, with a planned lunch with friends. I'm locked and loaded for my new job tomorrow, with the house clean, new clothes bought, and all of my goals set down somewhere. I didn't weigh in this morning, but I'll be starting that tomorrow as I groove in my new morning routine. I'm looking forward to getting back in the gym, and looking forward even more to being able to walk/bike to work. [100]

    MAR 2: So far, so good. Gym this morning - I did some stretching and bar-only lifting. This week I'm going to take it very easy so I don't overstress my joints. Food is on target thus far, although resisting the 25 cent sodas will be a challenge. Updated to add, the rest of the work day went well and I made it to karate. My legs are already a touch sore from this morning's VERY light workout - I'll have to be careful not to overdo. Added my starting stats - I'm expecting to have a bunch of water loss this week. [100]

    MAR 3: Going to walk to work this morning, see how it goes. Am about two pounds down from yesterday, which is about what I expected. [100]

    MAR 4: Walked to and from work yesterday as planned, and also walked today. It's going to be interesting to go to karate today with tired legs. Missed last night due to an offsite work meeting - also had an unplanned cheat meal. Did not, however, have caffeine or alcohol, and that was tough because the boss was buying. -1 for food, but today should be better. [99]

    MAR 5: Hit the gym this morning - same routine as last time. Early karate class today, so I can't take the time to walk. Last night's class was exciting, trying to get my legs to keep moving - they're pretty trashed. I think in a week or two, though, this will be doable. I did have another unscheduled (although not entirely unexpected) cheat meal for dinner. It wasn't awful, and I still haven't broken my no caffeine/no alcohol rule, but that's -1. I am down just about 4 pounds from Monday, though, as expected. [98]

    MAR 6: Dr's appointment today, which means no morning workout. As stated in the goals, my health is my biggest concern, so I'm not taking a point off for it. Frankly I think my legs could use the extra day, and my blisters some extra time to heal. Yesterday's food and exercise was spot-on, and this morning I'm down just shy of 6 pounds from Monday. That's a lot of water! It's not unexpected, though - between hormonal water retention ending and my valedictory pizza Saturday night, I had plenty to lose. I expect to go up a bit or at least stay level for the next few days, though. Plans may change tonight after the doctor's appointment, but I suspect that they'll mostly be reinforced. [98]

    MAR 7: -1 again for pizza last night - otherwise the day was fine. This week has been unusually social for me, hence all the cheat meals, but it hasn't so far impeded my progress. I expect the medicine is having some effect (it's an anti-inflammatory, and the fluid has to go somewhere, I suppose.) Doctor's appointment went as well as could be expected - I need to stay on the meds, no diagnosis yet, but my blood work is all perfectly normal. Cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure - all things that might be adversely affected by the 40+ extra pounds I'm carrying, but don't seem to be. I'm not changing any of my plans as of yet - going to give it one more week to see if it's all sustainable. [97]

    MAR 8: Missed update -1 [96]

    MAR 9: Can't believe I missed the update yesterday. Sloppy! Anyway, Saturday wasn't horrible, although I'll have to count lunch as a cheat (-1) and Sunday I was pretty good, although I didn't get a run in at all this weekend (-1). I slept an inordinate amount Saturday to Sunday, which had the happy effect of cushioning the time change, but man, I was wiped out. Stats aren't quite where I expected them to be, but who can predict water weight fluctuations? Walked to work this morning (although if it rains I may take the bus home,) and I realized that I had completely forgotten about the gym across the street from work. Literally less than 100 yards from the door, and I'd been driving in completely the opposite direction to go. Not going to act on that just yet, but I'm going to keep it in mind for lunchtime workouts maybe next month. [94]

    MAR 10: Yesterday was on point - food, exercise, sleep, etc. Today is looking to be a repeat. Amusingly, I'm down 3 pounds again this morning, bringing me back to where I was Thursday. Still too early to tell how much of that is fat vs just water - my impedance scale is neither accurate nor precise enough to tell. [94]

    MAR 11: Yesterday was, in fact, perfectly on point. I'm beginning to think I might even survive this routine. This morning it was pouring so I hit the gym - again just stretching and very light weights. Next month will be more focused on lifting. Lunch was one of my "light" cheats for the week - sushi and a little bulgoki, not terrible and not carb-y, but not Zone either. Expecting a normal evening and another gym day tomorrow, and possibly Friday if the rain keeps up. [94]

