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Here we go (again...)

Discussion in 'Introductions & Advice For Beginners' started by JSM0221, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. JSM0221

    JSM0221 Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2005
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    I just wanted to stop by and re-introduce myself. I’m Jim from Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve fallen off the wagon for quite a while this time and have come clawing back to reclaim my body.

    Stress, anxiety, and work have absolutely crushed me over the past few years and my weight has skyrocketed to 340lbs. I’m not lean by any means, but most people guess I am around 260-270lbs (so I’ve got that going for me...which is nice.) To give an idea of my fitness level, I am able to walk several miles, bike for 20+ miles, do 30 minutes of moderate cardio, and perform most weightlifting exercises.

    Anyways, over the last year, I have made some positive changes to reduce the amount of stress in my life over the long term. I’ve gotten married, got out of the parents house filled with sugary snacks, and have shortened my work commute (and hopefully finding a new job this year).

    I don’t want to ramble any more than I already have, so I’m back, again! It feels like the start of something great, but hopefully this is the last time I have to post one of these in the welcome section!
  2. macdiver

    macdiver Well-Known Member
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    Mar 18, 2010
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    Welcome back.

    My nephew in law was over 300 when my niece signed them up for CrossFit. One year of eating right and exercise and he was a pretty buff 220. He has been able to maintain that for several years now even after leaking the CrossFit gym and joining a regular gym. In telling you this to let you know it is doable if you want it.

    Good luck to you.
  3. astroguy

    astroguy Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2006
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    Welcome back. I literally just came back, too, after having joined a year after you originally. I feel the same way as you do.

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