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May 17, 2004
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Orlando, FL

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Elite Member, from Orlando, FL

Lifetime Platinum Member
    1. Merk
      Hey Wienie! I hope everything is going well. I've tried msging you here on JSF but the msgs bounce. Hope to hear from you soon bud. Take care - Ronn
    2. Nowhereman
      Merry Christmas! Hope you and Becky are having a great time!
    3. Bluestreak
      Hola, amigo. Congrats to you and Becky!
    4. Nowhereman
      Hey Chris, hope the calf and shoulder are better.

      I'm curious. What was the lightest you've weighed. Before you lifted weights not at birth.:D
    5. J_W
      Hey, Chris, thanks for stopping by with words of encouragement. :) How's your calf doing?

      I'm already back in the gym. I refuse to focus on what I can't do and am instead focusing on what I can do (which is quite a lot, actually). Give me thanks to Becky, too. It really helps to have people rooting for you in situations like this :).
    6. Foley
      Hey Chris.

      Hows it going man?
    7. kateykate
      lol... the picture of the greens and the caption makes me laugh! It reminds me of a conversation I had with 7 year old Grace, who said, "you wouldn't really want to have a cute little bottom like mine, I have to eat lots of things I don't always want to eat, and do LOTS of exercise". :lol:
    8. Bluestreak
      Hey buddy! Thanks for the well-wishes. I can't believe it's been seven years already! Jeezus... all these new features befuddle the crap outta me! I didn't even know we could leave "visitor messages" until you left me one!
    9. Big_D
      Thanks Chris but I'm pretty sure you got me beat all around ;)
    10. Maya
    11. Big_D
      Damn dude I'm jealous of your legs
    12. Merk
      Awww, thanks. Wait the transformation is truly just beginning my friend. I have some progress pics coming up tomorrow or Sunday. Honestly the way I look now makes my "now" on bb.com look fat, lol. If it wasn't for knowledge shared by a few choice people like yourself I wouldn't be where I am today. You can truly say YOU were one of the people that molded me into who I am. Again I thank you so much
    13. Merk
      Hey Gimpy, hows the calf?
    14. Foley
      No, actually, you're wrong there fella. I already had my 40000kg of turkey today. I had tuna, olive oil and broccoli. :nod:
    15. mastover
      well thanks man, but my insight is not great, it's just mine lol. let me know what the diagnosis was with your injury. good luck with that chris.
    16. dkmahkee
      Hi Chris :wave:
    17. docutech
      Great lookin' calves for sure! I hope you heal quickly!
    18. Foley
      Yo Chris. Hows it hangin?
    19. Chopaholic
    20. Nowhereman
      What's up? I had no idea what was going on. I'm amazed it wasn't weeks before I noticed the notifications up at the top. Pretty neat functions!

      Man, those are some monster calves! I mean that as a compliment.
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    Orlando, FL
    My Stats:
    I love my dog, my squat rack, my books, and my computer, but mostly my dog

    Lifting weights, not doing cardio, playing with Zack my dalmatian, flexing in front of the mirror


    Forget man's so-called logic and find your own metabolic needs.

    -Vince Gironda