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Den's Quest

Discussion in 'Fitness Journals' started by Denjario, May 28, 2013.

  1. Denjario

    Denjario Active Member

    Mar 10, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Alright, figured I'd get down to writing down everything to help keep track and maybe get pointers while I'm at it.

    So for the past Month I've been going to the gym. It's been the first time I've worked out since 2002-2003. So over a decade of doing shit all except the random sport outing with friends, I grew soft. I was about 205 and in a decently fit shape back in 2002. At my worst I weighed in at 252. I started my journey at the start of April by simply starting to eat right. I was 248 at the time and managed to shed off 10 lbs almost immediately (when I cut out pop and candy, this is common). When I started at the gym, I was 238.

    I have some lingering health problems due in part to bad genes, but mostly through my own misadventures that have started to get better at a very slow pace. I injured my shoulder playing baseball as a teenager and never let it heal properly. This is actually something that continually nagged at me for years, but through working out, is getting significantly better. Then there's the shin splints. I kept good care of my legs (they've always been in fairly good shape) due to the fact that I was a security guard for years and did a lot of standing and walking. When I run, it feels like my shins are on fire, but with weight training, I'm finding my resistance is slowly building up. I guess with time they'll leave. Finally, I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome which makes some days a challenge, however with the introduction of Probiotics into my diet, I've found that I'm experiencing less frequent and dramatically less severe episodes. Proper diet is also improving everything drastically.

    I will be going out to buy a measuring tape tomorrow, but I can tell you that just over the past month, I've shrunk a belt size and most of my clothing is fitting a lot better. So there's been some definite measurable improvements.

    Since I'm a welder, I'm focusing on basic strength training as I continue to cut my weight down. My goal is to get to an ideal weight and increase my strength in order to improve both my endurance at work and my speed. I found that being out of shape for such a physical job was making me a less desirable employee, probably didn't help when it came to choosing who to lay off at my previous job too (been looking for work since march, may as well put the off time to use getting in shape, no point sitting around feeling miserable for myself over something so temporary).

    I'm currently only taking four dietary supplements.
    - Dymatize ISO-Whey protein powder.
    - Phytoberry powder.
    - Kirkland brand Forte Men's multi-vitamins.
    - Webber Naturals Probiotic caps.

    When I started at the gym, my workouts were as follows (all on machines, no free weights, as I was worried about messing something up until I got the hang of things):

    1) Recumbent bike - 10 to 30 minutes depending on my schedule/ feeling. Average resistance level 5.
    2) Bicep Curls - 25 lbs. - 3 sets 12/6/6
    3) Triceps - 40 lbs. - 3 sets 12/9/6
    4) Fly - 10 lbs. - 3 sets 6/6/6
    5) Chest press - 20 lbs - 2 sets 12/9
    6) Lateral - 5 lbs. - 2 sets 12/6
    7) Seated leg press - 90 lbs. - 2 sets - 12/12
    8) Seated leg curl - 60 lbs. - 3 sets - 9/9/6

    That was about a month ago. Since then I've increased the weights on most upper body things almost double and introduced more elements to the mix. I'll start documenting this with yesterday and today (since today was a light day due to yesterday).

    Yesterday, I decided to walk to my parent's place, as they offered dinner and I like not cooking and doing laundry for free ($5 to wash and dry a load in my apartment, I should have been bought dinner first with a price like that). I decided to take laundry with me and test out my new ruck. I loaded up the entire pack which weighed just shy of 25 lbs. I then proceeded to walk from my place to my parents place. I had to be there by 7pm, I left at 4:30.

    The walk there was immediately detoured by my headphones breaking. I buy them cheap at the dollar store, because I tend to ruin them at work (sparks and wires don't mix). Anyway, I walked there and waited in line for about 20 minutes to get a cheapass $1.25 pair of earbuds. I pay and get back on my way and start hiking down the recently built bike path.

