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"100 Challenges" Everyone starts with 100 points, can you keep them all for a full month?

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John Stone's March 2007 "100 Challenge" (Completed)
Old Tue, February 20th, 2007, 08:04 AM   #1
John Stone
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Stats: 6', 160.2 pounds, 6.2% body fat (maintaining)
Arrow John Stone's March 2007 "100 Challenge" (Completed)




Questions belong in this thread.

This premise of this challenge is pretty simple: Each participant starts the month with 100 points. A point is deducted each time a workout is missed, a meal is missed, an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack is consumed or a daily update to your official challenge post is missed. The goal, of course, is to finish the month with 100 points!

Here are the rules:

1) The challenge begins on March 1, 2007. You must have your starting post up by 7:00 AM (EST) on March 1, 2007.
2) It doesn't matter if you are cutting, bulking or maintaining. The common goal here is 100% consistency.
3) Each person participating in the challenge should start a post in this thread by the cut-off time. Your Official Challenge post must be updated each and every day. The updates won't take long (examples below). If you miss an update, you must deduct a point. Please note that you should edit your existing Official Challenge post--don't start a new post every day.
4) Miss a workout for any reason, deduct a point.
5) Miss a meal for any reason, deduct a point.
6) Eat an unscheduled "cheat" meal or snack, deduct a point.

Feel free to post before/after pictures if you like (optional).

Of course this challenge is based on the honor system. You can cheat, but that would be pointless.

Here's an example Official Challenge post (feel free to copy and paste, substituting your own information):


Sample Official "100 Challenge" post

GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8%.

Monday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: chest & triceps (PM)
Tuesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
Wednesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: back & biceps (PM)
Thursday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)
Friday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: delts & traps (PM)
Saturday Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM); Weight training: legs (PM)
Sunday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) (AM)

Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

WEIGHT: 200 pounds
BODY FAT: 9.8%
ARMS: 16.75"
CALVES: 16.5"
CHEST: 42.75"
HIPS: 38.75"
WAIST: 32.5"


DAILY LOG (Note: Each entry should be completed the day after, or at the end of the same day after all meals/workouts are completed. Please be sure to keep a running total of your points, as shown below.)

MAR 1: I did my cardio and ate all meals as scheduled.
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 2: My car broke down and I missed my back workout. I walked to Burger King for dinner and had an unscheduled cheat meal.
-2 points [98 points]

MAR 3: I missed my cardio today, but ate all meals as scheduled.
-1 point [97 points]

MAR 4:

MAR 5: I missed yesterday's update, but I did my delts and traps workout yesterday, and ate all meals as scheduled (including my scheduled cheat meal). Today I did my cardio, ate all meals as scheduled and did my leg workout.
-1 point [96 POINTS]

You get the idea.....
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Join Date: Aug 1st, 2006
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Sex: Male
Stats: 5'8", 200# ish, 37" waist ish

gazareth's March "100 Challenge" post

GOAL: Cutting - I'm on SGX until April 9th (ish) at least.

COMMENT: I want to get my bodyfat down to about 14%, but the main goal for me is to not lose a point in this challenge. I know that my workout and diet plan is sound, thus if I stick to it, I will make progress. I WILL NOT LOSE A POINT IN MARCH

Monday: 45 mins cardio AM, Chest/biceps PM
Tuesday: 45 mins cardio AM, Legs/shoulders PM
Wednesday: 45 mins cardio AM, Legs/shoulders PM (if not done on Tuesday)
Thursday: 45 mins cardio AM, Outdoor rugby training PM
Friday: 45 mins cardio AM, Back/triceps PM
Saturday EITHER 45 mins cardio AM OR rugby match PM
Sunday: 45 mins cardio AM

6 meals a day as per SGX programme - one cheat meal per week (on a Saturday evening, see MAR 2 post for more info on timings - may include alcohol but I will be striving to avoid it at all costs!).

WEIGHT: 180lbs

WEIGHT: 172lbs


MAR 1: Day 1 down. I had to play some serious mindgames to force mysef to get to the gym for cardio - part of me said "go back to bed, you can miss one day". Another part of me said "no fucking way Jose", so off I went. I ate all 6 meals and went to rugby training. -0 points 100 points

MAR 2: I had my cheat meal tonight - pizza and chips (fries as you call them in the States) Besides that, I did my cardio and had my usual meals, and had a really good (but tough) back/tris workout. After a conversation with SwoleCat, it seems I have to have my cheat meal on the same day each week. It makes sense really. From now, my cheat meals will be on a Saturday evening (not including tomorrow of course!) - the one exception will be the week beginning Monday 12th. On the Wednesday of that week, I have organised an inaugural work outing to an Indian restaurant, and I can't really bail on my coworkers now (the restaurant is booked and everything). So that week, the cheat will be 2 days early. -0 points 100 points

MAR 3: Saturday is not quite over - I have one meal to go - but I thought I'd do this update now as I might forget later and I'll be out most of tomorrow. The last meal is a Nitrean shake anyway and I love those, so I seriously doubt I'll miss it I played rugby this afternoon - we lost. I was subbed at half-time despite doing nothing wrong. It does my head in... anyway we've got a new captain from next week so hopefully I'll see more pitch time. I honestly believe I'm one of the strongest (as in my ability rather than strength, although I'm probably up there on that front too) wingers available to the side at the moment. Meals all spot on as well ("what the fuck are you drinking Gareth" in the changing room after rugby, "protein shake", "don't you have to exercise before you drink those? ", "don't worry, your mum gave me a good workout on the sidelines!"). -0 points 100 points

MAR 4: Today was difficult. I got up and did my cardio, ate meal 1 in the car and then got on the bus to London where I was to meet some friends for the day. I packed a pre-made Nitrean drink in a shaker, along with a small tupperware tub with meal 3 and enough Nitrean in another tub to make up another shake in the afternoon. I opened up my bag to get my iPod out on the bus, to find that the shaker had leaked everywhere. There was a tiny amount left in the shaker - the rest of it was in my bag. My ipod and compact digital camera were ruined. Neither work. That's about £350 worth of equipment gone. As a result, my 4th meal was a bit later than it should have been, as I had to wait until I got home at about 6pm to have it. The key thing is that I did! I'm about to have meal 6 and then go to bed. I've had some crazy cravings today - sandwiches, burgers, steaks, chocolate... and I've resisted them all. Also had my first cricket training of the year (indoors) - didn't go so well, heh. -0 points 100 points

MAR 5: My PT had to reschedule today's workout for Wednesday, so it was a by the books non-training day: cardio & 6 meals. I'll do chest/biceps tomorrow, and legs/shoulders on Wednesday. If my PT has to reschedule again I'll workout on my own. I'm a big boy -0 points 100 points

MAR 6: Had a great chest/biceps session. PR on bench again - 4x10@52.5kg. Also did my cardio and had my 6 meals. Tried oatmeal in the evening for the first time and it was weird - I had to have a lot of it to meet my SGX carb requirement -0 points 100 points

MAR 7: I sidestepped the potentially sticky issue of a missed workout and had my rescheduled workout from Monday today - legs & shoulders. I also ate my 6 meals and did my cardio. One week down, 0 points lost. 1-0 to me March, 1-0 to me. -0 points 100 points

MAR 8: 6 meals & cardio. Textbook. -0 points 100 points

MAR 9: 6 meals, cardio & back/tris. Tired and can't be arsed to write much more than this. I scribbled a few things in my journal today if you wanna have a gander... rugby tomorrow, need sleep! -0 points 100 points

MAR 10: Played rugby and we lost again - we got some points on the board this time though! No cardio today because of the match, and I ate clean meals until my scheduled cheat-scoff at my cousin's 18th tonight. I steered clear of the alcohol though. March is 33% done! -0 points 100 points

MAR 11: I'm so utterly used to eating at certain times now that if I have a lie-in then it can really require some extra concentration, heh. Today I woke up at 10.30am, about 4 hours later than usual, so it threw most of my meal timings off right off the bat. Also, I don't think I had enough water yesterday as I woke up with a hangover - even though I didn't drink last night! Anyway, I did my cardio and then tucked into a chicken and red pepper omelette for meal 1 I was also able to kinda enjoy the Sunday roast my mum prepared - I had some beef and veggies at meal 3 (macros in check, naturally) and I had a few roast potatoes with meal 5 (again, macros perfect!). I had another cricket practice (indoors) today so I'm pretty tired. I am about to have meal 6 (protein shake) and then hit the hay. It's been a busy weekend! -0 points 100 points

MAR 12: My new batch of Nitrean came - hurray! It's so much nicer than that ON stuff... anyway cardio & 5 meals (so far), plus chest/biceps, as scheduled. I'm about to have meal #6 - rice and chicken -0 points 100 points

MAR 13: Very tired... just got back from Bristol (85 miles away) where I watched a football match. Thanks to my new-found discipline and forward planning I was easily able to have meals 5 & 6 on schedule and according to my macros. I did my cardio this morning and the other 4 meals were good too. -0 points 100 points

MAR 14: As mentioned on March 2nd, today was a cheat day. About six weeks ago I realised that no one at work socialised with each other outside the office, so it would be nice to get together with people away from work and have a meal and a few drinks. That, in combination with a few new foreign staff members who had never sampled a 'British' curry, persuaded me to arrange an outing to an Indian restaurant. So, tonight, 14 of us went to Saffron's in Oxford and had a slap-up meal. It was great I had chicken bhuna, rice and naan bread, then gobbled some chocolate from the garage on the way home. Now that's a cheat meal! It means that I now have to wait 10 days or so for my next cheat (Saturday week) so that'll be a toughie... besides the scheduled cheat meal I ate 5 clean meals, did my AM cardio and had a good legs/shoulders session. -0 points 100 points

MAR 15: Another evening away from the house, but another evening of temptations avoided and meals planned ahead well enough. Thus, I ate 6 clean meals and did my cardio; perfecto. March is half-done. Bring on the second half and let's see if I can keep this going. I know I've got some big temptations coming up this weekend, and it'll be tough as I've used up my 'cheat-night-beer-token' for the week already. -0 points 100 points

MAR 16: Regular 6 meals, cardio and weights session. Didn't go out. I now have a clear week of cheat-free eating to look forward to - should see some great results -0 points 100 points

MAR 17: Worst St Patrick's Day ever. I did my cardio, ate 6 meals and sat on my ass in front of hundreds of rugby matches, cricket matches and a few DVDs. My friends went out but I didn't trust myself to not drink and figured it was more important for me to be able to stick to my SGX plan than to have fun. Oh the sacrifices I make... I love the results I'm getting but I can't wait to stop this plan so I can get back those bits of my life. -0 points 100 points

MAR 18: 6 clean meals & cardio. Also had a good cricket practice - the weight training is helping my bowling for sure. -0 points 100 points

MAR 19: 6 clean meals? BAM! Cardio in the morning? BAM! Chest/biceps? BAM! -0 points 100 points

MAR 20: I set myself the goal of doing my 100 challenge updates for a given day by midday the following day. I'm pushing this one to the limit - 11.55am! I was knackered yesterday so went to bed around 9.30. Before that, I did my 45 mins of cardio and ate 6 clean meals. Legs/shoulders is on Wednesday this week. -0 points 100 points

MAR 21: I was off work today, so I slept in an hour extra before going to the gym for cardio. I ate clean all day, did my legs/shoulders workout, and because I'm a nutter, played some 7 a side football (soccer) in the evening. I'm pooped! -0 points 100 points

MAR 22: I dreamt about chocolate last night. I can't wait for cheat day! I ate clean and did my cardio today, so another day with 0 points lost. I can't wait to let rip on some chocolate and pizza or something on Saturday -0 points 100 points

MAR 23: Did my cardio, ate 6 clean meals and did a killer back/tris session. I need sleep and a cheat day -0 points 100 points

