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John Stone's August 2010 "100 Challenge" (Completed)

Discussion in '"100 Challenges"' started by John Stone, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. John Stone

    John Stone Every day is Leg Day
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 20, 2004
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    Until the challenge begins, please DO NOT make any posts in this thread except your Official Entry post (a single placeholder post is OK). Once the challenge starts, you may post all you like.

    This premise of this challenge is pretty simple: Each participant starts the month with 100 points. A point is deducted each time a workout is missed, a meal is missed, an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack is consumed or a daily update to your official challenge post is missed. The goal, of course, is to finish the month with 100 points!

    Here are the rules:

    1) The challenge begins on August 1, 2010. You must have your starting post up by 9:00 AM (EDT) on August 1, 2010--NO EXCEPTIONS!
    2) It doesn't matter if you are cutting, bulking or maintaining. The common goal here is 100% consistency.
    3) Each person participating in the challenge should start a post in this thread by the cut-off time. Your Official Challenge post must be updated each and every day. The updates won't take long (examples below). If you miss an update, you must deduct a point. Please note that you should edit your existing Official Challenge post--don't start a new post every day.
    4) Miss a workout for any reason, deduct a point.
    5) Miss a meal for any reason, deduct a point.
    6) Eat an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack, deduct a point.

    Feel free to post before/after pictures if you like (optional).

    Of course this challenge is based on the honor system. You can cheat, but that would be pointless.

    Here's an example Official Challenge post (feel free to copy and paste, substituting your own information):


    Sample Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8%.

    Monday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Wednesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
    Friday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 200 pounds
    BODY FAT: 9.8%
    ARMS: 16.75"
    CALVES: 16.5"
    CHEST: 42.75"
    FOREARMS: 13.5"
    HIPS: 38.75"
    THIGHS: 24"
    WAIST: 32.5"


    DAILY LOG (Note: Each entry should be completed the day after, or at the end of the same day after all meals/workouts are completed. Please be sure to keep a running total of your points, as shown below.)

    AUG 1: I did my cardio and ate all meals as scheduled.
    -0 points [100 points]

    AUG 2: My car broke down and I missed my back workout. I walked to Burger King for dinner and had an unscheduled cheat meal.
    -2 points [98 points]

    AUG 3: I missed my cardio today, but ate all meals as scheduled.
    -1 point [97 points]

    AUG 4:

    AUG 5: I missed yesterday's update, but I did my delts and traps workout yesterday, and ate all meals as scheduled (including my scheduled cheat meal). Today I did my cardio, ate all meals as scheduled and did my leg workout.
    -1 point [96 POINTS]

    You get the idea.....
  2. _Marcus

    _Marcus Active Member

    Jan 28, 2008
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    oh man! first post on august 26th!

    got a new job and got off the track! came back home late and hungry. needed something quick to eat and choosed sweets and ate to much to do my workout afterwards. a lot of sweets and a lot of skipped workout. no good month so far

    since 7 days I´m back on my diet again and I´m working out too. Now I´m above 100 kg once more and aim to go below in the next two weeks
    #2 _Marcus, Jul 17, 2010
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2010
  3. sjake

    sjake Active Member

    Nov 28, 2009
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    count me in -second! Goal: three months prior to first figure contest..definately need to lean up a bit, tighten here n there, and presserve precious muscle!!! Sounds fun!!
    Workout plan: sun 8/1
    chinup reps weithted 5x10+1,inverted push ups weighted,barbell decline close grip,deads,db one arm row,standing presses,single leg,squats,jump shrug,db shoulder press,squat
    tues 8/3
    chinups,pullups,standing chest press,quarter squat,cable standing,mid pulley row,db shoulder press,db romanian dead,mid pulley face pull,db incline bp,squat
    wide grip weighted pullup,inverted weighted pushes,bb decline close grip bp,front squat,standing one arm out row,db shoulder presses,db single leg dead,high pulls,standing chest press,good morning
    saturday same as thursday variations in pushups and pullup or chinups..depends on my liking..
    hitt ,abs
    My general weight training is every other day with abs/cardio (hitt/liss)in between.
    My diet consists of 1750 cals 40/40/20 split. may need to adjust to maintain fat loss consistant to timelines. will measure bf throughout month to ensure fat loss and continue to lift heavy...

