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Eating In Restaurants

Discussion in 'Nutrition & Supplements' started by mastover, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. mastover

    mastover Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    I have many clients who inquire on how to remain on their diets while eating in restaurants. My first response is " Try not to." This practice will sabotage fat loss along with all the other usual suspects, ie: too many cheats, wrong food choices, not counting calories, etc.

    Many restaurant dishes, even if described as "healthy" are shallow fried in butter, and if you ask for "healthy" they will take liberty in shallow frying your entree in margarine, which is an extremely deleterious choice regarding fat and oil choices. Although, "fat choice" would be an extreme understatement when talking about margarine. Margarine should be completely avoided.

    Here's what I recommend..... If you must eat out at an establishment, split your meal by HALF, and you might come close to achieving the macro's at one of your regular meals at home.

    Ask for a doggy bag and bring the remaining half home. Best bet is to refrain from eating the second half. Most importantly, avoid fried foods at restaurants. Even if it's an innocent vegetable like fried mushrooms, (a free food in my book), restaurants will add oil to an innocent veggie like mushrooms or onions and you're looking at an additional 500 fat calories. If not more...

    Stick with salads at the salad bar, oil & vinegar for dressing, and ask that your chicken or other lean meat be prepared au natural, with no butter, oil, or anything else. Steamed is the best bet. Ask!!
  2. tr4nsf0rm3r

    tr4nsf0rm3r Well-Known Member

    Dec 1, 2005
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    Can't agree more with Mastover.

    There are many restaurants that have calories on the menu, when really it's a lot more than that because the cook in the back may have felt extra generous in making the dish delicious. They lie! Restaurants are in the business of serving you food you will enjoy. If you are hungry or unsatisfied after the meal, then they won't stay in business very long. So it's better to keep you happy with more food and more hidden yummy (fat/sugar) calories

    I have been eating at restaurants (I live in LA, so LOTS of options) for about 90% of my meals in the past year, so I can attest to what bad food choices and restaurant foods can do to a body (look at my recent pic in my signature). Now I'm not talking about just fast food, which was only perhaps 30% percent of the time I ate out, it's all types of restaurants.

    That said, nothing can beat the convenience. It is possible, I've done it, to eat out daily and lose weight/get cut on restaurant or fast food. I've actually done it with successfully as an experiment. But looking back, I wonder how much more successful I could have been if I had just cooked my own damn food. Maybe I could have been bigger, more ripped, or had better moods/energy levels.

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