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John Stone's February 2009 "100 Challenge" (Completed)

Discussion in '"100 Challenges"' started by John Stone, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. HyPe

    HyPe Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2004
    Likes Received:
    - Get back to my peak fitness
    - Absolutely no alcohol this month
    - Eat healthy meals all day / every day
    - To stick to the conditions as stated below at a minimum; anything over and above is a bonus

    COMMENT: To stick to my plan 100%. I feel like i owe it to myself. I have been following this site since John started in 2003 (i think it was day 58 or so); and have hardly missed a day where i check the front page for his daily reports. Thus, if i can be consistent in that without trying, i owe it to be consistent with my diet/exercise regime!

    I will be doing a different form of training going into rugby season

    Sunday: Workout A / Cardio
    Monday: Workout B
    Tuesday: Workout C / Cardio
    Wednesday: Workout A
    Thursday: Workout B / Cardio
    Friday: Workout C
    Saturday: Cardio

    Workout A: Chest/Lowerback/Tri/Bi/Calv/Trap
    Workout B: UpperBack/Shoulder/Quad/Hamstrings
    Workout C: Abs / Biceps (optional) / Calves

    6 to 8 meals

    FEB 1: What a great start to the month for me today. I woke up feeling more motivated than ever. I did cardio in the morning for 2 hrs for soccer practice, beep test was not cool, and then went to the gym later in the afternoon and completed my workout and then had rugby training for 2 hrs in the afternoon. Ate all meals as scheduled. Sunday has become a hektic day all of a sudden, great way to kickoff the month and looking forward to the mental challenge that lies ahead
    -0 points [100 points]
    FEB 2: Today i did my scheduled Workout B in the morning and ate all meals as required. I also did an additional cardio session of tennis today for an hour. Knee slightly hurting after 2 days of leg abuse, hopefully feels better tomorrow! Really enjoying this challenege - 26 days to go!
    -0 points [100 points]
    FEB 3: Workout C - what a pleasure it was to give the rest of my body some well needed rest. Tomorrow is right back into the thick of things with workout A, but todays short and sweet workout was lots of fun. I did decide to do my optional biceps - fun times. Ate all meals as required - 100% clean for 3 days. no booze, no softdrink, no junk at all. all meals for month 70% p / 20% c / 10% f - id say on estimation. Not exctly counting calories per se, but i only eat low-gi carbs, and good healthy wholesome food. So far loving this challenge, see you tomorrow
    -0 points [100 points]
    FEB 4: I'm not gonna lie, the beauties of being unemployed are amazing... bar the lack of money. But as a student i should be used to the lack of money. Anywho what im saying is its great having lots of time to be able to stick to your plan and even fit in extra cardio sessions here and there
    Today was another perfect day. I did workout A as planned not the best workout - but i finished it. Also did cardio in the afternoon played tennis with a mate for 90 minutes, and then at night did an extra session of cardio by playing a soccer match for 30 minutes or so. Ate all meals as planned clean etc. Very happy with the progress so far - 24 days to go!
    -0 points [100 points]
    FEB 5: Ate all meals as required. Played tennis for an hour and a half, and then went to gym to do workout b. Good day, very happy with how motivated ive been so far
    -0 points [100 points]
    FEB 6: Did Workout C in evening. Did an additional cardio session by playing tennis during the day for 2 hours
    Feb 7: TERRIBLE
    Feb 8: TERRIBLE
    Feb 9: Ok so i'm very very very angry at myself. I was going so well 7 days in. Then on Saturday night i decided to go to a friends house, all was going well and then i gave in to the alcohol. I ate badly, i drank, didnt do my workouts, didnt post. I felt so guilty the whole time because i kept thinking about this competition and i realised how much id failed myself and others. I am extremelly dissapointed that i didn't stick to my plan. I was going to pull out of the competition as a result of how angry i was over the last 2 days. However, i've decided to resume today. I ate all meals as planned, did my workout A and cardio. I've decided as i missed yesterday that what i'll do is push every day back and won't get the rest day on saturday this week, rather do workout c on saturday then straight back to workout a next sunday. Extremelly angry at myself for the weekends events and as a result i've decided to deduct 10 points for it.
    I'm now going to be more disciplined and try and work even harder than ever this month to make up for my errors
    Anyway - today was a good day 100%.
    -10 points [90 points] - points lost for the last 2 days
    Feb 10: Excellent day. Did workout B today, back into the squats as well - felt amazing. Ate all meals as planned. Went for a run at night as well. 100% today - much better than previous days
    -0 points [90 points]
    Feb 11: Another really good day. Ate all meals as required. Went to the gym for workout C (did optional biceps as well). Had my first rugby training today for cardio and then afterwards i played in my social soccer team game. Lot of cardio - legs very sore... looking forward to sleep.
    -0 points [90 points]
    Feb 12: Good day. Stuck to all meals as planned. Did Workout A (As per readjusted schedule). It is quite a strange feeling that one month ago i weighed 85kg (my heaviest ever) and today i weigh 81.4 kg (my lightest in 2 years). It just goes to show that with a perfect diet and cardio + weights that it is very easy to achieve results. My abs are eventually starting to show and hopefully should be here soon! It also makes cardio a lot easier when your running with 4 less kilograms!
    -0 points [90 points]
    Feb 13: Good day today. Did workout B as per schedule. I decided to switch my cardio with tomorrow as i usually do workout c (as per revised schedule) without cardio. The reason is that my knees have been a bit weak the past week or so from all the extra cardio ive been doing and i thought itd be a good opportunity to have an extra day off before i resume an intense period of cardio starting from tomorrow
    -0 points [90 points]
    Feb 14: Today was a good day meal wise - perfect diet. I decided today that it was not wise to do the cardio i had moved to today and/or workout C. I have been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days and i think any physical exertion would have been detrimental to the rest of the month and could have seen me sidelined for a week rather than a day. I decided it was in my best interests to take off all forms of exericse, stick to my 100% healthy diet and resume as per my normal workouts tomorrow (Sunday Workout A and Cardio). This was more of a longevity issue and given the intenseness of my program i didnt want to get sick and set me back the rest of the month. I am taking off 2 points for missing out cardio and my workout but still very happy i stuck to 100% diet as well as getting an extra 3-4 hours sleep during the day to sleep off my sickness. I have no excuses tomorrow as the cold is pretty much gone today and should be all gone by tomorrow.
    -2 points [88 points]
    Feb 15: Great day. Did Workout A as planned and then did cardio in evening 5-7km run. Very good day, exhausted now - time to get some rest. Ate all meals as planned
    -0 points [88 points]
    Feb 16: Excellent day. Did Workout B, ate all meals as planned. Looking forward to workout c tomororw as the body is aching
    -0 points [88 points]
    Feb 17: Another good day. Did 45 mins of cardio on the bike (haven't done that for a while, very sore now) then did my workout C. Ate all meals as planned
    -0 points [88 points]
    Feb 18: Good. Did Workout A. Also did almost 110 minutes of cardio during rugby training. Good session. Ate all meals
    -0 points [88 points]
    Feb 19: Another good day. Did Workout B as planned, did cardio in evening (wasn't to intense - bit dissapointed about that), ate all meals as planned. Been really proud this week in particular. I have been going out to a lot of places where there has been a constant flow of junk food at friends houses at night etc and i have managed to resist everything. Down to the lightest ive been in 2 years at 80.35kg. I was 85kg when i came back from my binge drinking/eating 2 week holiday between christmas and about a week into the new year. I've drunk alcohol once in almost a month and i can honestly tell the difference in my overall health since ive eliminated alcohol. My diet has been good as well and i can really notice the improvements in energy levels even though im cutting. I haven't dropped down too much in weight at the gym despite losing close to 5kg's and wow it makes a big difference when i go for a run as i'm not carrying as much weight. I have weighed 82kg at about 14% bf for the last 3 years. I got up to 85kg and about 17% bodyfat for a 2 month period at the end of last year, however ive turned that around now and down to 80kg and probably at about 12/13% bodyfat. To be honest, i don't really want to lose anymore weight (cause of the possible muscle loss) however i still have a possible 2-4% before my abs are popping out properly when tensed. Got a bit of a dillema now in how i should go and what direction... hopefully work that out in next few days
    -0 points [88 points]
    Feb 20: Today i woke up in pain. My whole body was aching from the last few workouts and the cardio from the previous days (which included plyometric stuff with situps pushups etc). I made the decision this morning to have a total rest day today and move my workout C to tomorrow with cardio. I think i'll wake up feeling a little bit better tomorrow and be able to give workout c and cardio my all (If i don't do workout c tomorrow i will take off the points tomorrow). Ate all meals as planned today! Another very good day and i can actually see the fat starting to fall off now as i close in on my lower bf levels. I wish i took photos a month ago!
    -0 points [88 points]
    Feb 21: Today was not a good day. What was meant to be Workout C and cardio started off poorly. I woke up in a massive sweat feeling crook. A few people in my family are sick at the moment and i vowed not to get it, but ive eventually caught it, hopefully not the bad part though. So today i spent most of the day in bed sleeping and therefore didnt do workout C or cardio. I ate well, which is a plus, but im really dissapointed as i didnt want to lose any more points this month
    -2 points [86 points]
    Feb 22: Today was meant to be workout A and cardio. I woke up feeling like shit again - still crook, tried to sleep an extra few hours to get better but it wouldnt happen. Ate all meals as required. But not happy about missing cardio and weights (even though it woulda been destructive to do it). I've taken today off and basically done what i did few weeks ago and pushed everything back a day. So instead of having my rest day with cardio on saturday week, ive scrapped that and will be doing sundays workout on monday, monday on tuesday etc. However this time im taking off 2 points. Hope to be back fresh tomorrow, im craving to be bck in the gym but the body is just not responding well
    -2 points [84 points]
    Feb 23: What a good turn around. Today i woke up still feeling not 100% i was at about 75% (an improvement from yesterday) but i decided to go ahead and do my workouts etc. Had a great workout A in the gym today and then did cardio this evening - 90 minutes of fitness at rugby training. Great day, ate all meals as planned and happy with how the cardio fitness is coming along
    -0 points [84 points]
    Feb 24: Good day. Did workout B as planned, also did cardio at the end 10 mins on the rower - more intense than i thought it would be. ate all meals as planned
    -0 points [84 points]
    Feb 25: Skipped workout C today as i just couldnt physically do it, so drained. Did cardio tonight; 2 hours - rugby training and soccer match. Ate all meals as required
    -1 points [83 points]
    Feb 26: Today was a good day. Instead of continuing my normal routine which would have been doing workout A i decided to mix it up, given that it is the end of the month (3 days left) and the need to experiment as i was getting bored of last routine i tried to do something different. These last 3 weight days instead of workout A B C i will be doing Chest /Back (as i did today); Shoulder / Tri / Bi (tomorrow) and Legs Abs on Saturday. Anyway today i did chest back and i must say i enjjoyed absolutely smashing both big muscles. It took an hour and i really mixed it up with all new exercises etc. Ate all meals required and did cardio tonight. So good day overall. Mums looking at purchasing a elliptical which im very excited about as it means i can mix up my cardio even more.
    -0 points [83 points]
    Feb 27: Didn't do weights, or cardio - sick as buggery. Ate all meals as planned. Looking at taking it easy before the new month and i start my new routine. I don't know why i keep getting sick but i want to start the new month off on a good note
    -2 points [81 points]
    #21 HyPe, Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2009
  2. Greg0315

