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Introductions & Advice For Beginners New to the forums and want to introduce yourself? This is the place. Confused about fat loss, eating right and/or weight training and don't know where to begin? Start by reading the "sticky" posts at the top of this forum.

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New Member - Hello. Bio
Old Tue, April 10th, 2012, 02:15 PM   #1
New Member
chalmeidajr is offline
Join Date: Apr 9th, 2012
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Default New Member - Hello. Bio

Hello JSF Community,

My name is Carlos Almeida Jr. I am almost 25 years old. Here is a little something about me.

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I don't remember EVER being fit, but I remember ALWAYS being active. I used to do sports all the time, especially soccer. I came to the U.S. when I was 19 years of age and that was just downhill from that point on. I stopped exercising, started eating all sorts of junk food, and started gaining weight.

I am 5'8', and I remember, one time, I weighed over 250 lbs. I have tried many different diets programs, I have taken pills. All of these things made me lose weight, but I would gain everything back, and sometimes a little more.

A couple months ago, I visited my primary physician, who then ran some blood work and, for the first time, my cholesterol was a bit high, my vitamin levels were all messed up, and of course, I was extremely overweight. She introduced me to this "diet plan" that pretty much consisted on drinking a Shake in the morning, having salads with a little bit of protein for lunch, and two 100 calories snacks between meals.

I slowly started losing weight. I actually lost about 18 pounds in 2 months just by following that diet. However, I started feeling a little weak sometimes. I knew my diet was working, but I started intensifying my exercises and that was probably one of the reasons why I started feeling sick. I was probably missing some other nutrients on my diet. That was when I decided to take the next step towards my transformation. I hired a certified nutritionist (CSCS) to write me a meal plan and help me understand a little bit more about nutrition.

I have been working with this nutritionist for about 2 weeks now, and I can already see the results. I am eating about 6 times a day and I feel better and better every single day. I am still a "Noob", as we say in the gaming industry" at this nutrition stuff, but I feel like I have never felt before, I feel like I am ready to learn more about it. Ever since I started this meal plan, I have been a little obsessed, if you will, with learning about nutrition and exercising.

I have signed up for a 12 week Boot Camp at work and today was the first day. I plan on posting some notes and updates on how I feel if you guys are interested. I am really interested in meeting new people, learning a lot more about nutrition and exercising, and help out as much as I can. I think JSF is the best place for me to accomplish this, as the community is so united and we are all here for and with the same purpose, which is to get healthy and live a better, longer life.

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Old Tue, April 10th, 2012, 03:24 PM   #2
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Stats: 10/4/13 - I'm back! 206.2. 90 day goal of 35 lbs by 11/22 (188.8). Overall 60 lbs by May 1. (163.8) And away I go...

Welcome aboard! There are lots of folks here who are very helpful and there is a ton of good information. Start with reading the stickies. I would recommend starting a journal.

Good luck with your fitness goals. Getting in the right mindset is the first step, and you have taken it.
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Old Tue, April 10th, 2012, 03:30 PM   #3
New Member
chalmeidajr is offline
Join Date: Apr 9th, 2012
Posts: 2
Sex: Male

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words.

I will check out your journal.

Looking forward to interacting with more folks here.
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Old Wed, April 11th, 2012, 10:17 AM   #4

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