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Aug 11, 2016 at 9:42 PM
Jan 30, 2005
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Well-Known Member, from Florida

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Aug 11, 2016
    1. Justitia
      Hi, Carole --- I am trying to get back -- and what helped me come back was you as an inspiration.

      Hope all is well.
    2. Defy
      Hi Carole, I am new to the forum (June 2). I posted some thoughts on another thread but wanted to tell you (as so many others have) what an inspiration you are to me. I just turned 61 and "with my clothes on" :) I still look pretty good. However, I am starting to look "geriatrically thin" and just saggy. I have fallen away from the exercising I know I should do for just basic health and well-being. However, vanity is a much better motivator! :) I have been less motivated to go back to working out because I thought my body had just gotten to look old and there wasn't much I could do about it. Then I came upon these photos of you! I know it takes a fair amount of effort and dedication to continue to maintain a body that looks so lean and strong. I wish I could just jump inside your head and abstract the workout recipe for how you got to where you are and how you maintain it! I hope to learn more from your posts as I get familiar with this forum!
    3. pminn
      Hi Carole, You are an inspiration to me.
      Thank you!
    4. radio36
      You look superb! Having recently become 65 years young, I thank you for the inspiration! All the best to you.
    5. HevyMetal
      Carole....Just saying Hi.....keep up the good work!
    6. dawnray
      Carole, I haven't been able to read through all your posts yet, but you are my hero! You should write a book! I would love to hear your story start to finish- what an inspiration! And thanks for posting your amazing pics!
    7. RTE
      Well I am alive. Not roaring back yet, but back is better. We been doing some traveling. So not many workouts. When I do come "roaring back", you will be the first to know.
    8. nksmith

      Sorry for not getting back to you. As much time over the past few years as I've spent on this forum, I have never had a "conversation" or personal message. I just noticed this today and was surprised to find out that you can even contact people outside of a regular posting, so please excuse my huge delay.

      I have never thought about adding things to my profile. Maybe I'll work on getting it up to par, although it's tough for me to sit behind a computer when it's summer in Colorado.

      Talk with you soon!
    9. CA$ON
      Carole you are looking great!
    10. buffedstuff
      Happy birthday, may you be blessed with radiant health and a joyous spirit. Thanks for showing us how it is done.
    11. buffedstuff
      Carole , you are a beautiful light thanks for sharing the kindness.
    12. diabolo
      Thanks for your support Carole. It certainly means a lot to me. You look fantastic by the way, well done to you :)
    13. RoyPardo
      I am from mexico so spanish...
    14. neptuneL38
      It is obvious to me you communicate with the heart very well, if not almost exclusively.
    15. neptuneL38
      I ask you to use your intuition. And because you do declare your physical age, coupled with your physical vibrance, as an inspiration to others. I ask that you take some time with chapter 9 and see how much more you could inspire others with this other path.

      The ability to change your body is the same ability to change the laws which you are governed by. There is a higher order than which man has established. It sounds holyish sacredish, but I can't deny, you will never meet this again.

      If you could continue your life indefinetly at your desired physical age would you? I would.
    16. neptuneL38
      What prompted you to share this information with me now?
      -I share this information with those I think can use it. I saw your picture, read some of your words and made a conclusion.

      I would be interested in knowing if your espousal of such views pre dated the book or were prompted by the reading of the book.
      -The book provided the seed, I provided desire, and my interactions with reality provided the rest.
    17. neptuneL38
      The statement is ambiguous, but it seeks to convey everything I was willing to say without a defined bridge of communication.
      -"your meetings of fate have now ended". defined: I am not trying to sell you something- and you wouldn't have been present in my reality if you weren't supposed to gleam something from the encounter in the first place- my stab in the dark in an effort to establish our relationship on the truly synchronized level.
      -"what's the difference between destiny and fate anyhow?" defined: asking you to dig into your own stores of archetypical language and how it relates to your perceptions
      -"In the difference is the synchronicity of these words entering your reality." defined: my take on the difference- asking wether you investigate the meaning of that which you are asked to perceive by reality, or um.... that which everyone else does.
    18. neptuneL38
      Perhaps something greater than your doubt in 'random' internet messages.


      You will find the 11 steps of physical agelessness. Go Now!

      your meetings of fate have now ended. What's the difference between Destiny and Fate anyhow? In the difference is the synchronicity of these words entering your reality.
    19. neptuneL38
      Read chapter 9 of the book titled Star Signs by Linda Goodman. Right Now!

      Amazon. Go Now!
    20. CA$ON
      Thanks Carole!
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