    Start stats
    weight 125

    Ending stats lots of hard muscle hecking work..lost a total of 4 pounds..yeah...lot bf...looking leaner got a couple months left...
    August 1: struggled with motivation for lift..it was sunny and i wanted to play bb instead! I did successfully lift according to schedule..diet was consistent..did not log in to update..realized i must do so everyday..-1(99)
    August 2: just finished am hit/abs/pushes and pulls..we'll see how diet goes for the day..stayed with diet...perfect day onto 2marrow..
    august3 (99) ok day..did workout and stayed with my diet but had an early inservice getting ready for work few weeks...so i was tired at 500 but still working out:)
    August 4: consistent with diet plan..abs went all right still not where i want them yet..hit killed my thighs today..all good so far(99)
    August 5: great workout today! increased weights some were good others just hurt..no pain no gain..suck it up buttercup right? ate really good today. even added an additional round of liss cardio just for the pure fun of it! can add a point in my counter for that...lol(99)
    August 6: ate good as always, workout somewhat varied from schedule, instead of hitt did liss, oh well life goes on, felt good though! abs went well in am as i am seeing new vein popping...(98)
    August 7: blew off lift..ate well as always. didnt log in busy day rode horse instead was a bit more fun.(96)
    August 8: Doubled up workouts..did yesters lift and did hitt w/abs as always..ate clean..good day (96)
    August 9: did hitt and abs p&ps as always nice and hot though here so it was difficult at best...ate well as planned..good day just hot!!(96)
    August 10: blew off lift today went to dr instead...ate well..found out i will miss a few days lifts later in month..bummer...still too hot...(95)
    August 11: did bf calculater today its dropping but so slowly but quicker with the hitt than it did with liss the last 2 months but still not fast enough...doubled up workouts again..did yesters lift( which has changed this week so its entirely new and challenging) and todays cardio p&p's...nice workout...ate awesome as always..still too hot(95)
    August 12: lifted today and did xtra cardio liss(my true luv) ate well as always, had the coolest thing happen today. went to the local park and had a complete stranger come up and ask bout my workout routine, shecdule, diet ect. really nice feeling :Dwhen the general public comes up and asks what your doing..really neat keeps me going(95)
    August 13: did lift according to schedule now i am back on track again:) ate very well good day (95)
    August 14: all went to plan, quick update(95)
    august 15: all went well did cardio ate good (95)
    august 16: lifted and added xtra cardio..can i add a point for that? guess not...lol (95)
    august 17: short n quick..cardio went well..ate well (95)
    august 18: all went well..sorry for short updates getting ready to go bck to work and pressed for time..ate well ( 95)
    august 19: i lifted and did xtra liss cardio..its kinda the xtra bonus i do here and there...ate very well today..had the neatest thing happen today..i was out walking after running and came accross the path of a family with younger children..usully people i meet stare and gauk making me feel funny, but today a little girl said, "your hair is very pretty" I thanked the little girl and smiled inside :dreamy:..why can children see our beauty when other adults cant see past your physique?? was neat...(95)
    august 20:all went well..did not log in though(94)
    August 21: all went well...actually had to work today ha ha ha...ate clean..skipped cardio:bang:(93)
    august 22: all went well bust day hard to find motivation tho(93)
    august 23: lift went well.diet was awesome today..(93)
    august 24: hard to find time to log in,,but cardio n core went well..ate good (93)
    August 25: lift went well. i upped my weights today so extra sore..lol...ate well (93)
    August 26: today i have surgery and from here on out I will not be lifting until incisions have healed. not sure when that will be. i will ease back into my lifting and cario routines as cleared medically by my dr and based upon how i feel. but will stay on my diet as scheduled. doubt i will feel up to cardio due to surgery :cry:but will eat clean all day..will log in if different outcomes(92)
    August 27: didnt even eat way tooo drugged out but legal drugs..lol..really nauseated from surge..just a bad day:cry:(91)
    August 28: ate good today nasuea going aways atleast im keeping up with my diet plans as best as i can (91)
    August 29: still recovering..do i have to subtract points? :nope:i mean really the whole surgery thing is beyond my control(91)
    August 30:ate well, eased into excercise today. went for a walk and the pain was terrible:cry:not sure i am ready for this yet...(91)
    August 31:time to wrap this up..ate well..did walk but slower today ha ha ha..still excercise none the less. also was feeling good so I snuck in my first lift since surge..wow..that brought it all back! gotta get into gym again...will post pics starting and ending...(91)

