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Jun 26, 2016 at 11:47 AM
Feb 1, 2004
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Jun 26, 2016
    1. tyciol
      Oh hey I was researching rear delts and I'm glad you've studied them for half a decade bro.
    2. Big_D
      Thank you chico
    3. Carole
      Chicanerous, I’d like to thank you again…. for sharing your taste in music of course but, and more important to me, for taking the time to impart computer knowledge that you, by virtue of your “degree” of youth, possibly take for granted. Exercising the body is the only necessity at your age, where as at my age exercising the body, while essential, is no more so than exercising the mind; computers are marvelous ‘apparatus’ for doing so. You have added to my skills and I thank you for having done.

      I wished not to cause you (or myself) embarrassment by posting the above.
    4. Big_D
      you're building some nice traps there
    5. paulo_drummer
      Man, what was that Bulgarian Split Squats thing!? :eek:
      I'm still sore in my legs three days after the workout! :lol:
      Thanks for the advice! :tu:
      Er... Something to substitute Leg Curls?
    6. erik.whitman
      Where did you learn how to perform your 'O' Lifts? Did you just experiment; Coaching; Videos; Books; or a combo of all? Do you know of any good websites/DVD that provide detailed instruction on the basic 'O' Lifts? Any advice would be great.
    7. Bsheller
      Crazy thing too, I google lifting shoes, and I get a result for a post you made about your pair of Ironwork II, then I find dynamic fitness and when I lost the website, I googled it again and got a post about you getting your shoes from dynamic fitness.
    8. Bsheller
      So I think I'm on the road to solving my power clean problems. I've found through some work today that I'm trying to catch with my arms instead of letting the bar rest above my chest. Another thing, I saw that at some point you mentioned Olympic lifting shoes with elevated heels, well I'm certainly going to pick a pair up because today I used a pair of 5lb plates to elevate my heels slightly and that helped the entire lift tremendously.
    9. Bsheller
      Right, they usually go around 7, I'm gonna try to go in the Fall. They've got a tire to flip and a few other things that the club purchased up there from what one of the guys was telling me. That is one thing that bugs me about this place. All the money they spend on equipment and no bumpers. I dropped 270 on a power clean last month and the staff got on my ass about it, but really its unavoidable sometimes with the equipment we've got.
    10. Bsheller
      My bad on the other night, I ended up lifting earlier that day, but have you ever considered lifting with the power lifting club at the JON?
    11. Merk
      Jesus Kid you blew up, lookin' great!
    12. dkmahkee
      new pics :tucool:
    13. docutech
      Lookin' good man!
    14. Bsheller
      hey man, if you're gonna be lifting tomorrow, I've got a short lift to put in and I figure i'll run over to the JOS instead of the rpac whenever you'll be up there.
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