    MAR 12: Raining again. After a killer workout at karate last night, I decided not to go to the gym to give my poor legs a rest. I'll defer taking a point off - I'll make it up over the weekend. Food was fine yesterday and should be fine again today. [94]

    MAR 13: Still raining. Didn't make it out of bed in time to make it to the gym - that's definitely a point off. Food was fine yesterday. Tonight may be a big cheat meal, may be a small cheat meal, but either way I'm covered since I've been good all week. [93]

    MAR 14: Yesterday was fine, had my cheat meal for dinner as expected. Planning to make up my gym trip today then run tomorrow. My legs are in better shape after the whole rest day yesterday, actually. I may adjust my plan to give me one rest morning during the week. [93]

    MAR 15: Made it to the gym and actually did a weight workout and a short run. Food was ok, had my second light cheat (Tuna melt and mashed potatoes - yum!) I fell asleep about 7:30 last night and slept pretty much straight through til about 8:30 this morning, even though I've been consistent about my sleep the last couple weeks. Guess I just need the extra recovery. [93]

    MAR 16: Walked to work today. Yesterday was fine - counting dinner as this week's first light cheat, and I guess it was saltier than I expected because I'm way bloated this morning. Nearly the same weight as last Monday but 2% less BF - that's a bunch of water weight right there. I'm going to plan this week to take one morning off during the week - probably Wednesday or Friday - and go to the gym on the weekend. That worked better, I think. Still solid on my meds, no alcohol, and no caffeine, which makes me very happy. [93]

    MAR 17: Last night, as I remembered almost too late, was a guest lecturer instead of class at karate. I made it, though, and it was lovely. Walked to work again today - it's definitely getting easier, although not much faster. Yesterday's lunch will have to count as my cheat for the week - there's no way I can rationalize enchiladas. Two pounds down today anyway, though. Skipping the traditional St Paddy's day festivities in favor of practice and sleep tonight. [93]

    MAR 18: Yesterday was fine, and back down to my pre-weekend weight. Today I drove to work - didn't hit the gym first - but I may go over lunch instead. [93]

    MAR 19: Yesterday was a little nonstandard, but good. I ended up doing a double karate workout, instead of a trip to the gym. Since the first class was conditioning, I think that was a more-than-adequate trade. Today is definitely my "off" day as a result - I'll have karate tonight but am not worrying about a second workout. [93]

    MAR 20: Missed update -1. [92]

    MAR 21: Yesterday was not the best day for the Challenge. Let's see: -1 for not working out, -1 for breaking my no-caffeine rule, and -1 for lunch. Ah, well. Back in the saddle. [89]

    MAR 22: Yesterday was, overall, much better. Another -1 for caffeine but I think the timing was such that it won't cause a long-term problem. Today I have no ambitions but to lounge around and relax. [88]

    MAR 23: Yesterday was a typical lounge-y Sunday. I think I've pinned down the cause of my cyclical caffeine abuse - it seems triggered by PMS. Now to see if I can stop it! Walked to work this morning, and tried a new supplement for the first time - Sportlegs. Jopreacher swears that it makes a huge difference in recovery time and DOMS. We shall see.

    MAR 24: I think overall the Sportlegs were helpful, although the real test is tonight/tomorrow, when my DOMS usually kicks in. It was an interesting sensation last night to feel my legs getting tired but not burning. Food was more or less fine yesterday, although I probably didn't eat enough, but I need to take off another point for caffeine. [87]

    MAR 25: Still no DOMS, so I think I'm sold on Sportlegs. This is particularly helpful this week because I have a special class on Friday and I want to be in top form. On the other hand, the weather yesterday and today not only precluded walking, but made my joints swell up again. I went to class last night anyway and will today, but I'm annoyed. -1 for caffeine and last night was my week's big cheat. [86]

    MAR 26: Updating and going to karate are about the only good things I'm doing right now... Food was crap yesterday, -1. Caffeine, -1. Not taking a point off for driving because the weather is making my joints swell up, but still not ideal. [84]

    MAR 27: Missed update -1.

    MAR 28: Updating before I crash. Spent the day watching people be awesome. More later.

    MAR 29: Missed update -1.

    MAR 30: Missed update -1.

    MAR 31: Missed update -1.