    How did i do???
    Best regards to the individual with the illness. Hope you feel better and your health stabalizes out....
    #3 sjake, Jul 17, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2010
  4. astroguy

    astroguy Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2006
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    Been a long time since I've done one of these (July 2008, anyone?). As far as I know, I'm completely free of trips and other obligations in August that would detrimentally affect my ability to do this, so count me in.

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my bf% over the course of the month, preferably weight loss of 1 lb/week, too.

    Mornings: Walk at ~4 mph for ~40 min (fasted LISS). OR 30-40 minutes of bicycling (again, fasted LISS). ≥5 days/week.
    Evenings: Weights MWF or 3x/week.

    Five meals per day (of various sizes). One cheat meal per week is allowed; this is NOT counted in my meal planning, but it IS counted in my main calorie tracking to figure out at what calorie level I'm actually achieving my goals.

    ~1700 kcal/day averaged over 1 week (EXCLUDING any cheat). Macros: ≤25% fat, ≤40% carbohydrates, and ≥35% protein.

    Weight: 170 lbs
    Body Fat: 18.6%
    Biceps: 12.375"
    Forearms: 9.75"
    Chest: 38.75"
    Waist: 35"
    Hips: 39.875"
    Thighs: 21.75"
    Calves: 15.75" Left, 16.125" Right (they're pretty asymmetric)

    Weight: xxxx lbs
    Body Fat: xxxx%
    Biceps: xxxx"
    Forearms: xxxx"
    Chest: xxxx"
    Waist: xxxx"
    Hips: xxxx"
    Thighs: xxxx"
    Calves: xxxx"


    August 1 (100 pts): Didn't walk today (very sore from day before), but ate fine and even went to bed on time.
    August 2 (100 pts): Walked, weights, ate.
    August 3 (99 pts): I was delaying breakfast a bit, had a way early lunch, was planning on fitting breakfast in then between lunch and afternoon snack, but work got in the way. Walked.
    August 4 (99 pts): Almost missed doing weights but was able to fit them in. Walked.
    August 5 (99 pts): Had to re-arrange some meals due to running out of turkey breast, but otherwise fine. Walked.
    August 6 (99 pts): Ate according to plan today. Walked, somehow fit in weights.
    August 7 (99 pts): Ate according to plan today. Didn't walk, so walked 5x this week.
    August 8 (98 pts): Due to getting very involved in some work, I completely missed a meal. Didn't walk (new week).
    August 9 (98 pts): Still good, though I was so tired due to working late last night I didn't walk. Need to walk every day for the rest of the week otherwise it's -1 pt. Ate by plan and did weights.
    August 10 (98 pts): Had planned cheat meal today, going out with other grad students in my class for lunch. Walked.
    August 11 (97 pts): Didn't walk this morning - was too tired when my alarm went off (-1). I need to go to bed much earlier tonight so I'm not screwing this up. Didn't do weights today, meaning I need to do them Thursday and Saturday.
    August 12 (97 pts): Walked, ate, etc.
    August 13 (95 pts): Slight minor depression, I think due to not eating quite as much as I should be and being under a huge new pressure to finish my thesis work while at the same time determining that I will be delayed by at least 2 months with it, and I'm saying this 8-9 months out. Anyway, missed a meal, and I'll just say now I missed a weights workout this week, so -2 pts.
    August 14 (95 pts): And didn't do weights today (-1).
    August 16 (94 pts): Bah, missed a day. Good news is I'm starting to figure out how I can fit in my schedule eating 5x/day, working out (did that today), walking in the AM, AND doing ~10+ hrs of work/day while still getting kinda sorta enough sleep.
    August 17 (94 pts): As I said, getting back on track. Walked, weights, ate, slept. And 10 hrs of work.
    August 18 (94 pts): Didn't walk, that makes 2x this week. Ate when 'spected.
    August 20 (93 pts): Yeah, missed a day updating. Walked, etc. today.
    August 21 (93 pts): Actually did cardio -- didn't walk, but biked this morning.
    August 22 (93 pts): Did good.
    August 23 (93 pts): And nothing bad to report for today.
    #4 astroguy, Jul 18, 2010
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  5. Gluke