    Greg0315 Active Member

    Jan 5, 2009
    Likes Received:
    I'm in:tucool:

    Here's the Goal

    Lose 10 lbs.
    Lose 2% BF
    Eat Clean 100% in Feb
    No Cheats until March.

    Here's the Plan.
    (After starting the month, I am changing most of my cardio to HIIT as my body needs a shock. I already run about 20 miles per week and have not seen the results I would like.)

    Monday: 45 min LISS cardio AM, Chest PM
    Tuesday: 45 min LISS cardio AM, Back PM
    Wednesday: 45 min LISS cardio AM, 20 min HIIT PM
    Thursday: 45 min LISS cardio AM, Shoulders PM
    Friday: 45 min LISS cardio AM, Arms PM
    Saturday: 30 min LISS cardio AM, Legs PM
    Sunday: Rest

    Meal Plan
    6 meals per day, 350-400 calories per meal, no carbs after 4PM. No cheats.

    Feb. 1 100 pts. Rest Day
    Feb. 2 20 min HIIT instead of LISS. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps. Another 15 min HIIT at 7 PM.
    Feb. 3 25 min HIIT. Back and Biceps. Still going strong. 100 pts.
    Feb. 4 25 min HIIT. Nothing tonight. (interval training has been intense)
    Feb. 5 25 min HIIT. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps.
    Feb. 6 Unscheduled overnight business meeting. -5 points for a combination of offenses, 2 missed meals, 2 cheat meals, missed workout. Oh, the pains of making a living.
    Feb. 7
    Feb. 8
    Feb. 9
    Feb. 10
    Feb. 11
    Feb. 12
    Feb. 13
    Feb. 14
    #22 Greg0315, Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2009
  3. littlebitlala

    littlebitlala Active Member

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Sorry, I am just not in the right frame of mind at the moment. I need to focus on getting a job and then I'll be back.
    #23 littlebitlala, Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2009
  4. JONESY_87

    JONESY_87 Active Member

    Nov 6, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Here we go! For real!

    Goal: Cutting. I want to lose 5-10 kilos:D

    Nutrition: 6 meals a day. All clean foods, 1 protien shake a day, optional cheat meal a week and I am on Holiday from 10th-17th of Feb when my diet will be a little more relaxed. I wont have access to a gym but will run and do body weight exes. No alcohol except for me Holiday.

    Monday: Back & Bi's
    Tuesday:20 mins HIIT
    Wednesday: Shoulders & Legs
    Thursday: 20 mins HIIT
    Friday: Chest & Tri's
    Saturday 20 Mins HIIT
    Sunday: Rest

    Stats: Cold & Flexed
    Calves L/R:
    Thighs L/R:
    Forearms L/R:
    Biceps L/R:

    Feb 1: All meals clean and water met. 100pts
    Feb 2: All meals clean, Water met but failed to get my work out in. - 1pt. [99pts]
    Feb 3: All meals clean, water fine hard day climbing stairs at work. -1pt forgot to post [98pts]
    Feb 4: Had a reasonable cheat meal, meat water. Shovelled a tonne of dirt at work. Didnt post - 1pt [97pts]
    Feb 5: All meals clean. Water met. No work out. [96pts]
    Feb 6: All meals clean, water met and a very satisfying W/O. [96pts]
    Feb 7: All meals clean and water met. Good cardio session.
    #24 JONESY_87, Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2009
  5. KC

    KC Active Member

    May 23, 2007
    Likes Received:
    GOAL: Increase fitness level, reduce body fat.

    COMMENT: I am going to run a 10km race on February 22 and weigh 108 pounds, by the end of the month. I'm so excited to be back in a 100 challenge.

    Monday: Gym (run, chest, tri's)
    Tuesday: Floor Hockey
    Wednesday: Gym (run, shoulders legs )
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: Gym (cardio,back, bi's)
    Weekend: Outdoor run & pilates

    This months focus will be on eating right. I am comitting myself to no cheat meals, However that only means I will choose the absolute best option depending on where I am, and I will still drink alcohol. (I'm going to a wedding)

    WEIGHT: 115 pounds



    FEB 1:Forgot to mention in my original post that I wouldn't be officially starting the challenge until the 2nd. However today was good for eating and I got lots of walking in, but not a planned workout, that all starts tomorrow![100 points]

    FEB 2: Great start. Tough workout (cheast & Tri's) followed by a 3km run on the treadmil. ![100 points]

    FEB 3: Got a way better cardio workout then I expected at my floor hockey game. [100 points]

    FEB 4: I had a work event tonight that went longer then planned and didn't leave me time to get the gym after. Since tomorrw is my rest night, I'm going to switch the days. I'll still take a pt off today but add it back when I go tomorrow. -1[99 points]

    FEB 5:Made it to the gym so I will add back my point. I did back, biceps, shoulders & legs, followed by 30 minutes of cardio, mostly running, and a 20 minute yoga session later in the evening. [100 points]

    FEB 6: Went to the gym after work. Meals have been going great. Legs, shoulders and 30 min cardio. [100 points]

    FEB 7: This morning I did a pilates workout followed by some yoga. Went out for dinner, but did not overindulge. [100 points]

    FEB 8: went for a 7km outdoor run this morning on the ice (it Canada!) followed by 20 minutes of yoga afterward. Eating has been good, this is the best I've done in a while. [100 points]

    FEB 9: Did chest & Tri's at the gym followed by 30 minutes of cardio, eating hasn't been a problem at all this month and I'm already down to my 110 goal! [100 points]

    FEB 10: As I said yesterday I've already hit my goal this month, since it's only Feb 10th, I'm going to go for a few more poinds. New goal = 108 pounds. Today was another great day.I had a floor hockey game this evening and eating has still been good. [100 points]

    FEB 11: I'm having quite the dilema about what to do over the next few days. I know I can't get a workout in on Friday night. I'm going to a concert. Thursday is my rest night and I do have other things to get done, so I'm not sure yet if I'll switch my night or take the point loss. Anyway, Wednesday was a good day, I got a hard cardio session in at the gym & meals have been no problem! [100 points]

    FEB 12: Today was a rest day and thats what I did. My eating has still been great thus far. This weekend coming up will be a challenge, its a long weekend here and I have a wedding to go to freinds in town, etc. [100 points]

    FEB 21: Sorry, due to unforeseen circumstance I had to take the past week and a bit off. I would like to jump back in though. It's too bad because I was doing so well, but sometimes stuff happens I guess. I will take 10 off for my lack of updating. I was fairly healthy over the time I was away, but not perfect. Anyway, today I am resting because tomorrow I'm running a 10km race. Meals were good, and I had a little extra at dinner to help with the 8:30 race start tomorrow [90 points]

    FEB 22: The run today was great. Really snowy which really slowed my speed, but I felt good after doing it. [90 points]

    FEB 23:rI took today off as I'm feeling pretty exhausted from the 10km yesterday. My eating wasn't that great either as I didn't make it to the grocery store until tonight and I was out of everything. [89 points]

    FEB 24: Played floor hockey tonight. Meals were exactly as planned. [89 points]

    FEB 25:
    e Didn't work out tonight, I was too busy at work to leave on time and too hungry by the time I left to stop at the gym -1[89 points]
    #25 KC, Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2009
  6. asiansensation78

    asiansensation78 Active Member

    Mar 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Haven't been around JSF for a while, and never actually attempted one of these challenges before. I'm in :tucool:

    Good luck everyone!


    GOAL: Hit sub 8% body fat, and maintain abs as beach season hits.

