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Jan 11, 2020 at 3:57 PM
Aug 3, 2004
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Mar 26, 1948 (Age: 71)
Law Professor

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Jan 11, 2020
    1. HevyMetal
      Good to see you are back on the site.....I was away for awhile too....I sure hope you get better......
    2. Justitia
      I've been away because PGC, my partner moved up here and we are living together. But it turns out that ther are very serious medical issues which have absorbed me non-stop for almost a year now. I am in the process of hiring a "staff' of people to take over as much of the responsibility as I can delegate but I am pretty exhausted.

      I hope to be back here sometime in the next couple of months when things are more under control.
    3. akm3
      I haven't heard anything from you in a long time, probably me not being around more than vice versa. How is life treating you?!
    4. Carole
      I was just checking back..............I'm not here often but did note a BIG absence without seeing evidence of your more frequent presence via posts..............I suspect lots of people miss seeing more of you but of course understand life issues that could/would interfere with such............How ever and what ever do know I for one (and I am certain I am not alone) miss seeing you.......... Be well..........
    5. never2old
      Hi, thanks for your friend request (and I'm sorry; I first saw it only today!). I enjoy having connection with you through JSF.
    6. Rogozhin
      One more 'thanks', I really appreciate the support (I don't speak ANY Norwegian, grandparents unfortunately didn't teach us).
    7. Rogozhin
      I'm sorry Justitia, feel like a goofball! Thanks again, Peter
    8. Justitia
      No I don't... I don't feel quite comfortable doing that. A litle too much exposure of rmy taste.
    9. Mick Mauldin
      Mick Mauldin
      Hey, do you have a myspace page Justitia? Thanks for the friend request by the way.
    10. Rogozhin
      Thank you for adding me as a friend Justina! I'm honored. :)
    11. abricotine
      Hello !
      Good idea this forum.
      You are the proof a woman can be pretty at 60.
      My mum began to lift weight , I hope she will get on, I showed her this forum to motivate her.
      Have a nice day.
    12. jsalazar
      you cant be 60!
    13. Carole
      Hi Justitia,

      What brought me to your page this evening was curiosity as I , on the
      rather infrequent times I come to the forum, hadn’t seen you or evidence
      of your having been to the forum of late………obviously I now understand

      I enjoyed reading your conversation with ‘snooze’ although I was sorry to learn of your having had such trying health issues of late. The women’s section, indeed all the various forums and threads have missed your input as have I. You do have a way of livening things up!.

      Must go for now but look forward to your return to health and a place in your life that will allow you to be more active on the forum again.
    14. Sooze
      Hi Justitia - I have joined this site because of your thread about older women. I'm 59 yrs of age and have only been on my fitness path for 2.5 yrs (after 40 yrs of a sendentary lifestyle!). I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and am looking forward to more changes in my body shape. I am happy with my weight (133-140lbs) but desperate to get rid of my bellyfat!! I know it's going to take hard work and time for the fatburning process to do its stuff and I'm happy to wait (well not really, but know I have to be realistic!!!!)

      Thank you for being a positive role model for me.

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    Mar 26, 1948 (Age: 71)
    Law Professor
    My Stats:
    8/11/2014: 5'3" (I've shrunk even more with age lol) down 1 3/4" from my height 5 years ago, retsart weight: 157 lbs


    "One by one I began to change my bad habits, and I never looked back." John Stone, in his interview with Muscle and Strength

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