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Dec 30, 2010 at 7:01 PM
Apr 5, 2007
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Dec 30, 2010
    1. Nowhereman
      Merry Christmas dude! Hope everything is well!
    2. Nowhereman
      Still here, just don't feel like doing the journaling thing anymore. I haven't missed a day of the gym though.
    3. CA$ON
      Yeah just look for CA$ON. Might be on 2nd page.
    4. CA$ON
      DoubleO!!!! Whats going on man. Hope all is well.
    5. Doubleoqueso
      Hi! Thank you :) Well, I just went shopping today, actually. The only downside of my diet is the frequency of shopping trips (every 2-3 days) Lots of perishables.

      The menu:
      Any fruit, veggie, or sprout
      Any meat
      Any kind of nuts
      Eggs and dairy

      I usually do a protein shake and a banana for breakfast, and that's about the only consistent meal for me. I drink a lot of water, as it cures munchies for me (like when I've just eaten, but still "feel" hungry). My favorite lunch is a big egg pancake (3 eggs, enough egg whites to fill the pan and scrambled with some habanero sauce mixed in) and a bag of broccoli - it comes in these 12 oz "steamable" bags.

      Basically every meal has some kind of protein, and mostly carb or mostly fat. I try to avoid lots of fats and carbs together. I try to have more fats in the evening than carbs. I make sure to have at least 12-16oz of veggies a day, more if I eat a lot of meat or nuts in a single sitting. It's a very easy and relaxed diet.

      The hardest part is breaking out of the junk food addiction, and to do that it's best to allow no "cheats" at all. After you're 100% free of addiction, you can get away with having a piece of cake at a birthday party, for instance. If you find yourself over indulging, cut it out completely for a few more weeks and try again. Eventually, you'll be able to actually have just one piece ;) (and find it utterly satisfying)

    6. ukblue35
      Hey there............nice post! Could you give me an example of what a few days of nutrition looks like for you?? How many meals/day, what are you eating, etc??? Thanks!
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