    NUTRITION: Eat clean, eat for results. Analyze meals before ingesting. "Is the stuff on this plate going to contribute towards my goal?" Crap meal 1x per week at most, though 0 is preferred.

    WORKOUTS: Stick to current split, 2 rest days per week if needed.

    -Body Fat: 11.9%
    -Weight: 165 lbs



    SUN 2/1: No workout today, but meals were right on.
    -0 pts
    MON 2/2: Great bicep and chest workout today (D1). Had some chips at night. Doesn't qualify as a cheat meal, but it wasn't on my eating plan... so already lost a point, this kinda sucks, I promise I'll make tomorrow better.
    -1 pt
    TUE 2/3: Tae Kwon Do today (D5), fun stuff, even if I did get hit in the face once lol. Diet was 100% today. My new protein powder arrived in the mail today as well. "Dymatize Elite Whey Isolate" Cafe Mocha flavor. It tastes like heaven, I'm normally an ON fanboy, but this stuff is having me question my loyalties :lol:
    -0 pts
    WED 2/4: Hardcore leg and back workout (D2). Still sore from that. I will need to get a better program for my back during bulk, but besides that everything is great and diet is 100% on.
    -0 pts
    THU 2/5: Ab conditioning (D4), ate a few cookies, so 80% on diet for today.
    -1 pt
    FRI 2/6: I feel like I had to make a difficult and concious choice to not totally fall off my diet yesterday. I was without a doubt under maintainance calories, but somehow I feel I was defeated a little bit. The next 2 weeks are pretty critical for me to not have any cheat meals since I'll be coming into contact with single digit body fat percentages, so it will be rather difficult. At the same time, I've done this before, and I know I'm much more than capable of doing so again. I just need to get into the groove of being in a focused state 24/7 and being driven by results and that proud feeling of overcoming obstacles. In retrospect, I feel like a total dbag because tons of people in third-world countries are starving and struggling to be able to eat more, and people like me here in America are struggling to eat less... kinda boggles your mind. Will update later on workout and diet. Probably will do cardio today. -2nd update- began new workout split today (D4). I'm feeling the swell, good sign :) Diet 100%.
    -0 pts
    SAT 2/7: Workout: cardio (D5). Diet: 95%.
    -0 pts

    SUN 2/8: FANTASTIC workout, biceps and back (D1). diet: 100%. Great start to week 2.
    -0 pts
    MON 2/9: No workout today, sore from yesterday. Lower back most of all from not doing deadlifts in a long time. I wish I could have done my triceps today though, I think I'm a gym addict haha. Diet is good. I don't have classes tomorrow and I want to go out and party!!! But I'm not going to. Too much temptation to drink lol
    -0 pts
    TUE 2/10: I have abs again! (kind of...) Nice!
    Ab/Tricep workout this morning (D2), felt good. Will definitely add more variety of tricep exercises since it felt way too easy. Diet was on for the most part? I think I went over my diet by 1 or 2 chicken breasts... in the long run I don't think this really makes any substantial difference though since I was still under maintainance and did a ton of walking around campus today. 2 friends of mine have birthdays on Friday, both of them club rats, so obviously there's a massive celebration planned. Saturday my promoter friend also has a b-day party planned. I've resisted partying in South Beach for the past 3 weeks but I think it may have to break Friday. I still haven't decided whether I'm going to consume any alcohol, we shall see. Plus the stress of the exams this week may just have me going wild... I don't know if it's really a bad thing or not that I'm actually obligated to spend my night having fun drinking and clubbing haha... life's tough. Sunday I'm going to the beach, it's supposed to be 82 and sunny... more of a reason not to drink Friday. Long post, sorry guys.
    -0 pts
    WED 2/11: No workout today. Waaaayyy busy. Career expo, class, physics exam, engineering homework. got a lot of stuff done though, I'm on schedule to get everything school-wise caught up by this weekend. Diet is 100%.
    -0 pts
    THU 2/12: Tremendous leg workout. Sore sore sore... lets me know I'm actually working out haha. Thumbs up on diet.
    -0 pts
    FRI 2/13: 2 cheat meals, alcohol, and missed workout. Surprisingly I don't feel too bad about it since it was planned. Full speed on for the rest of February.
    -4 pts
    SAT 2/14: Chest & Tricep workout (D4), diet sucked ass though. Made puppy chow and had really good cookies haha. Definitely not one of my more disciplined days. Need to get focused again.
    -3 pts

    SUN 2/15: Another cheat day. No workout also. Sux you can't eat healthy at all around friends in college. I'm optimistic about this week though. I'll throw out everything in the room that's bad and get on the ball. I'm already in the 80s :(
    -3 pts
    MON 2/16: Bicep/back workout (D1), thumbs up on diet
    -0 pts
    TUE 2/17: Shoulder/ab workout (D2), 100% on diet.
    -0 pts
    WED 2/18: No workout today. Diet is spot on.
    -0 pts
    THU 2/19: Alcohol + unhealthy meal. Awesome leg workout though (D3).
    -2 pts
    FRI 2/20: Diet = protein shakes + alcohol + chips. No workout.
    -2 pts
    SAT 2/21: Recovering from hangover. Diet: D+
    -2 pts

    SUN 2/22: (D4) Chest/Tricep workout. Good stuff, diet is fantastic. Dynamics and Electrical exams tomorrow. Wish me luck.
    -0 pts
    MON 2/23: Had a pretty intense fever earlier. Still trying to recover from that. Exams went fairly well though. No workout. Diet is good.
    -0 pts
    TUE 2/24: Still sick. No workout. Thumbs up on diet.
    -0 pts
    WED 2/25: Got better towards the end of the day. Ate a lot since I was starved after my fever broke. No workout
    -1 pt
    THU 2/26: No fever today. Conjestion was pretty bad though. Still recovering, no workout, diet was pretty bad.
    -1 pt
    FRI 2/27: No workout. Diet: B
    -0 pts
    SAT 2/28: Bicep/Back workout (D1), man it feels good to be back in the gym. I'm pretty much over this sickness now, it feels sooooo good to be healthy again. Diet is good. Onto the March challenge!!!!!
    -0 pts
    #26 asiansensation78, Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2009
  7. Akira-Kai

    Akira-Kai Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm in!

    Goal: to gain 2lb - no more, no less!
    Currently 138.5lb - End Goal 140.5lb

    Daily calorie allowance: 2700

    No cheat meals Monday - Saturday

    No Alchol

    Weight training 4 days a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
    Rest Days: Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays

    WEIGHT: 138.5lb
    BODY FAT:13%
    BICEPS: 13.25
    CALVES: 14.25
    CHEST: 37
    FOREARMS: 11
    HIPS: 34.5
    THIGHS: 20.75
    WAIST: 29.25



    Sunday 01: No weights as planned. Diet spot on except planned "cheat" (if you can call it that) of two home made scones with homemade apple puree and NO BUTTER. 100 Points

    Monday 02: Had my best ever Chest with Tricep session this morning. Meal plan today spot on. My wife is trying to push more cakes on me today (she says they're "healthy" cakes) but I managed to side-step for now. 100 points

    Tuesday 03: Had a great Leg Day this morning. Deadlifted for the first time and my Squats felt strong with slightly improved technique. I'm going to really miss training tomorrow but it's rest day and I'm not allowed to do anything! Diet spot on as always. 100 Points

    Wednesday 04: No training this morning as planned. Diet spot on as always. 100 Points

    Thursday 05: Did Arm and Abs successfully this morning despite having about 3 hours sleep and a cold on top. Diet spot on as always - 100 Points

    Friday 06: No training this morning as planned. Diet spot on as always. 100 points

    Saturday 07: Did training this morning as planned but failed miserably to eat as much as 2700 calories. 99 Points

    Sunday 08: No training as planned, failed again to eat. 98 Points

    Monday 09: Training OK, failed again to eat. 97 Points

    Tuesday 10: Training OK again - failed to eat... again! 96 Points

    Wednesday 11: No Training as planned this morning but again failed to eat! 95 Points

    Thursday 12: Training OK this morning but diet still under 2700. 94 Points

    Friday 13: No training as planned - eating improving but still under. 93 Points

    Saturday 14: Didn't train today (first day missed in a long time) and didn't eat as I should. 91 Points

    Sunday 15:

    Monday 16: I NEVER thought I'd say this but I'm not going to continue with this challenge. There are simply too many other important things at home and work that I need to give everyting to. I don't wish to continue to do this challenge unless I'm 100% committed which I can't be at this time. I hope all JSF people out there will forgive me.

    Tuesday 17:

    Wednesday 18:

    Thursday 19:

    Friday 20:

    Saturday 21:

    Sunday 22:

    Monday 23:

    Tuesday 24:

    Wednesday 25:

    Thursday 26:

    Friday 27:

    Saturday 28:

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  8. ekomomai

    ekomomai Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2004
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    I'm in!!!

    My first 100 Challenge!

    I completed a 12 week BFL challenge at my local gym from September to December with incredible results. In December I went traveling overseas and returned in January but I am now finding it hard to get back into gym and proper nutrition. I am confident that this challenge will give me that little bit extra to spur me on.

    GOAL: Fat Loss


    NO ALCOHOL - At all previous times when I have successfully undertaken a fat loss program I have abstained from all alcohol. Not that one beer or a shot with a cheat meal will do major damage but it is mainly for my mental control, as when I get myself into a serious frame of mind about health every time I turn down a beer or drink it reminds me of my goals and makes me that little bit more determent to reach them.

