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John Stone's August 2006 "100 Challenge" (Completed)

Discussion in '"100 Challenges"' started by John Stone, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2005
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    Thank God I found this thread before August 1st! It's just what I'm looking for.

    Goal: Cutting

    Meal plan: 5 meals a day; no official meal plan yet (do we have to have an official meal plan). No cheat meals.

    Workout schedule: I alternate each day
    Day A: 60 minutes of cardio
    Day B: 30 minutes of cardio plus weight lifting
    Workout A - Back and biceps
    Workout B - Legs and Shoulders
    Workout C - Chest and Triceps

    Current Point Total: 99

    August 1st: -0 points so far.

    My problem is that my sleeping schedule is off (summer vacation ruins me). I woke up today at 4 pm But this contest is meant to reward consistency, not punish my bad sleep cycle! I will continue to not punish myself for this as long as I don't use it as an excuse for anything.

    Weight - 139.8 (new low)
    -Cardio: done (60 minutes)
    -Food: have eaten 2 good meals so far, no cheating. (Update: finished my meals. no cheating.)

    August 2nd: -0 points
    Weight - 139.5 :)
    -Cardio and weights - done; back and biceps + 30 minutes on bike
    -Food: 5 clean meals + pwo food

    August 3rd: -0 points
    Weight - 138.8 ... oh my, the plateau has been busted!
    Cardio: done
    -Food: 4, soon to be 5 good meals. 10% done and I'm perfect. Too easy, John :nope:

    August 4th: -0 points
    Weight - 138.3 I'm almost getting a little concerned with how fast I've lost weight (1.5 pounds in just 4 days)
    -Cardio (30 minutes) and Weights (chest and triceps!) lined up today
    Edit: meals eaten, cardio done, weights done.

    August 5th: -1 points (damn!)
    Weight - 138.6
    This is my planned rest day. However, I had a piece of fish plus some fries, and I'll call that an unplanned cheat meal. DAMN!!! I might just do some cardio to make up.

    August 6th: -0 points
    Weight - 140.0
    *Sigh* Well, I'll be doing extra cardio and hopefully get rid of the stupid water weight from the cheat meal.

    August 7th: -0 points
    Weight - 140.0
    Cardio done
    All meals eaten

    August 8th: -0 points
    Weight - 138.8 I'm back, baby!
    Lifting done already
    50 minutes of cardio (some extra!)

    August 9th: -0 points
    Weight - 138.8
    60 minutes of cardio - done
    5 clean meals eaten

    August 10th and 11th (see note): -0
    Weight: 138.8 ok, enough with that
    weights - done
    cardio - done
    meals - eaten

    Notice: due to my erratic sleeping schedule, August 11th is basically voided. I was slowly creeping into a worse and worse sleeping schedule, working out at 4 am, and all kind of craziness. In essence, all my workouts and meals were done/eaten one day later than they were written in for here. All I'm doing is staying up an extra 8 hours, while doing the proper workouts and eating clean.

    This isn't cheating -- we're going by the "good faith system" -- and I'm staying consistent. So I won't dock myself any points. In the end, it will help me keep a consistent cycle. Hope everyone (who even reads this) understands.

    August 12th:
    Weight: 140.0
    Cardio - 60 minutes
    (Edit: oops, I'm not doing weights today, since I had only one sleep cycle since my last weight session)
    Meals - 5 eaten so far, all clean

    August 13th: -0
    Weight 138.2 (New low! I knew it'd work if I stuck by!)
    Cardio - Done
    Weights - Done
    Meals - Done

    August 14th: -0
    Weight 138.0
    Cardio - Done
    Meals - Done

    August 15th: -0
    Weight: 137.0 :) 12.3% bf according to the scale, but I know that's way low
    Weights - done
    Cardio - done
    meals - done

    August 16th: -0
    Weight: 137.6 12.7% bf
    cardio -done
    meals -done

    August 17th: -0
    Looks like I'm going to have to combine days in one sleep cycle again. I will only be doing an hour of weight lifting but not the extra 30 minutes, since I did the 1 hour of cardio on the same sleep cycle.

    Edit: Forget that, since I have a policy of not lifting weights in consecutive sleep cycles. Since I haven't had a rest day in twelve days, it would be fair not to do any extra work, anyway.

    august 18th: -0
    cardio - done
    weights - done
    meals - done

    august 19th: -0
    cardio - done
    meals - done

    august 20th: -0
    138.6 damn
    cardio - done
    weights - done
    meals - 4 done, eating 5th soon
    #41 Stephen Hawking, Jul 28, 2006
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2006
  2. RyanK

    RyanK Active Member

    May 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: School is starting up soon, I'd like to lose some fat before and hopefully keep going straight into the semester. (BTW I love this idea John!)

    Monday: 2 miles, outside (AM); Weight training: Back & Biceps (PM)
    Tuesday: 1 mile outside (PM)
    Wednesday: 2 miles, outside (AM); Weight training: Chest and Triceps (PM)
    Thursday: 40 mins bike/elliptical (AM/PM)
    Friday: 2 miles, outside (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
    Saturday: No cardio; Weight training: legs (AM)
    Sunday: 40 mins bike/elliptical (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week (Friday or Saturday depending on the girl). Usually around 10x body weight, with 40/40/20 split.

    WEIGHT: 162 pounds


    AUG 1: Avoided food at a family get-together and had a chicken breast at home instead. So -0 [100 points]
    Aug 2: Everything went swimmingly. I've realized I could lose 4 points this weekend alone because of a little vacation. Blah. -0 [100]
    Aug 3: Tried to get packed and have enough time to go dancing but didn't. I was going to run outside to switch but a thuderstorm hit. So thats a -1. [99]
    #42 RyanK, Jul 28, 2006
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2006
  3. CJohnson

    CJohnson Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Go page 3 posters!

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I've been going hard the past seven months, and got down from 370 to 291. Ready to up the intensity!


    Weight Training: AM Wed & Fri
    45min LISS: PM Mon, Wed, & Friday
    Calistenics (www.dallasmilitaryfitness.com): PM Tue, Thu; AM Sat
    Brisk 45 min walk w/ dogs: AM Mon, Tue, Thu, Sun; PM Sat


    6 meals/day: 50/40/10, ~2000kcal
    ONE cheat meal on Sunday

    WEIGHT: 289 pounds
    BODY FAT: 38.9%


    5 day moving average: 286.36lbs, 36.18%BF

    Aug 1: 289.0lbs, 38.9%BF - [100 points] - Brisk 45min walk AM, calistenics PM. Stuck to 6 meals, 1700kcal. No points lost!

    Aug 2: 288.4lbs - [100 points] - Weight training AM, 45min LISS PM. Stuck to 6 meals - 1800kcal. No points lost!

    Aug 3: 287.4lbs, 38.5%BF - [100 points] - Brisk 45min walk AM, calistenics PM. Stuck to 6 meals - 1800kcal. No points lost!

    Aug 4: 288.4lbs(?) (Must be the creatine), 38.2%BF(!) - [100 points] - Weight training AM (oh so painful. So very sore right now!), 45min LISS PM. 6 meals, 1900kcal. No points lost!, but I can barely move my arms right now... :)

    Aug 5: 287.8lbs, 39.0%BF - [100 points] - AM calistenics, PM walk. Stuck to 6 meals - 1800kcal. No points lost!

    Aug 6: 288.2lbs, 38.5%BF - [100 points] - Cheat meal day. I felt very bloated after having some chicken wings. I can't eat nearly what I used to! Still went on brisk walk, so no points lost.

    Aug 7: 288.6, 37.1%BF - [100 points] - I am so glad I have a body fat scale...I might be getting discouraged at this point otherwise. Still, my clothes fit better, and my belt has gone down a notch. I think my LBM was so pathetic that when I started lifted, it had no where to go but up!
    Went over my meal plans yesterday, only to discover that my fats were too low. After lurking in the forums for awhile, I added some almonds and natural peanut butter. I don't think I've ever eaten straight almonds before, and they are pretty tasty. All meals eaten, 2000kcal (I've decided to up the cals a bit) - No points lost!
    Brisk walk AM, 45min LISS PM. I use a recumbent that reads my heart rate from a strap, and I stick to about 136bpm. It definitely has been getting easier to maintain 136bpm for 45min. The scenery at the gym certainly helps keep my mind off of cardio. :)

    Aug 8: 287.6, 37.2%BF - [100 points] - AM dog walk, PM calistenics. Man, they were brutal last night. My shoulders are killing me right now. Still, I ate clean the whole day. No points lost!

    Aug 9: 287.0, 37.5%BF - [100 points] - AM weight training, PM LISS. I am really feeling it all over right now. Did chest and back yesterday, and my whole body feels like its on fire. Ate clean, with 6 meals. No points lost!

    Aug 10: 286.4, 38.2%BF - [100 points] - AM brisk walk, PM calistenics. What a killer; I ran around that damn lake with an 8lb training piece and 7lbs of water. I was worn out after that. I drank a crapload of water, like 3ltrs. I'm very bloated right nowAte clean all day, ~2000kcal. No points lost!

    Aug 11: 286.8, 37.9%BF - [100 points] - AM weight training, 45 min PM LISS. ~2000kcal, ate clean. You know, when I was "crash dieting" these kinds of numbers would disturb me. The scale weight has been moving much slower than when I used to diet. In times past, I would have gotten discouraged and given up. However, I know the difference this time. Doing this the "right" way, I know that I'm gaining lots of muscle. Clothes are fitting better; I have to go buy a new belt today! Once my "newbie" weight training gains are done, I know the fat will just peel off (it already has to an extent; I've lost 1.5% points of BF in 12 days!) Running the numbers, that comes out to almost 6lbs of pure fat loss since I started the challenge! With an increase of almost 3.5lbs of LBM! You gotta love that!

    Aug 12: 286.2, 37.2%BF - [100 points] - AM calistenics, PM brisk dog walk. I'm thinking about upping my cardio a bit. Not much, by maybe I'll wear my heart rate monitor when I walk the dogs and try for 60-70%. Three times a week may be a little light. I've been wanting to improve my cadence there anyway. Might even use the GPS and start recording distance and time too. My new PocketPC gets in tommorrow (HTC TyTN!), and I think I'll put all of that on there. Ate clean the whole day, ~2000kcal. No points lost!

    Aug 13: 285.6, 37.1%BF - [100 points] - AM brisk walk. Cheat meal for lunch. I really need to listen to my body on doing cheat meals. I cannot eat nearly the volume of food that I used to, and if I try I feel like crap. Heck, even the food selection seems to make a difference. I used to love Hooters wings, but having them yesterday, I felt like crap the whole day and still do a bit. Very bloated right now too. I don't count it as a point lost, since it is a cheat meal, but I think I'm going to try to have more relatively "clean" cheat meals, if that makes sense. I might buy some steaks, make lowfat hamburgers, things like that. I just can't eat like I used to, but nor do I want to anyway. In effect, I'm going to turn an all out "cheat" day into more of a refeed. I love sweets, so I still might have to sneak in a slice of cake. :)

    Aug 14: 288.0, 36.7%BF - [100 points] - AM 45min LISS, PM Brisk walk. Interesting numbers on the scale, but still good progress. Body fat still going down, so that's good and that's what I'm looking for. Still a bit bloated from Sunday, though. Ate clean all day, ~2000kcal. No points lost!

    Aug 15: 287.0, 36.0%BF - [100 points] - AM 45min LISS, PM calistenics. Nothing new to report today, but everything still going well. Ate clean, ~2000kcal. No points lost!

    Aug 16: 286.2, 35.3%BF - [99 points] - AM Brisk walk, PM LISS. Ok, I gotta take a point off. My personal trainer cancelled on my Wednesday morning. Not my fault, I know, but I still didn't get my workout in. So, -1 point. Other than that, ate clean, ~2000kcal. I'm just now down to my weight from the cheal meal on Sunday, so I really hold water a long time.

    Aug 17: 285.0, 35.8%BF - [99 points] - AM 45 min LISS, PM calistenics. I think I need to add some more food with the increased activity. I'm starting to get some hunger pangs at ~2000kcal, so I'm going to try to up it to about ~2200 for awhile. I think that may help my progress some. I've also decided Sunday is no longer a "cheat" meal, but I'm going to up my calories to about 3000 or so at have about 30-50-20 that day for some extra carbs. It'll still be clean, but more carby. No points lost for yesterday though!

    Aug 18: 285.0, 35.6% - [99 points] - AM weight training. Not a good day at all. First, I got stuck with an impromptu lunch with my director. I can't really say no. I did alright there, went out for some chinese and had beef & broccoli. The soy sauce in there must have been really high in sodium; I have the feeling I'm holding some water in now. Not my planned lunch, but I'm not going to take a point off because that wasn't due to willpower. However, me skipping cardio that night definitely was. I was beat, and I just didn't have the energy to do it. So, -1 point. These crappy scale numbers are frustrating, but I just have to keep telling myself that I am losing fat, as I look at the body fat % going down. On balance, a loss of 3% body fat in 2 1/2 weeks is pretty damn good. I've upped my calories to about 2250 now, since I've started to get hungry between some meals, and I figure that means I'm not eating enough. I'm just now shaking this cold I've had the past few days, so I think things will be smoother from now on.

    Aug 19: 285.8, 35.5% - [98 points] - AM calistenics, PM brisk walk. Ok, back on track now. Upped myself to 2250kcal. Most BMR calculators put me anywhere between 2800 and 3000cal, and that's with absolutely no exercise. And I am doing a lot of exercise. I actually have the feeling I'm doing this right, and not losing a lot of muscle like before. No big changes yet, though. Being stalled out is no fun, at least with the scale. Unfortunately, I have to skip my cheat meal tommorrow. :( I'm going to lunch on Tuesday, and we are having a bunch of snacks that day. I'll use Tuesday as my cheat day. Now that I think about it, I think it might be more effective to have my cheat meal during the week. Maybe Friday night.

