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Oct 12, 2008 at 3:24 AM
Sep 14, 2008
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West Yorkshire, UK
self-employed; semi-retired; lady of (p)leisure!!

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Active Member, from West Yorkshire, UK

Sooze was last seen:
Oct 12, 2008
    1. Justitia
      Thanks so much for your kind words.... I've been off the site b/c I injured my shoulder. I am about to come back.

      It sounds like you are doing terrifically! Congratulations!!!! Maybe you'll have before and after photos we can add to the women 42-89 thread.

      It also sounds like you know that the belly fat is the last to go... but if you are doing a combo of LISS (Low Intensity, steady state cardio) and weights -- you should see results coming steadily.)

      Something I might suggest is signing up with Swolecat for a food/ exercise program if you have the funds. I went on it myself -- and even though I could not stick to it completely I still had great results. I still use modifications of it when I can. (I've been suffering from a number of medical issues the last couple of years and had to lay off working out for a year after I herniated a disc.) I don't discuss that I have been on his program in public b/c I am not able to adhere to it fully and it would not be fair to him for people to think I am Representative of the results. But I still made terrific gains. (others who have been on the plan know that I have been but respect my wishes not to be public about it.)

      Looking back on it, I think now I would do his program he calls femgenex. However, his food plan worked great for me b/c it is very high in protein and very low in carbs -- which mirrors pretty much precisely what my normal eating patterns are -- so they fit my body type. If that is not a good food plan for you, then his program would not be right.

      Another site I go to a lot is testosterone nation -- particularly since they open up a forum for women. There are very knowledgeable women there who offer excellent advice.

      The one caveat I have is that you and I are much older than most here -- and we have physical limitations with respect to intensity and frequency of working out. It took me a long time to recognize and accept that. It was the main reason I could not do Swolecat's program wholeheartedly. It is also the reason I have been dealing with medical issues these past 2 years. I had a hysterectomy 27 months ago -- and though I got myself into terrific shape before the surgery and was very careful when I went back to working out -- I went back to my job too soon -- my job is extremely demanding -- particularly during the time I went back -- and as I did not give my body the time to heal that it needed (my working out was fine -- it was the time and energy at work that was not) -- I drove my health into the ground. Several months later I just went from one sickness to another and one physical injury to another related to my not getting the rest to properly heal from my hysterectomy.

      This happened b/c until my hysterectomy -- I had endless energy and rapid recovery from everything. So I sort of saw myself as superwoman and somewhat impervious to age. These past 2 years have been humbling.

      I only convey all this b/c you and I are about the same age. And I would not want you to make the same mistakes I did.

      So I want to congratulate you on being patient. Patience is a HUGE virtue at our age .... :)
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    West Yorkshire, UK
    self-employed; semi-retired; lady of (p)leisure!!
    My Stats:
    59 yrs old. Started getting fit in January 2006 after 40 yrs of sendentary lifestyle.

    singing, dancing, playing samba music, making jewellery, having fun socialising.