    Gluke Active Member

    Mar 25, 2008
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    I'm in :)

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to something less than it is now :)

    Monday: Treadmill, 30 min, Elliptic, 30 min (weight loss mode) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
    Tuesday: Treadmill, 30 min, Elliptic, 30 min (weight loss mode) (AM)
    Wednesday: Treadmill, 30 min, Elliptic, 30 min (weight loss mode) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
    Thursday: Treadmill, 30 min, Elliptic, 30 min (weight loss mode) (AM)
    Friday: Treadmill, 30 min, Elliptic, 30 min (weight loss mode) (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday: Treadmill, 30 min, Elliptic, 30 min (weight loss mode) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
    Sunday: Treadmill, 30 min, Elliptic, 30 min (weight loss mode) (AM)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 93.7 kg
    BODY FAT: 26.6 %
    ARMS: 37.5 cm
    CALVES: 40 cm
    CHEST: 113 cm
    FOREARMS: 29.7 cm
    HIPS: 104 cm
    THIGHS: 62 cm
    WAIST: 103.5 cm

    WEIGHT: 91.1 kg
    BODY FAT: 25.0 %
    ARMS: 37 cm
    CALVES: 39 cm
    CHEST: 113 cm
    FOREARMS: 29.5 cm
    HIPS: 101 cm
    THIGHS: 60 cm
    WAIST: 100 cm

    Aug 1 (100 points): So far so good, I did my cardio today - 30 minutes on the treadmill, and 30 minutes on the elliptic, no bad food today, ate 6 times. And extra point for a bike run on the beautiful Ottawa's trail between Kanata and Bell Corners :).
    Aug 2 (100 points): Did aerobics (AM), and exercises for chest and triceps (PM). Ate 6 times of clean meal. And had a nice day on the Philip lake, swimming :)
    Aug 3 (99 points): Did the workout; but ate an ice cream - needed some sugar. (-1 point) anyway.
    Aug 4 (98 points): Did both workouts; ate clean - and then visited friends - beer, pistachios... So it's one more minus. (-1 point)
    Aug 5 (98 points): Did the morning's cardio, ate clean, and as a bonus for myself was swimming in the Meach Lake - beautiful!
    Aug 6 (98 points): Did both workouts; ate clean.
    Aug 7 (98 points) Did cardio, and legs trainging. Ate 6 meals, included scheduled cheat meal.
    Aug 8 (97 points) Haven't done the cardio today - was painting my basement; ate well. (-1 point)
    Aug 9 (97 points) Did both workouts; ate well.
    Aug 10 (97 points) Did cardio; ate 6 times - nothing exciting :) 10 days of the challenge is over
    Aug 11 (96 points) Did cardio, but missed the PM weights - spent the whole day in the La Nordic Spa: sauna, steam room, pools. Nice relaxation, but not the training - so (-1 point).
    Aug 12 (96 points) Did cardio, ate 6 times as scheduled. I need to pay more attention to the PM weights workouts, but can't do them properly as my right shoulder is slightly injured :(
    Aug 13 (96 points) Had both workouts today; feel great. The only concern is not to loose weight too fast, as I did this two years ago, and had a very sick look.
    Aug 14 (96 points) Did cardio, ate 6 times - including scheduled cheat meal.
    Aug 15 (95 points) Missed AM cardio - the painting process is continuing, this time it was a washroom :), ate clean (-1 point).
    Aug 16 (95 points) Did both workouts, ate clean. Cardio went a little bit hard today as I've slept just 5 and a half hours, going to compensate it today :)
    Aug 17 (95 points) Did the morning cardio; ate clean as scheduled.
    Aug 18 (93 points) Missed both workouts - didn't sleep well, couldn't force myself to go to the gym :(; ate well. (-2 points)
    Aug 19 (93 points) Had a very good cardio this morning, ate clean.
    Aug 20 (92 points) Did AM cardio, ate well. Missed the evening workout (-1 point).
    Aug 21 (91 point) Missed morning cardio - painted garage; did PM leg's training. Ate clean; included scheduled cheat meal (-1 point)
    Aug 22 (91 point) Did cardio, ate clean. And was painting my garage again :)
    Aug 23 (91 point) Did both workouts, ate as scheduled. One more week to go!
    Aug 24 (91 points) Wonderful morning workout; ate clean.
    Aug 25 (91 points) Did both workouts, ate as scheduled. Nothing thrilling :)
    Aug 26 (91 point) Ate clean; had a good cardio.
    Aug 27 (90 points) Did AM cardio, missed PM workout; had a scheduled cheat meal (-1 point)
    Aug 28 (89 points) Missed AM cardio, did PM workout; then we were taking guests - and a cheat meal as a result ( -2 points)
    Aug 29 (89 points) Did AM workout; ate well.
    Aug 30 (89 points) Did AM cardio, and PM weights training; ate clean. One more day to go :)
    Aug 31 (89 points) Did AM workout; ate clean. The challenge is over with 89 points on my balance :) I'll do my measurements tomorrow morning, as usual, and post the results. My next goal - to complete 6-week ABS training. I'll see where it takes me.
    #5 Gluke, Jul 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2010
  6. LAZER