    Aug 20: 285.2, 35.8% - [98 points] - PM brisk walk. Ok, I decided to have my cheat meal. A nice, juicy hamburger. Some sugar free popsicles for dessert. I'll just take it easy when I go out to lunch with my manager tommorrow. Surprisingly, I didn't get the water retention boost I normally get. Actually, I only seemed to have gained .2 lbs since yesterday. Maybe something to think about...and I certainly love to eat hamburgers.

    Aug 21: 285.4, 35.4%
    #43 CJohnson, Jul 28, 2006
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2006
  4. Masher

    Masher Well-Known Member

    Jan 25, 2004
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    Computer has broken. Can't update.
    #44 Masher, Jul 28, 2006
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2006
  5. ChrisAndNat

    ChrisAndNat Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2004
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    I am IN

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: Going on a cruise with the wife Sept 2nd!!!!!


    Six meals per day

    STARTING STATS (I'll measure these on Aug 1st)


    AUG 1:

  6. POiZON

    POiZON Active Member

    Jul 28, 2006
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    100 challenge

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I have already been cutting for a month and have lost 10 pounds. I would like to get to single digits in body fat. I'm excited about this forum because it will allow me to progress forward in my 2nd month of cutting!

    MONDAY: Chest & Triceps. Elliptical: 50 mins.
    TUESDAY: Abs. Elliptical: 50 mins.
    WEDNESDAY: Back & Biceps. Elliptical: 50 mins.
    THURSDAY: Abs. Elliptical: 50 mins.
    FRIDAY: Shoulders. Elliptical: 50 mins.
    SATURDAY: Abs. Elliptical: 50 mins.
    SUNDAY: Legs. Elliptical: 50 mins.

    MEALS: 5 meals a day, taking in around 1700-2000 calories a day. 2 cheat days for the month at my discretion.

    WEIGHT: 201 pounds
    BODY FAT: 17%
    ARMS: 15.25"
    CALVES: 17"
    CHEST: 41.5"
    FOREARMS: 12.5"
    HIPS: 36.75"
    THIGHS: 23.75"
    WAIST: 35.5"


    [Week 1]
    1.Aug.2006: Everything went according to plan, first day was a success! [100 points]
    2.Aug.2006: Really pounded on the back today, it made the 50 minute cardio session very tiring but I got through it. [100 points]

    [Week 2]

    [Week 3]

    [Week 4]

    [Week 5]

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    #46 POiZON, Jul 28, 2006
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2006
  7. Copycat

    Copycat Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2005
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    Copycat's Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: This has been one wet summer for me, and by that I mean loads of beer etc... My goal is to shed the 20 pounds I have added since my last cut (although probably not all in one month, but it's a good start). This challenge is just what I need to get back in the game.

    Monday: Treadmill, 30 mins (HIIT); Weight training: abs, chest & triceps.
    Tuesday: Elliptical 30 mins aerobic. Treadmill, 30 mins (HIIT).
    Wednesday: Treadmill, 30 mins (HIIT); Weight training: Back & Biceps
    Thursday: Elliptical 30 mins aerobic. Treadmill, 30 mins (HIIT).
    Friday: Treadmill, 30 mins (HIIT); Weight training: Legs.
    Saturday Elliptical 30 mins aerobic. Treadmill, 30 mins (HIIT).
    Sunday: Treadmill, 30 mins (HIIT); Weight training: Heavy squats & deads, just for fun.

    If I walk the 5 miles to and from the gym on nice days, the aerobics will be skipped.

    Meals every 3 hours, totalling ca 1500 kcal / day. All clean eating.

    GOAL WEIGHT Aug 31st: 88 Kg


    AUG 1: [94,8 Kg] [100 pts]
    I got out of bed at 1:30 pm and went to bed early, so there was not time for 6 meals. Still, I ate clean (ca 1000 kcal) and trained hard.

    AUG 2: [94,5 Kg] [100 pts]
    Got up at 8:30 today, and hopefully I will continue doing so through this challenge. Workout was hard, very hard. I had no energy at all. Still I got through it as planned. Ate ca 1600 kcal.

    AUG 3: [93,8 Kg] [100 pts]
    Due to my somewhat erratic sleeping pattern, I have revised my diet plan from 6 meals per day to meals every 3 hours. It just seems to make more sense that way.
    [evening update]: Nothing missed, nothing added, so the points remain. Unfortunately I have to make another revision to my plan. When I started training 1.5 years ago, I did so with total dedication and crappy shoes. A bad combo that gave me Periostitis. Tha 3 half-hours I have spent on the treadmill so far is all that my shins can handle. So from now on, treadmill will be substituted with elliptical, stationary bike or treadmill walking with max incline, I.E. whatever low-impact exercisie I feel most up to that day.

    AUG 4: [93,3 Kg] [100 pts]
    The sign outside my gym says "open 7-10 every day all summer". Well I guess the summer is over, because they closed early today. I am not ready to relinquish a point just yet, so I went out for an hours jog instead. If you read yesterdays updaye, you can imagine how my shins feel right now :cry: I'll do my leg day tomorrow instead, so nothing will be missed, just slightly rearranged. The diet is going smoothly. I really feel like I'm back in the groove now. Those ice-creams in the freezer are not even tempting anymore :nono:

    AUG 5: [93,2 Kg] [100 pts]
    Not much of a weight loss today. Better kick ass in the gym then :bb: ...
    ...and I did! 30 min cardio @ 170 bpm followed by 5x8x75KG squats, superset with seated calf. Then the same with deadlifts and donkey calf. Should be a good leg day for a cutting program.

    AUG 6: [93 Kg] [100 pts]
    The heavy deads/squats had to go, in favor of a 2 hour brisk walk. I couldn't very well have two consecutive leg-days now could I? Anyway, the DOMS were so overwhelming, a walk was the only cardio I was prepared to endure. Also, the weather was the nicest we've had in a long time, so I needed to get out and enjoy it.

    AUG 7: [92,6 Kg] [100 pts]
    The weightloss is going swimmingly, which goes to show that even though I keep changing my plan, switching things around and such, it doesn't matter at all so long as the amounts stay on the same. I doubt I would see these results if I was chasing the perfect schedule, thus skipping everything that wasn't. Currently I eat my first meal immediately after waking up, then another meal every 3 hours until bedtime, whenever that might be. All meals are between 200 and 350 kcal. Breakfast being the smallest, and the post-workout meal the largest.
    Today is chest-day, and I just can't wait. For some reason, chest day is more fun than any other day. Incline dumbbell press is my all time favorite....
    ...Tonights session was excellent. I burned 400 kcal in 30 minutes on the elliptical, according to the machine that is. I never did that before.

    AUG 8: [91,8 Kg] [100 pts]
    I don't like to leave a pokergame while I'm down, but yesterday I had to. It was time to eat, and that was that. It does seem to pay off in other ways thogh, doesn't it? The first week is done, and the total weightloss is 3 KG (6,6 pounds)...
    ...I tried my best to get the counter on the elliptical up to 400 ckal in 30 min today, but failed. with 3 minutes to go, I started feeling pain in my kidneys. Whenever stuff like that happens I like to slow down until I get a chance to google it. Still, I got it up to 385, and with the 1,5 hours I spent walking to & fro the gym, that should make a nice session.

    AUG 9: [91,9 Kg] [100 pts]
    If you're wondering why I'm gaining weight, I'm not. I just woke up 4 hours early today for some reason, and I do my weigh-ins in the morning.
    By the way, I'll make wednesdays leg-day from now on, so I can do some heavy lifting on Sundays without still being too sore.

    AUG 10: [91,5 Kg] [100 pts]
    Tonights cardio felt totally redundant, and actually kinda relaxing, after spending 5 hours shoveling wet topsoil in my backyard. But, point will be points, so at 8 pm when I was totally drained and ready for bed, I hit the gym. I had to use a different kind of elliptical tonight. I used the same settings and got my heartrate up to the same level as usual, but this machine said I only burned 260 kcal, a good 120 less than the other type. I wonder who's lying to me.

    AUG 11: [91,2 Kg] [100 pts]
    These points are getting increasingly difficult to hold on to. Yet again, the gym was closing early, and I had forgot. All I had time for was a quick 25 min back/biceps routine. I superset everything and cut down on the resting time. The cardio was a 30 min run around my neighbourhood in pouring rain and thunder. If this was a normal cutting cycle, it would all have been skipped. But this is a challenge, and if I don't take it seriously it will become meaningless and I will start skipping everything and start getting drunk at every invitation. Hence the madness.

    AUG 12: [91 Kg] [100 pts]
    Today was a long day, so 8 meals were consumed. The cardio was done, and then some. 23 min on the elliptical and 2 hours brisk walk.

    AUG 13: [90,7 Kg] [100 pts]
    Today I get to lift some serious scrapmetal. I'll make sure to eat a slightly bigger meal first, so I have some energy. It's always more fun that way.
    The weightloss seems to have stabilized at 250 grams/day.If that holds true for the next 19 days, I will on Sep 1st weigh in at 85,95 Kg. My goal being 88, I would love to see that happen.

    AUG 14: [90,3 Kg] [100 pts]
    Yesterday was a quiet relaxed day, and with the rain I think today will be much of the same. Just some light indoor work and a trip to the gym for my 30 min HIIT and chest-day.

    AUG 15: [91,1 Kg] [99 pts]
    Well shit bagger bang! What a way to end week two. Yesterday was just like any other day, except that it was very long. I woke up at 6, and went to bed at 1 am. Around 11pm I felt like some pot noodles. Not exactly part of the plan, but not unacceptable either. The unacceptable bit that I had to deduct a point for, was that I had another portion almost immediately after. I know from experience that this sort of thing happens from time to time; I get extremely hungry late at night, and just can't help rationalising that extra meal. I never thought 50 grams of pot noodles would result in an 800 gram weightgain though. That was a real shocker. I'm not too worried though. I am still in a catabolic state by a good margin, so adding bodyfat should not be possible.
    ...I dreamt I was in a Burger-King-like joint, and I ordered a surprisingly cheap beer and some really weird junkfood with edible toys in it. I woke up before I could eat any, and was very releaved that I didn't have to write off a bunch of points :) This challenge is messing with my head...
    ...Evening update:
    I stepped up the training a tad today, just in case I've been relaxing too much lately. 100 min walk to/from the gym, 470 kcal on the elliptical in 30 minutes (new record), and a few heavy squats, just for fun.

    AUG 16: [90,5 Kg] [99 pts]
    I'm back in business after yesterdays scare. I'm hoping that tomorrow morning I can finally send the 10 Kg slider on my scale down a notch. That is always very satisfying. Today is leg day, and I plan to wait until 8 pm before I go to the gym. That way I can totally drain my legs, and just take a bath and go straight to bed after. I love doing that almost as much as I love to get waisted on beer while throwing money away on internet poker. This being much cheaper and less agonising the next day, it's a very nice alternative.
    ...Leg day was a great success. Infact it took so long I never got time for that bath. O well...

    AUG 17: [89,9 Kg] [99 pts]
    The 10 Kg slider was moved with great satisfaction :D
    ...All meals eaten. I didn't get to the gym today, so I went for a 1 hour run instead. It was murder on my shins, but completed nevertheless.
    ... I also tried on a pair of pants I bought after my last cut, when I weighed 82 Kg. I wanted to see if they were close to fitting soon, but guess what, they fit just fine. I even needed a belt :) Not bad for 17 days of cutting. This challenge is alot of work and sacrifice, but the rewards sure are sweet.

    AUG 18: [89,5 Kg] [99 pts]
    I woke up at 3:45 and just couldn't get back to sleep. I don't know how this day will be like, but I'll do my very best to hold on to my 99 remaining points.
    ... The day went fine, just fine. I found myself debating whether I should go to the gym or go to bed, but the gym won eventually. I had a terriffic back/biceps workout with 30 min cardio first.

    AUG 19: [88,4 Kg] [99 pts]
    Wow, 1,1 Kg in one day. That's got to be a new record for me. Im only 400 grams from my goal, with 13 days to go...
    ...Today was a normal day. Meals eaten at the right time in the right amounts. The gym closed at 4pm and I was busy until long after that, so once again I had to run my ass around the block a few times, in pouring rain of course.

    AUG 20: [88,5 Kg] [99 pts]
    A smidge up today. Not really surprising considering yesterdays plummet. Tonights heavy weights might have to be skipped. I can feel some pain in the small of my back after fridays deadlifts. I may have gone a bit overboard, as I so often do. Perhaps some abdominal work instead tonight...
    ...I ended up doing both. 30 min cardio, 12 sets of abwork, then some heavy squats. I'm not lifting much these days, but I could get the belt to the 4th notch again, for the first time in 6 months.

    AUG 21: [88,2 Kg] [99 pts]
    Getting close to my goal now, with 10 days to go. I've been debating wether or not to do the September challenge as well. That would certainly put me close to, or below 80 Kg. Perhaps I should live a little first, and do the October challenge, if there is one...
    ...Ah well, I just signed up for it, so I guess that means another month of rabbit-food and sweat :)

    AUG 22: [88,3 Kg] [99 pts]
    Meh, progression sure is slow these days. Then again, I have been relaxing a bit lately. Getting sloppy with the quality of my food, and not really pushing myself in the gym. Today will be different. I will do everything perfect and to the max. Mark my words, tomorrow morning the scale will say 87,something....
    ...Hehe, I just now realised there were 3 more pages in this challenge. So far I've only ever read the first 50 posts.

