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John Stone
Jan 20, 2004
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Owner, John Stone Fitness LLC

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John Stone

Every day is Leg Day, Male, from Florida

Staff Member Owner
    1. ashraf
      hi.... i think ur site is great.
    2. kree-kree
      Thanks John!
    3. Brian Golden
      Brian Golden
      Mr. Stone,

      Could you or an admin/moderator please update the name of my account.

      I am a big boy now, so please have someone change the name to Brian Golden.

      F.Y.I. Currently FSU student. If there are any questions or queries, let me know. Take care.

      B Gold
    4. Bludder
      Thank you for making these forums, without them I would not have the information or the motivation to do what needs to be done...you truly are an inspiration and a hero...also I'm truly sorry for your loss recently, if it's any consolation I too had a furry companion who I had literally all of my life, her death was very difficult to bear...she was literally my best friend ever...I'm glad you got back into the swing of things...look forward to hearing more of your workout techniques!
    5. Foley
      Cheers John :ohnoes:
    6. CA$ON
      John Your Bulk looks like it went very well. I just watched your you tube video in awe with how much food we really eat. I can't wait to see you cut back down.:tucool: :flex:
    7. Big_D
      Thank ye kind sir
    8. AndiMAC
      Thanks John! :-)
    9. Sea2Sea
      Happy B-day John, are you 41 now ? if so you got 7 months on me :)
    10. Big_D
      happy birthday
    11. paulo_drummer
      Happy birthday John! I can't thank you enough for this site!
    12. Chameleon
      thanks for the Birthday wish.. it made me smile :)
    13. mastover
      Hey man, don't worry about your diet or training or anything except doing whatever you have to do to get back to 100% health. I would not feel guilty about taking 5-7 days off from training. Heck I do it all the time, without even being sick. I think the love and concern from your dogs are going to get you back sooner than you think. :)
    14. mastover
      Yeah thats good to know. Free weight squats and deads sometimes potentiate the wierdest injuries. At least we now know that its not a disc. Maxing out on Smith Machine squats create disc injuries, so don't go there if you want to go heavy. Perhaps when you get back to 100% you can position squats last in your leg routine. Do your lunges, extensions, leg press, leg curls, hack squats, etc., first... then do your squats. You'll experience some very good results with the manuever. Further, your form will remain nice and tight. Good luck with whatever you decide. Glad to see you are better today, John!!
    15. Merk
      Hey Gimpy Hows the back?! What the heck, do I have to come down there to show you how to squat or what?! Jokes, jokes. Hopefully you got a small smirk outta that...that or I'm going to find myself with a ban. Either or should make for an interesting talk, lol. What Aram was mentioning about the heat/ice alternation I have do that with my shoulder a couple times a week because of bench and whatnot, works well.
    16. mastover
      yeah, my left lower back and the entire latissimus area there. I have to alternate ice and hot compresses or hot bath, every 15 minutes. I really am not sure about your situation for diagnosis, but whatever you've done, faciclitate the healing process with OTC pain relievers and the ice/heat stuff. This will help kick start recovery. If you do not notice any improvement with mobility, pain, stiffness, etc., in 3 days definitely go to your doc. No squats for at least 3-4 weeks, even if you are pain free way before that time.
    17. mastover
      Hi John, How is your back this morning? Give us an update. Sounds like what I get 3 or 4 times a year when squatting.
    18. Foley
      These blogs are great fun. Good addition to the forums. :) Cheers! :nod:
    19. John Stone
      John Stone
      Thanks very much! :)
    20. digitalnebula
      John, awesome job on such a seamless transition to the super-loaded system you have provided for everyone! Tip back a GG for me tonight!
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    Home Page:
    Owner, John Stone Fitness LLC
    My Stats:
    6', 170.2 pounds, 8.4% body fat (maintaining)




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    "I don't ride bikes to add years to my life; I ride bikes to add life to my years."