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Apr 15, 2016 at 5:54 PM
Nov 1, 2004
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Apr 15, 2016
    1. PDCA
      Hey, I see you got back on here.:) I actually started a journal today. It is kind of embarrassing to write about yourself on a health and fitness forum, when you used to be fat. I have already lost 40 pounds and I still feel I am so far away from where I want to be. I hope this site gives me motivation and encouragement. I read some of your threads from years ago. I didn't realize that you had lost that much weight. That is Awesome!!
      BJ and I live south of West Manchester just north of 40 and off of 127. About 15 minutes from Arcanum, where both our parents still live. You are in Greenville, right? So you think you may start coming here again? You can keep tabs on me now that I have a journal.
      Good to talk to you. You have any goals for this year?
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