    AUG 23: [88,3 Kg] [99 pts]
    Well the scale sure is a fickle thing. When I came home from the gym yesterday, I stepped on the scale, and I weighed in at presicely 88 Kg. Goal reached, though not officially since I do my weigh-ins in the morning. Still, I fully expected to weigh less this morning. 88,3 was a headscratcher. All meals were on time, and perfect. The training was the most intense in a long time. 23 minutes on the treadmill, with a constant heartrate of 180 bpm. I was actually trying to see how long I could sustain 180 bpm. I was hoping for 30 minutes, but after 23 I was hurting everywhere and threw in the towel. Today is leg day, so only a light 30 min elliptical is scheduled before the squats and calf raises.

    AUG 24: [87,6 Kg] [99 pts] GOAL REACHED!!!
    That's more like it! I knew if I would just bitch and moan enough in public, the god of blubber would see it my way. Last nights leg day was awesome. 30 minutes on the elliptical, slightly above my comfort-zone, then 5x5x105Kg squats, superset with 5x8x80Kg seated calf. Finishing off with a few deadlifts and 5x10xrack standing calf. I could barely walk, but feeling fine today. I used to get the most ridiculous DOMS after leg day, but with the amount of cardio I'm doing on this program, I never feel a thing. Quite practical these days, since I work all day fixing up my new apartment.

    AUG 25: [88,1 Kg] [99 pts] GOAL UN-REACHED :)
    This is ridiculous. I think I'll just keep doing my thing and see where I end up. Yesterday I did only 40 minutes of cardio, but I'm not deducting a point. Here's why: I ran the same route I always do, usually spending an hour jogging/walking/jogging etc... This time I ran non-stop for 40 minutes. Nothng special there, but concider that I haven't done that in, well, decades really (at least one). Today I have been called out to the cabin to help paint it. I'll get by back/biceps day done first, then off I go. I'll stay there at least until tomorrow. If I stay until sunday, I will do my updates in pencil :)

    AUG 26: [88 Kg] [98 pts]
    First coat of paint done, and I'm home again. Since we were in a hurry to get the painting started, I skipped my cardio yesterday mornning with the intention of going for a run in the evening. When the painting was done, I was so tired and dizzy from the fumes, I opted for a bath and an early night instead. So there goes another point.
    I think I might have gone a bit overboard with this challenge, not allowing any cheat meals og rest days. I am starting to really feel it now. I have constant pain in my feet, achilles, fingers, knees etc... I also feel a bit bummed about the slow progress I'm seeing these days. I will keep going for the next 6 days, but my program for September will certainly have to be more forgiving. I'm thinking something like 4 days of weight training, and cardio only on the other 3 days. Perhaps even take sundays off entirely. We'll see.

    AUG 27: [N/A Kg] [96 pts]
    I'm slipping!!! Yesterday I moved in to my new apartment. I forgot to bring the scale, so no number today. I skipped the cardio too. I kept putting it off until it was too late, so there goes one point. I also lost control of my meal scedule, so I deduct a poing for that. I'm not sure if I skipped a meal, or just ate them all a bit late, but it's still not good. I let other things steal focus, and that's not really in the spirit of a challenge. No more of that now.
    On the upside, I feel lean and mean today and the mirror is starting to aggree. I can see some muscle definition in some places, and I gotta like that :) The aches and pains have settled down some, and I'm ready for a great day at the gym. I have only 5 more days before I switch programs, so I should make the best of them.

    AUG 28: [87,6 Kg] [96 pts]
    Back on track now. Yesterday was good in every respect. I did 75 min of cardio and some heavy lifting, ate what I should when I should, and I got my scale in place. The cardio was especially joyful for two reasons. First, I was listening to music on my new Sony Erichsson W800i. That phone has real excellent sound compared to my old one. Also, I seem to be in rather good shape now. I decided to take it easy the first 30 minutes and then go all out on the last 15, so I kept my heartrate below 140 for 30 min. Nevertheless I burned 410 kcal. Just a couple of weeks ago I was near death when I did that. Now it's relaxing.

    AUG 29: [87,1 Kg] [96 pts]
    All the ellipticals were taken yesterday, so I did 30 min walking on the treadmill at steep incline instead. This placed me directly behind the row of ellipticals, so I was able to observe a guy stepping like he had a bee chasing him. I caught a glimpse of his workout summary, and he aparently burned 560 kcal in 30 minutes. He looked like I want to look after my cut, so 560 kcal is something I will just have to try for! I am after all a copycat :)...
    ...Well I tried. After a 15 min warmup walk, I got on the elliptical with 560 kcal as my goal. Half way through, I was still on schedule, but after 16 min, I just couldn't keep the pace up anymore. After 2 min, I kinda got my second wind and stepped it up again. Result: 512 kcal in 30 min. A new personal best by far, but since I was ready to puke, I'd say 560 is still a long way away.

    AUG 30: [87,3 Kg] [95 pts]
    Last nights bridgeclub dragged on a bit, (4,5 hours) so my meals were not quite as they should be. I had packed 2 bananas and an apple, but forgot to eat even those. -1 point.
    We did win the tournament though, so thats something....
    ...Today was my first bowling practice for the season. I let it count as my cardio, in effect lying to myself because I didn't feel up to it. I did have a good leg day though. 4x10 rep squats for the first time in a loong time. I never seem able to restrict the weights enough to get past 5 reps, but tonight I did. I kept the bar at cute little 75 Kg, went slow and deep on every rep, with feet together and perfect form. Turns out 75 was the perfect weight. I decided to go for burnout on the last set, but still only managed 10 reps.

    AUG 31: [87,8 Kg] [94 pts]
    This is it, the last day of the challenge. It looks like I will end up with a weightloss of 7 Kg (15,4 Lb) which was my goal. I will of course give it all I got today to try for a little extra. Ending on a cardio day, this means walking to the gym and back, and doing another record attempt on the elliptical. I'll come back tomorrow morning with a long recap/summary post...
    ...Well, the record attempt was a bust. I didn't even get to 450 kcal. I think it was yesterdas leg-day that stoppd me. I could hardly get my heartrate up to 150 bpm before my thighs seized up. O well, live and learn. I burned some fat anyway, and that's what counts right now.

    END OF AUG. CHALLENGE! SEP 1: [87,1 Kg] [94 pts]
    Goal: Reach 88 Kg for a total weightloss of 6,8 Kg (15 pounds)
    Result: Reached 87,1 Kg for a total weightloss: 7,7 Kg (17 pounds)
    Alcohol consumed: Not a drop!
    Softdrinks consumed (diet or otherwise): Ditto!
    Candy consumed: None!
    Fast food consumed: Nada!
    Total cheat meals: Zero!

    Woah, I did it! I didn't go easy on myself when I set up this program, and I had some doubt as to wether I could stick to it for a month. I had a couple of tiny slip-ups, but nothing serious. Over all it has been a great success, and I owe a big thanks to John Stone for taking the initiative and getting me going, and to all you "challenged people" for motivating me with your daily posts. I hope I see you all in the September challenge too!

    Some things I learned that will help me on the next challenge:

    Hold on to the points! I kept my 100 points for a long time, but when the number dropped to 99, I found it much MUCH easier to say goodbye to another, and another. Lesson: Go for perfection.

    Don't just go through the motions when training. It was on the days where I completely drained myself, going for new personal records that I was feeling high on success. Those were also the days that yielded the best results. After only a few days of "I can't catch my breat - I wanna puke" cardio sessions, my heartrate dropped by about 20 points.

    Take a day off! That was a big mistake in my program. I did not allow for any cheating or resting. Eventually, this caused me to get a bit fed up with the whole thing, and I got into a bit of a "meh, screw it" attitude. Had it been just me going solo, I thik I would probably have quit alltogether.

    Well, that's it for my rant, seeya in September!
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  8. danswanton

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    GOAL: Bulking

    COMMENT: This is my first bulk and my first challenge.

    (I'm moving on July 30th, and I start my first full-time job on August 1st, so I'm leaving the specific workout days flexible for now. Until things settle down, I will be subtracting one point on Sunday night for each of the four workouts not completed during the past week.)

    Weight training: 4 days a week
    - Chest & Triceps
    - Back & Biceps
    - Legs
    - Shoulders & Abs

    Cardio is optional.

    At least six meals per day. One cheat meal per week.

    WEIGHT: 159.6 lbs
    BODY FAT %: ~9.5%
    BODY FAT: 15.0 lbs
    LEAN MASS: 144.6 lbs
    BENCH PRESS: 185 lbs. 6 reps first set. 6 reps second set. 4 reps third set.
    CHIN UPS: Body weight. 8 reps first set. 4 reps second set. 3 reps third set.
    SQUATS: 150 lbs. 6 reps first set. 6 reps second set. 6 reps third set.
    CHEST: 39.5"
    WAIST: 32.0"
    NAVEL: 30.75"
    HIPS: 37.25"
    THIGHS: 22.25"
    ARMS: 13.25"
    FOREARMS: 11.75"

    BODY FAT %:


    AUG 1: Did Chest & Triceps yesterday, and Legs today. I ate my six meals, although I didn't count calories. I'm the kind of sore that's only possible when one has'nt lifted weights for six weeks.[100 points]
    AUG 2: I ate my six meals, so I get to keep my points, but I did over 1.5 hours of cardio and I should probably have eaten more.[100 points]
    AUG 3: Six meals. No workout. I'm still so sore from earlier in the week that I'm pushing Back & Biceps to tomorrow and Shoulders & Abs to Sunday.[100 points]
    AUG 4: Forgot to update. Six meals. Back & Biceps workout. -1 Point.[99 points]
    AUG 5: I updated my weekly stats and pictures today. I have a hard time getting consistent pictures and measurments, but here are the numbers: weight +2.8lbs, body fat +0.8lbs, lean mass +2.0lbs, chest +0.25in, waist ~0, navel ~0, hips +0.25in, thigh +0.5in, biceps ~0, forearm ~0, calf ~0, neck ~0. If the numbers are accurate, this was an encouraging first week.[99 points]
    AUG 6: Abs. Six meals. No deductions.[99 points]
    AUG 7: Chest & Triceps. Six meals. [99 points]
    AUG 8: Forgot to update. Six meals. No workout, company beach day. -1 Point. [98 points]
    AUG 9: Over an hour of cardio. Six meals. [98 points]
    AUG 10: Seven meals. I was low on time so my workout was 3 sets of chinups, 3 sets of squats, and 1 set of seated rows. I'll decide on Sunday whether to deduct points for this (based on whether I can make up the exercises I missed by then). [98 points]
    AUG 11: Six meals. Dinner was a cheat meal -- six month anniversary with my girlfriend. No workout. This cheat meal was my first this month, and I scheduled one per week, so no deductions. [98 points]
    AUG 12: Six meals. No workout. Forgot to post. -1 Point. [97 points]
    AUG 13: Five meals. Skipped Abs workout. Forgot to post. Didn't update weekly statistics. Failed to make up for weak Thursday workout. Fitness is not a priority for me right now, and it shows. -5 Points. [92 points]
    AUG 14: Six meals. Chest & Triceps. [92 points]
    AUG 15: Six meals. Legs. According to my measurements, which are almost certainly wrong: weight +1.0 lbs, lean mass +1.6 lbs, fat -0.6 lbs, chest +0.25 in, all other measurements the same. I took another picture which looks pretty the same as the past two. You'll probably need to refresh the page to force your browser to load the new version. [92 points]
    AUG 16: Six meals. 1 hour of cardio. [92 points]
    AUG 17: Six meals. Back & Biceps. My sleeping habits have been terrible lately, and I'm taking off a point for that: -1 point. [91 points]
    AUG 18: Six meals. Didn't update. -1 point. [90 points]
    AUG 19: Six meals. Didn't update. -1 point. [89 points]
    AUG 20: Five meals. Skipped ab workout. -2 points. [87 points]
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    I'm in! I gained a couple of pounds this month and was planning to start my own challenge so this works for me.

    GOAL: lose fat/up to 5lbs.

    COMMENT: Gained a couple of pounds by a lil extra here and there although mostly clean.

    Monday: Fasted AM Cardio, Full Body Workout PM (NROL)
    Tuesday: Plyometrics or HIIT
    Wednesday: Fasted AM Cardio , Full Body Workout PM(NROL)
    Thursday: REST DAY
    Friday: Fasted AM Cardio, Full Body Workout (NROL)
    Saturday: AM Circuit Training or HIIT
    Sunday: HIIT and or/Yoga

    (NROL: New Rules of Lifting, Fat Loss II)

    six meals per day, one cheat DAY per week (Saturday). Weigh in is on Friday. I eat BFL style, P/C at each meal, approx 40/40/20. Fish Oil Caps 6/day.

    WEIGHT: 125.8
    BODY FAT: Approximately 18%
    ARMS: 10.5
    CALVES: 13.5
    CHEST: 32.5

    BODY FAT:17% (Omron)

    Shaved off just a tad, but that's what I was looking for!
    August 1: Day 1! Fasted morning Cardio done so far. Diet perfect, plyometrics done for this evening. No points deducted (but alas, I am hungry! :)).. Calorie total 1550, 18/40/42

    August 2: Did my fasted cardio in the AM, have done my NROL Fat loss weights workout (A). Meals all a-ok, no deductions for today.

    August 3: Planned rest day as far as exercise goes. Did well on Diet, which is good since I was in a procedure room all day sedating people for colonoscopies. Fun fun! Still 100 points. Tomorrow is Cardio+ Weights.

    August 4: First weigh in, very little weight lost /sniff.. Measurements look a tad better, however. Ah well, it's only been a few days. Morning cardio and afternoon weights done and diet on track. Tomorrow is planned 'clean' refeed/cheat day but I will be doing exercise as well. :) (100 points)

    August 5: Morning cardio done, weights also done. Today is free day, YAY! :) Still 100 points as this is built into BFL (my plan)..
    August 6: Still going! Already did cardio and may throw in some extra workout or another later today. Diet so far is fine!