    WORKOUT SCHEDULE - to be confirmed pending personal trainer advice on Sunday. As of now it is following the BFL system, it worked for me before and to save myself getting caught up in detail and not starting I think it's better to just stick with what works (for now at least).

    Sunday: Weight workout (Either upper or lower)
    Monday: Cardio HIIT
    Tuesday: Weight workout (Either upper or lower)
    Wednesday: Cardio HIIT
    Thursday: Weight workout (Either upper or lower)
    Friday: Cardio HIIT
    Saturday: OFF

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    MINIMUM 6 LITERS OF WATER DAILY (Shouldn't be that hard considering it is averaging around 43/110 degrees here.)

    WEIGHT: 124.1kg

    FEB 1: Off to a great start today. Meals all spot on, plenty of water and a great upper body workout. [100]
    FEB 2: Feeling great to be back at the gym and eating right, so no problems there. Was surprised that a surprise party was thrown for my sister and unfortunately I caved in for a few moments and ate some foods that I now regret. Tomorrow will be better, I'm positive of that! [99]
    FEB 3:Indeed it was better with all meals eaten as planned and none that weren't. Work out was a smashing leg workout! Bummer is that I forgot to update before I went to bed and am now updating this Wednesday night so -1 for that. [98]
    FEB 4: Great day meal wise, missed cardio workout because I can't move, seriously! Last night was my first leg work out in 6 weeks and I am feeling it now with my burning hammies and quads. I know it sounds lame but it takes me 5 mins to go up or down the stairs! Ate some crap crackers after last meal :( [96] Proving to be harder than I thought but I'm liking the points because it makes me accountable for every mistake I make.
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  9. Tvist

    Tvist Active Member

    Mar 26, 2008
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    Ok, ok , I'm in! My first 100 challenge.
    Good luck everyone !

    GOAL: Bulking

    COMMENT: I want to increase my body weight (plus 1.5 kg muscle mass during this month)

    Monday: off
    Tuesday: Back & biceps (PM)
    Wednesday: off
    Thursday: Chest & delts
    Friday: off
    Saturday: Abs, neck, forearms
    Sun: off

    Six meals per day.

    WEIGHT: 73.8 KG

    WEIGHT: 75.5 KG


    FEB 1: Missing 2 sheduled meals -2 points [98 points]
    FEB 2: Missing 2 sheduled meals -2 points [96 points]
    FEB 3: Great day - Planned workout and all 6 sheduled meals completed - 0 points [96 points]
    FEB 4: All 6 meal done -0 points [96 points]
    FEB 5: Planned chest&delts workout completed.Ate all planned meals -0 points [96 points]
    FEB 6: Ate all planned 6 meals -0 points [96 points]
    FEB 7: Did planned workout but miss one meal - wake up too late -1 point [95 points]
    FEB 8: Ate all 6 planned meals -0 pts [95pts]. One week is gone !
    FEB 9: Ate all 6 planned meals -0 pts [95pts]. Current weight 74.1 kg (+0.3 kg from start)
    FEB 10: Did planned workout and ate all 6 meals -0pts [95pts]
    FEB 11: Ate all 6 planned meals -0 pts [95pts]
    FEB 12: Did planned workout and ate all 6 meals -0pts [95pts]
    FEB 13: Ate all 6 planned meals -0 pts [95pts]
    FEB 14: Did planned abs workout, but miss 2 meals -2pts [93pts]
    FEB 15: Ate all 6 planned meals -0 pts [93pts]. Current weight 74.7 kg (+0.9 kg from start)
    FEB 16: Ate all 6 planned meals -0 pts [93pts].
    FEB 17: Did planned back&biceps workout and ate all 6 meals -0pts [93pts]
    FEB 18: Ate all 6 planned meals -0 pts [93pts].
    FEB 19: Did planned chest&delts workout, but missed up one meal - my cars was broken down,
    so I spent some time on the service and shift my meal shedule. Anyway, -1pts [92 pts].
    FEB 20: Ate all 6 planned meals -0 pts [92pts].
    FEB 21: Missed up one meal due to late woke up. -1 pts[91pts]
    FEB 22: Missed up abs workout -1 pts [90pts]
    FEB 23: Missed up two meals -2 pts [89pts]. Current weigth 75.5 [+1.7 kg from start]
    FEB 24: Did planned back&biceps workout and ate all 6 meals -0pts [89pts]
    FEB 25: Missed up one meal - emergency at work. Anyway, -1 point. [88pts]
    FEB 26: Did planned chest&delts workout and ate all 6 meals -0pts [88pts]
    FEB 27: Missed up my daily update and one meal -2pts. [86pts]
    FEB 28: Terrible day - I was on the road out of the city, so my workout and my diet was broken.
    The penalties are: -3 pts for the missed meals and -1 point for workout miss. Total penalty -4 pts.

    Total score 82 points. So far from 100 !

    Well, now I can draw some totals:

    I've reach my goal: my current weight is 75.5 kg - I increase my weight by 1.7 kg (the goal was 1.5 kg),
    and I hope, that is mostly lean muscle mass. I was discipline enought and never miss my workout without
    strict reasons. Thanks John for idea of great self-competition. Kind regards for all 100-competitors !
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  10. GuitarNWeights

    GuitarNWeights Active Member

    Jun 27, 2007
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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8% by May.

    Monday: Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Wednesday: Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Friday: Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Off or Elliptical, 40 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Note: I will add an additional cardio session during the week for a total of 4 cardio sessions.

    Five to Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 197.8 pounds
    ARMS: 15.5"
    CALVES: 15.5"
    CHEST: 39.5"
    FOREARMS: 11.75"
    HIPS: 41"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 36.25"

    WEIGHT: 198.2 lbs
    ARMS: 15.5"
    CALVES: 15.5"
    CHEST: 39.5"
    FOREARMS: 12"
    HIPS: 41"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 36"


    Feb 1:
    Day off, but had unscheduled cheat meal -1 (99 pts)
    Feb 2: Ate properly most of the day, did cardio and weight training. Got sick in the evening, and had soup -1 (98 pts) note: I will not be doing cardio or weight training until I'm better, but will continue eating the meal plan
    Feb 3: Bleh, still feeling sick. Eating wasn't par. -1 (97 pts)

    Note: I will not be taking score for the rest of the month since my cold has prolonged further than I expected. I feel it wouldn't be a true reflection on my dedication and self-discpline, but more of a cause of my sickness. I will however still take my measurements at the end of the month. Good luck everyone!
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  11. g8trmike

    g8trmike Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2008
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    I'm in; I need a good kick in the butt to get me going.

    GOAL: Overall improved health, Fat Loss

    COMMENT: Ultimate goal: I want to reduce my body fat to 10%.

    Monday: Weight training: Chest; Elliptical 30 minutes (AM)
    Tuesday: Weight training: Biceps, Abs; Elliptical 45 minutes (AM)
    Wednesday: Weight training: Legs; Elliptical 30 minutes (AM)
    Thursday: Weight training: Triceps, Abs; Elliptical 45 minutes (AM)
    Friday: Weight training: Back; Elliptical 30 minutes (AM)
    Saturday Weight training: Shoulders/Traps; Elliptical 45 minutes (AM)
    Sunday: OFF

    Six meals per day, NO cheat meals in Feb (It’s the shortest month of the year; I can do that!)

    WEIGHT: 280.6 pounds
    BODY FAT: 48.1% (don't know how accurate, this is from my Tanita bodyfat scale)
    NECK: 17 5/8"
    CHEST: 55 3/4"
    ARMS: 17"
    FOREARMS: 13"
    WAIST: 53"
    HIPS: 47 1/4"
    THIGHS: 28 1/4"
    CALVES: 17"

    WEIGHT: 265
    BODY FAT: 46.10%
    NECK: 17 1/2"
    CHEST: 54 3/4"
    ARMS: 16 1/4"
    FOREARMS: 12 5/8"
    WAIST: 51 3/8"
    HIPS: 45"
    THIGHS: 26 1/4"
    CALVES: 16 3/8"

    FEB 1: First time measuring in a LONG, LONG time. Shocked and disgusted, to say the least. How did I let myself get to this?? Looking forward, I am remaining positive, excited about this challenge. On the positive side, my weight was actually less than I had thought it would be. Sunday is my scheduled off day, I am not going to a Super Bowl party, so I don't have that temptation. My target daily calories is 1900 cal/day with a 40-40-20 ratio. Here's to the next 28 days of training and proper nutrition. (100 points)

    FEB 2: Great day yesterday - didn't go off the wagon with food or spirit. Good chest workout this morning followed by 30 mins on the elliptical. So far, spot on for my planned meals. (100 points)

    FEB 3: Ate all meals as planned yesterday. Bicep workout and 45 min on the elliptical. All meals as planned today. (100 points)

    FEB 4: Woke up to a brisk 45 degrees on my way to the gym. Leg day - 1st leg workout since before Christmas; lost strength in my legs - and am I going to be sore tomorrow! Did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 on the treadmill. Ate all meals as planned, no cheats. (100 points)

    FEB 5: Overslept and missed my workout (-1). Ate all meals as planned. (99 points)

    FEB 6: Got my butt out of bed in time for a great back workout and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Ate all meals as planned. (99 points)

    FEB 7: Great shoulder/trap workout and 45 minutes on the elliptical! All meals as planned. End of week one... (99 points)

    FEB 8: Off day, weight down to 275.2, but bodyfat is up to 49.5. I don't know how accurate that is. (99 points)