    LAZER Active Member

    Sep 28, 2007
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    100 Challenges: AUG 2010

    GOAL: Cutting (1-15 AUG) Bulking (16-31 AUG)

    COMMENT: Finishing up my cutting phase for the summer and will switch gears in the middle of the month to bulk for 1 month before school starts. Bulking will be very paced and this time I'll try to stay away from unhealthy bulking foods like simple sugars during the day

    Monday: Stationary Bike 17 minutes (HIIT)
    Tuesday: Weight Training Chest, Triceps & Abs
    Wednesday: Stationary Bike 17 minutes (HIIT)
    Thursday: Weight Training Back, Biceps & forearms
    Friday: Stationary Bike 17 minutes (HIIT)
    Saturday Weight Training Traps, Shoulders Abs
    Sunday: Rest

    5 meals a day (3 whole food, 2 protein shakes)
    1 Cheat Day (Thursday)
    M-W: Low or No Carb days
    Thurs: Moderate healty carbs / cheat foods
    F-S: Low or No Carb day

    Optimum Nutrition Why protein (3-4 servings / day)
    CLA (3-4 g / day with meal)
    Caffeine (100 mg 2-3x / day
    Green Tea (3x / day with caffeine)

    WEIGHT: 204 pounds


    AUG 1: (100) I was supposed to rest today but decided on a cardio workout. Hit a recent personal best at 6.03 miles and 217 calories (17 min) on the stationary bike. Meals were all roughly on schedule (i.e. limited / no carbs, multiple meals). Looking forward to finishing up my cutting phase strong over these next two weeks. Noticed a large change in my weight (lost significant muscle mass and strength :(

    AUG 2:
    #6 LAZER, Jul 29, 2010
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2010
  7. sudy

    sudy Active Member

    Jul 16, 2010
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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: reduce body fat % :)

    M - light cardio, weights
    Tu - weights
    W - light cardio
    Th - weights
    F - light cardio, weights
    Sa - rest
    Su - rest