MAR 24: Good day - enjoyed my cheats and had a good rugby match. Sadly my friends didn't want to go out tonight -0 points 100 points

MAR 25: Back on the normal program after Cheaturday - 6 clean meals and cardio done. I had to really force myself to do cardio. I woke up late (our clocks went forward overnight) and just wanted to eat breakfast and lounge around. I did my cardio and felt great for it! Less than a week left to go in March, I ain't gonna lose those points! -0 points 100 points

MAR 26: 6 meals, cardio and a bitchin' chest/biceps session. I'm getting stronger all the time, even though I'm cutting! I can't wait to see what kind of strength gains I can make when focusing on strength work. -0 points 100 points

MAR 27: I did my cardio, ate 6 clean meals and had a good legs/shoulders session. I can tell I'm gonna be acheing tomorrow! Saw 300 this evening with some mates - enjoyed it. 4 more days in March, I can see the finish line! -0 points 100 points

MAR 28: Turns out the finish line I spoke of yesterday is actually more of a mile marker. Ah well. 3 more days and I'm still going great guns. I had 6 clean meals, did my cardio AND played football today. I finally managed to make Nitrean+Oatmeal taste good too -0 points 100 points

MAR 29: Another good day. Cardio + 6 meals. Was a tough one this morning as I was exhausted from football last night and needed more sleep. I got up and made the gym anyway. I wasn't about to lose a point now. One day to go. Well, two, but Saturday is a cheat day so I'd have to do something spectacular to fuck it up -0 points 100 points

MAR 30: Got up, did cardio, went to work, ate 4 meals, had a great back/triceps session, had 2 more meals, posted this. One more day. -0 points [b]100 points[/b

MAR 31: I did it. YEAAAAAH! -0 points 100 points


My end weight... well I know my weight will be up tomorrow from the cheat day, so I'll take my end weight as the weight on the morning of the 31st - 172. I'll take an 8 pound lost over 31 days

I'm going to do SGX for 30 more days. April 30th will be the final day of my cut, come rain, come shine. I'm going to give it one last month of balls to the wall dedication and discipline before switching to maintenance and strength work. COME ON APRIL, SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!
PRs: 210kg/462lb SQ - 115kg/253lb BP - 215kg/473lb DL - 535kg/1177lb TOT

Oct 2014 starting stats: 236 lbs, 44" waist (estimated)

2015 goals: 34" waist; 227.5kg DL; 120kg BP; 160kg FSQ; 26 minute 5K; 24 minute 5K

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I'm in for Kick'n some more fat out of here in March

Where I have been and where I am at:
Mid October 2006 - 351 pounds.
January 1st 2007 - 335 pounds, 37% BF, 124 pounds of fat, 211 pounds of lean mass.
February 1st 2007 - 324 pounds, 35% BF, 113.4 pounds fat, 210.6 pounds of lean mass.
March 1st 2007 - 315.3 pounds, 33.9% BF, 104.9 pounds fat, 210.4 pounds lean mass.

It appears the plan is working - slow and steady cut without losing LBM.

GOAL: Cutting
I will lose 10 pounds of fat and try very hard not to lose any lean mass by lifting hard and smart and eating clean and as planned.

WORKOUT SCHEDULE: First thing in the a.m..
Weight Training - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
HIIT cardio Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
LISS cardio - 4 days per week I will do 30 minutes on my bicycle trainer and 30 minutes of AIS - active isolated stretching.

Six to seven clean meals per day + supplements.
One planned cheat meal per week anytime friday eve through sunday.

Starting Stats: March 1st
weight: 315.3
body fat: 33.9%
Fat mass: 104.9
LBM: 210.4
chest: 51.5
Waist at belly:51.25
Waist at beltline:47
Hips: 49.75
thigh: 27.75
calf: 19
arm: 17.25
forearm: 14

Ending stats: April 1st
weight: 307.1
body fat: 32.5%
Fat mass: 99.9
LBM: 207.1
chest: 50
Waist at belly:50
Waist at beltline:46.5
Hips: 49.
thigh: 28
calf: 19.25
arm: 17.25
forearm: 13.75

Daily Logs:

March 1st: We are off and running. HIIT cardio on the elliptical a.m.. - Ate and sup'd as planned.
-0 points [100 points]

MARCH 2nd: Legs done first thing this a.m., 5 clean meals and I took my cheat meal for the weekend.
-0 points [100 points]

MARCH 3rd: HIIT cardio, abs and forearms done. 6 clean meals and supplements done and on target.
-0 points [100 points]

MARCH 4th: 35 minutes LISS cardio done, 6 clean meals and supplements as planned.
-0 points [100 points]

MARCH 5th: Excellent day - Back, biceps and abs in the a.m. - Bicycle trainer and stretching in the p.m. - Ate 6 clean meals and took supplements as planned. In the zone!
-0 points [100]

MARCH 6th: Fasted HIIT cardio on elliptical in a.m. done, 6 meals clean and as planned. Evening round on Bicycle trainer done.
-0 points [100]

MARCH 7th: I had a kick a$$ a.m. Chest, tri's and shoulders workout. 30 minutes bicycle trainer done after work. All meals and supplements done and as planned.
-0 points [100 Points]

MARCH 8th: HIIT cardio on elliptical and AIS(stretching) a.m. - done. 6 Clean meals and supplements as planned.
-0 points [100 points]

MARCH 9th: Happy TGIFriday! I did legs this morning - good 50 minute workout including wall sits, DB squats, Leg curls, Db Stiff leg deads, Inner thigh raises and plank. After work I did 32 minutes spinerval session on my bicycle trainer and stretching. Meals as planned.
-0 points [100 points]

MARCH 10th: HIIT cardio, abs and forearms done in the a.m. - 6 clean meals, but, let a 1/2 peice of homemade pizza sneak in in the evening.
-1 point [99 points]

MARCH 11: I did a 4 1/2 mile power walk since it was so beautiful here in Minnesnowda.
Only got 5 meals in and two were cheat meals instead of the one I had planned.
-2 point [97 points]

MARCH 12th: Back, biceps and abs done in the a.m.. 50 minute LISS cardio done in the evening. 6 meals clean and as planned and supplements as planned.
-0 points [97 points]

MARCH 13th: Fasted HIIT on the elliptical in the a.m.. Did well eating until I fell asleep in the early evening - woke up starving and ended up eating a bit off track and not planned. I was a little in the dumps from going to a funeral for a good friends wife who died of breast cancer. Back on track tomorrow.
-1 point [96 points]

MARCH 14th: Excellent Chest, shoulders and triceps workout this morning. I ate 5 clean meals as planned - meal 6 was not so clean again. I am going to figure out the evening cravings and put a stop to that right now! I know I am stronger than that weak person who gives in to the craving!
-1 point [95 points]

MARCH 15th: a.m. - HIIT cardio - elliptical - pushed hard and hit all my heart rate levels. Did an intense ab routine including crunches with heels digging into swiss ball, side crunches, bridges and leg lifts. 6 meals as planned and clean.
-0 points [95 points]

MARCH 16th: Lower body workout done in the a.m. - 40 minutes LISS cardio done in the p.m.. 6 clean and planned meals done.
Give it 100% y'all.
-0 points [95 points]

MARCH 17th: a.m. HIIT cardio done. 1st 4 meals as planned, cheat meal 5 as planned, unplanned cheat meal for meal 6.
-1 point [94 points]

MARCH 18th: Planned rest day from training. Meals OK, but not 100% clean.
-1 point [93 points]

MARCH 19th: Back in the zone - Excellent Back, Biceps and abs training in the a.m., 6 clean meals as planned.
-0 points [93 points]

MARCH 20th: a.m fasted HIIT cardio on the elliptical done. Session on my bicycle trainer after work done. 6 meals and supplements as planned.
-0 points [93 points]

MARCH 21st: a.m. Chest, shoulders and triceps weight training done - Had to fight through this one because of a poor night of sleep which led to a lack of energy - but, got 'er done. I did 45 minutes of active isolation stretching in the evening. 6 meals and supplements as planned.
-0 points [93 Points]

MARCH 22nd: a.m. fasted HIIT cardio done on the elliptical, Abs workout done. 6 meals and supplements. I did have a cheat moment in the evening - craving cheese and crackers for some reason - grrr at me.
-1 point [92 points]

MARCH 23rd: a.m. - Lower body workout done. All meals and supplements done.
-0 points [92 points]

MARCH 24th: a.m. - HIIT cardio done - all heart rate levels hit and intensity strong.
4 clean meals today. Planned free meal at the MN Wild Hockey game tonight - ended up snacking way too much at the game!
-1 point [91 Points]

MARCH 25th: 45 minutes LISS cardio done, Not a good day of following my food plan - I think I have found the source of my problem though and will finish the last week strong!
-1 point [90 Points]

MARCH 26th: a.m. - Back and biceps training. p.m. - 35 min LISS cardio and abs done. Meals and supplements done as planned.
-0 points [90 points]

MARCH 27th: HIIT cardio done - All meals clean and as planned.
-0 points [90 points]

MARCH 28th: a.m. Chest, shoulders, triceps and forearms weight training done - I definately upped the intensity on this workout and am having good DOMS 26 hous later! 6 Meals and supplements as planned.
-0 points [90 points]

MARCH 29th: a.m. - fasted HIIT cardio done - elliptical - great intensity. Abs done also. 30 minutes LISS cardio and some stretching done in the evening. 6 Meals and supplements as planned.
-0 points [90 points]

MARCH 30th: a.m. - Legs done - good workout with squats, extensions, wall sits, Romanian deads, Lying curls, calf raises. 5 clean meals and 1 planned cheat meal done.
-0 points [90 points]

MARCH 31st: Fasted HIIT cardio done - elliptical. Meals in and as planned. I am off all supplements except multi-V and Vit-c for the next couple weeks, I was taking Muscle Armor and Betagen and occassionaly Phosphagen HP.
-0 points. [90 points]

Final Points = 90 - Not my best month since I lost 3 pounds of lean mass along with 5 pounds of fat.(but then - who knows how accurate these hand held body fat analyzers are?)
All I know is I feel better and my clothes are looser - progress!
Enough talking the talk - time to walk the talk

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HawksFan's March 100 Challange!!
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Default HawksFan's March 100 Challange!!

GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: I've been on SGX for one week now, and want to keep the ball rolling! Allowing one cheat meal a week, which will be on Saturdays. The exception to this will be on March 2nd, when my cheat meal will be on my birthday the 2nd instead of Saturday the 3rd. (Need to edit in that March 1-3 might be a little shakey. I'm gettin my Wisdom Teeth pulled on 2-27, and don't know how I'm going to react and if I'm going to have to be eating straight liquids or not.)

Monday: 45 mins cardio AM, Back/Traps PM
Tuesday: 45 mins cardio AM, Chest Abs PM
Wednesday: 45 mins cardio AM
Thursday: 45 mins cardio AM, Legs PM
Friday: 45 mins cardio AM, Shoulders/Arms PM
Saturday: 45 mins cardio AM
Sunday: 45 mins cardio AM

SGX Protocol, 6 meals a day.