    FEB 9: Chest today, was bothered by a sore left shoulder that hasn't bothered me in years, don't know why it has flared up now. Anyways, did 45 minutes on the elliptical. All meals as planned. Had to get out of bed to make this post! (99 points)

    Feb 11: Doh! I forgot to post last night (-1). Worked biceps and did 40 minutes on the elliptical. Ate all meals as planned. Last night my son had a fever and was throwing up, I was up with him, so I didn't make my workout this morning (-1). So far, all meals as planned. (97 points)

    FEB 12: New strategy - post in the morning so I don't forget! Triceps and 45 minutes on the elliptical. All meals as planned yesterday. (97 points)

    FEB 13: Great back workout this morning and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I increased my level by 1, and after 15 minutes, I did a 10 minutes High Intensity interval, going 30 seconds all out followed by 1 minute rest ending the 10 minutes with 1 min of all out. Then cool down at a moderate pace for 5 minutes. I was still sweating after my shower and while I was eating my oatmeal! Ate all meals as planned yesterday. (97 points)

    FEB 14: OK, technically the clock says 12:24 which means it is now Feb 15, but I haven't been to bed yet so it is still today! Great shoulders and traps workout and 50 minutes on the elliptical. All meals as planned, even skipped dessert at dinner out with my wife. (97 points)

    FEB 15: Off day, weigh in today at 271.4 @ 46.1% bodyfat (97points)

    FEB 17: UGG! Great day; chest, 30 minutes elliptical and diet was spot on, but I forgot to post! (-1) The hardest part of this challenge so far has been remembering to post! Today, great bicep work out; hit my new personal best on BB curl for reps. 45 minutes on the elliptical, and so far, all meals as planned. I'm not going to wait until all meals eaten to post! (96 points)

    FEB 19: DANG!! Remembering to post daily has been my biggest challenge so far this month! Hats off to John for doing everything he does PLUS posting each morning by 9am! Great day yesterday; had to get an early start because my 7 year old son was having surgery and we had to be at the hospital by 6:30 am. Up at 3:45 to do legs followed by 30 minutes elliptical. He recovered more quickly than we anticipated; he was running around doing ninja moves and shadow boxing by dinner time! Mom and Dad were more worn out than he was! All meals as planned. (-1) Today (Thursday) triceps then 45 minutes on the elliptical, 1st meal as planned (95 points)

    FEB 20: All meals as planned yesterday. Awesome back workout this morning followed by elliptical. 10 minutes warm up, 15:30 of HIIT with 30/60 second All out/Recovery followed by 9:30 of cool down. So far, so good! Looking forward to a great weekend! (95 points)

    FEB 21: Shoulders/Traps today followed by 60 minutes on the ellipical. Went out for my birthday dinner. Grilled grouper and green beans, but followed that up with vanilla creme brulee (-1). All other meals as planned. (94 points)

    FEB 22: Off day, weigh in today at 265.8 @ 49.1% bodyfat. I need to get calipers to judge this progress accurately. Three weeks down, I've got to remember to do my daily posts this final week! (94 points)

    FEB 23: Great Monday morning! The gym opened a half hour late, so I did 40 minutes on the elliptical. All meals as planned so far. (94 points)

    FEB 24: Good biceps workout followed by 50 minutes elliptical. All meals as planned so far today! (94 points)

    FEB 25: Legs followed by 45 minutes of elliptical. All meals as planned yesterday and so far today. The month is winding down, time to finish strong! (94 points)

    FEB 26: Triceps, Abs followed by 50 minutes of elliptical. All meals as planned yesterday, so far so good today. (94 points)

    FEB 27: This is the homestretch; real good month - I've lost more points from forgetting to post than anything else. Back this morning followed by 35 minutes on the elliptical. All meals as planned yesterday, so far today. (94 points)

    FEB 28: Last day of the month! Shoulders/Traps then 50 minutes on the elliptical. All meals as planned. I am pretty happy with the results of my first challenge, I am looking forward to the March challenge! (94 points)
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  12. MAD180

    MAD180 Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2005
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    I'm in, starting Feb 2nd!

    Looking forward to achieving my goals!

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to get shredded, whilst maintaining as much lean mass as possible.

    Monday: Walk, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Walk, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Wednesday: Walk, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Walk, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Friday: Walk, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: Legs & Shoulders (PM)
    Saturday Off
    Sunday: Off

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 102KG / 225LBS
    BODY FAT: 19.8%
    ARMS: 15.5 Inches, flexed cold.
    CALVES: 16 Inches, flexed cold.
    CHEST: 45 Inches, flexed cold.
    FOREARMS: 12.75 Inches, flexed cold.
    HIPS: 40 Inches
    THIGHS: 26 Inches, flexed cold.
    WAIST: 38.25 Inches



    FEB 2: Had a great start today. Completed my cardio and workout, and ate all meals as scheduled. - 100pts.
    FEB 3: Had a good day again today, completed my cardio and ate all meals as scheduled. - 100pts
    FEB 4: Ate all meals as scheduled today, complete cardio and lifted Heavy! :bb: - 100pts
    FEB 5: Ate all meals as scheduled and completed cardio workout - 100pts
    FEB 6: Ate all meals as scheduled, trained legs. Missed my cardio - 99pts
    FEB 7: Ate all meals as scheduled, had my weekly cheat meal - 99pts
    FEB 8: Ate all meals as scheduled. - 99pts.
    FEB 9: Ate all meals as scheduled, good weights session, missed my cardio :( - 98pts
    FEB 10: Ate all meals as scheduled, cardio :tu: -98pts
    FEB 11: Ate all meals as scheduled, good cardio session. I really suck at the whole "daily" updates part of this challenge -97pts.
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  13. faze1

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    Jul 6, 2007
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    I'm in! hopefully i'll see this challenge through to the end!

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: get down to 96kg

    Monday: Stationary bike, 15 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Stationary bike, 15 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); abs (PM)
    Wednesday: Stationary bike, 15 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Stationary bike, 15 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Friday: Stationary bike, 15 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); abs (PM)
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Stationary bike, 15 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 102kg


    FEB 1:
    FEB 2:
    FEB 3:
  14. esanscha

    esanscha Active Member

    Dec 13, 2008
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    GOAL: cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my bodyweight to under 155lbs and my waistline to under 31" while maintaining at least 15" arms.

    WORKOUT SCHEDULE: train each bodypart once every 5 days using current 5 day split. Run at least 3 times a week, including 2 speed sessions and 1 long run of at least 2 hours.

    DIET: 2500 calories on weekdays and up to 3500 on weekends. I'm allowed an extra 200 calories on weekdays when I run.

    Weight: 161.2
    Waist: 32.0
    Arm: 15.5

    Weight: 156.0
    Waist: 31.5
    Arm: 15.25


    FEB 1: Ate 3400 calories and did my leg workout. (100)
    FEB 2: Ate 2500 calories and did my chest + delts workout (I tried my max on the bench press: 270lbs!!!). (100)
    FEB 3: Ate 2500 calories and did my back and rear delts workout. (100)
    FEB 4: Ate 2500 calories and did my triceps + abs and core workout. (100)
    FEB 5: Ate 2700 calories and did my biceps workout. Also ran 5k including 5x447m @ 3:57. (100)
    FEB 6: Ate 2700 calories and did my leg workout. Also ran 8k including 5x1000m @ 4:24. (100)
    FEB 7: Ate 3500 calories and did my chest + delts workout. I'm starting to lose a little strength due to the caloric restriction, even though I'm eating at least 150g of protein daily. Also did 3 hours of snoeshoeing. (100)
    FEB 8: Ate 3500 calories but I didn't do my back workout. I ran for 2 hours in the morning. (99)
    FEB 9: Ate 3300 calories (800 more than allowed -1). I didn't do my back workout (again) -1. (97)
    FEB 10: Ate 2500 calories. Did my back workout (finally!) and ran 5k including 5x447m @ 3:45. (97)
    FEB 11: Ate 3000 calories (-1) and did my triceps + abs and core workout. (96)
    FEB 12: Ate 2500 calories and did my biceps workout. (96)
    FEB 13: Ate 2700 calories because I was supposed to run intervals in the evening. I didn't (-2). I did my leg workout though. (94)
    FEB 14: Ate 3500 calories and did my chest + delts workout. I also ran for 2:15 in the afternoon. (94)
    FEB 15: Ate 2700 calories and did my back + rear delts workout. I also ran 8k in the afternoon. (94)
    FEB 16: Ate 2500 calories and did my triceps workout. (94)
    FEB 17: Ate 2600 calories and did my biceps workout. Also ran 5k including 5x447m @ 3:37. (94)
    FEB 18: Ate 3500 calories (-1) and ran 5k at a leisurely pace. Skipped my leg workout (-1). (92)
    FEB 19: Ate 3500 calories (-1) and skipped my leg workout again (-1). (90)
    FEB 20: Ate 2700 calories and did my leg workout. Also ran 8k including 5x1000m @ 4:10. (90)
    FEB 21: Ate approximately 4500 calories (-1). I did my chest + delts workout and I ran 5k. (89)
    FEB 22: Ate 3500 calories and did my back workout. I also ran for 2:35 in the afternoon. (89)
    FEB 23: Ate 2700 calories (-1) and did my triceps workout. (88)
    FEB 24: This is getting ridiculous. I ate 3500 calories (-1) and I didn't do my biceps workout (-1). I ran 7k in the afternoon. I can't wait for this challenge to be over. I'm pretty happy with my training but not so much with my discipline to cut out my calories. Still, I shouldn't be very far from my target weight come Marsh 1st. (86)
    FEB 25: Ate 3000 calories (-1) and did my biceps workout. I also ran 5k including 5x447m @ 3:30. (85)
    FEB 26: Ate 3500 calories (-1), skipped my leg workout (-1). I ran 8k in the afternoon. (83)
    FEB 27: Did not count my calories (-1), skipped my leg workout (-1) but I ran 7k in the afternoon, including 1x5000m @ 4:18. (81)
    FEB 28: Ate 2500 calories and ran 5k but I didn't lift weights (-1). Final score 80.

