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Hey all!

Discussion in 'Introductions & Advice For Beginners' started by JONESY_87, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. JONESY_87

    JONESY_87 Active Member

    Nov 6, 2008
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    My name is Jonesy and imclearly new to this amazing site:p. I found it looking up fitness forums as i have gained much knowledge from other forums and find its a good connection with other people with common interests and goals.

    Im just starting my transformation. Im currently 6"2' and 121kg's or 266lbs. A calculate my bodyfat at approximatly 33% which is bad. I have a very large frame so i feel i will have a good body to first off cut, then bulk.

    I have always been known as the bigfella. Recently i have taken some positive steps too aid my transformation from a sedentary, in active and un healthy lifestyle to a more active, healthy eating one. I quit smoking just over months ago and i feel amazing already. I have joined the local gym and got my selfa boxing set inc heavy bag, cable bag and speed ball as well as doing a 15km ride on the excercise bike.

    I work a 4 on 4 off roster in a mine and want to do the bulk of my resistance training in my days off as not to be to sore for work lol or should i just make it 3 or 4 nights/mornings after night shift + light interval cardio between workouts such as boxing and the bike?

    I have been eating a light breakfast such as 2 eegs on whole grain bread with and intermediate snak of dry roasted unsalted cashew nuts and dries fruit 60g all up, usually chicken stirfry for lunch with plenty of fresh veg and some tuna followed by some fruit and tuna before tea. Does this sound ok? At night i have been burning an average of 400calories on the bike before getting ready for bed? Is this a wise choice?

    Once i read a bit more and learn more my diet will change to something more ordered and proritised such as protien shake for brekky, and after workouts and more staple diet of fish and chicken and other lean meats with plenty of veg and fruit.

    I am hoping with in 6 months i can loose atleast 20kg's, loose fat, gain lean muscle and half my body fat %.

    Any tips on what articles to look at in regards to good soild beginners work outs would be appreaciated. I am going with a buddy as im the person that needs a bit of motivation and pushing. It will be a hard road but only till i see the results and i will want more and more:eat:. I will start a journal soon and thanx for reading this. I wish to get to know you all better and become a regular member with my own experience too add.

    Thanx Jonesy

    P.S. What does HIIT mean? I read it's acronim everywhere.
  2. optheta

    optheta Active Member

    Apr 4, 2007
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    Hey Jones welcome to the Forums. Curious when you say Bike are talking about a Bike in a Gym? or outside? If its a standstill bike i suggest Replacing that with walking you will get alot more benefit from walking. And HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training, it mainly applies to running when you change up your speed for certian amounts of time lets say for 15minutes you Walk for 1min then sprint for 30secs and repeat until 15minutes is up that is in essence HIIT.

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