    eat clean, one cheat per week

    weight: 131 lbs

    weight: 123 lbs

    Aug 1: no workout scheduled, ate clean [100 pts]
    Aug 2: did both workouts and ate clean [100 pts]
    Aug 3: did weights and ate clean [100 pts]
    Aug 4: ate clean. the cardio was hard after yesterday's weights. had a chocolate craving so decided to put a teaspoon of pure cocoa powder into oatmeal Yuck! horrible! anyway it did kill off the craving pretty well :) [100 pts]
    Aug 5: worked out with weights and been eating clean this morning.. but going away for a day or two so I doubt I'll get in tomorrow's weights [possibly get the cardio done though, we'll see what happens] I'll deduct all necessary points when I get back *sigh [100 pts so far] .. okay well -1 pt for not eating clean and -1 pt for not updating on time :( [98 pts]
    Aug 6: -1 pt for not eating clean and -1 point for not doing weights workout. did my cardio though Yey! [96 pts]
    Aug 7: did yesterday's weights workout today, ate clean [96 pts]
    Aug 8: didn't eat clean today :/ -1 point.. I'm too easily influenced *sigh. I'll make a real effort to get back on track. no workout scheduled for today [95 pts]
    *I measure myself on sundays and I've lost 2lbs this week and 0.25" from various places so all is not lost :)
    Aug 9: did both workouts, ate clean. [95 pts]
    *hope you feel better soon, Tableboy7.. and no kissing! :p
    Aug 10: did workout, ate clean but was given a cream cake -1 [94 pts] looks like I'm not doing too well with this challenge lol :l
    Aug 11: did cardio, ate clean [94 pts]
    Aug 12: did weights and made a mistake, didn't like throwing away egg yolks so have been saving them and made a carbonara and a bread and butter pudding. only had a taste of those but ended up finishing off the wine I opened to make the carbonara :( *sigh -1 pt [93 pts]
    Aug 13: did both workouts, ate clean [93 pts]
    Aug 14: no workout scheduled, ate clean [93 pts]
    Aug 15: no workout planned, ate clean + cheat meal [93 pts]
    *sunday measurements: lost another 2lbs and 0.25" from various areas. improvement on the calipers measurements too :)
    Aug 16: did both workouts, ate clean [93 pts]
    Aug 17: did weights, ate clean [93 pts]
    Aug 18: did cardio, ate clean but had a can of pop :/ -1 pt [92 pts]
    Aug 19: did workout, ate badly :/ -1pt [91 pts] *sigh
    Aug 20: did both workouts, ate clean [91 pts]
    Aug 21: no workout scheduled, ate clean [91 pts] *although not drinking alcohol lately hasn't been an issue for me, I really started craving it this evening :S I ended up reading the sober january thread on here to overcome temptation, so that's a recommendation if anybody else has the urge
    Aug 22: no workout scheduled [but did some pilate style core exercises --hopefully I'll keep these up], ate clean + cheat meal. [91 pts]
    *sunday measurements: same weight as last week but have inch loss :)
    Aug 23: had a good day today; diet was clean and I felt great during the workouts.. I upped the weights too [91 pts]
    Aug 24: did my workout, ate clean for the most part.. went to an italian restaurant this evening and although I chose healthier foods, the portions were pretty big so -1 [90 pts]
    Aug 25: workout went well, ate clean.. found out today that I'm not getting as many calories as I first thought, I'm not going to deduct any points though as I've been doing what I set out to do :) *I'll take steps to correct this issue though [90 pts]
    good luck with your surgery, sjake.. hope it goes well!
    Aug 26: ate clean, did workout [90 pts]
    Aug 27: ate clean, did workouts [90 pts]
    Aug 28: ate clean, no workout scheduled [90 pts]
    Aug 29: no workout planned, ate clean + cheat [90 pts]
    Aug 30: did workouts, ate clean yet had a big mac.. it was in my calorie limit but I don't suppose that's very clean so I'd better deduct a point :/ [89 pts]
    Aug 31: did workout, ate clean [89 pts]
    #7 sudy, Jul 29, 2010
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2010
  8. Tableboy7

    Tableboy7 Active Member

    Apr 4, 2007
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    GOAL: Increase Endurance For Upcoming Triathlon/Slight Cutting

    COMMENT: Be able to complete 30 minutes swimming, 45 minutes biking, and 30 minutes running without stopping.

    AM: Nothing
    PM: Weight training: chest, triceps, delts, Post Workout HIIT

    AM: 30 Minute Run (aerobic, fasted)
    PM: Yoga, Optional 20 min swim

    AM: 30 Min Bike (aerobic, fasted)
    PM: Weight training: back & biceps, shoulders

    AM: 30 Minute Run (aerobic, fasted)
    PM: Weight Training: Legs

    AM: Nothing
    PM: Abs, Basketball (Or other sport)

    AM: 30 Minute Run (aerobic, fasted)
    PM: None

    AM/PM: 30 Min Swim

    Five/Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 193lbs
    BODY FAT: 23%
    ARMS: 15.5"
    CALVES: 16"
    CHEST: 40.5"
    FOREARMS: 13"
    HIPS: 38.5"
    THIGHS: 28"
    WAIST: 35.5"

    WEIGHT: 183lbs
    BODY FAT: 20%
    ARMS: 15.25"
    CALVES: 16"
    CHEST: 40.5"
    FOREARMS: 13"
    HIPS: 36"
    THIGHS: 26.5"
    WAIST: 34"

    I Lost 7.8lbs of body fat!!!