    I got my first hit on endomondo saying that I had walked a mile in 22 minutes and change (which included my detour, and waiting in line before cluing in that my time was being monitored). I made a mental note of it and kept going. At mile 2 I was notified that my pace had increased and I completed a mile in just short of 18 minutes, not bad considering the weight I was lugging.

    I managed to make it about 3.75 miles before I had to stop for a drink, unfortunately, I did not pack anything due to lack of space, and figured since there were plenty of stores, I'd just stop and grab a drink. I replayed my headphone detour when I waited in line at a wendy's for 20 minutes to get a medium (which is a US small) iced sweet tea and a grilled chicken wrap to bump up my energy. Poor planning leads to delays, ah well, no biggy.

    My brand new Saucony runners had decided by this time to start on a blister on my Achilles region. I had only been wearing them to the gym and not given them a proper breaking in. I figured they were better than the blister machines that were my old new balance runners. I would have much preferred combat boots, but I did not replace the insoles in my usual pair, and would have been dying by mile 2.

    So I checked the time and I had managed to make it 4 miles in about 1h45m. However I was running late as it was already 6pm and decided that I needed to meet my wife at my parents before 7 pm (she had to work the next day so we had to leave early and doing laundry would require some time). I walked to the next available bus stop and waited a couple minutes for the next bus and scarfed down my wrap and finished off my iced tea. The next bus came and I rode it for about 2 miles. I got off and walked another .7 miles before my wife saw me walking and gave me a lift for the last .3 miles to my parents place.

    In all I hiked a total of 5.57 miles in 1h51 minutes. I probably could have made it if I had not had my two detours. I managed to burn off a metric crapload of calories in doing so, and felt rather good about it until this morning. I woke up with one of the rawest blisters I've had in years. Which meant my gym visit today would have been aweful.

    When I hit the gym, I was with my wife (who is on a quest of her own, she's lost 25 lbs so far and I'm proud as hell of it). My wife's been sick with a sinus infection, so I knew today was going to be short because of that and also my blister. So today's workout consisted of:

    1) Recumbent Bike - 18 minutes (15 minute "Cascades" program and 3 minute cooldown) at an average resistance of 10.
    2) Ab Crunch Machine - 90 lbs - 3 sets 12/9/6
    3) Bicep curl - 50 lbs - 1 set 12 - 60 lbs - 2 sets 9/6
    4) Triceps extension - 100 lbs - 3 sets 12/9/9
    6) Back extension - 115 lbs - 1 set 24 reps

    A very short workout compared to my usual. But I'll get back to it tomorrow probably. Usually logging about 1h15m to 2h at the gym these days and trying to hit it 6 days a week, if even just for a bit of cardio. When the pool opens back up, I'll be doing some swimming after my workout to add another cardio.

    Current measurements:
    Waist - 38" (-2" from start)
    Weight - 228 lbs. (-10 lbs. from start of gym)

    Anywho, if anyone wants to recommend a workout for someone who is still relatively new but wants to build some functional strength while focusing on weight loss, then I'm all ears. Also, my next posts here will probably be shorter. Just wanted to lay everything out in one big post and get it all out of the way.

    Until tomorrow, and be well.
  2. leftyx

    leftyx Senior Member

    Jun 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Nice job. Looks like you have a ton of energy. With all that energy you should have no trouble finding something to do. Look on the internet for workouts and you'll find lots to do. What is an endomondo?

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  3. Denjario

    Denjario Active Member

    Mar 10, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Lots more energy than before. Endomondo is an app for tracking distance traveled on iphone and android phones. It's pretty awesome and it links up with another app MyFitnessPal which I use to track my caloric intake and diet. I use the two in tandem to keep on track, it's a bit more convenient than paper, but works the same way.

    Ate pretty clean today (Wednesday), chicken... chicken... and more chicken...

