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John Stone's July 2012 "100 Challenge" (Completed)

Discussion in '"100 Challenges"' started by John Stone, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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    Until the challenge begins, please DO NOT make any posts in this thread except your Official Entry post (a single placeholder post is OK). Once the challenge starts, you may post all you like.

    This premise of this challenge is pretty simple: Each participant starts the month with 100 points. A point is deducted each time a workout is missed, a meal is missed, an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack is consumed or a daily update to your official challenge post is missed. The goal, of course, is to finish the month with 100 points!

    Here are the rules:

    1) The challenge begins on JULY 1, 2012. You must have your starting post up by 9:00 AM (EDT) on JULY 1, 2012--NO EXCEPTIONS!
    2) It doesn't matter if you are cutting, bulking or maintaining. The common goal here is 100% consistency.
    3) Each person participating in the challenge should start a post in this thread by the cut-off time. Your Official Challenge post must be updated each and every day. The updates won't take long (examples below). If you miss an update, you must deduct a point. Please note that you should edit your existing Official Challenge post--don't start a new post every day.
    4) Miss a workout for any reason, deduct a point.
    5) Miss a meal for any reason, deduct a point.
    6) Eat an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack, deduct a point.

    Feel free to post before/after pictures if you like (optional).

    Of course this challenge is based on the honor system. You can cheat, but that would be pointless.

    Here's an example Official Challenge post (feel free to copy and paste, substituting your own information):


    Sample Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8%.

    Monday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Wednesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Friday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 200 pounds
    BODY FAT: 9.8%
    ARMS: 16.75"
    CALVES: 16.5"
    CHEST: 42.75"
    FOREARMS: 13.5"
    HIPS: 38.75"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 32.5"


    DAILY LOG (Note: Each entry should be completed the day after, or at the end of the same day after all meals/workouts are completed. Please be sure to keep a running total of your points, as shown below.)

    JUL 1: I did my cardio and ate all meals as scheduled.
    -0 points [100 points]

    JUL2: My car broke down and I missed my back workout. I walked to Burger King for dinner and had an unscheduled cheat meal.
    -2 points [98 points]

    JUL3: I missed my cardio today, but ate all meals as scheduled.
    -1 point [97 points]


    JUL5: I missed yesterday's update, but I did my delts and traps workout yesterday, and ate all meals as scheduled (including my scheduled cheat meal). Today I did my cardio, ate all meals as scheduled and did my leg workout.
    -1 point [96 POINTS]

    You get the idea.....
  2. haleygirl82

    haleygirl82 Active Member

    Apr 19, 2007
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    Goal: Weight loss :kickrock: Ok so this is embarrassing, I completely forgot about the challenge till just now :( So I'll delete my journal dates that I missed and I'll adjust my points accordingly.

    Exercise Schedule
    Monday: 30 minutes (at least) Body Combat and walk 2 miles
    Tuesday: Dance DVD and walk 2 miles
    Wednesday: 30 minutes (at least) Body Combat and walk 2 miles
    Thursday: Dance DVD and walk 2 miles
    Friday:30 minutes (at least) Body Combat and walk 2 miles
    Saturday: Dance DVD and walk 2 miles
    Sunday: Dance DVD and walk 2 miles

    Meal Schedule
    Stay within my WW points

    Starting Stats
    Weight: 368.7

    End Stats

    Daily Log Points Remaining= 67
    7/15- I'm going to sub the walking I did outside today and the 3 straight hours of cleaning and straightening my apartment because I'm exhausted after that. 2 days last week I started walking 1.5 miles at lunch but it's been so hot and I just sweat too much, without access to a shower, I feel gross the rest of the work day... My mom took my daughter and I to Friendly's, normally I would get a veggie burger and fries but today I chose a big salad and honey mustard dressing on the side.
    #2 haleygirl82, Jun 25, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2012
  3. buffedstuff

    buffedstuff Active Member

    Aug 31, 2006
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    :claphigh: I am on the right path, I am totally attracted to the process. July is going to be ablaze with passion and I can't wait to see what I will unveil.

    Okay this is another month of sculpting the clay I live in. So we are going to have fun with it is my month to reclaim lost moments and to activate new opportunities.

    Training is already crazy but we will continue with cardiovascular endurance, weight training six out of the seven allotted days.

    I will be harnessing the power of food whenever I need to refuel, summer is a great time to devour fresh fruits and vegetables.

    JUL 1:100 Trying to keep it 100:nod: Well, I am off to a good start, it was a beautiful training day. I am fully alive so I really can't complain.

    JUL 2: 100% Summer sizzle melt down, I am wearing my dream down as it tries to wear me out. I however shall conquer and win. Chase what you want, capture it and make it your own. The chase really is on, and the heat is not my ally. Staying hydrated has become a necessary chore.

    JUL 3: 100% Talk about a training day with no mercy, I am either experiencing my greatest fantasy or romancing my greatest nightmare. The line between pleasure and pain just became blurred as I flow with the beat of instruction and somehow manage to achieve the objective. No time to play because I am in mission-driven mode.

    JUL 4: 98% Totally Drained, I should sleep well tonight.

    JUL 8: 94% Training has been kicking my butt, not enough time to post but I did get a day off rest so here I am all ready to do it over again.

    JUL 9:Hmm, it was a wake up too funky morning breath:blank: scratch your rear, and wipe the sleep out of your eyes stumble into the shower and blast your body with cold water as you try to adjust the gosh-darn water flow...kind of mornings....( yes I know that is too much information)

    It took me an hour to become fully awake and realize I am alive and I have a mission, a plan and purpose. Part of that mission is to do better this week than the previous week...the key is progression and the door to unlock is consistency.

    My hope is that we all continue to progress as we workout this transformation process.

    Have a beautiful week all

    JUL 10: 93% Humid and mucky, makes for a sticky and hard run.
    JUL 11: 92% luego
    JUL 15: 87% The process is my friend, oh but somedays it feels like the enemy. Ouch!
    JUL 16: 87% I have to keep reminding myself why I am doing this LOL....
    My life has to bow to my training schedule

    My objective is to lower my body fat by 2% this time around.
    Currently I'm at 12%

    Training session one is all Cardiovascular mayhem with Insanity®
    in the midst of the pack.

    Training session two is total weight training.

    My real weapon is nutrition, this time around we are keep it whole and high octane.

    Today's training was not a love story but it did have aura of a romantic interlude. All things that get me closer to my goals, is what I have long to desire and crave.

    make the dream a reality everyone and stand strong.

    Jul 17 : 87% I will thank myself later
    JUL 19: 86% Today I was in the zone, we ran wind sprints, heck I have no desire to grow old gracefully, I am simply going to grow better. It was a gorgeous training day.
    July 25: 80% Wow, it is like I was abducted by the time thief and not allowed to return to this site. Busy bee, to much internet not enough time The good new is my body fat continues to drop and and I am content for the moment.
    July 26: 80% Laying on the line, getting the job done road warrior status once again.
    July 31: 75% Ending the note on a wonderful note. The future is always determined by the vision that is seen.
    #3 buffedstuff, Jun 26, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2012
  4. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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