WEIGHT: 247.4 pounds
BODY FAT: Based off the average of 3 online sites, about 27%
ARMS: 13.5"
CHEST: 43"
HIPS: 44"
WAIST: 42"

(Will edit in March 31st)


MAR 1: Stats are in. Still tired and loopy from getting my wisdom teeth out, but I think I should be back in action on Saturday or Sunday. -0pts

MAR 2: Almost forgot to post today . Still not able to do much of anything. Had a nice chocolate shake for my birthday dinner, along with some broccoli and cheese soup. Dr. said I should be good to start things back up on Sunday, so just one more day of "nothing" left... -0pts

MAR 3: Get to start cardio and eating my normal diet tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back to the routine. Little dissapointed at myself for wasting a solid 2 weeks of SGX because of poor planning. I'm just going to have to work 2x as hard this month, and look into possibly renewing my subscription soon. -0pts

MAR 4: Meals 100% on target. That's all I really had today. Got my school schedule, decided to swap days I'm in the gym to accomodate my class and advisor meetings. Just bumping everything up two days in the week, and I'll be out of the gym on Sat and Sunday. Happy to get back in the gym tomorrow after my 2 week stint of missing it. -0pts

MAR 5: AM cardio was good, watched the pilot of The Black Donnelleys. Kinda meh IMO. Just finished up my last meal, 6/6 for the day and supplements were spot on. Had some NASTY D.O.M.S. getting into my car after the gym today. My right hip cramped up beyond belief from deadlifts. Weight was the same as what I lifted last time I did back day 2 weeks ago, so that's good. I even improved my deads by 10#'s so I'm pleased to hear that. Of course, this is only the second "true" day of my cut though -0pts

MAR 6: AM Cardio, check. 6/6 meals, check. Chest/Abs workout, check. Back sore from yesterday, check. Time for bed... -0pts
Total Points: 100

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Age: 35
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Sex: Male

GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: I want to reduce my body fat to 8 - 10%.

Monday: Cardio 45 mins (first thing am) Chest / abs (mid morning)
Tuesday: Cardio 45 mins (am) Legs (mm)
Wednesday: Cardio 45 mins (am) Shoulders (pm)
Thursday: Cardio 45 mins (am) Arms / abs (mm)
Friday: Off
Saturday: Back (pm)
Sunday: Cardio 45 mins (am) no weights

seven meals per day, one cheat meal per week (sunday evening).




-0 points [100 points]

MAR 2:

MAR 3:

MAR 4:

MAR 5:

MAR 6:

MAR 7:

MAR 8:

MAR 9:

MAR 10:
Education is the key to success

k3vb0 March 100 Challenge
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Stats: 6-2 200 16.2%
Default k3vb0 March 100 Challenge

GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: I am on crutches for 4-6 weeks with a partially torn achilles. I cannot do much in the way of cardio, and will have some difficulty with upper body exercises since I cannot put any weight on my right foot. I need this challenge to keep my weight from ballooning out of control.

WORKOUT SCHEDULE (while on crutches)
Monday: Abs
Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: Shoulders/Traps
Thursday: Chest/Shoulders
Friday: Back/Traps
Saturday : Bis/Tris
Sunday: Abs

5 meals per day, SGX Style (while in cast)
6 meals per day, SGX style (once I can do cardio)
1 Cheat meal per week, usually on Saturdays

WEIGHT: 211(with cast) = 210 without cast

WEIGHT: 213.4


MAR 1: My back was screwed up for most of this week from walking too much on crutches over the weekend, so I am starting my lifting cycle today with Chest and Shoulders (workout modified above). I am doing Cybex machines at my office gym since I can't carry weights. I get my cast off on the 16th, and will modify my workout schedule to add legs and cardio. I got in 5 meals today on time and within my dietary ratios. This is the first time I have been able to workout in almost a month, and I am completely wiped out. But it's a good tired. Nutrition (P/C/F 292/133/39 59% 24% 17%) 2062 Kcal
[100 Pts]

MAR 2: Since we are playing musical offices at work I had to pack up my office today (inlcuding my red Swingline stapler), so I missed getting to work out in the office gym. I did manage to get my workout in at home later in the evening using free weights. 5 meals within desired macronutrient ratios. [100 Pts]

MAR 3: Missed a meal today since I woke up late and there weren't enough waking hours to get all of my meals in. This is the first time in over a week that I have slept through the night after injuring my back, so that is worth the point loss. Switching Sundays and Saturdays workouts, so Abs were done today. [99 Pts]

MAR 4: Tough day to stay on track, but I managed. Traveled to Ashburn, Va. Got in my bi/tri workout before I left. Got in my 5 meals within desired macronutrient ratios. Denver International Airport did not have any wheelchairs available, so I had to hoof it on crutches (good workout, tough on the skin on the lats). The flight attendant on the plane said the overheads were full and she did not know what to do with my crutches, so she offered to put them in the bathroom until after takeoff, and then said I could hold them (some nice people on the plane helped me stash them in overhead). Did not get into my hotel until 1 am local time since the taxi driver dropped me off at the wrong hotel. And Wifi did not work at first....but if I can meet the challenge on a day like today, then the rest of March should be a breeze. [99 Pts]

MAR 5: Got all meals in on time and within macronutrient ratios. Got in an ab workout as well. [99 Pts]

MAR 6: Since I am on travel I cannot attend pilates class, so I am doing a combination of pilates and ab exercises in the hotel room. All meals eaten on time and withing macronutrient ratios. [99 Pts]

MAR 7: All meals eaten on time, but my plane back was delayed due to snow in Virginia (and waiting an hour to be de-iced). Sitting on the plane for 4 hours has made my foot so swollen I am having to sit with it propped up, so no workout. I will do my shoulders tomorrow. [98 Pts]

MAR 8: All meals eaten on time. I got in a shoulder and lat workout along with some haning leg raises on my ab straps. It's amazing how much I have used my abs while walking with crutches. I am having to increase reps on my ab exercises because they have become too easy. [98 Pts]

MAR 9: All meals eaten on time. Mother in law came in unexpectedly, so I did not get to get in a workout. -1 [97 Pts]

MAR 10: I got in a great chest workout today. Since it's difficult to load heavy weights right now, I am doing lighter weights and 15 slow reps. Today I also did Swiss Ball pushups (which I read about in Men's Health), and these are killer. They hit both the chest and your core. All meals eaten on time. [97 Pts]

MAR 11: All meals eaten on time, light AB workout. [97 Pts]

MAR 12: All meals eaten on time. No ab workout since something I ate did not agree with me, and abs are the last thing I should be doing. WIll lose a point if I don't make it up tomorrow. [97 Pts]

MAR 13: Got in a great arm workout (needed an extra one), and an ab workout. All meals eaten on time. [97 Pts]

MAR 14: Excellent shoulder workout. I did sets of 15-20 reps with only 30 seconds of rest between sets, and got one of the best pumps I have had in a while. All meals eaten on time, but I had a cheat with dinner = -1. [96 Pts]

MAR 15: Great chest workout. I am enjoying the high rep/low rest workouts. I feel a great pump, I am getting a cardio workout, and from the soreness I must be doing something good. All meals eaten on time. 10 hours until I get this cast cut off!!!!!!! [96 Pts]

MAR 16: I got my cast off today. I have to stay on crutches for two weeks, and wear a bootie, but the worst of the torn achilles should be over. I got to do some cardio for the first time in a month...10 minutes on a rowing machine. I also got in a great back workout. Today was a cheat day, with Mexican food for dinner. [96 Pts]

MAR 17: My hands are surprisingly sore today from the wear and tear of crutches. I am not sure why my hands would hurt more now that I am putting less weight on them. I am moving my arm workout to tomorrow and will combine it with abs. Eating was on target. Saw 300 today....I really feel the need to crank up my workouts. John Stone's bodyfat posting inspired me and I bought the FatTrack pro Digital calipers. My bodyfat is at a depressing 21%. This coupled with seeing 300 is prompting me to really sharpen up my exercise and dietary programs. My goal is to able to wear a 300 style Spartan outfit for our Halloween party this year. [96 Pts]

MAR 18: Got to ride my exercise bike for the first time in over a month. 30 minutes fasted morning cardio. I will have to be careful since I can tell my achilles/calf are very tender. I definitley do not want to reinjure myself. My hands are doing much better today. I got in an excellent bi/tri workout along with abs. Again, I am using high reps (15-20) and short rest periods, and really feel my heart rate increasing. I am hoping this approach will keep my muscle mass and help to shed fat. My meal program was off track though. I had an unshceduled cheat. -1 [95 pts]

MAR 19: Got in my ab workout. Started doing knee to elbows leg raises, and these are killer. Diet was on target for the most part, but I had another unshceduled cheat. One more for my birthday tomorrow, and then I will be back on track. -1 [94 pts]

MAR 20: Went to physical therapy today instead of Pilates class, and got in a workout there. Ate all meals on schedule, but had birthday cake. -1 [93 pts]

MAR 21: Got in a great shoulder workout. All meals eaten on time. For my birthday, I got a Vision Fitness E1500 upright exercise bike, and the Dr. cleared me to start riding my bike. I will change my workout schedule tomorrow and start adding cardio. [93 pts]

MAR 22: Did 20 minutes of fasted cardio on my bike this morning. I thought I would be completely out of cardiovascular shape, but it was not nearly as bad as I thought. The new bike works great. I also got in a chest workout. All meals eaten on time. [93 pts]

MAR 23: Missed a workout today. My 14 year old daughter got herself into a situation that required a lot of parental intervention. In my list of priorities, exercise is high, but my daughter is at the top of the list. I will make up the workout, but a lost point well spent nonetheless. [92 pts]

MAR 24: Got in my back workout today. I ate some crap for a meal today because of poor planning. -1 point. On the plus side, I am now out of the protective boot I have had to wear for the achilles, and hopefully the physical therapist will let me start working legs next week. [91 pts]

MAR 25: 30 minutes fasted AM cardio on the bike. Also walked the dogs for about a mile, which made them very happy after a month and a half of not being able to take them to the dog park. Got in bi/tri and abs workouts. All meals eaten on time. [91 pts]

MAR 26: Got in abs workouts. All meals eaten on time. [91 pts]

MAR 27: Excellent shoulder workout. All meals eaten on time. I moved my cheat meal to today since one of my employees is in town, and he loves to go hit nice restaurants. No cheat meal for this Friday. [91 pts]

MAR 28: Great chest workout. All meals eaten on time. I am a day ahead on my workouts since I am in day long meetings for the week and cannot attend my lunch time Pilates class this week. Will complete Pilates on the weekend. [91 pts]

MAR 29: I'm a day ahead on my workout schedule, and I am completely worn out. I am going to take today off from working out. All meals eaten on time. [91 pts]

MAR 30: Got in a great back workout. With the lighter weights I feel more stress in my back instead of in my arms. I got in a very light deadlift workout, my first in a month and a half. Missed a meal though . [90 pts]

MAR 31: AM Bike workout for 30 minutes. Got in an excellent arm workout. All meals eaten on time. [90 pts]

Not too bad of a month given the difficulties the cast and crutches caused in being able to lift and do cardio, but still room for improvement. Without much in the way of cardio, I was able to keep my weight gain to 3.4 lbs. I wish I had measured my arms and shoulders because 4 weeks on crutches really added size to both.
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what a fun. i'm in again.

GOAL: Cutting and Triathlon Training

1. Body: Smaller Waist or minus 2 kg
2. Fitness: Run 1 hour with no problems and the 5km faster week by week
3. Dicipline: Be nice to myself, but do it straight for myself. Fitness & Career Planning
4. Cycling: Go cycling everytime the sun shines and M got time for a nice tour
5. Overall: Be active for more then 5 hours a week
6. Running: Time to start intervall-training. once a week.
7. Swimming: Start swimming again. university training or by myself. but i really have to do!

