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Is my diet in check ?

Discussion in 'Fat Loss/Cutting' started by Hurt_Conveyor, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Sturm

    Sturm Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2004
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    Twas never really a vanity thing, wasnt really trying to track progression or gauge changes so no pix....just thinking about standing in front of a mirror and taking a snapshot seems sort of....amusing, to put it mildly....but it was at a university health fair, and yeah the first physical trainer who measured it thought he must have made a mistake, so he had his superior try and she also got 4% (3.7 really, but might as well round up); i figure they were accurate though, since after gaining a few pounds several months later, another trainer had me at 6% - and yeah running is great, hope to be doing that til im 80!
  2. jsbrook

    jsbrook Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2005
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    Grits are awesome! I used to date a Southern girl, and she would make them sometimes. I don't think they're a bad source of carbs in and of themselves, but I'm not sure. It's what you put in them that makes them taste good, though. Salt and cheese. Or butter and sugar. Great for a cheat meal though!

  3. Hurt_Conveyor

    Hurt_Conveyor Well-Known Member

    Jul 4, 2004
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    Thanks for your reply, One thing ive changed about the BFL program is that i moved the 7pm meal (well its not always 7pm for me anyway depends what time i get my workout done) to 5pm because I was under the impression that I need to get plenty of carbs to fuel my workout.

    Useually after my workout [8/9pm] I barely eat any carbs, apart from cottage cheese before bed and I 'used' to add dextrose to my Post-workout protein shake (the protein i buy has only 1.4g of carbs for 45g of Whey protein, which I half) now I just add milk. I added Dextrose because I thought that the simple carbs caused a insulin spike which made the protein get to the muscles quicker ?. Now I just add milk to my PWO shake.

    Have I been doing my PWO meal wrong here ? Should I move the 5pm meal to after my workout and have a protein shake before ?

    I'll definatly look into getting some cod liver oil tablets or some flax seed to up my fat to around 20%. I love Cashews and pistachios so I'll add some of those.. unfortunatly I can't stand almonds ...

    Your right about the veggies, I oughta add more of those.... this may sound like a REALLY stupid question but is frozen veg as good as fresh ? heh heh I've always like the convienience of cooking frozen veg :o .... Also I'll look into getting some sweet potatoes, I've only recently got into making rice... which btw is White (basmati). I love the energy I get from rice.

    Also the bread im eating is...don't laugh... Weight watchers Malted (brown) bread, not because of the name WW, its because I really like the texture of that stuff (im picky when it comes to bread lol).

    Well thats kinda the thing... I want to add some muscle which is my #1 priority however I carry round quite a bit of fat on my midsection, I started out last year @ 168 or something... with little muscle mass. I've lost quite a lot of the gut and I'm able to see the shape of my top 2 abs however I still wanna loose the last few % to get a bit more toned. The BFL program says to eat 1700 something Cals to 'Loose fat & Gain muscle' Hence why I'm eating roughly around 1800 Cals.

    Maybe I should post up some pics in the next few weeks, so you can all judge on the condition of my physique...

    Anyway, I've still got some more questions to post if you all don't mind... I can't think of them all atm so bear with me.

    You guys and gals on this forum have all been a great inspiration to me and Ive been reading and checking on this forum every day since I started my long road.

    Thank you all for your help and support! :tu:

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