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Feb 14, 2019 at 10:07 PM
Apr 20, 2005
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Jul 21, 1953 (Age: 66)

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Feb 14, 2019
    1. beginner84
      getting back, getting back, expect some stuff soon, highly motivated :)

      thank you for your reply :)

      oh and no i am not fat, i lacked on sports yes i did however alcoholism got the better of me again.

      looking at your pics though, damn bro, you got H - U - G - E !!!

      massive props !!!

      expect some of me again, soon ;)
    2. george mavridis
      george mavridis
      You look great. I am 53 and turn 54 in June. I am overweight and unfit but have started to lose weight and joined a gym in Dec last year. I want to use your pic as inspiration. Can you tell me how you got that way and have you been training for a long time.

      Thanks George
    3. George
      Happy birthday, CG!
    4. leftyx
      Hey CG... how's that Arriva working for you? I bought anohter pair...they stick like glue once you work them in. And how are u liking the Saturn Skye? That's one bad looking automobile. Felt like saying hi and if you have anything on your mind just let it out.
    5. kevin_in_ga
      Thanks! I'm just glad that I can keep the motivation and intensity up as I age.
    6. carguy
      Thanks to all my supporters and friends over the years. Best wishes to all of you and to meeting your fitness goals. :wave:
    7. Butterflyer
      Thanks carguy! Wow, I didn't even know about these messages....:doh:
      Happy birthday to you too! :tu: (A little late, sorry!)
    8. CuTe PoIsOn
      CuTe PoIsOn
      Happy Birthday CarGuy
    9. RTE
      Thank you, The years have begun to add up. Make hay while the sun shines.
    10. jptaylor2
      thanks, weekend looks good so far. NOOOOO, i am cutting again. im down to around 7% at 150.5 so i should lean out like i did last year about 7.5-8lbs heavier(read as LBM) im kinda stoked about that. youre lookin great as well.
    11. docutech
      I showed your anniversary thread to some people at work and they were amazed at your progress over the years. Great job!
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    Jul 21, 1953 (Age: 66)


    "Be gentle to all, and stern with yourself." - St. Teresa de Avila