Monday: Running (outside) min 45 min /intervall - abs and back
Tuesday: Swimming (course or anytime else in the week by myself)
Wednesday: Running (outside) min 45 min /intervall - abs and back
Friday: Running (outside) min 45 min /intervall - abs and back

Note: at least 2 time of the running date will be followed by a running abc and 3 sprints

One Cheat meal per week (must not be planned!).
oats and buttermilk in the morning.
less carbs - just veggies, and the john stuff
a lot of protein (tofu, tempeh, soja beans)

good plan could be like this:
1. meal: oats with half a banane, buttermilk, soja-milk, grapefruit
2. meal: salad with nuts, avocado and some cottage cheese or sheep-chesse
3. meal: ?
4. meal: ?
5. meal: broccoli, tofu-steak or a grünkern-burger, sweet potatoes
6. meal: joghurt with nuts




MAR 1: i'm in . that's really great. i love to protocol my progress. last month started realley good and ended a little dissapointing for me, course i didn't reach my cutting goal. but i am defintly fitter. that's great. i can run like a roadrunner and i feel like a have to run all the time. hey...the bus is coming...oh my god i have to reach, rebel, run .

so what i did in the morning, was running of course. even if it's thursday. i have to do the running of yesterday, course i missed it...and it's a fantastic start in the new challenge. now i have to do some abs and back workout and this day was fantastic. good luck to everybody who's in the challenge
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 2: missed update (-1 point)

MAR 3: missed update (-1 point)

MAR 4: missed update (-1 point)
and i have to minus another point course of sheeting with some vegie-burger and chocolate icecream (-1 point). anyway it was very nice. but on sunday i do my first ride with my new race-cycle. fantastic thing..i just got really problems with my rips (?!) i don't know why. have to see, if it is allways there. but i like the really like the speed. [96 points]

MAR 5: run. - yeap after 3 days not updating my count of points doesn't look that nice. did my cardio this morning. cold and windy. but finished 40 min and some easy going sprints. my calves are hurting everytime after the running. thats not good. have to see. todays eating was just one latte with soja milk, 1 greek salad and some buttermilk. and i have to do my workout tonight. [96 points]

MAR 6: swim?. i don't know. maybe we should go to the beginner date one hour earlier. let's see. the rest of the day was more shitty. looking forward to tomorrow. [96 points]

MAR 7: run. yeap did it. 1 h 15 min (incl abc and sprints). 2 hours later i try cycling again on my new bike. and worked . no pain. average of 24 km/h that's great. but now i have to follow my other goal - the carrer lets go, rebel. oh my waist and weight is still the same as in the beginning of the february challenge. but i got a lot of festival parties - and alcohol last lets see what happens this month. i definitly fell fitter. [96 points]

MAR 8: not good eating today. after breakfast...there was a big break and me very hungry. but i eat clean just 3 little slices of bread and a banana. i will go cycling today..but just to come from one place toanother. tomorrow is running againg. hopefully my foot is okay till then. see ya [96 points]

MAR 9: run. yeap we ran and ran and ran. 53 min maybe minus 3 min walking. i still good that bloody thing with my foot....that's really hurting. some sprints afterwards but with pain too. eating habit? well oats, oats, oats..fruits..and some bread. by the way i think i'm hungry. but have to work a little now.

MAR 10: cycling. yeap was cycling, what a good girl i am ;-). stats: 1 hour no pain...but i feel i could be there, if i don't breathe right in the bellly. but i did'nt do my athletic workout. have i done it anytime this month? i don't know. tomorrow i have to. but then i will cycle in companion. so that's difficult, i don't think they will workout with me. we will see. whatelse. i go dancing tonight. so i will have a couple of drinks. that's okay, it's saturday. nice weekend. a lot of housecleaning today. feeling fantastic. - 1 points for eating ice-cream yesterday. but i haven't cheated today. so it's okay.

MAR 11: cycling?. AND career! i have to send my resumees! if not i have to minus 5 points. serious deadline. - thats was the plan. first point matched great. 2 1/2 h cycling...really slow, course i was cycling with two mountain-biker and even there a fast...the bikes are slower ;-). so great cardio today. i was so tired afterwards...i slept for 2 hours. minus 1 point for drinking too much yesterday, but i danced a lot...good for my mood and really great music and friends. send my resume in a few minutes. [95 points]

MAR 12: run. nope not tomorrow. my foot is still hurting and bloody. start my spanish lessons today. it's great to learn a new language. have to change my cv ;-). my body feels super after all this sports during the weekend. and it's so lovely sunny right now in berlin. good idea not to run today. i give my foot a rest so maybe it will heal till the day after tomorrow.

MAR 13: swim? nope. today is cinema and dating night. no swimming. anyway not feeling that good. the spanish lessons are really pushy and my career needs a lot of time too.

MAR 14: run? lets see how my foot looks like. if not i go cycling.

MAR 15:

MAR 16: run

MAR 17:

MAR 18:

MAR 19:

MAR 20:

MAR 21: run. yeap. i'm back on track. to be honest, it was a very hard time last week. i doing an intensive spanish language course...and we are learning the whole time. so i sleep a lot. but it's okay to do a one week break, anyway it was week 8 of running. so now after the break my foot is okay again and my condition is still great. so i ran 45 min today, in the rain and doing my spanish lessons afterwards really fit. good combination. there is just this career thing that's bothering me. but there are - 7 points for not updating and 3 for not running. my eating habbit was fine. [85 points]

MAR 22: congrats to k3vb0 to your birthday. if you have not eaten your cake it would be very bad. so good boy . just spanish lessons today. and i will go in the solarium looking for some sprinkles. afterwards i do something for my mind and workout my career. i still think about johns words today. thx for that. have a nice day.

MAR 23: missed update. but do my running 1 hour some sprints. finished my spanish course.

MAR 24: missed update. 2 hours cycling with my new racing bike. so great . 36 km and a lot of nice landscape and uuuuh so much wind. and i really nice poker-round in the evening.

MAR 25: missed update. 2 days with alcohol in the evening. not that good.

MAR 26: uh another -3 points for not updating. and minus 1 point for eating like a crap yesterday. did my running today. 45 min
[81 points]

MAR 27: working day.

MAR 28: run. no i can't, i had a dentist appointment. so i run tomorrow. (-1 point for not updating) [80 points]

MAR 29: run, yes. 1 h. just some problems with the foot. very nice carerr working today.

MAR 30: run. nope cause running yesterday. so tomorrow i run

MAR 31: run. yes, we did. nice intervalls. feeling good anyway we breathe like an old dog and got a really red face afterward. we have to get faster. [80 points]

resumee: what a nice challenge. - 14 points for not updating. this could be better. one week break cause of my foot with -3 points. first point good be better. second point was necessary. maybe just too much party with alcohol? nope. i have to do more strength workout and swimming and then everything is fine. looking forward to see you all next month

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GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: I want to shake the fat w/o losing muscle.


Monday: AM: Treadmill, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted);PM: Weight Training: Back and Traps
Tuesday: AM: Treadmill, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted);PM: Weight Training: Chest and Abs
Wednesday: AM: Treadmill, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted);
Thursday: AM: Treadmill, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted);PM: Weight Training: Legs
Friday: AM: Treadmill, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted);PM: Weight Training: Shoulders Arms
Saturday: AM: Treadmill, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted) or OFF
Sunday: AM: Treadmill, 45 mins (aerobic, fasted)

Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.

WEIGHT: 155 pounds
BODY FAT: 15-16%


[Week 1]
01.March.2006: Cardio and breakfast on schedule. Did legs as scheduled... went and drank with some friends
[99 points]
02.March.2006: Due to last nights drinking.. cardio was out the window.
[99 points]
03.March.2006: Never thought ONE person would have such an effect on me.
[98 points]
04.March.2006: This sucks.
[97 points]

[Week 2]
05.March.2006: Getting back on track. Knocked out cardio ate everything as planned.
[97 points]
06.March.2006: Knocked out everything..Killed the abs today.
[97 points]
07.March.2006: All going to plan
[97 points]
08.March.2006: Killed my legs today.. gonna pay for it tomorrow..even though i forgot my ipod
[97 points]
09.March.2006: Yep.. payin for it. Pumped about arms workout today. Jumpin the gun cuz i know im not gonna cheat today.
[97 points]
10.March.2006: per schedule
[97 points]
11.March.2006: per schedule
[97 points]

[Week 3]
12.March.2006: Agghhh gotta love life and how hectic it can be. Totally forgot about these updates... knocking points from here out for forgetting, no excuses anymore. Mondays workout was awesome, ate everything as scheduled.
[96 points]
13.March.2006: Another sweet workout, bumped it up on the flat bench.
[95 points]
14.March.2006: No weights today, but did everything as scheduled... Half way through the month and im still at 155. But i am stronger, hopefully my pics will show whats happening. I look the same IMO.
[94 points]
15.March.2006: Sweet leg workout.. ate everything. feeling great..
[94 points]
16.March.2006: good workout as usual
[94 points]
17.March.2006: same ol same ol
[94 points]
18.March.2006: same ol same ol
[94 points]

[Week 4]
19.March.2006: Bumped it up again, gettin stronger everytime.
[94 points]
20.March.2006: Bumped up the weights, ate everything as planned.
[94 points]
21.March.2006: Had to skip cardio, ill make up for it on saturday when i sometimes skip. Feeling kinda sore from yesterdays workout.
[94 points]
22.March.2006: [ points]
23.March.2006: [ points]
24.March.2006: [ points]
25.March.2006: [ points]

[Week 5]
26.March.2006: [ points]
27.March.2006: [ points]
28.March.2006: [ points]

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Mike's 100 Challenge Entry
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Stats: Height: 6'0" Weight: 242.0 Waist: 46.5
Default Mike's 100 Challenge Entry

GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: After failing the August Challenge 2/3's the way through , I'm now more commited than ever . My diet plan is easier to manage (no longer count calories or macro nutrients) and my workout plan fits better into my schedule. I will not be considered a slacker at the end of this one. I would like to lose 4% body fat (~10lbs).

Monday: Cardio (1.5 mile jog)
Tuesday: Cardio (1.5 mile jog)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Cardio (1.5 mile jog)
Friday: Cardio (1.5 mile jog)
Saturday: Cardio (3 mile jog)
Sunday: Cardio (3 mile jog), Full Body

5-6 meals per day

STARTING STATS (will enter February 28)
WEIGHT: 227.5
HIPS: 43
WAIST: 44.25

Update posted by 11pm est
March 1: 100 points - Did everything as planned. Cardio went great, and ate 5 meals.
March 2: 98 Points - Did my morning jog (took a nice slip on the ice, but luckily no damage done). Unfornately I missed 2 meals today. I was on the road alot longer than planned (very snowy and icy roads) so I missed my 10 am and missed my 2:30 due to a 4 hour marathon meeting.
March 3: 98 Points - Just in time (commited to 11:00 pm updates and it is 10:51). Ran hard this morning. Two miles is starting to feel pretty easy. Also ate all 5 meals today. I was foolish yesterday when I lost two points for not eating two of my 5 meals. Also bought a new digital camera today (kodak z612, Meijer Saturday Sale). I am tired.
March 4:
March 5: 97 Points - I have no idea how I missed yesterdays update. In my mind I made it, but in reality I did not. The last two days, both my excercise and eating went as planned.
March 6: 97 Points - Went and saw an advance showing of 300 today, one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. I did everything as planned (5 degrees Farenheit during the jog). Looking forward to finishing up week one.
March 7: 96 Points - Missed 1 meal. Everything else went as planned. Have my 70-315 MS exam tommorow so I am cramming tonight. g2g....
March 8:
March 9: 94 Points - In the past 2 days I missed 1 meal and 1 workout. However I passed my 70-315 with a 848/1000! I dozed off last night at 9 pm and that is why I missed my update. I think I'm about to doze off again.
March 10: 93 Points - Ate a bad meal today. I'm docking myself a point for it. Everything else went well. Did a 5 mile run today.
March 11:
March 12: 92 Points - Missed yesterdays post but stuck to my requirements.
March 13: 92 Points - Had a good run today. Ate 5 solid meals.
March 14: 92 Points - Happy Pi Day. I ate 5 meals and had a good day off.
March 15:
March 16: 90 Points - Had a cheat meal today. Did everything else as planned. Also missed yesterdays post.
March 17: 90 Points - Had a great day. Accomplished alot today. Look forward to the rest of the month.
March 18:
March 19:
March 20: 85 Points - I've started falling off the wagon :-(. I missed 2 posts (-2 Points) and I've eaten 2 cheat meals (-2 points) and have missed 1 workout (-1) point. I need to nip this in the bud right now.
March 21: 84 Points - Cheat Meal. Everything else was good. I'm pulling a UE to get back on track.
March 22: 84 Points - I feel like I'm back on the wagon. Today was a great day. Had the last of 3 exams this week. One long day of work and I have the weekend to enjoy.
March 23: 84 Points - Holding steady. Looking forward to a 6 mile run tommorow.
March 24:
March 25:
March 26: 80 Points - In the past 3 days I lost 2 points due to not posting and I missed one workout and had 1 cheat meal.