    Final Update: So, not my best month, although work is going tolerably well. The biggest problem was that both my exercise plan and my overall wellness can easily be derailed by the weather - my joint issues flare up when it rains, and it's rained a lot the last two weeks. So I've been sore, cranky, and not as active as I'd like. That doesn't excuse the completely off-the-rails food and caffeine issues, of course. I'm currently on a new med which will hopefully help, and have an appointment with a specialist in a couple weeks. So we'll see what improvement I can manage. [77ish]
    #24 Jerpreacher, Feb 24, 2009
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2009
  5. buffedstuff

    buffedstuff Active Member

    Aug 31, 2006
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    Goal : Survive each day of training and not lose my mind!

    Monday: Fullbody, core, cardiovascular endurance
    Tuesday: Cardio and core
    Wednesday: Fullbody, core, cardiovascular endurance
    Thursday:Leg emphasis training, low intensity cardio
    Friday: Rest
    Saturday: Fullbody, core, cardiovascular endurance
    Sunday:Cardio and core

    March 01 No training today, chill, relax and embrace.
    March 02 I am a woman on a mission 100%
    March 03 100% so far, it is all good.
    March 04 I am surviving 100%
    March 05 dang it 99
    March 06 ouch 97
    March 07 no training today
    March 08 No training today
    March 09 Fullbody madness 97
    March 10 The ride is getting wild 97
    March 11 hanging tight all is well 97
    March 12 Did what I had to do 97
    March 13 clinging to it 97
    March 14 no scheduled training so score remains the same
    March 15 no scheduled training so score remains the same
    March 16 such a slow drain but I held on to my 97
    March 17 weather is nice and toasty 97
    March 18 97
    March 19 schedule change I have today and friday off so no training until saturday and sunday
    March 20 no training 97
    March 21 -1 I did not get enough sleep last night and it showed. 96
    March 22 yes, 96
    March 23 96
    March 24 93
    March 25 91
    March 26 oh my 90
    March 27 90
    March 28 90
    March 29 87
    March 30 87
    March 31 87 It is finished it is done, life is muy bueno
    #25 buffedstuff, Feb 24, 2009
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2009
  6. jopreacher

    jopreacher Well-Known Member

    Jul 22, 2004
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    Goal: Increased Strength and Better Jits while eating better - eating better means lean proteins, whole grains, lots of fruits and veggis. No alcohol or crap food except at cheat meal.

    Sunday: Stronglifts 5x5 am
    Monday: BJJ class 7:30pm
    Tuesday: Stronglifts 5x5 at lunchtime
    Wednesday: BJJ class 7:30pm
    Thursday: Stronglifts 5x5 pm
    Friday: Rest Day - PM cheat meal
    Saturday: BJJ class 10:30 am

    Starting weight: 147
    BF%: 21.5 (I have no idea how this can be right - I used calipers and everything)

    3/1 - Started stronglifts 5x5 at home - will have to go to gym for the rest of them. The only thing that gave me trouble was inverted rows - probably because I was using rings. No points off so far. Removed IF from goals at the advice of an IF master. Instead I am going to just work on making my feeding window shorter on certain days. Had a beer with a friend who needed a shoulder to cry on, but the rest of my food was solid.
    -1 [99]

    3/2 - BJJ class was crazy MMA conditioning while getting beaten on for an hour and a half. Wore me out! Food on point today. Oatmeal, tuna and brown rice, sm jamba juice w/whey PWO, bison salad.
    -0 [99]

    3/3 - Stronglifts B. Not too bad - but it is going to get challenging fast with those deads. Went out to celebrate with a friends and had beers and a small amount of fried stuff. :( Everything else was good.
    -2 [97]

    3/4 On point today. :) however, I am pretty darn sore. I may need to rest tomorrow and move Thur workout to Fri - but I am ok with that because not listening to my body is what got me out of shape in the first place. I am also going to skip my cheat meal Friday since I really cheated last night. Do I get points back? :P
    -0 [97]

    3/5 Everything was good today. I did end up taking today as a rest day and will do my 5x5 Friday
    -0 [97]

    3/6 5x5 Workout A today. 5x5 is still not too hard - but my muscles still complain the next day. My food was ok - but I did have beers with co-workers after seeing the watchman.
    -1 [96]

    3/7 BJJ Class this AM, was good. Food was on point. I had some bison for lunch and seared ahi for dinner. yum. Sundays are my weigh in days - so... Down to 144 this morning. Hooray for losing water weight.
    -0 [96]