    August 7: I hate mondays! :) Morning Cardio done, weights will be tonight after work. Update: Weights all done,diet on track today. I still hate mondays. :)

    August 8: Morning Cardio and HIIt (evening) done. Diet OK, 1600 cals with a whopping 50 grams of fiber today. :P

    August 9: Cardio done, weights in a few minutes. Diet so far on track, but that's easy to do when there's nothing tempting in the house. :P

    August 10: Today is rest day, but I threw in some AM Cardio. :) Diet is all packed and ready to go in my lunch bag !:) End of day, diet on track even with a crappy day at work. Bleh. :(

    August 11: Woot! After that crappy day at work, down almost 2 pounds. Let's hope it stays off. Keep in mind I'm on the leanish side already so any change is a plus! Cardio done this morning. Quit job :), did weights. Diet OK - I did have 100 calories over my usual but only had one hour of sleep so I legitimately had to have a little extra. Ah, the life of a nurse. I thought I was fitting in great, but it turns out my coworkers complain I am too hyper. Must be the AM caffeine and cardio. :P

    August 12: Free food day! Morning cardio done.
    August 13: Morning Cardio done, weights in a bit. Diet so far is on track after a fun free day yesterday. Weights all done, diet on track. Tomorrow is Monday. i still hate mondays. :)

    August 14: Morning cardio done! Weights done! Diet went well. Work was also tolerable, made even better by knowing I am leaving. :)
    August 15: Morning cardio done! Hope everyone else is doing well.
    August 16: Morning Cardio done, weights later. Diet so far is going OK, although I have a job interview today so we shall see. :) Job interview went well, I think I have it, but you never know what will happen. Diet still OK - this is a weight+cardio day so I allow myself about 1800 cals. Weights and cardio both done.

    August 17: Rest day. Food on track , no points off unless I go off the deep end before sleep :) :)..

    August 18: Diet on track, weights and cardio done. Oh, and I got a new job! Tomorrow is free food day AND the celebration! :)

    August 19: Free food day, yummmmmmm! :) Cardio done for the morning.

    August 20: Wow, the month is almost over! Cardio done. Weights done, on to fat loss III. I think i will take a point off today - ate all clean but a little over my calorie targets. So 99 points (still good!).

    August 21: Cardio and fat loss III weights done. Diet on track, still 99 points! :)
    August 22: Cardio done, HIIT done, diet on track.
    August 23: AM Cardio done. Weight day again. Weights done (fat loss III, NROL). Diet on track today . Hope everyone else is doing well. I spent the day cleaning - bleh!
    August 24: Last day of 'old job' - wish me luck! Hopefully I can avoid an exit interview. 'Off day' as far as exercise goes. Diet will probably be fine unless I end up with a party to not eat at. :) Update: job done, diet on track, no exit interview. Just 'here's yer money, bye!'. :)

    August 25: Weights and cardio both done, diet on track so far. TOmorrow is free day. Any September challenges yet? Will have to check. :)
    August 26: Cheat day, whee! Hour of cardio done this morning. Don't usually go this long, but felt like it today.
    August 27: Cardio done, weights later. Diet so far is on track! Did P90X chest and back today - an hour of pullups and pushups. Whew..
    August 28: Cardio and weights done. Diet on track! Still 99 points.
    August 29: AM Cardio (step) done, PM Plyo X done. diet OK. 99 points.
    August 30: Cardio and weights done, diet on track. Almost done with the month, YAY! I don't think I've lost much this month, but I've been more structured and certainly at least maintained.
    August 31: Yay!! last day! I will post stats tomorrow morning as my weigh in is on Friday. Today is an off day. Diet will be OK (nothing in the house to make me slip), but no exercise except a bit of cardio this morning to wake me up.
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  10. carguy

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    GOAL: Bulking

    COMMENT: I feel odd being one of the few bulking here. But I'm coming off of a successful cut and need to add some lean muscle mass. This will be a moderate bulk as I plan to fully bulk starting in September.

    GOAL: My goal will be to gain 10 pounds and add at least 1" to my chest and 1/2" to my biceps.

    Weight training: 4 days a week
    - Back / Traps
    - Chest / Abs
    - Legs
    - Shoulders / Arms
    Cardio: 3 days a week (2 days of 1 hour Group Power class at gym, 1 morning of 45 minute AM LISS.)

    Six meals per day, one cheat day per week (floating). I will try to increase my calories but I have never kept track of macros. Plenty of protein and clean foods.

    WEIGHT: 169#
    BODY FAT: 9.3%
    ARMS: 13.5" cold Flexed
    CALVES: 15"
    CHEST: 38"
    FOREARMS: 11.75"
    HIPS: 37"
    THIGHS: 22.5"
    WAIST: 30.5"

    WEIGHT: 167# Delta 2# lost
    BODY FAT: 10.2% Delta .9% Up
    ARMS: 13.75" Delta .25" Up
    CALVES: 15.25" Delta .25" Up
    CHEST: 39" Delta 1" Up
    FOREARMS: 10.75" Same
    HIPS: 37" Same
    THIGHS: 22" Delta .5" Down
    WAIST: 31" Delta .5" Up

    August 1 Did hour of fasted LISS outside this morning. Hot and humid but went well. All but the sixth meal is done and according to plan. Thick protein shake before bed and
    this day is done. 100 points.

    August 2 Another good day. Had a great chest/abs workout. Personal best on bench press (still too low). Weighed 170# this morning and am just feeling bigger (may be psychological). Measured my biceps right after workout just to see the bigger number on the tape. Hope to be there cold by the end of the month. Clean food all day. Still 100 points.

    August 3 One hour of fasted LISS to start the day. But today was cheat day. Had a pitch-in at work and indulged. Had friends over for dinner and indulged again. Eating to gain weight is hard for an ecto but it's coming back to me. Still 100 points. Page 3 posters rule! Let's keep more of our points than page 1, 2, 4 or 5.

    August 4 Leg day went well. Got to go into the gym a little later than usual because I didn't have to work today. But I did have to attend a retreat that lasted the whole day and I had no control over the meals. But I took my own snacks and healthy stuff and made out OK. Oh, and after yesterdays cheat day, I had actually lost weight this morning. Grrr. Still 100 points.

    August 5 Almost overdid it this morning. Got up early and jogged. Then went to gym for shoulders/arms. Stayed for Group Power cardio hour. Came home and washed/waxed the car. But, today is also my wedding anniversary (28 yrs). So I took a nap and then we went to Outback for a nice dinner. I had a steak with broccoli and low-fat dressing on my salad. One beer, but hey, it's my anniversary. I'm not deducting any points unless you make me. Still 100.

    August 6 Started out OK today with fasted LISS. But Sundays throw off my meals and I will miss one today. Plus, I weigh less than when I started on Aug. 1. I should have said I would maintain this month and then start my bulk in Sept. Oh well, -1 point. 99

    August 7 I was the only one there at my Group Power class at the gym today (it is at 5:15 am). Just me and the instructor. Did it anyway. Also had a good Back/Traps workout. Meals were all on point. Still 99 points.

    August 8 One hour of fasted LISS to start the day. Pretty clean meals the rest of the day. Not a good day though. Explain later. 99 points.

    August 9 Better day today. Morning fasted LISS instead of weights again. Meals were good. Staying with 99 points.

    August 10 Made it into the gym this am for a good chest/abs workout. Felt good all day. Meals were really good today considering this is supposed to be my cheat day. Don't think I'll be gaining much weight this month but measurements are creeping up so that is a good sign. Getting into body-weight dips and doing better at bench pressing. 99 points.

    August 11 Ugh. Leg day. But got through it. Meals were all clean. Looking forward to road rally tomorrow and perfect weather is predicted. TGIF. Still 99 points.

    August 12 Had a great time at the road rally. Got a little sunburned through the sunroof. Got in my LISS early but meals were all over the place and not timed well. I'm deducting a point but I don't care because it was such a good day. Hope everyone else is enjoying their week-end. 98 points.

    August 13 Sundays are hard but today is going well. Clean meals so far and getting them all in. Wanted to take a nap this afternoon and kept getting interrupted by phone call 2 minutes in. So, I decided this wasn't meant to be and I went for a brisk, one hour walk in the sunshine. Much better use of my time. Then, when I got back I did my shoulders/arms workout at home. I found out I have everything necessary to do this at home so it saved a drive in to the gym. I'm going to a car show later today. Oh, and I've posted a mid-August update photo. Not the same pose, but at least it's current. 98 points.

    August 14 Just getting ready to go to bed and realized I hadn't posted. Had a fairly good work out at the gym this a.m. but was hampered by sore right knee. Meals were great today. Weight is still just so-so. Keep 98 points.

    August 15 Morning LISS (very foggy) went well. All meals clean. I resisted the same chocolate brownies twice today. Sometimes it seems odd considering I'm trying to "bulk" but I'm trying to do it right and I have a big cheat day coming up on Saturday (a wedding and a class reunion on the same day). The reunion is of my elementary school. I was always a shrimp in grade school. I think the people who haven't seen me since 8th grade will be surprised. I'll be anxious to see how many of my classmates (men) have a waistline less than 32". Just need my evening meal and I can go to bed. 98 points.

    August 16 Got a lot done today. Got in my workout and even washed my car before I went in to work (at 8). Meals were fine but probably not enough calories. Went our for dinner but had grilled salmon. Feeling strong. 98 points.

    August 17 Got in a good run this morning. All meals were right on. Thinking about doing my leg routine tonight before bed instead of tomorrow morning (I'm eating an apple as I speak so I will be ready). Good luck to all of you who are affected by the beginning of the school year. Hope it's a good year for all.
    98 points.

    August 18 Went out for my morning LISS and decided to run for a while. I ended up running the whole rest of my route! Found out later it was 2.5 miles. Felt good and I could have gone longer but had to get back and eat and shower before work. Co-worker's last day meant cake but I avoided it and had a banana instead. Rest of my meals were OK. Looking forward to a major cheat day tomorrow. Down 3 pounds but I'm going to deduct for that at the end of the month. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post tomorrow. Still 98 points.

    August 19 I'm gonna cheat a little today and post early. The reason I can is that today is my cheat day so I know I can't screw up my meals. And I just finished my morning LISS and I'm about to do my shoulders/arms routine. I'm getting excited about the class reunion tonight. I'll be seing some people I haven't seen since I was 13. I remember on of my friends in the 7th grade was worried that he was growing boobs. Now I know what that is called and that it is common and that most guys grow out of it. But back then I kept checking to see if I was growing boobs too. Good luck to all. Less than 2 weeks left. 98 points.

    August 20 Beautiful wedding yesterday. Meal was actually not too bad cheat-wise. Desserts of course weren't. The grade school reunion was great. It was fun seeing people I haven't seen in years. I was in better shape than 99% of them but I kinda expected that. Meals today were not so great and timed poorly. Got in good cardio this afternoon on a beautiful walk/run outdoors. -1 point. 97 points.

    August 21 Not bad for a Monday. Group Power at the gym and back & shoulders. Deadlifted 260# which is good for me. Meals were all clean so no lost points today. Didn't think I would but signed up for the September challenge. Hope there are some more bulkers this time around because I need some competition to eat big. 97 points.

    August 22 Got in some good cardio this morning and ate well all day. Although my evening weight is not the one I record or use, I gained 6 pounds in one day! The morning weight I do record was still 3.5# gained. At least it's a step in the right direction and it may mean I won't end up losing weight on this "bulk". Still 97 points.

    August 23 Good work-out at the gym this morning and even ran a mile afterwards. Meals were clean and weight is inching up very slowly. Dips are definitely improving so I'm feeling good about my strength. Tomorrow will be a nightmare to keep my meals on time. We'll see. Still 97 points.

    August 24 Got in morning cario and meals were good up to 4 pm. Then went to an auction with my bro-in-law and had no control over fool or timing. Ended up eating poorly and even having a DQ cone. Will try to get back in step tomorrow. Hey, I just remembered, this is my cheat day so I don't have to deduct. Whew. 97 points.

    August 25 This week-end I will be tied up all day Sat. and Sun. so today I did both my legs and shoulders/arms routines at the gym. Meals were not great but OK. My team won in football tonight. I probably won't be able to post tomorrow unless I can get to a computer. I think my arms are growing a little. Still 97 points.

    August 26 Checking in early today. Shortened morning LISS already in and breakfast. I'll let you know how the retreat went tomorrow and determine if I lost any points due to food.........Back from the retreat and I couldn't get in clean meals. -1 point. 96 points.

    August 27 The retreat at my church was awesome. I feel completely renewed and refreshed. But the meals today weren't any better than yesterday. I did get up before everyone else and jogged. But I'm still subtracting another point. 95 points.

    August 28 Had a great workout at the gym this morning plus Group Power. I even deadlifted 270#, a new high for me (I know, lame to most of you). Meals were going good but then we went out for dinner and I ordered too quickly (salmon) thinking it would be grilled but it turned out to be in a heavy sauce over cheese mashed pototatoes. So I enjoyed tit all plus bread sticks and had a dessert and consider this a major unscheduled cheat meal. -1 point. 94 points.

    August 29 Morning LISS, clean meals throughout. Went to the gym this evening for another Group Power class. Weight is up a bit. Feeling strong. 94 points.

    August 30 Not a good day. It was my off day but meals were fine. Had to be in meetings from about 9 am to 8 pm with an hour off for dinner. Found out my nice neighbor man died this morning. Weight was down again this morning. I have no idea what my final stats will be like tomorrow when this ends. Still 94 points.

    August 31 Wow. Over already. Didn't go as planned. I knew right away that bulking was not the right choice. I ended up LOSING 2 pounds instead of gaining 10. But, my other goals went a little better. I added 1/4" to each arm and 1" to my chest. My %bf only went up .9%. My lifts are up and I'm feeling stronger. I will get more serious about bulking in September. I look a little (lot) stringy so I need some mass. Now I need to get my arms up over 14" and my chest up over 40". Final 94 points.