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This will be my first challenge of 2007, and it will be a success!!

GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: I want to look better in my clothes.

Monday: Circuit training, 3 revolutions 12 reps per set. Cardio 10min at 6mph
Tuesday: Circuit training, 3 revolutions 12 reps per set. Cardio 10min at 6mph
Wednesday: Circuit training, 3 revolutions 12 reps per set. Cardio 10min at 6mph
Thursday: Circuit training, 3 revolutions 12 reps per set. Cardio 10min at 6mph
Friday: Circuit training, 3 revolutions 12 reps per set. Cardio 10min at 6mph
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Five to Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.
Atleast 1 gallon of water.

WEIGHT: 248lbs


MAR 1:
MAR 2: I have been without a computer since last Saturday, so I missed the first day of the month. But I assure you my diet, water intake and workouts have been stellar. (99 points)
MAR 3: Diet was shit -1 point, not enough water -1 point day off from training (97 points)
MAR 4: Diet was no good again, off day from training, no water.....I suck on the weekends -2points (95 points)
MAR 5: Upper respitory infection, has me out of work and out of the gym today. Diet goes along with it, only some soup and water -2 points (93 points)
MAR 6: no update, still sick, no workout, no cals -3 points (90 points)
MAR 7: Feeling back to normal. I kicked my ass at the gym, water level is good, food was spot on. (90 points)
MAR 8: Everything went well no points lost (90 points)
MAR 9: If I could make days like today a standard the weight would just melt off!! (90 points)
MAR 10: I forgot to update. Food was good, water was low and no workout was schedule -2points (88 points)
MAR 11: I had my cheat meal today (pizza) and water was low. I just have a hard time getting all the water I need when I don't have the filtered water machine available. I know excuses excuses. -1point (87 points)
MAR 12: I had a great day today, diet, workout, and water intake were off the charts. (87 points)
MAR 13: Another great day, everything was on track and according to plan. (87 points)
MAR 14: Everything according to plan, no points lost. The pounds are starting to come off! (87 points)
MAR 15: I am really kicking ass on this challenge now!! (87 points)
MAR 16: I spoke too soon -2 point today. I didn't drink enough water and I didn't workout. Friday took a hold of me. (85 points)

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I'm in

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Im in as a first time poster!

GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: I want to be fit so I can complete "Swedish classic circuit".
To qualify for the diploma, you must finish a Swedish classic event in each of the four disciplines (skiing 90km, running 30km, swimming 3km, cycling 300km) within the space of twelve months.

This year will be my first attempt for this!

And I want a sixpack!! so I guess Im heading to 8-10% BF

Monday: Cardio 60 min (Medium OR High intensive)
Tuesday: 12 min HIIT, Weight training full body 1
Wednesday: Cardio 48 min (High intensive. Heart rate 80-85%), Abs
Thursday: Cardio 60 min (Medium OR High intensive)
Friday: 12 min HIIT, Weight training full body 2
Saturday: Cardio 48 min (High intensive. Heart rate 80-85%), Abs
Sunday: Optional Cardio...

New workout schedule from today (22:e)
Cardioday (treadmill 8km minimum)
Weightliftingday (full body)
Cardioday (treadmill 8km minimum)
and so on.. restday and 3 trainingdays, restday 3 trainingdays... you get the idea!

5-6 meals a day. One little cheatmeal a week
Mars 5 will be a cheatday, my birthday...

WEIGHT: 65kg (143 lbs)
BODY FAT: ? <- Please, welcome to estimate it, see picture below.
ARMS: 31cm (12.2")
CALVES: 36cm (14.1")
CHEST: 93cm (36.6")
FOREARMS: 25.5cm (10")
HIPS: 90.5cm (35.5")
THIGHS: 54cm (21.2")
WAIST: 83cm (32.7")



MAR 1: Meals on schedule, Cardio done. Time for bed.
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 2: All meals eaten, weights done
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 3: All meals on schedule, Cardio done!
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 4: Resting day today, however I overslept so I missed one meal, Darn!!!
-1 point [99 points]

MAR 5: (Planned Cheatday, however I will do my workout)
I had a fantasic workout today, I ran 12km (7.4 miles) in about 55 min. The other side of the coin is that my knee hurts now, so I guess I have to make my cardio on an eliptical trainer or something like that for some days now.
Birthday today as mentioned, all meals eaten, not the best food but it was planned...
-0 points [99 points]

MAR 6: All meals eaten, weightlifting done, a good day and my knee doesn't hurt so much, that's good...
-0 points [99 points]

MAR 7: All meals eaten, or will be short after this update... Cardioday today, I ran about 10km (6.2 miles) in about an hour, the knee felt ok at this speed... Today is supposed to be a high intensive day, but I didn't dare... However I did my cardio... (avg hr 162)
-0 point [99 points]

MAR 8:

MAR 9: Damn!!! I'm an idiot, I missed the update last night, I was logged in here but... (training and food ok, - 1 point)
Anyway, I have done my training and the eating was ok.
I bougth a Nike+/iPod thing today, so I think the cardio will be a lot more funnier
well god night!
-1 point [98 point]

MAR 10: All meals including a cheatmeal...mmm
cardio done
-0 points [98 points]

MAR 11: All meals eaten, rest day from training
-0 points [98 points]

MAR 12: Great cardio today! All meals eaten
-0 points [98 points]

MAR 13: Great cardio today, But It shouldn't been cardio, it should have been weightlifting today well well... I'll do my lifting tomorrow insted... All meals eaten
-0 points [98 points]

MAR 14: I took my weighttraining today, (did cardio yesterday), Great workout by the way! All meals eaten!
-0 points [98 points]

MAR 15: Very nice cardio today, 8km in about 44 min, avg heartrate 163, I will eat my last meal just after this update so, all meals done.
-0 points [98 points]

MAR 16: Good workout today! I did supersets biceps and triceps in a cablemachine... I have to say I just killed my arms , The bad news: I missed a meal today. Damn!!! I will switch days, restday tomorrow and cardio om sunday, I don't think that's a big deal... anyway as said, one meal missed, but I have to say 97 pts is not bad...
Its looking good... -1 kg and -4cm on my waist... I hope I reach another kg and 2 cm...
a caliper came today and after a few tries I have an average of 11.8% bodyfat, I like!!!
-1 points [97 points]

MAR 17: Rest day today as I said, I will do my cardio tomorrow insted, I found a pair of Nike+ shoes today so tomorrow will be real fun cardio, all meals eaten anyway!
-0 points [97 points]

MAR 18: Cardio today! Fantastic! I run 11km in about 52 min. avg heartrate 166. All meals eaten.
-0 points [97 points]

MAR 19: Cardio, about 8-9km today, 11.8 km/h. All meals eaten.
-0 points [97 points]

MAR 20: Did my weights, Did my meals but today a beer slipped down...
Great supersets biceps and triceps, chins and dips (my triceps are totaly dead right now ;-))
-1 points [96 points]

MAR 21: Cardio, 9 km all meals eaten.
-0 points [96 points]

MAR 22: NEW WORKOUT SCHEDULE. Rest day today. all meals eaten.
I came up with this idea a while ago but I havn't mentioned before, therefore I'll drop a point...
-1 points [95 points]

MAR 23: Cardio, I wasn't motivated today for some reason, but I managed to get it done anyway...
All meals eaten. tomorrow is I like...
-0 points [95 points]

MAR 24: Weighttraining done! All meals done, including my cheatmeal.
-0 points [95 points]

MAR 25: Cardio done and meals are eaten, tomorrow is restday but I think I will go for another round of my new workout schedule.
-0 points [95 points]

MAR 26: Very nice cardio today, 12km in about an hour, hr avg.167. All meals eaten
-0 points [95 points]

MAR 27: A very stressful weigthtraining today, but I managed to do it... All meals eaten. However I think to the next 100 pts challange I have to eat less. I have calculated, I have to diet quite strict in about 6 weeks to get my abs visible in a good way. well well...
-0 points [95 points]

MAR 28: Low intensive cardion today, but for a long time 2h powerwalk. Quite boring... All meals eaten...
-0 points [95 points]

MAR 29: No training today as planned, all meals eaten... time to sleep...
-0 points [95 points]

MAR 30: Cardio done, quite low intensive today aswell, food taken.
-0 points [95 points]
MAR 31:
- points [ points]

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Age: 38
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Sex: Male
Stats: 5'9", 310lbs

EvilEgg's March "100 Challenge" post

GOAL: Cutting (lose the fat)

COMMENT: I want to lose some serious weight for this summer so i can enjoy traveling more. Also, dropping some serious fat should help me with the lady's. I'm going to update my workout goal and meal goal every week since this is pretty much my first attempt at some serious discipline.

Monday: 30 min Treadmill pm
Tuesday: 20 min Treadmill am, 20 min Treadmill pm
Wednesday: 30 min Treadmill pm
Thursday: 20 min Treadmill am, 20 min Treadmill pm
Friday: 30 min Treadmill am, 20 min Treadmill pm
Saturday: 20 min Treadmill am, 20 min Treadmill pm
Sunday: 30 min Treadmill am

3 - 4 Clean, portion conscious meals per day
One cheat Meal per Week

STATS 02/27/07 (measured every tuesday at doctors office)
Weight: 314 lbs (168/146)
Body Fat: 53.4%

Mar 1 [-1] [99 Points] Did good with the Cardio, but i missed my meal time during lunch because there was an emergency at work. So i only got 3 meals for today. One hell of a way to start the new challenge.

Mar 2 [0] [99 Points] Did very good today. Did my cardio, even added some interval training. Ate clean and only had tea and water to drink, no sweetners.

Mar 3 [0] [99 Points] No problem today, i did not do the treadmill but instead i went for a 3hr hike in the woods. I consider that good replacement for the treadmill. Got kinda hungry after the hike, but ended up eating some homemade skinless hot wings.

Mar 4 [-1] [98 Points] In regards to the meals i was good. Ate clean, at 5 portions. Only had a little sweetner with my tea, other then that it was only water. I did not do the treadmill workout today. I got home later last night (early this morning), so i got up late met some friends for a study session. I was too tired to do the treadmill. Not an excuse, just a reason.

Mar 5 [0] [98 Points] Nothing exciting happend today. I ate 4 meals and did the exercise. Woohoo for normal.

STATS 03/06/07 (measured every tuesday at doctors office)
Weight: 305.2lbs (158/147.2)
Body Fat: 51.8%

Mar 6 [0] [98 Points] Went to the doctor today and i lost some weight, so i'm happy , i been eating the same stuff i ate yesterday. It's mid-term week and i'm just going to eat the same 4 - 5 meals i been eating and squezzing in the exercise.

Mar 7 [0] [98 Points] Nothing new to tell, tried out some new meal combinations, but i stayed well within my goal. Had to really push to do the exercise today.

Mar 8 [-1] [97 Points] I haven't/ will not do the 2nd exercise today. I had my 4 clean (extra clean) meals and did my exercise in the morning. Timewise i could still do today's exercise, but i'm just waiting for the teawater to heat up so i can drink some tea and fall asleep. I'm dead tired .....zzzzzz.