    3/8 All good today. 5x5 workout, food good. Squats are starting to get more challenging towards the last set. Taking sportslegs as recovery aid - its just calcium, Vit D and magnesium.
    -0 [96]

    3/9 Food was fine. Didn't go to BJJ because of intestinal problems. I'll still take a point off for it. Bah.
    -1 [95]

    3/10 All good. I need to get better at eating more protein in the AM. I find myself at the end of the day needing a good number of grams to meet my daily goal. Sportslegs helps the hell out of my DOMS from squats.
    -0 [95]

    3/11 Food was fine. But I bailed out of Jiu-Jitsu in favor of a boxing workout. I'm not taking a point off for that - I worked out.
    -0 [95]

    3/12 - no BJJ thrashing my quads recently made todays squats and deads at the gym feel easy. That was nice. Barely made it through overhead press though. To be expected - they say thats the first lift in stronglifts 5x5 that you fail at. Taking cheat meal tonight since food is already planned for tomorrow to not include a cheat. Cheesesteak!
    -0 [95]

    3/13 Yeah - so yesterday went all to hell. Ate too much and had beer.
    -2 [93]

    3/14 Good workout. No alcohol but I did go over my calories a bit. Slept like the dead.
    -1 [92]

    3/15 No workout - spent the day sleeping. No food issues though.
    -1 [91]

    3/16 - Everything golden today. Still having issues with my evening meal becoming a protein gorge. I don't know if I need a mid-day protein shake/snack or what.
    -0 [91]

    3/17 - Today was good - good 5x5 W/O. Made my cal's.
    -0 [91]

    3/18 - My Birthday! Worked out anyway, but I am probably going to drink beer and have good food - and not take off points for it.
    -0 [91]

    3/19 - All good. Rested today and will do 5x5 on Friday.
    -0 [91]

    3/20 - All good. 5x5'd.
    -0 [91]

    3/21 - All good. Jits was good. Got a massage - it was ok. A bit too hard.
    -0 [91]

    3/22 - Yesterday was good. Down to 143. :) Next week should be challenging with the addition of a Tuesday night Muay Thai class - so thats 5x5 at lunch and conditioning at night. Whee.
    -0 [91]

    3/23 - Pretty good day - My lunch was not as good as it could have been, but my overall calories for the day were fine. Jits was good. I have finally found a good place mentally for it.
    -0 [91]

    3/24 - This day was awesome. two workouts and solid on the food.
    -0 [91]

    3/25 - The complete opposite of yesterday - unawesome. We had hail the size of baseballs that took out my front and rear windshield and peppered my car with dents. This happened at 6pm when I was supposed to be driving to BJJ - no driving in the giant hail of doom! So I missed my class, had two beers with co-workers who also lost windshields, then had cheesesteak for dinner. Wednesday FAIL. My main concern is getting the car back in working condition so I can drive to classes and the gym - ok, and I guess work too. I'm supposed to work out at lunch tmr, but that's not happening - hopefully I can go after work instead.
    -3 [88]

    3/26 - Still dealing with car but everything was fine yesterday. Took the day as rest and will do the Thursday workout on Friday which is not unusual.
    -0 [88]

    3/27 - Had beer and wine. Food was fine. Did my 5x5 and felt pretty good about it - deads are getting heavy enough that I understand why people do an opposing grip. I had problems holding on. I have added tabatas to the end of my 5x5 days with good results.
    -1 [87]

    3/28 - Went to class, food was fine.
    -0 [87]

    3/29 - Everything was good. Did two running tabatas at the end of my 5x5.
    -0 [87]

    3/30 - Solid day. BJJ class was a tournament in which I came in last! Woo!
    -0 [87]

    3/31 - 5x5 and Muay Thai class - food was spot on. Bruised my foot in class and deadlifted my own body weight. Solid finish to the month.

