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May 10, 2010 at 11:16 AM
Sep 3, 2008
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Active Member, from Pittsburgh by way of NYC

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May 10, 2010
    1. MadeInNY
      I'm averaging a high A, but I'm not thrilled with my workouts lately. I also have been slipping on my diet. However, I haven't gained any weight.

      How are you doing? How is class? How's your bulking?
    2. CA$ON
      How is class going?
    3. MadeInNY
      I'll PM you :)
    4. pigme
      Hi. I just found this site today and at first thought it was for men only. I started looking for posts from women and found yours. I am amazed at your progress as posted on your profile. I am 38 and my birthday is the day you joined the site. I generally hang right at 150lbs no matter how much i work out or don't. I have recently switched from high cardio to more weight training. Can you share with me what you did to get below 140??? I can starve myself and get to 142 but if I eat anything after that I go right back to 150. I have tried high cardio, low cardio, and calorie counting. I generally eat 1200-1600 fairly healthy calories, but my body fat stays at 32%. thanks in advance!
    5. MadeInNY
      Keep up?!! You've been a source of my inspiration.

      You are doing an AWESOME JOB!
    6. CA$ON
      -20lbs////// I better keep up! Nice job chica.
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    Pittsburgh by way of NYC
    My Stats:
    09/08/08 174.4 lbs
    10/12/08 - 157.4 lbs
    10/15/08 - 154.4 - 20lbs loss
    11/3/08 - 148.8 - 25.6lbs
    11/27/08 - 139.2 - 35.2lbs loss
    12/23/08 - 136.0 lbs
    12/30/08 - 135.0 - .5lb away from losing 40lbs.


    Journal : I don't want to compete, just want to look like I do.