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any suggestions? please? tnx!

Discussion in 'Weight Training/Bulking' started by polaris, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. polaris

    polaris Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2004
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    hello everyone,
    just stumbled here through yahoo. i think this is a great site...

    anyone have any ideas for me though?
    i'm trying to lose weight (also all the extra jiggly fats). have currently started to do some free weights...although, i am using my 2 lbs chemistry book. (why? because my mom refuses to let me lift weights as she really really really believes that my hands will develop tremors and i will be unable to perform surgery later as i'm entering medical school next school year) so i'm lifting weights secretly.. :o using my heavy books...

    question is...do i have to add more weights (books) after a set? and how come my work out doesn't last 30 minutes? i'm done in around 15. am i doing something wrong? or maybe just working out too little?

    2 X 10
    dumbell squat
    dumbell stiff leg squat
    single leg calf-raise

    then for another day

    2 X 8
    one-arm row
    dumbell standing shoulder press
    dumbell shrug
    dumbell bench press
    dumbell biceps curl
    dumbell close-grip bench press

    3 times a week i brisk walk for cardio 30 minutes.

    21, female, 5'2", 122 lbs. haven't lost for since i lost the 20 lbs back in april-june of 2002.
    what i did then was to walk walk walk. doesn't work now though...

    i don't eat much too...today...i had...2 toasts with honey, apple, 3 breads (fist size) with bean filling, one bowl of noodles...

    sometimes i eat more..i just slept off a large chunk of the day today.
  2. Mahdimael

    Mahdimael Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2004
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    Make sure that you go through a slow, full range of motion when you do any sort of lifting. Jerking the weight around will only do damage, not good.

    You can buy some light (2-20lb) weights that are coated if you're worried about damaging your hands. With books, it seems like you're less likely to get an even weight distribution

    The most important thing would be getting cardiovascular exercise- biking, running, and so forth. That seems to be the key to weight loss, along with diet

    Finally, on your diet, it seems like a majority of the stuff you're eating is carbohydrates (and fats, to a lesser degree). Many people here are using a 40%/40%/20% mix of calories from protein/carbohydrates/fats, which is a good mix to lose weight.

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