Mar 9 [0] [97 Points] Had my cheat meal today. Not really what i planned on, but i still have to call it a cheat meal. I knew i was going to have a cheat meal today, i was just planning on eating something better then honey BBQ wings that were kinda overcooked. I did my treadmill routines, and ate clean for the rest of the day.

Mar 10 [0] [97 Points] Kinda busy working on some other projects, so i'm going to keep this short and sweet in the next couple days. Ate 4 clean meals, did my exercises.

Mar 11 [0] [97 Points] Ate 5 clean meals, did the exercises.

Mar 12 [0] [97 Points] Really did not want to do the exercise in the evening, but i talked myself into it. Apprently i'm a reasonable person because i listened to reason and accepted my argument. Ate clean, tried eating 6 small meals, and it seems to work good, but i don't think i could find the time for 6 meals every day.

STATS 03/13/07
Weight: 300.6lbs (158/142.6)
Body Fat: 52.6%

Mar 13 [0] [97 Points] Lost a little more weight, i know, i know, it is mostly just water-weight, but i'll take it. Been trying to eat more then 4 meals a day. Worked out great today, i managed 5. The exercise is getting easier, i think i may increase my times a little.

Mar 14 [-1] [96 Points] Oops, had a cheat meal. Tried to make up for it by doubling my time on the treadmill but i know it does't work that way. Only had 4 meals total today because the cheat meal was larger in portions then my regular meals.

Mar 15 [0] [96 Points] Got up really, really early today and tried to make this a day of workout and clean and healthy eating. Ended up eating 8 small meals and still only 2000 calories. That with the hitting the treadmill 3 times and the 1 speed hike and 1 loop of the same hike with my mountain-bike really make me feel like i did good today. But now my legs are hurting, and it doesn't feel like to good kind of hurting. I had cramps in the calves for the last hour.

Mar 16 [-2] [94 Points] Did not do the morning treadmill because my calves and feet been killing me all night. I tried walking, but it just seems to get worse. It got better after i soaked them hot water and turned on the foot massager. The second point, well i got lazy and ate for convenience. I ate a bagel with cream-cheese not that bad, but its not what i had on the list, so there goes that point.

Mar 17

Mar 18

Mar 19

STATS 03/20/07
Body Fat:

Mar 20

Mar 21

STATS 03/27/07
Body Fat:

Mar 27

FINAL STATS 03/31/07
"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted, and loudly proclaiming: "**** me, that was BRILLIANT!"

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Sex: Male
Stats: Height: 6' Weight: 220 lbs BF%: 18.2% Goal: Weight: 200 lbs BF%: 10% Crossfit Total: Squat: 365 Shoulder Press: 165 Deadlift: 355 Total: 885

Carddante's Challenge

Goal: Lose 8 lbs of fat and 3% body fat, gain muscle mass.

Comment: First time out, but I've been pretty good this last month. My goal is to stay dedicated to my plan for the entire month.

Workout Schedule:
Monday: 60 minutes lower body
Tuesday: 60 minutes upper body
Wednesday: 20 min HIIT
Thursday: 20 min HIIT
Friday: 60 minutes lower body
Saturday: 60 minutes upper body
Sunday: 20 min HIIT

Starting Stats:
Weight: 214 lbs
BF%: 20.05%
Neck: 16 1/4"
Shoulders: 49 1/4"
Chest: 41"
Waist: 39"
Hips: 39 1/4"
Biceps: 15"
Forearms: 12"
Quads: 24 3/4"
Calves: 16 3/4"

March 1: Workout went as planned, cardio went as planned, ate all meals as planned. -0 [100 pts]
March 2: Workout went as planned, cardio went as planned, ate all meals as planned. I do have to mention that today was probably one of the best tests of my willpower I have had in a long time. We had "Customer Appreciation Day" today where I work and it consisted of cookies, soda, hotdogs (the whole building smelled like hotdogs), and chips. Every time I was tempted, I just thought of this challenge and how little I wanted to mark a -1 for the day so I kept away from it the entire day and did not cave in. I was very impressed with my own willpower once I put it aside and told myself "no" how easy it became to just ignore it. -0 [100 pts]
March 3: Workout went as planned, cardio went as planned, ate all meals as planned. 1 cheat meal (mmm, Mexican food), though because it was also planned for, I am not subtracting a point. -0 [100 pts]
March 4: Cardio went well and the morning was good, eating wise. However an unexpected lunch and dinner with family led to some overeating on my part. Stupid, I know, but it was good to see everyone. I'm quite sure, though, that it negatively affected this morning (Mon morn)'s measurements as I did not lose as much weight as I had hoped for. -2 [98pts]
March 5: Another great day. Cardio went as planned, workout was great! One of those tough leg workouts where your legs are shaking and you can't stand up straight at the end of it. Very happy. All meals went as planned. -0 [98 pts]
March 6: All meals went as planned. I actually planned on going out to dinner with a friend last night and it turned into dinner with my fiance, my buddy and his girlfriend as well. They were pretty weirded out when I ordered a grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetables and a sweet potato and no beer for dinner. But it got us talking about working out and fitness and what great results I have seen from my fitness plan so far. I thought it would be hard to go out to dinner and not order something big and greasy and nasty but it wasn't hard at all and I felt great afterwards, like I had accomplished something big by going out and not indulging when it was not on my plan. Cardio went as planned. Workout went as planned. -0 [98 pts]
March 7:That's weird. I know I posted an update last night before I went to bed but when I checked it this morning, it wasn't there. Anyways, yesterday was a great day- one of those days where you feel like you can't be stopped no matter what you are doing! Cardio went as planned, all meals went as planned. -0 [98 pts]
March 8: Argh! I had a helluva day yesterday and I could NOT fit my cardio in. Part of it was that I woke up WAY late and had to rush out the door to work. So I lost a point there- very disappointing. I'm really thinking about adjusting my schedule to give me Wed and Thurs off of lifting during the week and make the extra workout up on Saturday. I think that will make me more likely to stay dedicated on the weekend, which we all know is the easiest time to slip up. I'll let you know what I decide to do. But my diet was spot on again and everything else went okay so there WAS success amongst the failure. It pains me to do this, but -1 [97 pts]
March 9: Yesterday was another great day. My cardio was one of the best runs I've had in a LONG time. I felt like I could have just kept going! All meals went correctly, workout went great. -0 [97 pts]
March 10: Another good day. Decent cardio, though I am kind of disappointed considering how good Friday's run was. I bought new shoes and that may have something to do with it. My calves are killing me today, though that could be due to the huge jump I went up in my leg workout this week. Planned cheat meal ended up being a couple of slices of pizza and a breadstick, though I convinced myself to stay away from the soda entirely. -0 [97 pts]
March 11: Yesterday was a good day. I decided to go for a brief run in the morning when I got up, though my calves were still killing yesterday morning. They felt better during this morning's run so hopefully I'm past that. I did end up at the WSU baseball game yesterday and almost felt obligated to eat a hot dog while I was there so -1 for that. I don't feel so bad, though, because I've really done a lot better on my eating than I usually do. Measurements this morning showed me down 2 more lbs and another % of bodyfat so I'm progressing right according to plan. [96 pts]
March 12:*Midday edit* After looking at my schedule for the week and having abided by my schedule for the last two weeks, I've decided to shift my weight training days in the second half of the week to Fri/Sat. I've reflected the change above. Frankly, trying to get back to work out on Thursday nights was killing me and I was more worried about getting there for it than actually focusing on doing it well. You see, I commute more than an hour back and forth to work every day which means I usually get up at 5:30, run, leave for work at 7, drive an hour, work a full day and then drive home. Then on Monday nights, Wed nights, Thursday nights and Saturday mornings I have 3-4 hours of graduate classes. The Monday's are okay and the Saturday's are okay but Thursday's tend to be my late night for work and it was killing me trying to get my work done, get home, work out, eat and make it to class at all! I'm hoping this split will allow me a little more time to get done what I need to get done during the day and give myself ample time for my workouts. *end edit* Great measurements this morning! I'm down another % on body fat and I've added a half inch to my biceps in the last week. Paying close attention to my diet is really paying off in spades! Cardio went great this morning, lower body went great this afternoon. All meals according to plan. -0 [96 pts]
March 13: Wow, what a day! Up at 5 to run, ate all meals as planned and my workout was off the charts! I can barely move my arms right now to type. I hit deadlifts today higher than I ever have before and I was juiced for the rest of the workout! On another note, I tried NO Xplode today as a new supplement before my workout. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the intensity of the workout because, frankly, I'm pretty skeptical of advertising claims like "this is the best supplement ever!" Still, it seems like a pretty good coincidence. I'll keep giving it a try and see if the results continue. If anyone out there reading this has had any experience with the supplement, I'd be interested to hear your take on whether it works or not. I found myself pretty short of breath throughout my workout too, and I'm going to be keeping a close eye on that because we don't need any health problems to pop up from taking something new. If anyone has encountered shortness of breath or something on NO Xplode, I'd be interested to hear about that too. -0 [96 pts]
March 14: Ugh. I have not been getting enough sleep the last few nights and it caught up with me yesterday. I skipped my cardio and went to bed early and I'm still dragging ass this (Thurs) morning. -1 for skipped cardio. I'm stressing out about school and work and the billion other things I have going on this weekend as well. Luckily for me, my eating schedule is practically habit now and I am seeing wonderful results from that. I have no problems staying on that. [95 pts]
March 15: Good day yesterday. I'm really glad I adjusted my schedule so I didn't have to rush home after work to squeeze my workout in. I'm really looking forward to being done with school in May so that I am not juggling all of my different committments and can focus on work and fitness. -0 [95 pts]
March 16: All meals went according to plan, cardio went acc to plan, workout went acc to plan. -0 [95 pts]
March 17: Cardio went acc to plan, workout was GREAT! I did have an extra cheat meal (dinner out with the folks) so I'll take off one for that. -1 [94 pts]
March 18: Cardio went as planned, all meals went well. I even got a heck of a workout by moving my fiance into a new place. Good day all in all. -0 [94 pts]
March 19: *Midday edit* I'm really thinking about cutting back on my cardio. I think I may be succumbing to overtraining right now as I'm really going balls out every time I start. I am seeing some amazing progress in my phsycial shape. The other problem is that as this semester hits the home stretch and graduation approaches, I am going to find myself needing more and more time to dedicate to class work and that extra half hour in the morning means just a little more sleep. I'm going to cut back this week on the cardio to the days that I am not weight training and see how my progress changes and make the call next weekend. I've edited my above workout plan accordingly. I think I figured something else out. I'm always feeling much better on Friday than I do on Monday and I think it has a lot to do with the cheat meal (or two) that I get over the weekends. Typically I eat a cheat meal on Saturday (date night) but I sometimes get one on Sunday and invariably I wake up Monday feeling a little bloated and certainly not as lean as I do on Friday. I'm going to try doing my measurements twice this week and see if I see a big difference between Mon and Fri. *end edit* Exercise went great yesterday. I realized that I really need to go up in some of my leg exercises. Makes me nervous for Friday's workout. All meals went according to plan but I cooked my chicken for too long last night and it was like trying to tear apart chicken jerkey. -0 [94 pts]
March 20: I have to say I'm a little disappointed that my measurements didn't change much from last week. It's really got me in a rut. I think I'm going to have to change my workout around because my body is likely becoming accustomed to it by now and isn't growing as much. I think if I shock my system with something new I will see some gains again. Still, it was pretty disappointing to see no change from last week to this. Still, all went well today and I hit everything right on schedule. I had to push myself to finish the workout, though and I think it is bc I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. So on that note, I'm going to bed. -0 [94 pts]
March 21: Ate all meals acc to plan, missed cardio due to homework. -0 [93 pts]
March 22: Ate all meals, cardio was fun. I got off work and started my run. 5 minutes into it I was caught in a downpour. It seriously started raining right as I got to the half-mile marker. So I kicked it into high gear and sprinted back to my house (didn't want the ipod to get wet). When I got there, I was already soaked so I ran down into my basement, hopped on the elliptical and finished my cardio! Nothing was going to stop me last night! I actually ended up running longer than I had intended because I was jamming to a good song on the ipod and lost track of my stopwatch time. Oh well, makes up for missing Wed's run! -0 [93 pts]
March 23: Ate all meals acc to play, work out was great! I even got more sleep than usual last night bc class is canceled this morning and I got to sleep in a bit! -0 [93 pts]
March 24: All meals acc to plan, workout was PHENOMENAL. I switched up my exercises and increased weight on almost all of them and by the end, I was toast! I bumped my deadlifts up 25lbs, though! Wow! I'm hoping these changes kick the muscle growth back into high gear because I am SORE today! -0 [93 pts]
March 25: Another glorious day in Kansas. This time I SCHEDULED my cheat meal for the baseball game today and enjoyed a couple of hot dogs and some nachos GUILT FREE. -0 [93 pts]
March 26: Man, I'm totally disappointed again because I didn't see any noticeable change from last week to this week! I guess that means 3 times per week cardio isn't enough...I'll try it again one more time this week and see how it goes. Meanwhile, changing up my workout was one of the best things I could have done! I didn't realize how accustomed I was to my original workout until I did the new one last night- whooped my ass! By the time squats and lunges were done, I was ready to puke and I still had calves and abs to do! Ugh! I found myself psyching myself out of quitting early and it WORKED! Strong finish to a strong workout and I'm walking kind of funny today. Hopefully no one notices. All meals as planned. I even threw a cardio session in yesterday morning because i had some extra time after my measurements. -0 [93 pts]
March 27: I'm kind of disappointed because I only got half of my upper body workout in yesterday. I had a group project and ppl started showing up at my house 15 minutes early so I didn't have time to finish my deads or my biceps. I could have gone back down to the basement to finish but I'm not sure they would have stayed had they heard me grunting and groaning as I pulled the weights for deadlifts. All meals went as planned yesterday and I got to bed before midnight which means I feel pretty good this morning instead of exhausted as I've felt the first two days this week. -1 for unfinished workout. [92 pts]
March 28: All meals as planned. Missed cardio. I'm going to be very glad when this god*** project is finished and I don't have to worry about it any more. -1 [91 pts]
March 29: All meals went acc to plan but I did not get my cardio in again because of this project. I am running on 4 hours of sleep and two pots of coffee right now. 6 hours and counting... -1 [90 pts]
March 30: All meals went acc to plan. Workout went acc to plan. And I'm finally done with that lousy project! Whoo! -0 [90 pts]
March 31:

Ending Stats:

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Prodigy's March challenge entry
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Stats: 5'10, 175 lbs
Talking Prodigy's March challenge entry

GOAL: Cutting, no alcohol

COMMENT: I want to reduce bodyfat, and gain muscle pass. Also want to quit alcohol (-1 point for every beer).

Monday: LISS Cardio 45 mins (AM) / Legs (PM)
Tuesday: LISS Cardio 45 mins (AM) / Arms & Abs (PM)
Wednesday: LISS Cardio 45 mins (AM) / Shoulders & Traps (PM)
Thursday: LISS Cardio 45 mins (AM) / Back (PM)
Friday: LISS Cardio 45 mins (AM) / Chest & Abs (PM)
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Six meals per day, one cheat meal per week (Saturday evening).

BODY FAT: ? (awaiting Omron BF analyzer, will update when possible)



MAR 1: Morning cardio was very difficult, but I fought through it. All done as planned.
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 2: Missed morning cardio & breakfast. Being on-call sucks. Lost much sleep and had absolutely no time to do anything in the morning.
-2 points [98 points]

MAR 3: Had 3 beers while watching the UFC. While it is alot less than I would normally have, I commited to no beer so -3.
-3 points [95 points]

MAR 4: Meals ate as planned.
-0 points [95 points]

MAR 5: Everything done as planned.
- 0 points [95 points]

MAR 6:

MAR 7:

MAR 8:

MAR 9:

MAR 10:

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Edub05's first 100 Challenge
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Default Edub05's first 100 Challenge

GOAL: Cutting

COMMENT: I need to cut as much fat as I can while maintaining as much muscle as I can. I'd like to lose 8 - 10lbs.

Workout A:
Workout B:
Workout C:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Workout A
Wednesday: cardio 45mins
Thursday: Workout B
Friday: cardio 45mins
Saturday: Workout C
Sunday: cardio 45mins

Five or six meals per day, one cheat meal per week.
Basic meal plan found HERE

WEIGHT: 240.5 pounds


[Week 1]
01.March.2006: 5 meals today. Workout B went well. 4th meal not real clean. "Taco Salad" with ground chuck. My excuse is that it was prepared for me and I could not turn it down. Took it easy and did not pig out. -1 point [ 99 points]

02.March.2006: 5 meals. I made a brown rice with chicken and veggies dish tonight. Not bad. I also made the Preacher cookies as found in the recipe forum. Good also. Got my cardio in. Got asked to go to Oklahoma Joe's for BBQ today. Turned it down. [99 points]

03.March.2006: ARGH! 4 meals today. Had this weeks cheat meal. Workout C done. -1 point [ 98 points]

04.March.2006: Ate right. Did cardio. Posted. [ 98 points]

[Week 2]
05.March.2006: [ points]

06.March.2006: Rats! Fell asleep and didn't post yesterday. Everything else was on spot. Today went really well. Week 4 of my cutting routine and it seems to be working. 238.75! Broke the 240 barrier and I'm never going back! I don't know if I was pumped cause I got under 240 or what but my workout went real well tonight too. Felt good! WOOT! -1 point for not posting yesterday. [ 97 points]

07.March.2006: Got a late start this morning so I had to switch my meals around but I got them in. Did not do todays cardio. -1 point [ 96 points]

08.March.2006: Ate all my meals. Lifted. I think I'm going to try a new routine next week. Hopefully I will have it put together this weekend. Bought the book "The New Rules of Lifting". [ 96 points]

09.March.2006: Well I knew today was probably going to involve me eating food that I shouldn't.. and it did. But I don't want to consider it my cheat meal. We had an all branch meeting with food brought in before and after. I had one slice of thin crust pizza from PizzaHut. I am proud of myself for restricting it to one slice. I could have and normally would have had 3-4 slices. The meal after was not so bad. Grilled chicken breast with pineapple and mozzorella on an onion bun. While not the cleanest is was not horrible. I'm going to take the point hit but don't really feel like a screwed up. I truly restricted my intake. All other meals as planned and cardio complete. -1 [ 95 points]

10.March.2006: Today was another tempting food day. Stuck to my guns and ate as planned. Workout C completed.
[ 95 points]

11.March.2006: Today was supposed to be my cheat meal day. I ate most of my regular meals then went out to get a burger from my favorite burger joint and the burnt the thing to a crisp. Ruined it for me because I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. I also went for a "jog" tonight. I definitely have made progress in this arena. My body was able to hold up for a longer period of time but my cardiovascular system is still behind. It feels good to be able to jog now and not feel like I'm lugging around blocks of concrete. I definitely had more spring in my step. [ 95 points]

[Week 3]
12.March.2006: Today was a rest day. Meals as planned. Looking forward to checking my weight tomorrow. [ 95 points]
13.March.2006: Weight 238.25. Crap. Not what I was hoping for. I know I'm not weighing myself at the best time of day but for now it's all I got. I'm gonna stick to it though. Meals as planned. Workout A complete. [ 95 points]
14.March.2006: Had a root canal today so I decided to take it easy and not do my cardio. Ate clean. -1 point[ 94 points]
15.March.2006: [ points]
16.March.2006: [ points]
17.March.2006: [ points]
18.March.2006: [ points]

[Week 4]
19.March.2006: [ points]
20.March.2006: [ points]
21.March.2006: [ points]
22.March.2006: [ points]
23.March.2006: [ points]
24.March.2006: [ points]
25.March.2006: [ points]

[Week 5]
26.March.2006: [ points]
27.March.2006: [ points]
28.March.2006: [ points]
29.March.2006: [ points]
30.March.2006: [ points]
31.March.2006: [ points]

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Join Date: Aug 30th, 2006
Location: Ireland
Age: 31
Posts: 25
Sex: Male

GOAL: Maintenance

BODY TYPE: Mesomorph

This will be my sixth challenge to date, finished last month with 98 points my highest score so far. I am more than satisfied with my fat loss over the last five months i.e. 26lbs with minimal loss in muscle. Over this last few weeks I think i have experienced a slight palteau in my fat loss & strenght gains. So this month I plan to switch to a maintenance program in order to give my body a chance to catch up. Also hopefully the extra calories with spur some increases in power. In the next week or two I will also change up my weights program.

Also this week marks the end of the rugby season so from now on I will be playing tag rugby instead, training & match days are the same as before.

Monday: Chest, Back, Quads, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders,& Abs
Tuesday: Tag Rugby Training or Cardio - HIIT (PM)
Wednesday: Triceps, Calves, Traps, Quads, Chest, Abs & Lats
Thursday: Tag Rugby Training or Cardio - HIIT (PM)
Friday: Lats, Quads, Shoulders, Biceps, Chest, Legs & Abs
Saturday: Cardio - HIIT (PM)
Sunday: Tag Rugby Match or Day Off
Full Body Weights: 3x8 Reps per Body part

  1. Basal Metobolic Rate = 2014 Calories
  2. Active Metobolic Rate = 3150 Calories
  3. Maintenance Calorie Intake = 3150 Calories
Six meals a day of 525 Calories = 3150 Calories

WEIGHT: 199lbs
BODY FAT: 12.5% (Health Central)
ARMS: 13.5" (Myotape)
CALVES: 17" (Myotape)
CHEST: 42" (Myotape)
FOREARMS: 12" (Myotape)
HIPS: 40" (Myotape)
THIGH: 24" (Myotape)
WAIST: 36" (Myotape)



MAR 1: I had cardio instead of weights last night because I was asked to play a soccer game. I took the night off tonight & Ill get my weights workouts 2+3 done tomorrow & Sunday. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [100 Points]
MAR 2: Weights workout #2 done, increased some exercises 5%. Scheduled meals & cheat meal - vitamins/ sups taken. [100 Points]
MAR 3: Cardio done in the form of 5 aside soccer - 90mins. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [100 Points]
MAR 4: I didn't get my third weights session of the week done today (-1) because of personal reasons, but it should have been done on Friday night. Personally I like to have some flexibility in my rountine therefore I can adjust to suit any unexpected events. But from now on I will have to stick to my rountine closly & get my workouts done on time. This is only the third point I lost in six months due to missing a weights workout & I won't let it happen again. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 5: Weights workout #1 done, increased some exercises 5%. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 6: Tag rugby training & 5 aside soccer (90mins) done for cardio last night. I also got my delivery of supplements from a new company here in Ireland, I picked up 2 tubs of USN whey protein. I've heard alot of good things about this protein. I have been using a protein/ creatine blend up until now but I want to cycle off the creatine for 10-12 weeks. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 7: Weights workout #2 done tonight, great workout increased all exercises 10-15%. I was particularly happy with these increases because since my vacation last month I feel like my strength has been struggling to keep up, so I hope this workout means I am back on track. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]