    Good luck everyone.:tu:

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  11. Cytochrome

    Cytochrome Active Member

    Jul 29, 2006
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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I'm in. Hopefully I can find my abs along the way, too.

    -Day 1: Chest & calves
    -Day 2: Back & abs
    -Day 3: Delts & calves
    -Day 4: Legs & abs
    -Day 5: Rest

    Sun, Tue, Fri: 20 min. HIIT plus 25 min. regular cardio
    Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat: 45 min. regular cardio
    -Friday's HIIT includes plyometrics
    -Saturday's cardio is light/low-impact

    5-6 meals per day, clean food. Dinner is low-carb. One scheduled cheat meal around Aug. 11th? Edit: done on the 6th.

    WEIGHT: 141
    BODY FAT: 20%


    July 31: Clean Slate [100 points]
    August 1: HIIT and cardio done; today's my rest day for weights. First day is in the bag. [100 points]
    August 2: Cardio done; chest & calves workout done. Tired now (extra walking?). [100 points]
    August 3: It's Thursday, so took new stats: 139.5 lb at 19% BF. Yay for continued progress. Regular cardio done--slow start but seemed easy towards the end. Glad I upped the ante by adding HIIT sessions this week. Back & abs workout done. As parts of me become increasingly lean, the soft parts contrast more...so I'm feeling kinda flabby. So far to go. Argh--mental roadblocks. Just have to press onward. So that's what I'm doing. Very enamored with all the fresh veggies and bean salads and nice cuts of fish I eat, though! I don't miss junk when I just don't eat it at all. [100 points]
    August 4: Went to bed a bit late, but couldn't sleep in much due to loud construction outside my window! So was a bit tired for plyos/cardio this morning. Plyos kicked my ass--man my legs are jello now, and this with leg day tomorrow! I'll go light. Delt & calf workout done. [100 points]
    August 5: Oh man my butt is sore. Legs are alright, though. Slept on my arm weird and it kinda hurts. Ow. Light cardio done. Light leg workout (focusing on hamstrings and stretching) done. [100 points]
    August 6: Feeling like I needed a bit of rest, especially with my shoulder whacked (again!--forgot that I'd impinged it before). So didn't do cardio first thing in the morning and have been having a lazy day, but will go do HIIT on the treadmill for a change in a bit. Lazing around has sort of made me want junk food, but luckily I've got this challenge to make me think twice! Or else I'd probably be knee-deep in ice cream and doughnuts.:D So managed to keep the cheats to two meals [-2 points]. HIIT/cardio done. Hope doing chest tomorrow is alright with my shoulder... [98 points]
    August 7: Man, getting back on the wagon after cheats is HARD. Did cardio though, and feel much better. Good chest & calf workout done (upped my bench!). [98 points]
    August 8: HIIT/cardio done; back & abs workout done. Still suck at pull-ups. Shoulder's feeling better already! Morale is doing better as well. [98 points]
    August 9: Had breakfast, so cardio won't be in a fasted state but going to do it in a moment and that's what really matters. Need to get regular sleep hours--that helps a lot! Delts & calves later but without my training partner. :( Cardio done; workout done. [98 points]
    August 10: New stats: 138.5lb at 18% BF. Don't know how I managed that with the big ol' cheat day. :confused: Hmh. Cardio done; legs & ab workout done. [98 points]
    August 11: Plyos/HIIT/cardio done! No weights today. Good clean food as usual. [98 points]
    August 12: Light cardio done; chest & calves done (gym closed :( but worked out at home). New veggie salads keep things interesting! Nice to have a little bit of smooth sailing *knock on wood*.
    August 13: Did HIIT/cardio an hour after I got up because it was EARLY and I was just trying to wake up. But did it, felt good, and did back & abs workout later in the day. Getting better at pull-ups... Smooshed dinner closer to post-workout meal than usual 'cause I want to get to bed even earlier tonight (to get up earlier tomorrow!). Yay mornings! [98 points]
    August 14: Up early and actually had a lot of energy, so cardio's done. :tu: Weights done. Unauthorized snacking. :( [97 points]
    August 15: Ovulation sucks! Was doing so well. Plus getting sick. So there go another couple points. Very important to get back on the wagon now! [94 points]
    August 16: I don't wanna talk about it.... [90 points]
    August 17: New stats: 145 lb. at 18% BF, so only gained a pound of fat. Not so hideous. Feel puffy, though. Getting sick really throws a wrench in things. Luckily I'm feeling better today, aside from the giant phlem ball. Ew. [90 points]
    August 18
    August 19
    August 20
    August 21
    August 22
    August 23: Today's the first day I'm not feeling like my head's been run over by a truck. I haven't been that sick in a WHILE. Not fun. Lost a lot of points. :( I guess I was really burned out, too. But I'm hangin' in there and now that I can exercise again I'm feeling much more chipper about the whole thing. [70 points]
    August 24: Light cardio today. :tu: [70 points]
    August 25: Unauthorized food. [69 points]
    August 26: Almost to the end! Feeling particularly good today, as I have use of my nostrils/sinuses again! I know, exciting. [69 points]
    August 27: Got up early but snoozed a bit. Lowerbody today. [69 points]
    August 28: Brownies. :( [68 points]
    August 29: Watched Pumping Iron! I have to go work out like...RIGHT NOW! Good motivation. [68 points]
    August 30: This month was sort of a wash. :( I think I ended up right where I began! Argh. Keep on keepin' on with next month, I guess... [68 points]
    August 31: Well, it sucked and I hobbled to the end of this challenge, but I made it! I didn't just quit. Same stats as I started with...at least I didn't get fatter?
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  12. mike45

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    Oct 11, 2004
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    mike45's Official "100 Challenge" Entry


    Eat more meals, as well as healthier meals while gaining weight. (Guess this would be a clean bulk)


    I've been doing real good as well as working out and running goes (this can all be atributed to summer football practices), but my eating has not been as great. I want to gain weight so I've been eating big meals often, but they haven't always been healthy. I feel that I need to eat better to truly get the FULLEST out of all the exercising I've been doing.

    As one of my coaches said, "you shouldn't be giving a Corvette regular brand gas"

    Exercise Schedule

    To make this clear, football is every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, for two hours. On Monday and Thursday there is Lower Body weightlifting first, then agility cardio. On Tuesday and Friday there are many sprints and other runs followed by Upper Body lifting. We have a professional strength and conditioning coach, and the sets and reps as well as exercises are changed weekly.

    Edit - Week 3 is an off week for me, after working out 6 weeks over the summer. I will still be eating the same scheduled meals, but no planned cardio or weight exercises. I will not deduct points for workouts, since it is what my body will need at the time. However, I will not allow a cheat meal or cheat snack for that week.

    Cardio: Four (4) Cardio Sessions per week (Running sessions of football camp)

    Mon: Lower Body
    Tues: Upper Body
    Weds: Off
    Thurs: Lower Body
    Fri: Upper Body
    Sat/Sun: Off

    Nutritional Schedule

    Five-Six meals per day, ONE cheat meal and ONE cheat snack per week.(these will take place any time during the week, whenever I feel necessary).

    Current Statistical Data

    Weight: 160 lbs
    Body Fat: tbd

    Activity Log

    [Week 1]
    31.Jul.2006: (challenge begins tomorrow)

    1.Aug.2006: [100 points]. Lets keep it this way!

    2.Aug.2006: Ate all 6 meals as planned. Practice was cancelled today due to extreme heat (over 110 degrees with humidity on Heat Index). I did a body weight workout - pushups, situps, leglifts - to semi make up for the missed practice. [100 points]

    3.Aug.2006: Ate all 6 meals as planned. Today was an off-day, but I definitely burned some calories at work with this heatwave we've been having. So after Day 2 the total remains at ...[100 points]

    4.Aug.2006: I ate 5 good meals today; I plan on changing my meal plan to a range of 5-6 meals a day(Instead of strictly 6). Summer football practice was AGAIN cancelled due to the heat wave, but it will resume tomorrow. I got some exercise in a friends pool today, but it was not nearly the same as a regular cardio/weights workout would have been. 1 point has been deducted for a missed workout. [99 points]

    5.Aug.2006: I ate 6 good meals today, but I also used my cheat snack for the week. The cheat snack was laffy taffy and a few airheads. Not exactly worth it, as I don't even like candy that much, but thats okay. Today football resumed, and it was a good practice. About 16 sprints with 30 seconds rest in between, followed by 3 quarter-mile runs, followed by a good upper body workout. I'm pretty tired...so I'm going to go watch some good ol' Law and Order and then call it a night. [99 points]

    6.Aug.2006: Today was an off-day, and I got to sleep a little later. I ate 5 meals, and one of them was my cheat. Sizzling Jack Daniels Steak Fajitas at Fridays...and they were great. I had desert with the meal (brownie ice-cream thing), and at first thought it wouldn't count as an extra cheat because it was part of the meal. But, I can't be leniant like this because it would defeat the purpose of the challenge by bending the rules of my personal challenge guidelines. So, the dessert will count as an extra unplanned cheat, and I will deduct 1 point. I'm not happy at all about losing 2 points on the first week, but tomorrow starts a whole new week and I won't let it happen again! [98 points]

    [Week 2]
    7.Aug.2006: Today I ate 5 meals, and used my weekly cheat snack which consisted of one bagel with cream cheese and half of a buttered bagel. Today was an off day, but football resumes tomorrow so I'm gonna go relax and then get to bed. [98 points]

    8.Aug.2006: Forgot to update...D'oh!-

    9.Aug.2006: Errr...I'm dissapointed I forgot to update yesterday...I even thought about updating several times but was just procrastinating, but I just went to bed without remembering. Well that's the stupidest way to lose a point - the easiest part of the challenge and I made myself lose a point for it. The last two days I've eaten well, 5-6 meals each day, intense football workouts both days, and I've been drinking a good ammount of water. Just found out there's gonna be cuts on varsity football this year, so I'm gonna keep my eating very good to be in the best shape I can during my week off from lifting next week. Time for bed, no practice tomorrow. =) [97 points]

    10.Aug.2006: Used my cheat meal today, 3 slices of pizza and some ice cream. Other meals were good, today was a day off. I had some chips/cookies at a friend's house tonight, so thats a lost point. Good news is I don't feel bloated or any usual negative after effects of a cheat meal, and I'm full of energy way past when I usually go to bed. Probably just the sugar. Back to practice tomorrow! [96 points]

    11.Aug.2006: Today I ate 5 meals....one of them was an unplanned cheat. Went to Friendly's with the people from work and somehow it got in my head that a steak quesadilla wouldn't be a cheat. The menu made it sound healthy but once it comes...we all know it's not. Good news is that it came with 2 scoops of ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream - and I gave it away to a co-worker. Practice was shortened because of lightening today, so I worked out when I got home. Tomorrow I'm going to Friday's and possibly the movies with people from work and I'm going to try my best not to cheat. It's funny, that before this challenge I always considered myself a healthy eater because I ate healthier than most to all of the people I know. But this challenge is helping me realize how much I actually do cheat, and that limiting the cheat meals can really help my progress. [95 points]

    12.Aug.2006: Didn't update...

    13.Aug.2006: Had football and worked out on Friday, but ate a cheat snack at the movies as well as not updating. (-2 points). Also had a cheat desert today (-1 point) Next week I'm getting back on track, definitely, no excuses, no cheat meals/snacks. [92 points]

    [Week 3] - (Week off from lifting)

    14.Aug.2006: 6 good meals, no workout - feeling good...short update.

    17.Aug.2006:Wow...forgot to update 2 days....cheated twice yesterday (-2) and missed 2 updates (-2)...and I thought it'd be easier to eat healthy while having nothing to do...its definitely not.

    [Week 4]

    [Week 5]
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  13. michaeleaton

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    Mar 22, 2006
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    Michael Eaton's Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: My goal is to get my bodyfat below 20%. So in general, i'm cutting.

    COMMENT: I've gained 50+ pounds (mostly fat) since I graduated high school. I'm currently a Junior in college an would like to become healthy.

    Monday: Morning Jog, 15 mins (+5 mins each week of challenge) (AM)
    Tuesday: Treadmill, 30 mins (AM); Weight training: Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Legs, Abs(AM)
    Wednesday: Morning Jog, 15 mins (+5 mins each week of challenge) (AM)
    Thursday: Treadmill, 30 mins (AM); Weight training: Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Legs, Abs(AM)
    Friday: Morning Jog, 15 mins (+5 mins each week of challenge) (AM)
    Saturday: Treadmill, 30 mins (AM); Weight training: Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Legs, Abs(AM) (Except Aug 5, will be in the wilderness camping)
    Sunday: Morning Jog, 15 mins (+5 mins each week of challenge) (AM)

    5 meals per day, Absolutely no cheat meals (Cheat meals harm my motivation).

