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John Stone
Jan 20, 2004
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Owner, John Stone Fitness LLC

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John Stone

John Stone, Male, from Florida

Staff Member Owner
    1. smash

      Sorry to post this on your visitor page but I signed up in order to comment on one of your blog posts. I'm unable to login through your main page comment section and it appears my account here is in "queue moderation." Could you please activate my account so I can comment on your blog posts? I would have PM'd you but it appears I am unable to as well!

    2. Shadow_6
      Hello John, I'd love to be able to say it blows my mind that people give you grief about your blogs. But after working in Corrections not much does these days. I enjoy your site very much and have gained a lot of useful information and I thank you and the posters for that. Write about what brings you happiness, cause really at the end of the day everyone has a opinion but only yours matters in your day to day life. I have this little virus called procrastination, your site has helped me get rid of that virus and I'm now 13lbs lighter and look forward to losing more. Thanks again for your dedication and time given freely to us lurkers ;)


    3. tr4nsf0rm3r
      Hi John - could I please change my account name back to c0ntradictum? Thanks.
    4. CharlesDance
      LMAO, I just noticed that comment in your sig from the YouTube guy talking about steroids, hilarious. I love youtube kids.
    5. tr4nsf0rm3r
      John: Could I please change my account name to "hybr1d3"
    6. Matt_44
    7. ameer
      Just wondering. Thanks.
    8. ameer
      If you don't mind my asking why cold/flexed and not cold/relaxed? Thanks!
    9. ameer
      You've probably answered this question before, but I am curious now that I've started taking weekly measurements. I read in one of your posts that you always do measurements warm and flexed. Is that still true? and if so why not relaxed and cold? Thanks.
    10. andi
      Very, very glad to be back John, thanks for still being here to come back to! That avatar trips me out, you look like you're covered in silver paint :)
    11. andi
      John! What a sweetheart you are after all these years! I just got this birthday message now.... thank you!
    12. sjake
      I'm new to the forum, and wanted to see who Mr John Stone was...WOW..you look amazing...fabulous job sir!!! Your physique is so impressive..Teach me, Teach me, Teach me how to get the female version of!!!! :)
    13. Marclee
    14. Nowhereman
    15. Back on Track
      Back on Track
      hello john, i have a personal question to you:
      When you attended to parties, what you did, when the everybody was drinking beer? Did you took a cup and kept for the whole night or didnt drink at all?

      Another thing, about, endo, ecto and mesomorphs:
      Am I doomed, being an endomorph, to never get ripped, or I still can do it, but I'll have to try harder?

      Thanks, and sorry, this is my 3rd consecutive message :D.
    16. Back on Track
      Back on Track
      Hello, mr. Stone.
      It's me again. I've been trainning for a while, and got little , but necessary results. Since I have made a commitment about getting fit, I trainned (in the gym) everyday for 2 months. The point is, I started taking judo classes and I've got some talent for that. My sensei told me that, if I train judo everyday, in a few months I'll be able to fight local tournaments.
      My biggest problem is: My goal was never to become a fighter (as I said in a thread in a begginers section), but to get fit. But, if I fight everyday, I won't be able to lift weights anymore.
      Understand that I only have the evening period for trainnings, due to my work.
      In your opinion, what should I do? Do you think that judo only will be able to make me leaner? My bodyfat is around 20%, and I've made great improvents since I started lifting weights. I was thinking about training judo, and after that go to the weight room. Will this be efective?
      Thanks, and sorry for this long message.
    17. Back on Track
      Back on Track
      Thanks, I'll stick to the pyramid then...
      one more little question: When decide to bulk? when did you? did you set any specific goal like BF%, weight, or maybe after a few months?
      thanks again
    18. Back on Track
      Back on Track
      hello, john.
      I'm new into fitness and have entered this journey mainly because of your lifestory(tnx, btw).
      I have one newbie question:
      Do you recomend Max-OT trainning for advanced beginners?
      I'm into my first cut phase (BF is around 23 %) and actually I am doing the pyramid trainning. Should I change to Max-OT?
    19. boomboom
      This is John (Boomboom)! Sorry it took so long to get back with you. I did get your voicemail but it has disappeared along with the callback number. What did you have in mind regarding SOBF?
    20. MVWVM
      Steady on in the job crisis, chin up, chest out. I have every confidence that you will come back from this greater than ever, as your transformation has shown. My crystal ball says a gym and training world is on your horizon.
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    Owner, John Stone Fitness LLC
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    6', 170.2 pounds, 8.4% body fat (maintaining)