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home bulking routine

Discussion in 'Weight Training/Bulking' started by luka5, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. luka5

    luka5 Member

    Dec 3, 2011
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    3 days a week, go heavy, 1-2 min rest between sets (3 min on dl, bench, squat). good form on each exercise, no cheating. incorporate some cardio 3x a week

    pull Monday

    deadlift 5x5 (1st and 2nd set are warmup)
    pullups (weighted) 4x6-8
    bentover db rows (go heavy) 4x6-8
    incline db curls (4 sec eccentric) 3x8-10
    supersetted with hammer curls (4 sec eccentric) 3x8-10
    shrugs (heavy) 4x6-8

    push Wed

    bench 5x5 (1st and 2nd set are warmup)
    dips (weighted) 4x6-8
    supersetted with incline flyes 4x10
    military press 4x6-8
    laterals 3x8-10
    incline tricep extension 3x8-10

    legs Fri

    front squat 5x5 ((1st and 2nd set are warmup)
    RDL 4x6-8
    walking lunges 4x6-8
    single leg calf raises 4x10-12
    hanging leg raise 3x10-12
    weighted crunches 3x12

    what do you think about this routine?

    thanks for any feedback!
  2. luka5

    luka5 Member

    Dec 3, 2011
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    ok and i wonder if i can replace deadlift with sumo deadlift (ive got short arms and conventional deadlift is really pain in ass). and also on friday rdl with leg curls (4x6-8)?
  3. mastover

    mastover Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    What is the length of your routine and bulk? How much weight do you want to gain and what are your current stats? Are you going to be in a caloric surplus? Any routine will do the trick (within reason) as long as your recovery is stellar and your macronutrient intake is sufficient enough.

    Without knowing anything, I would eliminate the cardio and iso exercises, and once you are able to hit the higher reps specified, increase weight by 5-7% for next session. So, from what you have posted, I would make the following changes and make sure you bring it each time you train.

    Deadlift 5x5
    Pull ups 2x8-10
    BB row 2x8-10

    Bench Press 5x5
    Military Press 2x8-10
    Dips 2x8-10

    FSquat 5x5
    Leg Press 2x8-10
    Leg Curl 2x8-10
    (I recommend using a DB between your feet while face down on an incline board)

    On a bulk, I also favor cycling weeks where you stagger calories ensuring that most of your gains are via lean muscle rather than fat. An example would be staggering carbs and calories with 2-3 weeks 500 calories above baseline, followed by 1 week at 300-500 calories below baseline, followed by 1-2 weeks at maintenance calories with a higher fat intake. The other nutritional strategy is to eat only when hungry using a select pro/carb/fat intake at each meal dependent on your personal stats. Foods on this type protocol would be limited to specific choices.

    Good luck and welcome to JSF. :)

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