    WEIGHT: 236.2
    BODY FAT: 25.5 %
    ARMS: 15.5
    CALVES: 17
    CHEST: 43
    FOREARMS: 12
    HIPS: 46.5
    THIGHS: 26
    WAIST: 45


    AUG 1:
    So far So good, did my morning workout. It felt good, but still adjusting to physical activity. Also ate all of my meals.
    -0 Points [100]
    AUG 2:
    Did my scheduled morning jog. Got my fat calipers + myotape and updated some of my start stats. Ate all schedule meals and have not came close to dropping off the band wagon.
    -0 Points [100]
    AUG 3:
    My morning workout was awesome. Added a couple of new exercises to my routine. Ate all my meals as scheduled. The worst part of the day was watching a friend eat a loaded up Subway sandwhich. I must admit, my mouth started to water. I've noticed a little more stress (I'm a stress eater), and I've been forced to find new ways to deal with it. I wish everybody luck with the remaining 28 days.
    -0 Points [100]
    Aug 4: Oops, I forgot.
    Aug 5:
    Ha, just realized that I forgot to report in last night. Well, there goes my first point. But yesterday went as planed, ate 5 meals, and did my morning run. The run is starting to feal easier, so I'm glad I'm upping it to 20 minutes next week.
    -1 Points [99]
    Aug 6:
    Camping was fun last night. Sublixed my shoulder yesterday, and rested it most of today. Ate my meals as scheduled and jogged as scheduled. I'm starting to see noticeable results (Started on 7/24/06) from the lifestyle changes I've made.
    -0 Points [99]
    Aug 7:
    Did my morning jog. Actually did approx 25 mins, including a cool down period. The added time didn't seem to make things to much harder. The added terrain was fun and I'm looking forward to being able to do a sustained 35 min jog. I ate real good today (5 meals as scheduled). My mid morning snacks consisted of Frozen Fruit blend w/ whey protein. I mainly stick to the berry family of fruits since that is what are bodies absorb best. My arms are still sore. I hope tommorow morning brings arms that feel better before my workout.
    -0 points [99]
    Aug 8:
    My morning workout went as planned. My shoulder is still very sore but improving. I tipped over my mid-morning meal all over the passenger side of my car (Blended Fruit). So I regret to announce I have lost my second point.
    -1 points [98]
    Aug 9:
    Missed my morning cardio. Woke up too late and had to go to work :-(. I did manage to eat all my meals as planned and go for a long walk this evening, but I'm still very dissappointed. I'm looking forward to tommorows workout ;-).
    -1 points [97]
    Aug 10:
    My workout was great! I also ate all of my meals as scheduled. I hope I have more days like this.
    -0 points [97]
    Aug 11:
    My morning jog was awesome. Did 5 mins more than required. I'm ready for next weeks 5 min increase. I also ate all 5 required meals. I'm slowly getting used to this 5 meails a day. I'm slowly increasing my calorie intake, but I'm actually having a hard time eating enough calories. I always feel full with the 5 meals. Also did my measurements yesterday and have seen some good progress.
    -0 points [97]
    Aug 12:
    Had my brother in law, and two sister in laws over the weekend. I had fun watching them eat pizza!. I ate all my meals as planned, no cheats. My workout today was amazing. I added a third set to all of my exercises.
    -0 points [97]
    Aug 13:
    Did my morning jog and had 5 meals. The jog has been extended to 25+ minutes. I ran slightly over 2.5 miles today which was more than I have ran in years. My brother in law ran with me and I bet him that he wouldn't last. He struggled at first but also completed the run. I think that he is also interested in becoming fit, but lacks the means to get there. I ate my first meal late so my eating schedule was a little out of whack, but I kept to my goals. Today was a long but good day.
    -0 points [97]
    Aug 14:
    Jog was good. Ate as planned.
    -0 points [97]
    Aug 15:
    Workout went well. I've lowered the reps an increased the sets. I've come to realize that the 15 rep thing is just not working out. Also ate as planed and even tried some soy milk today (organic vanilla silk). Today was a very positive day. :)
    -0 Points [97]
    Aug 16:
    Woke up late and didn't jog. Ate as planned.
    -0 Points [96]
    Aug 17:
    Had a great workout today. Felt like I could have went forever. I was very pumped. I also ate as planned. I love the lower reps and the higher weight =).
    -0 Points [96]
    Aug 18:
    Good day. Can't wait to see the end of the month results!
    -0 Points [96]
    Aug 19: Computer Failure!
    Aug 20: Computer Failure!
    Aug 21: Computer Failure!
    Aug 22: Wow, being without a computer for the past three days has been different. I've realized how much I depend on a computer nowadays. Neways. I've had 0 cheat meals, did all my jogs, all my workouts, and am doing really good! I've decided to skip the September challenge because I realize that I've already got a lot of things to worry about this September. I'm working part time (16 hours), taking 16 credit hours at (Michigan State University, Computer Science and Engineering), and spending time with my wife and son. Neways I plan on sticking with my plan, and continuing my revamped workout.
    - 3 points (for the missed entries).
    93 points remaining
    Aug 23: Cardio was awesome. No cheat meals.
    - 0 Points [93]
    Aug 24: Missed. Installing new Mobo and hard drive.
    - 1 Points [92]
    Aug 25: Good day. Ate all meals and jogged.
    -0 Points [92]
    Aug 26: Did calfs, and shoulder rehab today. Also did 40+ mins of cardio. All in all a good day. Also ate my meals as planed. I'm definately having a couple of cheat meals labor day weekend.
    -0 Points [92]
    Aug 27: Good day today. Ate all meals and jogged. Classes start tommorow.
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  14. RDonner71

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    Awesome challenge.

    GOAL: Cut fat, feel better, finish challenge with 95+ points

    COMMENT: I haven't maintained a program in a long time. My birthday is August 31st and I can't think of a better gift to give myself.

    Monday: Upper Body (BFL)
    Tuesday: Cardio (running)
    Wednesday: Lower Body (BFL)
    Thursday: Cardio (running)
    Friday: Upper Body (BFL)
    Saturday: Cardio (running)
    Sunday: off day

    5 days per week-abs
    Quit chewing tobacco in three weeks (weaning)

    Five meals per day, one cheat meal per week (Sunday)



    August 1
    August 2
    August 3
    August 4
    August 5
    August 6
    August 7
    August 8
    August 9
    August 10
    August 11
    August 12
    August 13
    August 14
    August 15
    August 16
    August 17
    August 18
    August 19
    August 20
    August 21
    August 22
    August 23
    August 24
    August 25
    August 26
    August 27
    August 28
    August 29
    August 30
    August 31
  15. jefe

    jefe Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Fat loss and kick start myself back on the right path again

    COMMENT: I pretty much fell off the wagon late this summer.

    Monday: Chest, Tricep, Delt
    Tuesday: Basketball or 4 mile run
    Wednesday: Back, Bicep, Trap
    Thursday: Basketball or 4 mile run
    Friday: Legs, Abs
    Saturday: 4 mile run
    Sunday: 4 mile run

    Five meals per day. I have a couple birthday parties and a reunion which will be my cheat meals/days (about 1 a week)

    AUG 1: 100 - Let's do this!
    AUG 2: 99 - Ate all meals yesterday, made up missed weight session from Monday, but then cheated as well.
    AUG 3: 99 - Yesterday did everything according to plan, best 2 day stretch I've had in a while so let's keep this going!
    AUG 4: 98 - Hit all meals, played basketball. Got kneed in the thigh late and it's really tight this morning. I will have to see how I feel tonight as it is leg night. I also need to do something about my carb intake. I don't think it's high enough and when I play basketball for an extended time I really feel wiped, not just tired, but weak, thus the cheat last night. I'll be making some adjustments probably this weekend, but it'll be planned and will still fall within my 5 daily meals.
    AUG 5: 96 - I have no real comment. I sucked.
    AUG 6: 96 - I nailed it yesterday. I skipped my leg session Friday, and it was still tight where I got kneed when I did my cardio yeseterday. I think later tonight I'll be fine with doing my leg session. Also a scheduled cheat meal today at a birthday party, but I'm going to keep it half way decent due to a few unscheduled ones earlier last week.
    AUG 7: 96 - Didn't do too bad on the cheat meal. Got all my other meals and cardio in as well. Leg still extremely stiff so going to skip leg this week and hope it is fine for next week.
    AUG 8: 95 - Making progress, and not just towards 0 points left either. Last night I did cheat again, but it was an intentionally small cheat meal that probably didn't even really effect anything, and it purposely made me mad after it and then again now as I type this, because it wasn't worth the point off my challenge here at all.
    AUG 9: 95 - Did everything yesterday as planned. Running sucked, not sure, but had side pain I haven't experienced in a while. Hopefully it is just my body adjusting to more frequent workouts.
    AUG 10: 94 - Missed an update, otherwise everything was ok.
    AUG 11: 92 - Missed update and had a cheat meal.
    AUG 12: 91 - Had another cheat. Man these points are disappearing faster than I'd like.
    AUG 13: 91 - Feeling the effects of the cheating. Run went better than earlier in the week.
    AUG 14: 89 - Work completely blew up, and well, I wasn't 100% disciplined today.
    AUG 21: I need to apologize to all the dedicated JSFers for my lack of dedication. I read your stories and see your pictures and get motivated for a short period of time but then never have the dedication to follow through 100%. Realistically my goal isn't the 8-10% BF that many of you have obtained. Realistically I will get to 15% and have a decent muscle mass and I am ok with that. When I read about the 100 pt challenge I thought this would be a good way to make me go beyond that 15% and have the super cut body. But I've learned that at this point in my life, it's not really THAT important. It'd be nice, yes, but I feel too deprived if I can't go to a friends to hangout because I might miss a workout or can't enjoy his wife's spaghetti just because it wasn't on my plan for that day. So I have decided to drop out of this and future challenges until a day, if it arrives, I decide that 10% is a realistic goal. This is an awesome resource and I'll still learn something from you guys every day, but for now my goals and dedication don't mesh with the challenge.
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  16. verbicidal

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    Jul 30, 2006
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    Cutting, running faster!

    My goals are to (1) fit into a particular pair of too-tight jeans in my closet and (2) be able to run 3 miles comfortably sustaining an 8:30 pace.

    6x cardio, 3x weight training, and one day of beautiful, well deserved rest and relaxation per week. Because I am moving in mid-August, I plan to set a workout schedule each week based on the above guidelines, rather than follow the same schedule all month.

    Here is my workout schedule for week 1:
    Monday: 30 min run (AM), full body weights (PM)
    Tuesday: cycle class (AM)
    Wednesday: 30 min run (AM), full body weights (PM)
    Thursday: cycle class (AM)
    Friday: 30 min run (AM), 45-60 min cardio of choice (PM)
    Saturday: full body weights (AM)
    Sunday: rest!

    6 meals and at least 10 cups of h20 per day, 2 cheat meals per week are allowed.

    WEIGHT: 161
    BODY FAT: body fat monitor is packed in a box several states away; BMI is 24.1
    ARMS: 12.5
    CALVES: 15.75
    CHEST: 31, 38
    FOREARMS: 10
    HIPS: 41.5
    THIGHS: 25.25
    WAIST: 29.5

    WEIGHT: 158
    BODY FAT: 20-21%
    ARMS: 12
    CALVES: 15.75
    CHEST: 31, 37.5
    FOREARMS: 10
    HIPS: 41
    THIGHS: 25
    WAIST: 28.5

    AUG 1: Get 100 points. Take good care of them. Well, It's 8am, and I have my workout and measurements completed, and meal #1 is in my tummy. So far, so good! update: completed day 1, for a perfect score of 100!
    AUG 2: Still at 100 points and the scale says I'm down to 159. Eating and workouts are on track. :)
    AUG 3: 100 points - Everything's still in check, but I'm feeling very physically drained today. Not looking forward to a double cardio workout tomorrow. What was I thinking when I put together my workout schedule?
    AUG 4: Weight at 158. Got up at 5am for my first cardio session. I think I deserve a bonus point for that! ;) Had 1 of my 2 scheduled cheat meals of the week today. 100 points!
    AUG 5: Workout is completed, along with an extra yoga session. Holy crap am I tired and sore. I'm glad tomorrow involves no exercise. Today I'm planning on cheat meal #2 for the week...I think it's going to involve a donut ;) Update - had the donut and it was delicious. Still at 100 points!
    AUG 6: Weight is down to 157. I can eat donuts and lose weight? How cool. Today is my rest day, but I did a fair bit of walking around the city. Felt pretty dead today. I think I haven't been eating enough for the amount of activity I've been doing, so I upped my caloric intake for the last 3 meals of today. According to fit day, I'm still at a caloric deficit, so it's all good. 100 points, baby.
    AUG 7: Did 30 mins cardio & upper body weights....but had an ice cream cone at the university of maryland dairy :( Down to 99 points. Poop. Used up one of my cheat meals for the upcoming week to have a going away dinner with my roommate. Numbers look so bad on fitday for dinner, I'm going to take off another point for a grand total of 98. Bleh.
    AUG 8: Moved cross country, so I'm going to pretend today didn't exist for the purpose of this challenge. Did get in 30 minutes of stairs at the gym this morning though :)
    AUG 9: Adjusting back to life in the (humid!) south. Now that I'm back in GA I have my BF tester available :-) Currently I'm at 21.6%, which is actually better than I expected. Did a lower body workout with freeweights/body weight this afternoon, but I think I should kick up the intensity a notch next time. Ran for 45 minutes with my doggies. Calories/meals are on track, but I will admit that my meals weren't always the most nutritious today. C'est la vie. 98 points.
    AUG 10: Scale is hovering between 156 and 157. It rained when I was planning to do a run today, so I jumped rope. Need to make sure I do some *high* intensity cardio tomorrow. I'm finding it difficult to be motivated to exercise at a high intensity when I'm at home rather than the gym. Wonder why? 98 points.
    AUG 11: Spent an hour on the stepmill watching an episode of law & order at the gym. Food intake is on track, but on the high side of what it should be for weight loss. I need to be more careful about portion sizes. Had some of the boyfriend's rice crackers, but shouldn't have. 97 points.
    AUG 12: Did 30 mins of hill running, 10 mins elliptical, and a lower body workout. Meals were on track. Had my 2nd cheat meal of the week -- pizza! 97 points
    AUG 13: I think I just lost a whole bunch of points...but it's ok because as of tonight, I'm engaged! Wooo! :-) 92 points
    AUG 14: Recovered from yesterday's excitement. Overindulged last night on a nice dinner and drinks, and ended up feeling sick as a dog in the middle of the night. Puked my guts out, but felt better by mid morning. Only ate 3 meals today, did not work out. Very very tired. 88 points.
    AUG 15: Meals are on track, and I did 20 mins on the stair climber + 1 hr of full-body weights. It feels good to be back on schedule. 88 points.
    AUG 16: Food intake is a-ok. Did 30 minutes of hill intervals on the stair climber followed by an additional 30 minutes of stairclimbing on the random setting. 88 points.
    AUG 17: Yep, I stink today. Didn't work out, had a donut, and a glass of wine. Bad, bad girl. 85 points.
    AUG 18: I stink again. No workout...Had a cheat meal (beer & dinner with friends). 84 points.
    AUG 19: 45 minutes of stairs, meals are looking good. Been very tired and directionless today, on account of detoxing from caffeine. Tried on my too-tight jeans. They zip up, but still aren't ready for prime time. I do have hope that they will fit soon :-) 84 points
    AUG 20: Tried out a bosu stability & spin class at a gym I'm considering joining. They left me drained, so it must be a good sign. Food intake was good, but I haven't been keeping track of meals on fitday for the past week. For the rest of the challenge, I need to make sure I track on fitday, so that I make sure that I'm not underestimating the number of calories I'm consuming. 84 points.
    AUG 21: Made a more permanent workout schedule. Worked out abs and did a half hour of high intensity intervals on the stairclimber. Caloric intake was right where it should be. I tracked it on fitday. Go me. 84.
    AUG 22: Got up early and ran 1/2 hour (15 mins @ 9-9:30 pace, 15 mins at 8:30 pace) then did upper body weights. I packed food and stayed on plan today. Visited the doctor for a skin infection on my finger, and got a prescription for keflex. I'm hoping it doesn't cause me to feel sick and pukey like it did when I took it once before, but so far, so good. Had cheat #1 of the week (gelato, a glass of wine, and a larger portion of dinner). 84.
    AUG 23: The day started off right with an hour of cardio via a spinning class. Eating was beautiful until the afternoon, when I had some candy (-1), a mixed drink (-1), and too much food at dinner (-1). I seriously need to regain my motivation here. 81.
    AUG 24: Off day from exercise. I had 3 different types of fruit today, so I'm proud of that accomplishment :-) I also had cheat #2 of the week -- ice cream at my departmental reception. Also, stomach is hurting a bit from antibiotics I'm taking right now. 81.
    AUG 25: 30 mins of stairs + 20 minutes on the incline trainer. Had 5 meals, because I decided it would be legitimate to combine the calories for two meals into one bigger one. 81.
    AUG 26: 1 hr of a special "boot camp" at the gym followed by lower body weights. Went to a bbq this evening and had a beer and cookies. sigh. 79.
    AUG 27: I forgot to update. And I ate a donut. 77.
    AUG 28: Got up bright and early to do some stairs. 77
    AUG 29: No exercise today, but this was planned. 77
    AUG 30: Didn't check in and didn't get a workout in due to visitors. 75.
    AUG 31: Didn't check in and didn't get a workout in due to visitors. And had alcohol. 72.

