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Chinese photos

Discussion in 'Media Threads' started by LarssonCrew, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. LarssonCrew

    LarssonCrew Active Member

    May 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hey guys, hope you don't mind if I showcase some of my pictures from China. It will involve people, pictures, stories along with them.

    Mainly it's because

    a)China is fascinating
    b)Sometimes I see things I cannot actually believe, so I will photo them.
    c)I just got a new Canon D600 so I want to try it out.
    d)I have many background stories to pictures of people and places
    e)I may take a photo and ask questions to the people there, therefore improving my Chinese.
    f)It's a chance to show you guys some of China! Many people are interested!

    I'm not a great photography, never done any after work, but I hope I learn as I go!

    First couple taken when I went for a meal recently:

    Sorry if these are a tad big!


    So, this one, I was out for a coffee with a friend talking about business. It was about 10pm, this guy comes up to us [we were sat at the coffee bar window] and will not stop staring at us, for 15 minutes. Every time my friend took a photo of something on his phone this guy would maneuver behind him and look at what he had taken on his phone.

    My friend got annoyed so I went out to talk to him, this guy is only 36! He works in a coal mine and occasionally works at a brick factory, he picks up around $95 a month, and sends 30 dollars back to his parents. What gets me is the look of both warmth and the fact that his job and social status have quite clearly eroded the years on his face.


    These two are from my local. Quite a grubby place, but the food is sensational. I've had $500 Chinese food in Hong Kong in a 5 star restaurant and it was NOTHING compared to these two. The first is 'tang cu li ji' which means 'sugar vinegar pork slice'. It's basically sweet and sour, but not artificial, the sauce is hand made, and the lightly floured pork is so succelent and juicy when you bite into it. The sauce is made from cornflour, some sugar, vinegar, some ketchup[!!!] and tomatoes, along with a few other secrets. It blows 'western' sweet and sour out the water.

    The next is a bowl of fried noodles, it costs about $0.80 and is sensational. This one has shredded pork and vegetables in it [Chinese vegetables, always crunchy, some spring onion, and some bok choi amongst others].

    The thing about this restaurant is, when I first came to China I would never have eaten there. The walls are a little dingy, it has a few live electrical wires hanging from the ceiling and the meal costs about 1/100th of an hourly salary for most westerners. BUT, the food is so sensational that I keep going back and back.

    I used to eat almost daily at this place, but since I began my cut I've stopped, and rarely go once a month. The owner was so delighted when I walked in and sat down a week ago for my first visit in a month.

    'Hey foreigner, where've ya' been!?' shouted the waitress, owner and chef. But hey, it felt good to be back there, although the scales hated it later!

    Upcoming: Some shots around my city [Xi'an], some shots of the universities here[they have beautiful campuses normally], some more food shots, and most importantly, shots of Pandas! Haha.
  2. jmike

    jmike Active Member

    Jun 21, 2011
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    i love food

    awesome photo's

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