    Even though I ate way too much for the last 2 weeks of this challenge, I still managed to lose 5 pounds in the month. If I do that again this month, I'll be pretty happy. On the positive side, I have increased my running to about 50km per week.
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  15. fairmount

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    Jan 25, 2009
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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want my abs to show, like hunk-abs. Oh yeah sexy hunk abs

    Monday: Treadmill, 5 kilometers. Weight training for the legs.
    Tuesday: Treadmill, 5 kilometers. Weight training for the chest and the forearms.
    Wednesday: Treadmill, 5 kilometers. Weight training for the back and the traps.
    Thursday: Treadmill, 5 kilometers. Weight training for the shoulders and the triceps
    Friday: Treadmill, 5 kilometers. Weight training for the biceps and the abs
    Weekend: rest

    Brekkie: Two fried eggs on toast.
    Protein shake after exercise.
    School lunch with lots and lots of veggies, beans if availible.
    One piece of fruit at around 3 in the arvo.
    Tea, lots and lots of veggies.
    A wholemeal sandwich at around 8-9-ish.

    2 x cheat meals in the entire month
    2 x alcohol
    1 x pot

    Weight 72 kilos, abs barely visible.

    Daily Log

    Sunday the 1st:
    A nice start, I'd say. Since it is weekend, no exercise. In stead I went driving with my mother. Soon I will be the greatest driver ever to walk this planet. Must only develop skills in reversing first. Later tonight is Superbowl, and for once I will not endulge in cookies and ice cream, no! I have prepared a bowl of unsalted nuts, together with sparkling water which I have added some slices of lemon to. It's going to be a feast! So, to wrap things up:
    -0 points [100 points]
    Monday the 2nd: The nightly Superbowl entertainment brought with it both a cheat meal and some beers, so I have now used one of each of those... Already... Well there is no more Superbowl in the rest of the month. I did good after waking up today, exercised properly and only ate what I had planned to eat. Self-five, for the big dog!
    -0 points [100 points]
    Tuesday the 3rd: Another nice day, except I had to get up at 6:30 and it was very very cold outside. The running was good today, I counted my steps for 2.3 kilometres and got to 2516 steps, making my average step length just shy of 110 centimetres. I had some trouble remembering todays exercises so I did chest and triceps in stead of chest and forearms. No worries tho, I'll just do forearms on thursday when triceps are supposed to be done. All meals worked out nicely aswell. Go me!
    -0 points [100 points]
    Wednesday the 4th: This day was quite good, from a fitness point of view. I did the exercises correctly today. Well, almost. I did manage to get one set of dumbbell raises, for the shoulders, in there before remembering I was supposed to do deadlifts. No harm done though. The jogging was pretty tolerable, I listened to music for once making it almost pleasant. On the food-side things went juuuust fine. I might have had buttered sandwiches with the tea but then on the other hand I had a vegetarian lunch.
    -0 points [100 points]
    Thursday the 5th: Thursdays are my favourite workout days. On these days I start with 20 minutes in a tanning bed, which is sweeeeet. Firstly it makes me brown, secondly it's very relaxing. Afterwards, the cardio of the day. Not so sweet, cardio bores me to tears. But what to do, I force myself through it. Then it's time for shoulders! One of my favourite muscle groups to workout. It doesn't take hideously long like legs do, and well it just feels nice. Also, since I have no school from 9:20 to 12:45, I have plenty of time to bask in the sauna. If I died on the evening of a thursday, I would die happy. And so on to foodstuffs. I ate properly all day long, but then I failed in the evening. Sad to say I had a bowl of pop corn, making my second and last cheat meal spent. Now there can be no more cheat foods in a whole 23 days.
    -0 points [100 points]
    Friday the 6th:
    Saturday the 7th:
    Sunday the 8th:
    Oh noes, bad weekend. First I missed posting on friday, second I got a bit drunk on friday. That's -1 point for the missed day and the last alcohol used up. Exercise was good on the other hand, and the food as it was supposed to be. And then the saturday, even worse. I messed up the eating by having a giant mountain of cream, ice cream and stuff with some friends. Thats -1, and I also got a bit drunk again, -1 more. On top of that I missed posting, -1 more. From now on I'm going to shape up.

    But for all it's worth, today was good. I ate properly and also went cross-country skiing in the evening, a whole 10 kilometres. Since I wasn't planning any weekend exercise I'll allow myself +1 point for that feat. So, in total:
    -4 points [96 points]
    +1 point [97 points]
    Monday the 9th: I had a good day today. My daily exercise was completed nicely, except for the fact that I was extremely sleepy for the first ~20 minutes. After I woke up completely it all went very well, I got to a new all-time high in that exercise where you have a barbell on your shoulders and stand on your toes all stretched tall, then sink back down, and so on. It's a bit annoying to not know the name, but it's Calf-Something. Anyway, that was sweet. Food also worked out as intended, except for the orange juice on my singlet...

    I think I can see results already! Whilst flexing my abs today after exercising, they were showing more clearly than ever before! At the end of the month, I really think they are going to be visible all the time, not just a bit when I flex. I likes *nodnod*
    Tuesday the 10th: I flexed a bit again today after working out, and I'm noticing results on all of the upper body, notably today the chest region. These results probably aren't just from these 10 days, but from my more or less ongoing cutting process that has been since new year's. Still, results are results and they make me happy!

    I exercised chest and forearms today, according to schedule this week and everything. However I was running low on time and didn't do my cardio, so that's -1 point. No problems with the food though, I woke up at lunchtime and had a combined breakfast-lunch the size of my usual lunches, so with that in mind I allowed myself some cookies in the evening, thinking that the two events neutralise each other. I deem this a not perfectly marvellous food-day, but acceptable anyway.
    -1 point [96 points]
    Wednesday the 11th: Today I planned to wake up at 6:30 so I could exercise before school, thus eluding the annoying other people that for some reason tend to flock at the gym I visit during normal, civilised hours. I don't like them. On the other hand, I don't like waking up at uncivilised hours, which caused my plan to fail miserably. In stead I went on for another hour-and-a-half dreaming about tow trucks.

    In my sports class we had swimming today, good fun. Since it meant me swimming non-stop for almost a full hour, at a not too bad intensity, I deemed this acceptable cardio. No boring treadmill today!

    The actual exercise of the day was allright. But, as expected, with my unusually late arrival at 3:30 in the afternoon, the place was filled with people :/ One of them even commented on the way I do my cable rows! The audacity! How dare he! And so on... On a more positive note, the sauna was empty and I could bask alone without old men all around me.

    Wow, this is becoming really long. Well, food was acceptable today. I had some lovely soup for lunch, and my daily dose of carrots.
    -0 points [96 points]
    Thursday the 12th: Today, my school had a one-day trip to the snow. Very nice, I enjoy skiing a lot. On the other hand, the waking up at 5:20 was not as nice. I'm not sure how to measure this day. On one hand, I didn't do my workout, but on the other I was actively using my body all day. I didn't eat properly anyway, so for that I'll award myself with -1 point.

    On the note of exercise, I will not award myself any - points, since I did use my body quite a lot. With the goal being cutting, I deem that any exercise, be it running or skiing, will burn calories.
    -1 point [95 points]
    Friday the 13th: I managed not to die today! A feat worthy of recognition in the great tale that is the history of humankind!

    I also managed to exercise and eat properly. However, I overslept and managed to squeeze my gym visit in right at the same time as everyone else in the entire country. Never have I before waited for so long, before I could use the equipment. Horrible. But the sauna was nice.
    -0 points [95 points]
    Saturday the 14th:
    Sunday the 15th:
    Missed another update :( Well thats what you get for being out and about until 4 am, -1 point for me. As for the rest of yesterday, I went skiing again, a whole 12 kilometres this time! Being a day with no planned exercise, that will award me with +1 point. I had some alcohol in the evening, not full on drunk but still, thats another -1. For all it's worth, I ate good.

    Now for today. I have done absolutely nothing today, haven't even stepped outside my own front door. No eating screw-ups, nothing else either. A very empty day, most likely the kind I'll regret whilst dying of some horrible disease in a later stage of my life.
    -2 points [93 points]
    +1 point [94 points]
    Monday the 16th: I did step outside my front door today, and it wasn't that bad out there! In stead of legs, I did shoulder exercises today, since A, i missed them last week because of skiing, and B) I'm going to miss wed, thu and fri this week, as well as mon and tue next week. All because I'm participating in something called Vasaloppet, The Vasa Race for all the non-swedes out there. Not the proper full one, that one is 90 kilometres on cross-country skies. I'm doing the sissies' one, only 30 kilometres. Now that I'm writing about it, I'll lay out my plan for updating here. Since I'll be staying the entire time in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere, back-country Sweden, there will of course be a certain shortage of such luxurities as availibility of the Internet. Thus, I'll write my daily updates at the start of my personal journal, and then when I return on the 24th, copypasta them all to here. While I will not update here daily, I will still update daily and thus not lose a million points.