    Breakfast: Had a Banana, Guava Juice, Iso-Protein (28g) and Phytoberry (1 scoop) smoothie (added ice for chill). Tasty and energizing.
    Lunch: Went to Wok Box (franchise Asian Food restaurant), went under 500 calories and ate a Canto-Buda noodle bowl with Chicken, medium carbs, high protein and low fat. It was tasty and lower in calories for the larger serving.
    Dinner: Two grilled chicken wraps from wendy's which (together) totalled to 540 calories. Was tasty and filled up my carbs for the day.
    Post Workout - Had a Good4u Recovery Drink with 56g of Iso-Protein. Powerade Grape.

    Came under my 2000 calorie count easily before even adding in the workout.

    Did a "rest" day today, was feeling a bit under the weather. Had a pretty nasty headache so I just went light today. I tried lifting some weights, but my head throbbed really hard each time and I didn't feel like passing out so I just went soft today. Everyone needs a rest day, so I took one. :)

    Recumbent bike - 18 minutes - 135 calories burned.
    Wrist rotation & curls (free weight) - 25 lbs - 2 minutes
    Bicep Curls Machine - 50 lbs 12 reps
    Tricep Extensions Machine - 90 lbs. 12 reps

    I called it a day after that, and when I got home downed a powerade and felt better. I think I was just dehydrated, had a long day out in the sun. I drank a bunch more water and it was pretty much gone.


    Previous day (tuesday), had a short day and good workout. Relaxed at home most of the day, ran some errands and hit the gym late, so had a shorter workout.

    Recumbent Bike - 35 minutes - 260 calories

    Circuit (not in order):
    Bicep Curl Machine - 50 lbs - 12/12/9
    Tricep Curl Machine - 100 lbs - 12/12/9
    Fly Machine - 50 lbs - 12/9/6
    Seated Leg Extention Machine - 150 lbs 12/12/12
    Military Shoulder Press Machine - 60 lbs 12/9/9
    Ab Crunch Machine - 90 lbs 12/9/9
    Barbell Side Bend - 30 lbs 24/24

    I'll be moving to more free weights next week, now that I've developed some more functional strength on my trouble areas. I'll be slowly introducing them over this week.
  4. Denjario

    Denjario Active Member

    Mar 10, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Spent the day dog sitting for my sister at my parent's place. She lives out of town and travels into the city to work, has an "obedience challenged" dog who is named Harry (his middle name should be Houdini for good reason, as no kennel or cage keeps him in). When I got there, he had already managed to break out of the new kennel my wife and I bought for my parents to keep him penned up while they're at work.

    I woke up late and only had time for a Iso-Whey and Water before I left. So I grabbed that, showered and headed down to my parents via bus. I noticed that I've started to get some definition in my abs finally. Not a whole lot, but it's started, plus my love handles are shrinking and my chest and arms are toning up. Felt pretty good about myself. Didn't have time to weigh myself this morning, so I'll do it tomorrow morning.

    Short walk there from the bus and it was miserably cold and wet today, didn't feel like making a hike out of it. I think I would have walked from downtown if the weather was better and I had packed the proper rain gear, but I had to wash my rain gear so it was packed.

    When I got there and finished cleaning up all the pee. I had some coffee (Keurig Van Houte's Raspberry and Chocolate flavoured, guilty pleasure and fat free hazelnut creamer, one tbsp) and 2 whole eggs (scrambled without any other ingredients other than some spices) for breakfast.

    I didn't have time to deal with more food as the dog kept me pretty busy by being an absolute terror. I think for her birthday I'll get him obedience training so she can actually have a social life again. Add on top of that two cats that like to climb onto the counter and try to steal food or knock over plants, I was running around like a single father today. Hard work looking after bad kids lol.

    When my parents got home, I was offered free dinner, and well... I accepted. Ended up not being great (frozen burger patties, my parents usually eat cheap during the week and feed us propper on sundays whenever we head over there for sunday dinner). I worked it out in my calorie counting app, "MyFitnessPal" (which I've dumped for a better one, more on that later), and made it as healthy as I could while still fitting in my budget.