    Aug 1 [100pts]: Day after my birthday, tough but I got it done. Did 30 min bike though the neighborhood instead of 30 min swim.
    Aug 2 [100pts]: Everything perfect to plan. Had a GREAT chest workout.
    Aug 3 [98pts]: Started out the morning sick, tried following my diet schedule. Felt REALLY sick and took meds that make me sleepy. Missed a meal and workout -2pts
    Aug 4 [97pts]: Missed early morning cardio because I was still sick. Hit the rest -1pt
    Aug 5 [96pts]: Throat very sore again this morning, no cardio :(. Felt very tired during my legs and felt sick after the workout. Positive note, I ate well today -1pt
    Aug 6 [94pts]: Too sick STILL to do any cardio, getting very angry with this virus.. Also missed the update -2pts
    Aug 7 [93pts]: I am going to rip my throat out of body if I don't get better soon... Missed another run, I am clearly going to lose this challenge and it's not my fault -1pt
    Aug 8 [93pts]: I was able to do my cardio today but my throat hurts A LOT afterward...
    Aug 9 [92pts]: Guys, I am dropping out of the workout part of the 100pt challenge... I have mononucleosis and am told I need to stop exercising till it is gone (4-10 weeks UGH) I will only be monitoring my diet for the rest of this month... No workout -1pt
    Aug 10 [91pts]: Went to the doctor, got a blood test, no Mono but similar symptoms.. he gave me a Z pack and I am already feeling better, obviously no workout today -1pt
    Aug 11 [91pts]: Feeling Great, On a new workout schedule and back to lifting next week... DID CARIDO TODAY 6 Mile bike ride, I feel great, no more missed pts all month!!!!!
    Aug 12 [91pts]: Another perfect day and I pushed myself really hard on the run because I was waiting on a package from UPS that needed to be signed for and as i was finishing up my cooldown I saw him leaving my house after the failed delivery... chased down the street :tucool:
    Aug 13 [91pts]: Another perfect workout/diet day
    Aug 14 [90pts]: Great day, actually did an extra workout today (too bad I can't add pts), Diet has been good but going out to dinner tonight, but I plan to be good, will update if I cheat :angel: (Chips and Salsa... I cheated -1pt :bang:)
    Aug 15 [90pts]: Doubled up on the cardio again prepping for the Triathlon did 30 min bike after my 30 min swim. ate great too!
    Aug 16 [90pts]: Great workout, Planned cheat meal @ movie tavern... beer and expendables YAY
    Aug 17 [90pts]: Did both cardios and my Yoga, ate great!
    Aug 18 [90pts]: Had a great AM and PM workout (except the fact i ran into a parked car while i was on my bike this morning :( ), Ate good.
    Aug 19 [90pts]: Today was hard, But I ate well and did my workouts, even though I REALLY didn't want to... Gotta keep my eye on the prize
    Aug 20 [89pts]: good day, missed update
    Aug 21 [88pts]: Ran a 5K for charity, ate well until late at night, had 4 beers -1pt
    Aug 22 [87pts]: Had a good day, then my wife talked me into going to this frozen yogurt place with her... was amazing, but -1pt
    Aug 23 [87pts]:
    Ate well, had a great workout and an even better HIIT cardio sessionAug 24 [87pts]: Ate Well, Worked out well, Exausted
    Aug 25 [87pts]: Great bike this morning, Great workout, Ate well... I want to eat a basket of french fries right now... Inner fatty is begging to come out
    Aug 26 [86pts]: Good workout. Cheated on dinner -1pt
    Aug 27 [84pts]:
    No Exercise, went to Braves game and cheat meal -2pts
    Aug 28 [83pts]:
    Had a party, Cheated -1
    Aug 29 [81pts]: missed meals due to hangover and missed workout... -2
    Aug 30 [81pts]: Great Workout, Perfect Diet... Finish strong, start next month well
    Aug 31 [81pts]: Finished up strong, Great workout, good diet today
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