    As to why I did shoulders and not legs today, the start of the ramblings above, cross-country takes a lot of leg power, and a lot of tricep power. Today was legs day, but in this way I'll rest my legs up properly before the race. Also, I won't do triceps tomorrow, in stead I'll only do the chest part of tomorrow's planned exercises.

    But back to today, I did my weight lifting, shoulders, but since my gym class was right afterwards I figured I'll get my dose of cardio there. Wrong. The gym classes of this day and age obviously don't necessarily mean that it will be strenouous, no way hose! We did a full hour of massage. It was very relaxing, and quite interesting, we learned some of the theory behind it all, just basics but still. No cardio in that... -1 point.

    And after that, my sorry excuse for a school decided that porrige was suitable lunch-food. Not tasty, not one bit. A mountain of veggies the size of Texas did manage to fill me up, and remove some of my porrige-related anger. For the evening meal, I cooked a nice mix of rice, sliced sausage, peas and onion. A very tasty meal it was, and I felt very proud of my abilities as a chef. Go me!
    -1 point [93 points]
    Tuesday the 17th: Here we go, the last running update here for a week. Being my day off and all, I decided to do some more skiing. Today I managed a whole 14 kilometres! Almost half of the oh so closely upcoming race! For the first time, I feel prepared for this.

    That is also about all I managed. Being my day off and all, I also decided not to do anything. Thus I have spent the day in a very soothing state of idleness. Around 2 in the afternoon I watched a few Scrubs episodes, and then around 5 I had some split pea soup and pancakes. Shortly after, I went to meet a friend in the local pub, we sat around for about two hours and talked. Good fun, and only two beers downed.

    A very relaxing day. See you all with a bunch of updates next tuesday!
    Wednesday the 18th: Ok, lets go. The following updates are copypasted from my diary.

    Today I’ve been on the road. The practise driving is coming along juust fine, today I drove for almost 150 kilometres on the highway, 120 kph :) Also, later in the day I drove another 100 kilometres on a small, narrow road with lots of snow coming down, not as fun as it sounds. I ate bad, I’ll grant that. Between McDonalds, lots of chocolate and the most massive pile of pasta carbonara ever, I think that I overdid the food intake, so that will be -1 point.

    I didn’t exercise at all, kind of hard when sitting in a car. Although I don’t think that’s worth any minus points. Sort of a Force Majeure situation, no minus points for that.
    -1 point [92 points]
    Thursday the 19th: Another copypaste.

    First day in the middle of nowheresville. Not much fun, the TV only gets two channels and there is no Internet. Also, season one of this new series i discovered recently didn't finish downloading before I left. All I have is season 2. But what to do, I'll start watching the one I have.

    Around lunch today I went for some skiing, being the day before the race and all. There are no prepared tracks here so I followed some snowmobile tracks across a nearby lake and into the empty, silent and very peaceful forest. The snow was falling slowly, there was not a sound except for the ones made by my skies, very few signs of the existence of humankind, and it all made me very mellow and relaxed. After a while I sat down under the trees and ate a sandwich I had prepared earlier, accompanied by a cup of tea. Good times.

    Then I turned around and went back to the cabin. When I was almost there I met my parents, skiing towards me. This encounter quickly reminded me of the annoyance that other people so often cause to me. Apparently I had been gone for two full hours, something that was the cause of much anxiety. Nevermind that I am 18 years of age and have lived a full year alone very far away from them taking care of myself. No, being gone for two hours, with foodstuffs, in the middle of the day, in an environment I know quite well, is still cause for concern...

    The rest of the day passed in a blur of nothingness. I watched some tv, some episodes of the series, had some food, went to sleep. A good day exercise-wise, but save for the skiing very empty and pointless.
    -0 points [92 points]
    Friday the 20th: Copypaste.

    Hello fellow exercisers! Today was the race; I finished the 30 kilometres in 2 hours, 33 minutes and 20 seconds! That puts me right below 12 kph, and just a short three and a half minutes above my goal :/ Well, the tracks weren’t very fast today, and I am still very happy with my performance. Also, there was a LOT of people all around me for the first few kilometres, before I got past all the oldies and slowies, and that lost me a couple of minutes as well. When I finished, I was totally and utterly exhausted. My father decided it was a good idea to make small talk less than two minutes after I finished, and I hated him dearly right then. Very annoying, go away, I want to shower, eat chocolate and be ALONE! He took the hint, and I went off to relax. They had masseuses in connection to the showering facilities, splendid! Too bad I didn’t have any money on me at the time to pay for such luxurities…

    I don’t think eating applies on the race day, so I won’t write much about that. The steak I had for tea was great, and my four egg brekkie of similar quality.

    For my greatness, effort and general sportsmanship, I’ll award myself 2 (two) bonus points today. I have bloody well earned it, I have.
    +2 points [94 points]

    Saturday the 21st: Still copying and pasting.

    A very empty day today, some r n r after the race. I did nothing, except go for a drive. No exercise, but it’s weekend AND I’m on vacation so it’s all cool. I didn’t eat really good but what the hell. I deem my previous conquests in the exercisely field more than sufficient to cover another day’s worth of general accomplishmentness. So, no minus points!
    -0 points [94 points]

    Sunday the 22nd: Copy and paste.

    Skiing again today, but downhill this time. I had a good time, and the stuff I ate was allright. Not too many calories, not too few. A lot of exercise, low intensity, but still I was moving about using my body all day long. After lunch there was an hour of HEAVY snowing, but save for that the day gave some quite nice skiing.

    I also drove the car a lot today. All this snowy conditions driving is helping me towards my long-term goal of being a licensed driver. Right now, the plan and prognosis is having my license within 3 months, before the month of june begins.
    -0 points [94 points]
    Monday the 23rd: Copypasting, except for the picture.

    Again, downhill skiing. Today we crossed the border into the land of the sissies to the west, Norway. They are, no matter what anyone else might claim, the most gay people of this planet. This is what they look like: http://home.swipnet.se/~w-89388/images/norrman.jpg
    Imagine someone from Canada. Most likely he or she is very similar to the typical Norwegian citizen, sharing the same air of silliness.

    On the other hand, they do have the best skiing in the world. Seriously. Nobody can compete with them. So yes, good day today. Since food costs about three times as much as is reasonable in their sissy country (they have oil to pay for it with) we had food with us, making it a very healthy eating-day. Also a day of much exercise, standing on skies all day.

    Again more driving aswell. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to drive in Norway, since they stubbornly refuse to enter the european union and thus adapt to the comfort of having the same rules about things as the rest of us.
    -0 points [94 points]
    Tuesday the 24th: Copypasting still, we decided to increase the trip by two days.

    Another one of those empty days today. We were supposed to be on the road home but took the informed and democratic decision to stay another few days. In my boredom, I went for a very long walk around noon. It was quite relaxing, the quiet and content feeling of the forest waiting for the sun's warmth to return, the occational bird swooping past, and of course the not being around my parents for a few hours. they are nice and all but you all know the feeling, you can't stand each other in a confined space for more than so long.

    On the downside, I didn't eat very good at all today. The fatty foods were over-represented in my dietary intakes, while such necessities as vegetables were lacking.
    -1 point [93 points]
    Wednesday the 25th: Still copypasting, but hopefully for the last time.

    We are halfway home, staying at my cousin's. We went in the morning from the remote cabin, and got here in time for lunch. I mainly sat around discussing recent events with my cousin, he is the same age as me and we've always gotten along quite well. It was good to be around other people than my parents for a while. In the evening, we went to a bar in the local town centre, and later to their only club worth the name. Not a very fancy place, but worthy of mentioning. Nonetheless, we had a good time dancing and such, and I ran into a bloke from Finland who's vacationing in the Sweden for a week or so. In the weekend, he told me there will be a rave in the town where I live, and he's going there! He invited me along, it should be fun. But now, rounding up. The time is very late and I need sleep.

    As for exercise and diet, the reasons for this log, there's not much good to say. I did eat so-so, and stayed sober in spite of being out and about. No exercise though.
    -1 point [92 points]
    Thursday the 26th: Not copypasting any more! It took a while to put all those in but now I'm writing live again.

    I woke up reasonably early today, sat down in the car and went back to sleep until we arrived home. There was a letter saying that my new ID card has arrived and is waiting for me in the local bank. Very nice, the picture in my old one is about 5 years old and looks nothing like me.

    Being a fan of lifting weights, and having been denied doing so for over a week, I went to the gym after our arrival back home and had a very good hour of shoulder exercising. I also biked for 30 minutes on an exercise bike, and rounded off with a sauna visit.

    I even ate allright! Not too much, and lots of green things.
    -0 points [92 points]
    Friday the 27th: Quite late wakeuo today, around noon. I had my planned breakfast and went off to the gym. Good exercise, and my weekly light therapy, ie tanning. This is probably what gets me thru the weeks in winter, basking in the oh so sweet light and warmth of a bunch of very dangerous tungsten lights that will probably see me dead from skin cancer some day. But nevermind the cancer, I truly and honestly need this at least once a week to get me thru these dark months. It's my heroin.

    The exercise was so-so, I did do it all but never really got excited and going. It was slow torture all the way :(

    Eating was allright to, I went out in the evening but only had a few beers, making up for the meal I missed by sleeping for so long. In the wee hours, not too long ago at all, we went to a fast food place, but I stayed strong and didn't eat anything at all. Go me!
    -0 points [92 points]
    Saturday the 28th: The last day, now it's over. Tomorrow I start what will hopefully be a year-long bulk. I'm incredibly sick of cutting, incredibly sick indeed. It's going to be so nice to eat, eat, eat, eat, eat and eat! Not feel bad about wanting something to chew on every now and then...