MAR 8: Cardio session done in the gym tonight: 2000m on the rower & 5km HIIT on the bike. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 9: Weights workout #3 done tonight, this really was a great workout I increased almost every exercise 10-15% despite not having done this rountine in a few weeks! got it done in record time too! Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR10: Took my day off today, so I'll get my weekend cardio done tomorrow. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 11: Cardio session done: 2km on the rower & 5km HIIT on the bike. This was a good workout considering I got in to the gym really late & had to everything flat out. I did my weekly shop tonight but was really angry at the fact that most of their stock is sold out on a Sunday night after the weekend, I did't get half the things I needed but I won't let it mess up my week. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 12: Weights workout #1 done tonight, another top workout - increased all exercises 10-15%. I also increased my bench press for the first time in 4 weeks, I hit a palteau after having increased the weight every 2 weeks by 5kg. But after my vacation I came off creatine & struggled with the weight I had already been lifting! so I'm very happy to be back on the increase. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 13: Another tough Tuesday night over with! I had Tag rugby training for 80mins & it involves quite a bit of sprinting. Also I had my weekly 5 aside soccer game for 90mins which involves alot of sprinting/ jogging. This rountine is probably too excessive for one evening but I enjoy it, as usual I'll be feeling it tomorrow. But as long as it doesn't effect my weight training on a Wednesday I don't mind. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 14: Weights workout #2 done tonight. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]

MAR 15: Cardio session done in the Gym tonight, I also did Friday's Weights workout because I'm going to Scotland for the weekend. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [99 Points]
MAR 16: Scheduled cheat breakfast in the Airport. Scheduled meals plus an unscheduled cheat meal at dinner (-1). Vitamins/ sups taken. [98 Points]
MAR 17: Happy St. Patrick's Day! I won't have a chance to do any cardio this weekend while I'm in Scotland so (-1). Ate clean & vitamins/ sups taken. [98 Points]
MAR 18: Travelling home today. Ate clean & vitamins/ sups taken. [98 Points]
MAR 19: Scheduled day off today, I'm changing up my weights rountine this week so no weights today. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [98 Points]
MAR 20: Tag rugby training done tonight, it was a tough session & went on for about 2.5 hours; great cardio! I also played the weekly 5aside soccer for 90mins, another very physical game tonight so I'm going to feel that in the morning. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [98 Points]
MAR 21: I haven't finished preparing my new weights program yet so I'm putting off tonights workout until tomorrow after Tag Rugby. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [98 Points]

MAR 22: Tag rugby training done tonight, another tough session that dragged on for too long. So I didn't have enough time or energy to start my new Max-OT weights program in the Gym (-1). I hate losing points for missed weights sessions and it doesn't happen very often so I'm eager to get back to the Gym tomorrow night. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [97 Points]

MAR 23: I didn't have enough time for my weights workout tonight (-1) so I did tomorrow's cardio session instead since I'm away until Sunday on a surfing trip. So I've had an unscheduled week off from weights! Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [96 Points]
MAR 24: Spent the day surfing today in tough conditions & it was exhausting so if I'm going away again I will just use surfing as my cardio for the day! Scheduled cheat meal tonight. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [96 Points]
MAR 25: Played my first tag rugby match today (40mins) & we won 17-3 so a good start to the season. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [97 Points]
MAR 26: I finally changed up my weights workout tonight, I had considered going with a Max-OT program but I hadn't done enough research to develop a program. So I decided to keep it simple and just go back to a 3-day split program very similar to the one I started with six months ago. I had great gains with this program originally so I'll stick with 3x10 sets aswell. So tonight was Chest & Arms, good workout. I was lifting heavy even though I wasn't feeling great tonight. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [97 Points]
MAR 27: Tag rugby training tonight - 90mins. I'm a bit sore after my weights workout last night, I haven't had that feeling in a while! Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [97 Points]
MAR 28: I went surfing this evening, so I'll have to get my legs workout done tomorrow night. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [97 Points]

MAR 29: Tag rugby training tonight, light session. I still didn't have time to get my Leg weights done so I'll do my Shoulders & back tomorrow & legs on Saturday morning. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [97 Points]
MAR 30: Shoulder & Back workout done tonight. Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [97 Points]
MAR 31: I went surfing for the day today, it was pretty tough in the conditions so that was my cardio for today. I didn't get my Legs & Abs workout done today (-1). Scheduled meals & vitamins/ sups taken. [96 Points]

I finished with 96 points this month which wasn't bad but it could have been alot better. After 5 months of cutting this was by far my easiest month. My diet was much more relaxed & my calorie intake was up quiet a bit, so this was a welcome change! My maintenance period was a relative success, I maintained the same weight & body fat almost exactly. So starting in April I'm going to start a bulk for 1-2 months.
100 Challenges: October 06 - 93 November 06 - 95 December 06 - 95 January 07 - 96 February 07 - 98 March 07 - 96 April 07 - 99 May 07 - 91 June 07 - 88 July 07 - 90 September 07 - 95 October 07 - 99

.....Appearance is a Consequence of Fitness.....

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Andrew M
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Join Date: Jan 21st, 2004
Location: Belfast, N. Ireland.
Age: 41
Posts: 1,031
Sex: Male
Stats: 1.95m 10kg from peak


Short and sweet with the goals.
I'm in the middle of an 89 day sprint to have my thesis finished, comments and corrections made, then bound. I'll be relaxing from May 2nd.


1 Not gain weight.
2 Write every day.
3 Exercise at least x2 per week.

My goals are low, but everything is secondary to the thesis currently. It defines my last 4 years, and my future as a surgeon. There's nothing more imporant than this, save the impending due date of number 2!!!!!

Overall goals.
I'm aiming for >75 points at the end of the month, better than January's 39 and last month's 42 will be a start.
I need to be writing every day.
Lose at least 2 kg. If I don't, then the minimum is to not gain weight.
The focus is the thesis.

I'll be deducting 5 points for 1 missed workout, and 10 for no weekly workout.

Final points. 24

1 Missed update, cheated. Great start!! 98
2 Up v early (our son's moving from cot to bed). 126.7kg this am, so 0.7kg up last challenge. 98
3 A long day on-call. I'm in the lab now, cold and terribly bored. 97
4 Moderately busy in work, and a 2-year-old party to attend later. 97
5 No update, cheat, no writing. A poor day. 94
6 Busy day ahead. Currently writing, and I want to go to bed!! 94
7 Poster for conference being printed, good day in theatre, good day planned tomorrow. 93
8 No update, writing +++, no exercise, cheat. 81
9 No update, writing ++, no exercise. 80
10 Visiting elderly relatives, writing +++, no exercise, cheat. 78
11 Missed update, bollix of a day, flight 3 hours late. 77
12 First presentation went well, off to bed early. 77
13 No update, cheat dinner out, no exercise. 75
14 No update, cheat dinner, flight on time, no exercise last week at all. 63
15 Back to work. 128.2 kg this morning, totally rubbish. 63
16 Up till 4.15am writing, am knackered, and it'll be like this for weeks to come. 63
17 No update
18 No update
19 No update
20 No update
21 No update
22 No update
23 No update
24 No update
25 No update
26 Tonight will be an all-nighter, am handing sections (hopefully 3) in the morning, and there's tonnes to do. Needless to say, no exercise at all and copious cheating. Guess at points is. 35
27 80 minutes sleep, I feel awful. 35
28 Cheat, but writing done. 34
29 No update
30 No update
31 In work on a day off, writing like crazy, not a moment to self. Pretty rubbish at the minute. No exercise, and cheats frequently. 24

So, a rubbish month for having time to do things, eat well, exercise, and spend time with my family. I'm not entering April's 100 challenge, as there will be more of the same this month.
I'll be back in the saddle on the first of May.
I daren't weigh myself!

Hard work, every day.

There are a lot of excuses but in the end, none of them are valid. Carguy

adam: I dunno... I only know where biceps, triceps, pecks, deltoids, and some of the ab muscles are Chicanerous

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Join Date: Dec 28th, 2006
Location: Deep South
Age: 49
Posts: 5
Sex: Male

GOAL: Weight loss

COMMENT: Continue to lose weight and reduce body fat. Did not participate in the February challenge due to back issues. 2 M.R.I.'s later shows nothing wrong, which is further proof that I need to get rid of this weight and strengthen myself.

Monday: 30 minutes Cardio- 2 miles on the treadmill - Abs
Tuesday: Weights - Full body - 20 minutes cardio
Wednesday: 30 Minutes Cardio - Abs
Thursday: Weights - Full body - 20 minutes cardio
Friday: 30 Minutess Cardio - Abs
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Weights - Full body - 20 minutes cardo

six times per day
reduce fat intake

January 1, 2007 Stats:
Weight: 204.5
34% b.f.

February 1, 2007 Stats:
Weight 196.5
32% b.f.

STARTING STATS: March 1, 2007
WEIGHT: 190 pounds


March 1, 2007 - 100 points
All meals eaten as planned. Completed weights and cardio. Even though I did not deviate from my plan this week, the scales have not been kind. My weight loss has been somewhat consistent until now. I seemed to have hit the 190 lb. brick wall.
0 points lost

March 2-4 2007 - 100 points
Took my boys to deer camp for the week-end, so I missed my work outs. I did not eat great, but not that bad. I will take a four point loss for the week-end.
4 points lost - 96 points

March 5, 2007 - 96 points
All Meals as planned did not do cardio.
1 point lost - 95 points

March 6, 2007 - 95 points
All meals and weights as planned
0 points lost

March 7, 2007 - 95 points
All meals and cardio as planned
0 points lost

March 8, 2007 - 95 points
All meals and workout as planned
0 points lost

March 9, 2007 - 95 points
All meals and cardo as planned
0 points lost

March 10-11 - 95 points
All meals as planned
No work outs but worked in the yard all day Saturday and Sunday.
2 point loss for the weekend

March 12 - 93 points
Meals as planned, but no workout
1 point loss

March 13 - 92 points
All meals as planned
Weights and cardio as planned
0 point loss

March 14 - 92 points
All meals as planned
Cardio and Abs as planned
0 points loss

March 15 - 92 points
All meals as planned
Cardio as planned
0 point loss

March 16-18 - 92 points
Weekend coming with much yard work and all my boys will be right in the middle. We'll see how I do on my meals and cardio. Weekends are toughest on me. I seem to have Monday through Friday under control, but with 3 boys under 5 it gets a little crazy around my house. Not whining, just stating the facts.
Totally blew the weekend.
4 point loss

March 19 - 88 points
No Workout. Did not eat well
2 point loss

March 20 -22 - 86 points
Unexpectedly had to go out of town.
6 point loss

March 23 - 80 points

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Join Date: Feb 22nd, 2007
Location: Georgia, USA
Age: 47
Posts: 17
Sex: Male
Stats: Age: 38 5' 10" - 210 lbs 25.6% BF See my BodySpace for more

I'm basically doing this in my fitness journal thread here, so guess I'll join the challange too. One more daily post right. See my FITNESS JOURNEY link in my signature below to verify my daily challange entries:

GOAL: Fat Reduction/Body Transformation

COMMENT: I want to eventually reduce my body fat to 12% at ~165 lbs.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Full Body Workout, 20 minutes cardio
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 45 minutes cardio
Sunday: Rest, cardio optional

5-6 meals per day, no cheating! ~1500 cal. (2000 cal. max)

WEIGHT: 210.2 pounds
ARMS: 16.25"
CALVES: 16.5"
CHEST: 45.5"
HIPS: 41"
THIGHS: 23.75"
WAIST: 39.25"


DAILY LOG (Weight and BF% measured AM & PM, best of the two posted)

MAR 1: Weight:210.2 BF%:25
Entry notes: 5 meals (1552 cal., 7/48/43), 45 min. cardio: See March Daily Logs
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 2: Weight:210.3 BF%:25.1
Entry notes: 5 meals (1153 cal., 12/29/56), Full Body Workout & 20 min. HIIT: See March Daily Logs
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 3: Weight: BF%:
Entry notes:
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 4: Weight: BF%:
Entry notes:
-0 points [100 points]

MAR 5: Weight: BF%:
Entry notes:
-0 points [100 points]

Remember to click on my FITNESS JOURNEY link in signature below for complete details.
My Fitness Journey - Daily food log, daily pics.
BodySpace - Other measurements and info.

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