    Overall, I could have done much better on this challenge. I started out with strong motivation, but it started waning after I lost my first large chunk of points. After that, I would think to myself "eh, what's one more point?" Regardless, I do appear to have taken off inches here and there, so I did accomplish at least a little bit. Wish me better luck for September....
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  17. The Abdominal Snowman

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    Apr 1, 2005
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    GOAL: Gain muscle, lose fat

    COMMENT: Due to the heat and too busy life, I haven't trained in more than six weeks. I want to get back on track! I'm going to work back into training by doing a full body workout every other day, with abs training tucked in between. I hope to be back on track before I've used up my 100 points. :D

    AUG 1: 99: forgot to measure my statistics :lol: (reading this thread I think I'm the first to lose a point! Wee hee! Of course, I'm very strict, but that's just me. Want to keep this a challenge, now don't we!
    AUG 2: 99 took my measurements and weighed myself for the first time in two months, during which I didn't train. I kept the same weight, and gained less than half an inch on the waist. That's alright! Trained my abs and ate six meals!
    AUG 3: 99 full body training went well, had six meals...
    AUG 4: 99 Trained abs and ate five meals
    AUG 5: 99 Decided to take a day off today instead of tomorrow, because I have to buy fitness material for my brother's birthday. With my help, but primarily through his own dedication, he's lost more than 35 pounds in two months (!). He looks great and is stronger than before he started, I'm damn proud of him. Now to put some more muscle on him. :tucool:
    AUG 6: 97 My rotator cuff is aching, so instead of training full body, I'll train abs and rotator cuffs. I extracted a point for not using my schedule, as harsh as that may seem. ;) And another for missing a meal!
    AUG 7-AUG 14: 86 A week of misfortune: I broke up a 'fight' at the trainstation, luckily I wasn't targeted by either party, but keeping two people from attacking each other is quite a chore. I had a painful neck before, and the fight brought back the pain (bring the pain!). My computer broke down the day before or after, and made my training schedules unavailable, as well as disallowing me to post updates to this challenge. It will be one or two more days before I can get my new motherboard and fix my pc. I hope my neck will become better so I can stop losing points, dammi! ;-)
    AUG 15: 85 Still no motherboard, still neck ache, still not training. I've been eating well, though.
    AUG 17: Okay, this isn't working out (pun intended). I really need to finish some stuff (like, my thesis) and have someone look at my neck before I can really train again. I'm going to retract from this challenge, because it's only taking time, and I'm not working out. I hope to be ready for the next challenge (only then as a 'Master of Science', sounds like a bad 80's cartoon) Good luck to the rest who can keep it up!

    Monday: Full body
    Tuesday: Abs
    Wednesday: Full body
    Thursday: Abs
    Friday: Full body
    Saturday: Abs
    Sunday: Rest

    Five or six meals per day, cheat meals when eating with other people.

    WEIGHT: 182,6 pounds
    BODY FAT: ? untested
    ARMS: 14"
    CALVES: 14,5"
    CHEST: 41"
    FOREARMS: 11,3"
    HIPS: 37"
    THIGHS: 22,5"
    WAIST: 31,5"

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  18. Nowhereman

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    Nov 15, 2005
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    GOAL: Reach 145lbs of LBM

    COMMENT: I want to reach this LBM, although I would bulk up again later, this is the weight I would like to reach before I switch to a cut. I will set up my workout schedule, but I will be switcing days the last two weeks of the month, I will start school and my schedule will be less flexible, I will still do the same number of workokut, just at different days.

    Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Abs
    Tuesday: 20 min cardio
    Wednesday: Back,biceps, and abs
    Thursday: Legs and abs
    Friday: 20 min cardio
    Saturday 20 min cardio
    Sunday: off

    WORKOUT SCHEDULE for second half of the month
    Monday: 20 min cardio
    Tuesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Abs
    Wednesday: Back,biceps, and abs
    Thursday: 20 min cardio
    Friday: 20 min cardio
    Saturday Legs and abs
    Sunday: off

    Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week

    WEIGHT: 160
    BODY FAT: 13.64%
    ARMS: 13 3/16
    CALVES: 14
    CHEST: 37
    FOREARMS: 11 3/8
    HIPS: 37
    THIGHS: 22 1/4
    WAIST: 33


    If you miss an update: -1.
    Miss a workout for any reason: -1
    Miss a meal for any reason: -1
    Eat an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack:-1

    AUG 1: Updated my stats and workouts. I'm thinking about taking off a point if I don't get a good nights rest. Work is starting soon and I always sleep less than I should. [100 points]

    AUG 2: Did my leg workout and I had my cheat meal today. I don't think I'll deduct points for not sleeping as much as I should, I went to bed early, but I didn't actually sleep untill 2 am. Not my fault. Otherwise everything else was good, especially my leg workout. [100 points]

    AUG 3: I was this close to missing a workout, I ended up going really late. I got it done though. I am tired and it showed during my workout. [100 points]

    AUG 4: No time. Major floodings in our town. Missed meal because of this. No excuse. Update better later. Now I have 99 points. Damn. [99 points]

    AUG 5: Whoa. We've had lots of rain here in town. I cheated on another meal yesterday night after moving my mom's stuff to my house so I lost 2 points in one day. Damn. I'll get some extra meals in today to try to get to my weekly calorie needs. [98 points]

    AUG 6: I left my car keys inside my classroom closet yesterday and I was forced to wait until my principal came to pick close the school. I only took 3 meals to school because I did not plan on locking my room. I missed a meal. Otherwise everyting else was good. [97 points]

    AUG 7: Good day off yesterday. I rested a lot. I was going to have a cheat meal yesterday but I decided not to. [97 points]

    AUG 8: Back to work yesterday. Did good on all my meals and workout.[97 points]

    AUG 9: Everything went well yesterday. Cardio and meals..[97 points]

    AUG 10: Workout went well yesterday. I did weigh myself today and I noticed I weighed half a pound less than last week. HMMM. I'll wait until Sunday for the final numbers.

    AUG 11: I might as well update now. I just got home around midnight. It was my fiance's mom's birthday and I had one hell of a cheat meal. My plan was to go to the gym afterwards. Well they all wanted to go to the Casino after eating. I couldn't bring myself to say "Hey I'm brushing you guys off to go work on my bi's and lats". This is going to be my future family. So I, very reluctantly, missed a workout. Of course I plan to make up for it by Saturday, never would I miss all my workouts for the week, but I still lose another point. Damn .[96 points] :( Now I'm going to be down lower on GH's poll.

    AUG 12: I was tired yesterday. I was going to workout but figured it be best to make up the day I missed earlier in the week on Saturday. Everything else was good.[96 points]

    AUG 13: Yesterday I got that workout that I missed on Thursday. I got all my meals in. I am very dissapointed though because this morning I"m down in LBM.[96 points]

    AUG 14: Sorry for the late update, still on time though. I had a good day off. I didn't have my cheat meal so I still got one for this week.
    [96 points]

    AUG 15: Early update this morning, compared to yesterday. I had my wokrout yesterday, it was okay but I went down on some reps for some exercises and went up in others. Did some quick cardio this morning and I'm ready for the day[96 points]

    AUG 16: I was this close to missing a meal yesterday. Still raining pretty hard over here and my mom asked me if I could get her sand bags for her house. She lives on the other side of town. I got my meal in time before the 2-4 hour limit I gave myself. Everything else was fine[96 points]

    AUG 17: Did my leg workout yesterday. Everything was good meal and workout. Still raining buckets over here it took a while longer to get to the gym[96 points]

    AUG 18: Sleepy this morning did cardio and yesterday went fine. Had my workout and all my meals. Yay Friday! [96 points]

    AUG 19: Boo Friday. I had another cheat meal. I caved in I was bad and I felt worse when I remembered I have a birthday party to go to today. It will seem rude if I don't eat their. I'm going to say I feel sick and that my stomach doesn't feel well, unless they got chicken, which will be okay. [95 points]

    AUG 20: I caved in. I lost a lot of points this week. [94 points]

    AUG 21: I'm going to take a week off. I am super tired. School is starting I have parent conferences this week, and I feel a cold coming on. I'll keep updating but I'll take off points for each day I don't workout, which will be 6 points. I know I'm not going to reach my goal this month but I honestly do feel tired. [94 points]

    AUG 22: Still feel sick. I took a half day from work and I'll be going to the doctor in a bit. [93 points]

    AUG 23: Still tired. Doc gave me antibiotics and they drew some blood.
    [92 points]

    AUG 24: Starting to feel a bit better but I'm still taking the antibiotics. [91 points]

    AUG 25: I should be able to have a go at the weights next week. [90 points]

    I am taking myself off the 100 chalenge. I feel bad about it too. I got sick and it couldn't be helped. I will continue to workout but I will not have the same goal as this month. I got my body fat taken professionally and it is a bit too high. I will cut and then bulk up. I will join the next months challenge, in fact I already have, and I'm sure I won't get sick.
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  19. rathlan

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    Rathlan's Official "100 Challenge" post

    GOAL: Mass Gain. Final goal (for end of October) is Body Fat no greater than 12%, and weight at 162 pounds.

    COMMENT: I've had difficulty with consistency so my hope is to use this as another tool to aid my progress. I'll update my stats on the 1st.

    Monday: Weight training: Alternating weekly between Upper and Lower body training
    Tuesday: Aerobic training: 20 minutes HIIT on Elliptical Trainer
    Wednesday: Weight training: Alternating weekly between Upper and Lower body training
    Thursday: Aerobic training: 20 minutes HIIT on Elliptical Trainer
    Friday: Weight training: Alternating weekly between Upper and Lower body training
    Saturday Aerobic training: 20 minutes HIIT on Elliptical Trainer
    Sunday: Free day

    Five meals per day, one cheat day per week (Sunday).

    WEIGHT: 152 pounds
    BODY FAT: 11%
    ARMS: 12.6"
    CALVES: 14.8"
    CHEST: 39.5"
    FOREARMS: 11.5"
    HIPS: 39.8"
    THIGHS: 23.1"
    WAIST: 38"


    Aug 1: Did cardio as planned (3.63km in the 20 min HIIT) but due to an unscheduled meeting over lunch I missed out on the lunch. -1 point. [99 points]
    AUG 2: Great day, did all that we needed. [99 points]
    AUG 3: OK day. Food went well, exercise didn't quite make it. [98 points]
    AUG 4: Great day. All went well. [98 points]
    AUG 5: Feeling sick, didn''t do exercise but ate well. [97 points]
    AUG 6: Not feeling much better
    AUG 7: Went to doctor, on anti-biotics, told not to exercise for 2 weeks. So much for my plans on getting fit this month. :-( I'll take it easy till next month.
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  20. Maxwell

    Maxwell Well-Known Member

    Mar 3, 2004
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    GOAL: Cutting

    COMMENT: I've been far too lazy for far too long. Six months ago I was in top shape, improving steadily and feeling happy & healthy. One new job and a new place to live later... well, poor diet, little excercise and you know the rest. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but one month of focused training should get me back on track.