    Well, as for today, no bad foods, no exercise being weekend... nothing to see here, move along.

    Thanks for an awesome month! You know, having this daily update of my exercise life has really given me a few mindfucks. Before, I thought that I followed my plan pretty well, but now I see that I have cheated far more frequently than I thought. It has been a valuable little project, writing these logs. I feel quite happy about my doings in the last month. I met my goal for the skiing race, I stayed pretty close to my planned cutting goals, I updated almost every day. And my abs do show now! Not quite hunk-like yet but still, I don't think they've ever been as defined and moviestar-like as they are right now. Bit of a shame that the bulk will take care of that in a heartbeat, but what to do?

    Fight on in March guys!
    -0 points [Final score 92 points]
    Sunday the 29th (is this a leap year? I dont know, will keep this day in the list for now): Apparently this isn't a leap year. This should say March 1.
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    I'm in. Workout Schedule and Meal Plan will follow.
    I'm on vacation until Monday.
  17. Tonatiuh

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    Hey guys! First post, first challenge!

    GOAL: Bulking

    COMMENT: I want to gain the most possible weight without gaining fat (or loose fat if possible).
    -Eat Breakfast.
    -Eat during the afternoon.

    Monday: Weight training: Chest & Triceps + abs
    Tuesday: Cardio: 20 mins HIIT
    Wednesday: Weight training: Back & Biceps
    Thursday: Weight training: Legs + abs
    Friday: Weight training: Delts & Traps + Obliques
    Saturday: Cardio: 45 mins (non HIIT)
    Sunday: Rest

    Five meals per day, cheat meal only if i'm out with friends or at a friend's house.
    Pre WO: Protein Isolate/Hydrolysate + Sugar + Maltodextrine
    During WO: Protein Isolate/Hydrolysate + Sugar
    Post WO: Protein Isolate/Hydrolysate + Sugar + Creatine + Glutamine

    WEIGHT: 66kg aprox. (this is 01/01/09 weight). My scale is kindof drunk atm, so i couldnt check my weight. Will do asap.
    BODY FAT: 10% aprox (from scale)


    FEB 1: Eating: OK, Rest. [100]
    FEB 2: Eating: OK, WO: Done [100]
    FEB 3: DIMMIT! Missed breakfast! Woke up too late. And then i came back from school too late and missed the cardio (cuz gym closes at 9:30 pm). Im pissssshhhhhed. Anyway...I did some abs at home. Now the main goal for this month is having breakfast everyday. Then i'll move one to other details: step by step implementation. (-2) [98]
    FEB 4: Gah! Managed to get a protein shake this morning but no real breakfast. Ok it still counts, no minus. But to be avoided. WO: OK. [98]
    FEB 5: Today was good. I had a good - and painful - leg workout...intense. [98]
    FEB 6: Did shoulder WO correctly. Forgot to update, doh. (-1). [97]
    FEB 7: Ran for 1 hour with friends. Was good. [97]
    FEB 8: Rest! Oh BOY! I did NOTHING today...well deserved. [97]
    FEB 9: Good chest WO. Today's weight: 68kg !!!! YES!!! I'm getting bigger![97]
    FEB 10: Cardio good. [97]
    FEB 11: Back good. [97]
    FEB 12: Legs is a difficult day...specially for CNS. [97]
    FEB 13: Delts ok. [97]
    FEB 14: uh oh Slept all day... did not run... ill try to go tomorrow instead.(-1) [96]
    FEB 15: Cool, i ran for almost 1 hour. (+1)...And I had my first salsa lesson! [97]
    FEB 16: DAMN, i forgot to update. Chest workout was done. (-1) [96]
    FEB 17: forgot to update. WO good. (-1). [95]
    FEB 18: no wo. (-1). [94]
    FEB 19: Missed update. Feeling bad, left workout after like 20 mins. First time ever.(-2) [92]
    FEB 20: Missed update. Leg workout. (-1) [91]
    FEB 21: Missed update. No wo. (-2) [89]
    FEB 22: today sick. dunno if ill be able to train tomorrow...
    FEB 25: OK ive been sick lately so no WO, and kind of lost the motivatio to update too... I guess next challenge will go better. I did a Chest WO today.
    Aborted due to sickness. Next will be better.

    More details soon...

    Goal for this summer: at least 70-72 kgs of Lean, mean, muscle.
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    I'm in

    The January Challenge was a good thing for me so I'm back for a second.

    GOAL: Less fat, more lean mass

    COMMENT: Would like to match the Jan 09 challenge and lose 7 lbs while continued improving strength and endurance.

    Monday: Weight training: chest, back, core
    Tuesday: Rest
    Wednesday: Weight training: arms and legs
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Cardio: 3 mile run (4 miles if I'm really feeling it!)
    Saturday: Weight training: chest, back, core
    Sunday: Cardio: 3 mile run (4 miles if I'm really feeling it!)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week. Alcohol consumption limited to 3 times for entire month. Feb 1 is a free day for the Super Bowl.

    WEIGHT: 202.2 pounds (official Feb 1 weight)

    WEIGHT: ???? pounds (official Mar 1 weight)

    Feb 1: All meals and Super Bowl cheat but no alcohol. Good workout and a long walk with the dogs. Posting early because of the game. 100

    Feb 2: All meals and a 4 mile run on the treadmill. Set a PR for time. But afterwards I experienced a lot of pain on the outside of my right knee. Yaaa-ouch! 100 points

    Feb 3: Rest day. 6 meals. 100 pts

    Feb 4: Eff me. I just was not feeling it tonight at the gym. About 1/3rd through the workout I bailed. 6 meals though. -1 = 99

    Feb 5: Rest day. 6 meals. Ninety Nine

    Feb 6: Great day. 6 meals including my weekly cheat meal and then a great workout tonight. 99

    Feb 7: Another great day. 5 mile run outside and 6 meals. 99

    Feb 8: In the zone. Great leg and arm workout plus a long walk with the dogs. All 6 meals. 99

    Feb 9: Very good day. 4 mile run and all 6 meals. 99

    Feb 10: Day of rest. 6 meals. 99

    Feb 11: Missed a workout because of parental duties. All meals though. -1 = 98

    Feb 12: Scheduled rest day but I went to the gym to make up last nights missed workout. Meals were spot on. +1 for the makeup workout = 99

    Feb 13: Bad day. Missed a meal and a workout. -2 = 97

    Feb 14: Solid day. Out of town but the hotel has a workout center so I was able to get a 4 mile run in. 6 meals and my first of three drinking allowances. 97

    Feb 15: Another bad day. Traveling and tired from the weekend. -2 for a cheat meal and a missed workout. Time to get back after it!! 95

    Feb 16: Good day back in the saddle. Good workout and all 6 meals. 95

    Feb 17: Good day. Tuesday is a scheduled rest day but I did a 3 mile run to make up for Sunday's missed workout. All meals. +1 for unscheduled workout. 96

    Feb 18: Rockin day. Good workout and all meals. 96

    Feb 19: Kind of a bad day. Rest day and 6 meals but one was a slice of pizza and a bread stick. -1 for the cheat. 95

    Feb 20: Good day. 6 meals and 5 mile run. 95

    Feb 21: Good day. Had my weekly cheat meal. Also had a good arm and leg workout along with a long walk with the dogs. 95

    Feb 22: Another good day. 6 squares and 4 miles on the treadmill. 95

    Feb 23: On a roll. Good workout and all meals. 95

    Feb 24: Rest day. 6 meals. 95

    Feb 25: -1 for a missed workout. Will make that up today which is scheduled as a rest day. All meals though. 94

    Feb 26: Rest day. Did not make up the missed workout from yesterday. All meals. 94

    Feb 27: -2 for a missed workout and not posting. All meals. 92

    Feb 28:
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    Here Am I

    Goal : Survive each day of training and not lose my mind!

    Monday: Fullbody, core, cardiovascular endurance
    Tuesday: Cardio
    Wednesday: Fullbody, core, cardiovascular endurance
    Thursday: Cardio
    Friday: Fullbody, core, cardiovascular endurance
    Saturday: None Training Day
    Sunday: None Training Day


    FEB 1: Well since I had no training today I did not wrong and I am still one hundred points strong!
    FEB 2: -2 points 98
    FEB 3: Holding steady at 98
    FEB 4: -2 down to 96 points already golly woman get a grip!
    FEB 5: -1 she silently slips to 95
    FEB 6: -3 can this mean 92
    FEB 7: 92 nothing changes
    FEB 8: 92 nothing changes
    FEB 9: Dang I was so in the zone today 92
    FEB 10: 92 another awesome training day
    FEB 11: 92 it was a good one
    FEB 12: 92 holding on
    FEB 13: 92 :)
    FEB 14: Its all about the love 92 no training today or tomorrow
    FEB 15:No training today
    FEB 16:my butt was truly kicked today........92
    FEB 17: this old gal is holding steady 92
    FEB 18:It was a good deal 92
    FEB 19: holding my own at 92
    FEB 20: 92 yes
    FEB 21:no training today so my score stays the same
    FEB 22:no training today so my score stays the same
    FEB 23: Okay I think I might be in my groove zone yes....92
    FEB 24:92 holding on strong.
    FEB 25:92
    FEB 26:92
    FEB 27:92 this was my last day of training for the month we can wrap this party up with 92
    FEB 28:92
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