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george mavridis
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Oct 5, 2017 at 9:06 AM
Jan 24, 2010
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Gold Coast, Australia
Floor Restoration

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george mavridis

Active Member, from Gold Coast, Australia

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Oct 5, 2017
    1. Phoenix
      Hi George,
      On the coast there are a fair few gyms so it depends on what sort of gym you like. I went to Empire Fitness for a while a good gym but a few bodybuilders go there. It is less commercial than fenix, or goodlife for example. PCYC's are cheap but you have to pick a good one as some do not have heaps of equipment. Matrix, Archers, and school/uni gyms are around as well which suit some people.
    2. george mavridis
      george mavridis
      I had to o this in two messages to fit as I was over in character numbers. Here is the rest of it.

      Most nights I do another 20 min brisk walk except on the days I go to gym.

      I hav cut out all the stuff that makes me put on weight, ie biscuits, ice cream cakes etc Soda I never drink and ber I may have 1-2 a week unless there is something like hristmas day or New Year eve then I have a few more but really watch how many.

      I have lost 19kg since I stared this and have about another 30 to go. I can already see some muscle defenition starting to happen but there is still too much fat there ( BF around 37% )

      As I said its going to be a long journey but this time there is no going back.
      Thanks for your advice.
    3. george mavridis
      george mavridis
      Thanks Mike
      Seems I am on the right track. I walk every (most ) mornings at a fast pace about 20 mins then wait half an hour before having breakfast. As I said I joined a gym which is a no frills fitness centre, no fancy aerobics classes and yuppies trancing around. Just a place that has all the equipment I need. I have been set up on a program smilar to what you mentioned. I do 5 min warm up on bike and 5 min on ower, then a circuit of which consists of
      Lat pulldown
      push ups
      tricep pulldowns
      seated cable row
      leg press
      DB bicep curl and shoulder press done in one montion

      I do these in quick succession with no little or rest and then go again til I've done 3 sets. i use light weights and do 15 reps of each. The aim is to keep my heart rate up there. Then I do 20 min on cadrio equipment split between bike, treadmill, rower, eliptical machine. This I ususally split and mix around just make sure total is 20 mins. Wait at least 1hr before eating

    4. carguy
      Hi George, I'll try to help as much as I can. I can assure you that it is never too late to get in shape and improve your health. I think I read that you quit smoking. That is GREAT. Use this site to improve your diet, start some sort of cardio (walking, treadmill, jogging, anything to get your heart rate up), cut out sodas and booze (or enjoy them sparingly), and get into a steady routine of weight lifting. If you are just beginning, a three day, full body routine would probably be best. Fasted LISS in the mornings is a great way to cut body fat and lose weight. (If you're not familiar with LISS, Google it and you'll get a lot of input. I just did 40 minutes of fast walking on an uphill treadmill every morning before breakfast when I was starting out.

      I've been training for about 5 years, starting when I was 51.
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