    Final Score: 87 - That's a B+
    Finished at 143 lbs. My lameness at fat measurement puts me about the same since the calipers aren't that granular - my guess is that I lost maybe a percent, but man, my upper body is looking buff, I got my lats back, I can do 5 pullups in a row, and I am starting to see some leg definition. I love 5x5 but we'll see how much I love it now that the weights are getting really heavy. I could have done better on my food and have adjusted macros for next month a bit and lowered my max cal count for the days.
    #26 jopreacher, Feb 25, 2009
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2009
  7. HyPe

    HyPe Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2004
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    - New goals for this month posted soon
    - To stick to the conditions as stated below at a minimum; anything over and above is a bonus

    COMMENT: I was happy with parts of my February challenge. I had one bad weekend and i had a few days where i kept getting sick but other than that i was very committed. This month i want to better that even more and stay in the 90s even 100! Thing i loved about this challenge is i was thinking about it all the time in that when ever i felt like cheating i kept making myself accountable in that the whole community would be seeing! i dunno but i felt it was a good way to make me work harder in that me missing a workout = me dissapointed = other people dissapointed

    Training will be different to February routine - will post soon

    Workout 1:
    Workout 2:
    Workout 3:

    6 to 8 meals
  8. Tonatiuh

    Tonatiuh Active Member

    Jan 29, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Hey guys! Second post, second challenge!

    GOAL: Bulking

    COMMENT: I want to gain the most possible weight without gaining fat (or loose fat if possible).
    -Do my morning ritual:
    6h30: Immediate wake up
    6h30:Water, protein, banana
    6h32: Yoga, exercise (20min)
    6h55 Meditate
    7h Eat healthy breakfast
    7h15 Shower, teeth
    7h35 Get dressed

    Monday: Weight training: Chest & Triceps + abs
    Tuesday: Cardio: 20 mins HIIT
    Wednesday: Weight training: Back & Biceps
    Thursday: Weight training: Legs + abs
    Friday: Weight training: Delts & Traps + Obliques
    Saturday: Cardio: 45 mins (non HIIT)
    Sunday: Rest

    -Eat during the afternoon. No precise eat plan for now, but eating healthy.
    Cheat meal only if i'm out with friends or at a friend's house.
    Pre WO: Protein + Carbs
    During WO: Shake with BCAA, beta alanine...
    Post WO: Protein + Sugar/Maltodextrine + Creatine + Glutamine

    WEIGHT: 68kg aprox.
    BODY FAT: 10% aprox (from scale)


    March 1: rest day. [100]
    2: Ok , embarrassingly missed first WO. (1). These two weeks are going to be tough because of school work and exams coming, i'll try to limit the destruction. [99]
    3: Chest WO. [99]
    4: No WO, No update (-2) [97]
    5: Back. No update (-1)
    6: Legs. No Update (-1)
    7: No running. No up.(-1)
    8: Day off, no update!!! As you can see i've been a damn mess and missed 3 out of 6 exercise days, and forgot to update most of the week. jeez. I'll try to improve next week. And the week after (exams) is my tri-monthly scheduled week off. So...unless i feel like it i wont WO or update whatsoever. (-1) [93]
    9: WO OK. NO update again: argh! (-1) [92]
    10:WO ok. No breakfast. (-1). [91]
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  9. danboback

    danboback Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2004
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    I haven't participated in one of these in over a year, time to finally stick it out all month!

    LONG TERM GOAL: Get to 220lbs by wedding on August 29th
    MARCH GOAL: Lose 10lbs in the month of March

    Monday: Chest and Tricep weight training and Cardio
    Tuesday: Leg weight training and Cardio
    Wednesday: Back and Bicep weight training and Cardio
    Thursday: Shoulder weight training and Cardio
    Friday: Cardio and Abs
    Saturday: Cardio and Abs
    Sunday: Cardio and Abs

    Eat in the range of 2400-2600 cals per day, drink at least a gallon of water per day. One cheat meal a week and no alcohol...

    WEIGHT: 251.8lbs
    ARMS: 16.25"
    CALVES: 18"
    CHEST: 44.25"
    FOREARMS: 13"
    HIPS: 46.75"
    THIGHS: 26"
    WAIST(at belly button): 44.5"