    So dinner was two hamburger patties (I was really short on protein so I needed that bump, plus I nuked them for a bit longer to get rid of some excess grease), a single kaiser bun, a pickle, one tablespoon of ketchup, a teaspoon of mustard and 7 baked french fries. I also was still short on my carbs somehow, so I decided to throw in three small chicken fingers. My dinner actually ended up being fairly balanced, but it did push my cholesterol over by 60 or so.

    Desert was another protein and water drink. My wife and I were heading to the gym right from my parents place, so I did my pre-workout drink of a lot of water and protein. I'm currently running a 45 carb, 35 protein and 20 fat diet. It's doing me well and I'm actually able to maintain a pretty decent weight loss and muscle gain balance.

    Workout was going to only be about 1hr-1h30m (my wife had to call her friend who lives in another province), so I preplanned in advance. Unfortunately, the place was jam packed, so I didn't have access to free weights that were in my range, so I stuck to the machines again. Here's what I ended up doing:

    Rowing (Concept R2 Rower) - 15 minutes, 2976 distance (SO CLOSE TO 3k! DAMNIT!), Resistance level 5/10, Calories 190 and average HR about 155

    Cycling - Recumbent - 18 minutes (15 minute training and 3 minute cooldown), Avg Speed 14.12 mph, Avg HR 146, Avg Resistance 10, 135 calories.

    Ab Crunch Machine - Set 1 - 95 lbs for 12 reps, Set 2 - 95 lbs for 18 reps, Set 3 - 100 lbs for 6 reps.

    Machine Bicep Curls - Set 1 - 50 lbs for 18 reps, Set 2 - 50 lbs for 12 reps, Set 3 - 50 lbs for 9 reps

    Machine Triceps Extension - Set 1 - 110 lbs for 12 reps, Set 2 - 110 lbs for 9 reps, Set 3 - 110 lbs for 6 reps

    At this point I noticed my bad shoulder was really bothering me today (when it rains this usually happens), so I made it my mission to do as much as I could but I had to resign myself to knowing my weights would be lower because of it.

    Machine Chest Flye - Set 1 - 80 lbs for 9 reps, Set 2 - 70 lbs for 9 reps, Set 3 - 70 lbs for 6 reps.

    Machine Chest Press - Set 1 - 40 lbs for 6 reps, Set 2 - 30 lbs for 6 reps, Set 3 - 30 lbs for 6 reps.

    Machine Lateral Raise - Set 1 - 40 lbs for 9 reps (had a sneezing episode when an Axe bomb walked by me, ruined my set), Set 2 - 40 lbs for 12 reps, Set 3 - 40 lbs for 12 reps.

    I called it a night there and headed on home. On the way home, I noticed that all my nutritional goals had been changed on MyFitnessPal... Again. It had been doing this all week long and it was making it really difficult to manage my nutrition, especially when it is my primary tool for doing so. Fed up, I decided to shop around for another App. I found MyNetDiary and I'm not looking back. Not only is it a bit faster to use and enter things in, but it has all the same features as MyFitnessPal BUT this one actually counts the calories I burn from lifting weights. Not only that, but it actually analyzes my performance throughout the day and recommends changes to my diet or exercise that would assist me in meeting my goal, which is also broken down using nutritional scientific methods to indicate the exact amount of weight I'm projected to loose if my trend stays steady. I recommend this app for anyone, they also have a web version at http://www.mynetdiary.com/ that you can track everything with (no shill, just really love this app).

    And now, I sit here, eating a banana to sooth an angry gut (DAMN BURGERS!) before I go to bed for a few hours. May as well enter my journal for the day, it keeps me on track. I never had the chance to pick up measuring tapes, but I'll head out and do that tomorrow, seeing as my day is going to be uneventful. Being unemployed is kinda shitty, but at least I can work out more.

    Until tomorrow, and be well.

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