    Also, I have a 10K run coming up mid-September (which is somewhat of a tradition) and I intend to be in under-45:00 shape by then. After that it is time to build some muscle.

    Monday: cardio 45-60 mins (fasted/non-fasted)
    Tuesday: Weight training: chest/triceps/delts/abs
    Wednesday: cardio 45-60 mins (fasted/non-fasted)
    Thursday: Weight training: back/biceps/traps/abs
    Friday: cardio 45-60 mins (fasted/non-fasted)
    Saturday rest if I feel like it, weights if I don't
    Sunday: cardio 45-60 mins (fasted)

    Six meals per day, one moderate cheat meal per week (Saturday night).

    WEIGHT: 185 pounds
    BODY FAT: 15% (-ish)
    THIGHS: 25"
    WAIST: 34.5"

    WEIGHT: 174 pounds
    BODY FAT: 12% (-ish)
    THIGHS: 23.5"
    WAIST: 32"

    AUG 1: Day 1 is over and I'm ready to go to bed. My plan was to eat every three hours, but I had forgotten the hunger pang I get if I wait that long after the PWO shake. I ended up eating the post-PWO meal 2 1/2 hours after the work-out, but next time I'll make it two hours. Other than that, everything went as planned and I'm happy to continue forward with full 100 points.
    AUG 2: Another thing I had forgotten: the first 15 minutes of fasted-state running is not at all pleasant. After that, the juices start flowing and things get much, MUCH more tolerable. Anyway, did my cardio work-out... 55 minutes of running with an average HR of 137. No probs with the meals, and no point deductions. Off to bed I go!
    AUG 3: What a great day! And I'm getting smarter too (not by much, but I'll take anything). On Aug 1 I waited too long after my PWO shake + I ate a liquid meal. No good! I have a physical job, and ended up feeling sluggish most of the day. Today I ate a solid meal two hours after the shake and it made a world of difference. I was zipping back and forth like a cheetah on cocaine. I will do some fine-tuning for my meals tomorrow, too, to see if I can recreate the energetic feeling after fasted-state running.
    AUG 4: Did the AM fasted cardio (54 minutes, average HR 139), ate all the meals. I just got home from work, and I need to be back there in about 8 hours. That gives me a little over 6 hours to sleep. Tomorrow is my optional training day, and I have a feeling I'm going to opt to rest, and then go to bed early.
    AUG 5: First things first, all meals were ok. Today I was supposed to have my weekly cheat meal, but I didn't feel like it, so I skipped it. John's update on 'tools' made me realise that 'cheat meal' is also a tool, so why not use it when it's needed (as long as that doesn't happen more than once a week). Today I didn't need it, tomorrow I might.
    As I predicted yesterday, I chose to use this day for resting. Not that I'm that tired, but because I agreed to go to work on tomorrow morning, too. That's another early wake-up - especially since I'm going to do my cardio session before heading for work. The interesting part is this: I've never done Sunday overtime before, because I've always felt that I need at least a day to relax and unwind before starting a new week (like I mentioned earlier, I have a physical, sometimes exhausting, job). The question is, are the increased energy levels, which lead to my agreeing to go to work tomorrow, the result of a) regular exercise and healthy eating or b) a coincidence? I'm 99.9% sure it's the former. In other words, not only does a healthy lifestyle promote my fitness and general well-being, it's bringing money in my pockets, too!
    Whoa, that's a long update! I'll be less verbose tomorrow, I promise.
    AUG 6: Tired (but good-tired) and ready for bed. Meals: ok. Cardio: ok (fasted, 48 mins, avg. HR 135).
    AUG 7: First signs of trouble showed up... and, not surprisingly, on the same date as my morning shift at work began. All meals went as planned, but when I got home from work, I absolutely did not feel like working out. I was tired, feeling lazy etc. Then I read this thread through (once again), put Twisted Sister's You Can't Stop Rock And Roll in the CD player (We're Gonna Make It does it for me every time [hopefully the neighbours like it, too]), and grabbed the weights.
    I ended up having a pretty good work-out. The best part was that my abs felt like my abs again, and not some weak rubbery mass beneath excess amounts of blubber. To show my appreciation, I beat the hell out of 'em!
    AUG 8: Today was my first day off from work in almost two weeks. I slept in late (10.5 hours last night, woohoo!), and did fasted cardio right after waking up. Had a nice run, 53 minutes, avg. HR 142. Also had my weekly cheat meal today: a veggie-stuffed red bell pepper, falafel balls, some plums (a bunch of them, actually), roasted peanuts and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. It all tasted great!
    AUG 9: That's the second time I had to force/persuade myself to work out. Did it, though, and it wasn't half-bad. I'm just afraid that if this keeps happening, one of these days I may not succeed. Otherwise I wouldn't mind missing a work-out etc., but I know how slippery the slope is. Oh well, why worry about something that hasn't happened yet. So far, so good!
    AUG 10: Had a great run today (non-fasted, 48 mins/avg. HR 141)! For some reason, I started much too fast and, before I realised, I was running more or less 'competition speed'. HR was a steady 165-170, and the running was smooth and effortless. It was just like early this year before I let things slip. Ten minutes into that I realised it's probably not a good idea to burn myself out on one run (especially since I doubt I would've been able to keep it up much longer), so I slowed down to a more familiar speed. But man, it felt good while it lasted!
    AUG 11: No problems getting myself motivated for weight training today. I was still so mesmerised by yesterday's good performance that the work-out just happened. All meals were good, too. Tomorrow's training is optional, but something tells me I just might go for a run after waking up...
    AUG 12: Yup, yup, went and did fasted cardio today (51 mins, avg. HR 135). Didn't even think about, just got up, put on my running shoes and went out the door. That's a positive sign if anything!
    AUG 13: Did weights and ate clean all day. Tomorrow starts another week, and quite frankly, I don't expect to have much trouble. The reasons: I get to work out before going to work, at work I have no choice but to eat the food I've prepared (clean, of course), and when I come home I go to bed after eating one more meal. It's easy not to cheat when there's no time for it!
    AUG 14: Even though I genuinely hate my job, I'll say this for it: at times it feels like getting paid to exercise. Today was one of those times. The day felt like an eight-hour low intensity full-body work-out. I was sweating profusely the whole time, and even though I kept drinking water constantly, it never seemed to be enough. My mouth's a little dry even right now!
    Fasted cardio (49 mins) went well this morning, but my heartrate monitor crapped out on me. At one point it said my heart was beating at 230 BPM, then immediately after 90 BPM. The average for the run was 152 BPM, but trust me, it was actually much lower. I guess this is what happens when you buy the cheapest HR monitor you can find.
    AUG 15: Business as usual: weights in the morning, clean meals throughout the day. I'm still a little bit tired from yesterday, so off to bed I go.
    AUG 16: Fasted cardio went very well this morning (50 mins, avg. HR 134). I kept a steady pace, which was not too fast and not too slow, but just right (I'm not Goldilocks, in case you're wondering). The run was only two minutes slower than the one I was raving about a couple of days back, but the average HR was much lower. Oh, and by the way, it turned out my heartrate monitor wasn't broken, just low on batteries. I replaced them, and now it's working fine again.
    AUG 17: Did the meals, ate the work-out. No, wait, the other way around! Even though I did my back work-out today, it wasn't 'the best'. I had an issue in my freelance job that I didn't manage to solve in the morning, and it was on my mind constantly. When the time came to work out, I made the moves, but my heart wasn't in it. I'm glad I made them, though, because after I got home from my day job, the issue had resolved itself - and favourably, too. What a relief! Now I can't wait to get up tomorrow morning and do my early morning fasted cardio!
    AUG 18: Fasted cardio: 50 mins, avg. HR 135. No probs with meals. Tomorrow's training is optional, and from the looks of it, I will choose to rest. I need to be early at work tomorrow, and as a result, I have to get up in about 6 hours from now. In other words, I'd better stop writing and get to bed. Stopping... now!
    AUG 19: Today was all about relaxing. I'm going to go to work tomorrow, too, so I thought it would be better to take a little breather now that I have the chance. What I can't believe is that this was the first day with no training in two weeks! It was only three weeks ago when I was nothing more than a lazy blob sitting on the couch sucking down marshmallows. This challenge has worked absolute wonders in getting me back to my old ways (meaning the old ways when I was training regularly, not the old 'old ways' when I was an even bigger blob than before this challenge).
    In the spirit of relaxing, I also had this week's cheat meal. This one was a little more cheat-y than the first one (on Aug 8). Actually it was exactly the same as last time, i.e. pretty decent health-wise (I love that veggie stuff), but this time I added two friends of mine, Ben & Jerry, to the mix. Chunky Monkey was my choice, and it's taste was absolute heaven.
    AUG 20: I'm dead tired so I'll keep this short. AM fasted cardio: 46 mins, avg. HR 123 (<- not a typo but the result of a still-upset stomach from the cheat meal), meals: ok. No work tomorrow so I can finally get a good night's rest.
    AUG 21: I made a long-term commitment to stay healthy - by buying 35 cans of tuna. I almost had a stroke carrying them home, but they should keep me covered for well over a month. And they were cheap, too. Aside from tuna shopping, I also did my weight work-out, ate clean and signed up for next month's challenge!
    AUG 22: Statistics show that today's non-fasted run (46 mins, avg. HR 135) was my best so far (Aug 6 and Aug 20 don't count, they weren't run on the usual route). It sure didn't feel like it, though. I was hardly fresh, and the running felt forced from beginning to end. Not that it was a big surprise since I only had 4 hours of sleep last night. A freelance project had to be finished by this morning and I only got it ready at 2 AM. At 6 AM the alarm went off and I had to leave for my day job. Ugh. Tonight I'll be able to sleep an adequate 7-8 hours and hopefully I feel less exhausted tomorrow.
    AUG 23: I was a good boy again today. All meals we're eaten as scheduled, and I also did my post-work weight work-out. It didn't even require all that much arm-twisting to get myself to do it. The work-out was rather mediocre except for the abs part that was just great. Reverse crunches we're especially brutal today. I also did one set of 15 push-ups as part of the work-out. I've never been much of a pusher-upper (nor a puller-upper), but I've decided to improve on that front. This month I'll be just easing myself in, but come September I'll make them a regular item.
    AUG 24: Funny thing about today's cardio. The numbers (46 mins, avg. HR 136) say that the run was slightly harder than the one on Aug 22, but that was not how I felt it. Whereas the previous one was forced and unpleasant, this was light and very pleasant. ... I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Anyway, all meals were good today and I've already prepared meals for the next two days, so I shouldn't have much problems food-wise in the near future.
    AUG 25: Had a great weight work-out today, probably the best one this month. I was fairly tired coming home from work, and it took some persuading to get myself going, but once I did, it was really, really good. The ab work-out at the end was great, just like it was the day before yesterday. My muscles are still burning like I had just put down the weights.
    I can't believe there's less than a week left of the August challenge! Time really flies when you're working hard to improve yourself, eh? Tomorrow is the last day this month when training is optional, but I've already decided to do fasted cardio in the morning. Tomorrow is also the last cheat meal this month. I'm thinking Cherry Garcia.
    AUG 26: Nothing much to say. Did fasted cardio in the morning (49 mins, avg. HR 137 ), had a cheat meal in the evening. Otherwise I've just been relaxing and watching some DVDs. A nice day, all in all.
    AUG 27: I mentioned two days ago that the weight work-out then was the best so far. Well it was, but today's was even better. I have to remember from now on to always do weight training on the day following a cheat meal. I felt like a superhero. I included 3 sets of 15 pushups at the very end (something I hadn't planned to do before September - see Aug 23) and it went beautifully. Painfully but beautifully. All meals were great, too!
    AUG 28: Had a fantastic fasted cardio today: 46 mins, avg. HR 136. The numbers are about as good as they were on my best non-fasted cardio. Perhaps it was the energy boost from the cheat meal two days ago, or perhaps it was simply the restful and relaxing weekend I had. Either way, I'm just happy it went so well. No probs with meals, either.
    AUG 29: After two great workouts in a row, today marked a return to normal. The workout wasn't bad, more like average. Oh well, I did it, and that's what's most important. All the meals were eaten as planned.
    AUG 30: Fasted cardio (48 mins, avg. HR 124) was fine today, but I can't understand the low average heart rate. Running didn't feel any different from usual, and the time was more or less the same as always. Either I've magically become super-fit over night or my cheap HR monitor wasn't up to its task this morning. I'd put my money on the monitor.
    It's amazing that tomorrow is already the last day of the August challenge. I have prepared all the meals, and I'm ready to go. I have a feeling tomorrow's weight training will be extra intense...
    AUG 31: A run-of-the-mill day. The weights workout was good, but not great, and all the meals were eaten as planned. That's about it. I'll take the measurements, and do a sum-up of this month. One thing is guaranteed already though...

    AUGUST RESULT: [100 points] :claplow:

    CARDIO (fasted/non-fasted): 12/3
    WEIGHTS: 14

    OFF-DAYS: 2

    WEIGHT: -11 pounds
    BODYFAT: -3% (-ish)
    THIGHS: -1.5"
    WAIST: -2.5"

    CLOSING COMMENT: I've taken the end stats, and I like what I see: -1.5" off my thighs, -2.5" off my waist (measured at the narrowest part of the torso). According to the scale I've lost 11 pounds in total, but that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I only weighed myself twice this month, and we all know what kind of fluctuations there are from day to day. Plus I was quite bloated when this challenge started. The bodyfat number is a rough estimate (=guesstimate) that is based on what the mirror shows me. I'd say it's in the ballpark, but definitely not 100% accurate.

    Two things amaze me. 1) I held on to my points for 31 days. That's something I truly did not expect. 2) The gains from one month of eating clean & exercising are staggering. I managed to undo most of the damage from six months of not working out and eating crap non-stop. I'm now very close to being where I was early this year. And I couldn't be happier. Onward to September challenge!
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