    MAR 1: Cardio workout (done), cheat meal (done :doh:), water (good), cals (good) (100 points)
    MAR 2: Cardio workout (done), Weight training (done), water (good), cals (good) (100 points)
    MAR 3: Cardio workout (done), Weight training (done), water (135oz), cals (2355) (100 points)
    MAR 4: Cardio workout (done), Weight training (done), water (good), cals (good) (100 points)
    MAR 5: Cardio workout (done), Weight training (done), water (130oz), cals (this weeks cheat meal) (100 points)
    MAR 6: Cardio workout (done), Weight training (off day), water (135oz), cals (good) (100 points)
    MAR 7: Cardio workout (not done -1), weight training (off day), water (good), cals (good) (99 points)
    MAR 8: Cardio workout (done), weight training (off day), water (good), cals (a little high -1) (98 points)
    MAR 9: Cardio workout (done), weight training (done), water (good), cals (good), missed update(-1)(97 points)
    MAR 10: Cardio workout (done), weight training (done), water (good), cals (good)(97 points)
    MAR 11: Cardio workout(skipped -1), weight training (done), water (good), cals (good)(96 points)
    MAR 12: Cardio workout (done), weight training (done), water (good), cals (good)(96 points)
    MAR 13: Cardio workout (done), weight training (off day), water (good), cals (good) (96 points)
    MAR 14: Cardio workout (skipped -1), weight training (off day), water (good), cals (over -1), alcohol -1 (93 points)
    MAR 15: Cardio workout (skipped -1), weight training (off day), water (good), cals (good)(92 points)
    MAR 16: Cardio workout (skipped -1), weight training (skipped -1), water (good), cals (good) (90 points)
    MAR 17: Cardio workout (done), weight training (good), water (good), cals (good) (90 points)
    MAR 18: Cardio workout (done), weight training (good), water (good), cals (good) (90 points)
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  10. dso

    dso Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2004
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    GOAL: Weight Loss

    COMMENT: I am going to be losing weight while gaining/maintaining strength.

    WORKOUT SCHEDULE: This will vary with my work schedule. I have no set days to do certain things. This is how I have been doing it for the past couple of months. All 6 days are done in a Sunday - Saturday period.

    Day 1:Back, Biceps, Traps
    Day 2:50 minutes stationary bike
    Day 3:Legs
    Day4:50 minutes stationary bike
    Day 5:Chest, Delts, Tris
    Day 6: 50 minutes stationary bike

    I rest one day a week, usually Wednesday because I leave work and go home to watch American Idol :tu:

    -2100 cals - 2400 cals at a 40/40/20 breakdown. I use fitday to track this.

    WEIGHT: 258.8 lbs
    BIS: 16 1/2"
    CALVES: 17 1/4"
    CHEST: 48"
    FOREARMS: 13"
    THIGHS: 27"
    WAIST: 45"


    3/1 - Great back, bis, traps workout today. Had a cheat meal. I knew it was coming, but it won't help me get to where I want to be so I have to doc a point. I will make it up to myself in the days to come. (-1) 99 pts.
    3/2 - Followed all meals to plan, 50 minutes of cardio on the bike. (-0) 99 pts.
    3/3 - Clean meals, good leg workout. (-0) 99 pts.
    3/4 - Clean diet today. Rest day from the gym. (-0) 99pts.
    3/5 - Clean meals, 50 minute bike. (-0) 99pts
    3/6 - Ate all planned meals, did Chest/Delts/Tris (-0) 99pts.
    3/7 - All scheduled meals followed, skipped cardio (-1) 98 pts.
    3/8 - All scheduled meals, GREAT Back/Bis/Traps workout (-0) 98 pts.
    3/9 - Ate clean today. Switched up my cardio workout to 3 miles on the treadmill for today. (-0) 98 pts.
    3/10 - Bad, bad day today. Don't even want to post it, but I have to. Skipped leg workout, and had a cheat meal. (-2) 96
    3/11 - Meals followed, planned rest day (-0) 96 pts.
    3/12 - I haven't had the best dedication this month, however when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was 3.6 lbs lighter than the first of the month. Also, I did Chest/Delts/Tris today and almost all lifts went up by 5 lbs. All meals followed. (-0) 96 pts
    3/13 - All meals followed, great 50 minute elliptical workout. (-0) 96 pts.
    3/15 - Missed update yesterday, but did 50 minutes on the bike, and ate all planned meals. Today I ate all planned meals, but missed my workout. (-2) 94 pts.
    3/16 - Great cardio workout. Did the stepper for 25 minutes, and the bike for 20 minutes. Then I started doing abs tonight. All meals as planned. (-0) 94 pts.
    3/18 - Missed yesterday's update, and also had a cheat meal. Did my Back/Bi/Trap workout though. today was my scheduled off day and all meals were as planned. (-2) 92 pts.
    3/19 - All meals as followed, 50 minutes on the treadmill and I did abs. (-0) 92 pts.
    3/20 - Great leg workout and all meals followed. (-0) 92 pts
    3/22 - Missed an update yesterday, and a workout today. All meals as planned (-2) 90 pts.
    3/24 - All meals and workouts done both today and yesterday, but I didn't update. (-1) 89 pts.
    3/25 - All meals as planned, and a great leg workout. (-0) 89 pts.
    3/26 - All meals followed, good cardio workout (-0) 89 pts.
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  11. GuitarNWeights

    GuitarNWeights Active Member

    Jun 27, 2007
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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8% by May.

    Monday: Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Wednesday: Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Friday: Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Off or Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Note: I will add an additional cardio session during the week for a total of 4 cardio sessions.

    Five to Six meals per day, one/two cheat meal(s) per week.

    WEIGHT: 198.2 lbs (194.2 lbs on Mar 2)
    ARMS: 15.5"
    CALVES: 15.5"
    CHEST: 39.5"
    FOREARMS: 12"
    HIPS: 41"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 36"

    WEIGHT: 193.8 lbs
    ARMS: 16"
    CALVES: 15.5"
    CHEST: 40"
    FOREARMS: 12"
    HIPS: 41"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 35"


    Mar 1:
    Day off, had unscheduled cheat meal -1 [99 pts]
    Mar 2: Did workout. All meals ate. Missed update -1 [98 pts]
    Mar 3: Missed cardio. All meals ate. -1 [97 pts]
    Mar 4: Did workout. All meals ate. [97 pts]
    Mar 5: Did cardio. All meals ate. [97 pts]
    Mar 6: Did cardio. Did workout. Ate all meals. Had cheat meal. [97 pts]
    Mar 7: Missed cardio. Did workout. Had Cheat meal. Forgot update. -2 [95 pts]
    Mar 8: Day off. Had extra cheat meal -1 [94 pts]
    Mar 9: Good workout. Unplanned cheat meal -1 [93 pts] Lost 1/2" from my waist so far
    Mar 10: Did Cardio. Unplanned cheat meal & forgot update -2 [91 pts]
    Mar 11: Good workout. Unplanned cheat meal. A little too many unplanned cheat meals. Time to get back on track. -1 [90 pts]
    Mar 12: Did Cardio. All meals ate. [90 pts]
    Mar 13: Did workout. Ate all meals. Missed update -1 [89 pts]
    Mar 14: Did Cardio. Did workout. [89 pts]
    Mar 15: Day off. Unscheduled cheat meal -1 [88 pts]
    Mar 16: Good workout. Ate all meals. [88 pts]
    Mar 17: Did 90 sit-ups non-stop and cardio. Ate all meals. [88 pts]
    Mar 18: Did 95 sit-ups non-stop. Good workout. Ate all meals. [88 pts]
    Mar 19: Did 100 sit-ups non-stop. Did Cardio. Ate all meals. [88 pts]
    Mar 20: Did 105 sit-ups non-stop. Did cardio. Did workout. Ate all meals. [88 pts]
    Mar 21: Did 110 sit-ups non-stop. Did cardio. Did workout. Had cheat meal -1 [87 pts]
    Mar 22: Day off. Had cheat meal -1 [86 pts]
    Mar 23: Did 115 sit-ups non-stop. Switched days for workouts this week. Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat will be workout days. Did cardio. Ate all meals [86 pts]
    Mar 24: Did 120 sit-ups non-stop. Did cardio. Did workout. Ate all meals [86 pts]
    Mar 25:Did 125 sit-ups non-stop. Did cardio. Missed update -1 [85 pts]
    Mar 26: Did 130 sit-ups non-stop. Good workout. Missed upadte -1[84 pts]
    Mar 27: Did 135 sit-ups non-stop. Did cardio. Good workout. missed update -1 [83 pts]
    Mar 28: Did 140 sit-ups non-stop. Did cardio. Good leg workout. Unscheduled cheat meal -1 [82 pts]
    Mar 29: Day off. Missed cardio. Missed update -1 [81 pts]
    Mar 30: Missed cardio. Missed update -2 [79 pts]
    Mar 31: Did 145 sit-ups non-stop. Good workout. Had unscheduled cheat meal. Missed update -2 [77 pts]
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  12. Jamaican65

    Jamaican65 Active Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    me too

    Goal: to get under 200 lbs and stay there.

    Meals: Monday thru Friday 5 meals , Sat & Sun 4 meals. one cheat meal a week

    Water: 96 oz of water everday.

    Monday: chest
    Tuesday: back
    Wednesday: legs
    Thursday: bicep, triceps, forearms
    Friday: shoulders
    Saturday: free
    Sunday: free

    Cardio: at least four times a week

    Starting weight 205lbs


    3/1: free day. scheduled cheat meat ate. water met.(100)
    3/2: worked chest. meals and water met. forgot to post.(99)
    3/3: worked back, 20 min on bike. meals and water met(99)
    3/4: legs done, 20 min on bike. maels and water met(99)
    3/5: arms done, 20 min on bike, a little abd work, water met. did not post(98)
    3/6: all things met, 20 mon on bike. going to change to a.m. workouts.did not post(97)
    3/7: free day. going out to dinner and planning to have my cheat meal(97)
    3/8: free day. meals and water met. did not post,(96)
    3/9: workout, meals and water met(97)
    3/10: workout, 20 min bike, meal and water met. did not post(95)
    3/11: workout, 20 min bike, meal and water met.did not post(94)
    3/12: workout done, no bike today,realized i can't count. updated points. meals and water met(94)
    3/13: good workout today. 20 min bike. meals and water met(94)
    3/14: meals and water met. went for 30 min walk. did not post(93)
    3/15: meals and water met. enjoyed cheat meal. did not post(92)
    3/16: weights and 20 min. bike. meals and water met. did not post.(91)
    3/17: weights done.
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  13. Tvist

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    Mar 26, 2008
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    I'm in for the March challenge - it will be my second 100 challenge.

    Good luck everyone !

    GOAL: Bulking again

    COMMENT: I want to increase my body weight (plus 2 kg muscle mass during this month)

    Monday: Back & biceps (PM)
    Tuesday: off
    Wednesday: Chest & triceps (PM)
    Thursday: off
    Friday: Shouledrs & forearms & legs (PM)
    Saturday: off
    Sun: off

    Six meals per day, about 2300-2500 ccal.

    WEIGHT: 75.5 KG

    WEIGHT: ??????


    1 MAR: Day off - missed two meals -2 pts [98 pts]
    2 MAR: Did planned back&biceps workout and ate all planned meals [98 pts]
    3 MAR: Day off - ate all six planned meals [98 pts]
    4 MAR: Did planned chest&triceps workout and ate all six planned meals [98 pts]
    5 MAR: Day off - ate all six planned meals [98 pts]
    6 MAR: Did planned delts&legs&forearms workout and ate all six planned meals [98 pts]
    7 MAR: Day off - miss one planned meal -1 pts [97 pts]
    8 MAR: Day off - miss one planned meal -1 pts [96 pts]
    9 MAR: Missed back&biceps workout and one meal -2 pts [94 pts]. Current weight is 75.7 kg [+0.2 from begining]
    10 MAR: Day off - ate all six planned meals [94 pts]
    11 MAR: Did planned chest&tri workout. I'm again having trouble with my right shoulder - the old pain is back. Now I'll try to glucosamine/chondroitine therapy. [94 points]
    12 MAR: Day off - miss one planned meal -1 pts [93 pts]

    Guys, I should quit, because I have a very strong flu and will be away from lifting within about one month. See you in April's 100 challenge !
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  14. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
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    Jan 20, 2004
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  15. Falhurk

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    Apr 21, 2007
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    Good luck everyone!
  16. bbgurl21

    bbgurl21 Active Member

    Dec 21, 2008
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    To all those still in this challenge: Keep up the great work and finish strong!! 5 more days! :tucool:
  17. buffedstuff

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    Aug 31, 2006
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    Yes, we don't have long now.
  18. Falhurk

    Falhurk Well-Known Member

    Apr 21, 2007
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    I've had a pretty terrible month. I'm not sure about finishing strong but I sure as hell WILL finish!

  19. GuitarNWeights

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    Same here. The major point is finishing. It's quite disappointing seeing many people starting the challenge and stopping half way. March wasn't as productive as I wished. I had way too many cheat meals. I lost like a pound over all. Lost an inch from my waist, and gained 1/2" to my arm. Hope I can get down to 31-32" waist by mid-may/june.
  20. Falhurk

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    Well, we both made progress! At least we didn't go backwards!

    I hope that you've tossed your name into the hat for Aprils challenge! It's meant to be challenging! :nod:
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