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New Profile Posts

  1. M@
    Under 30% bodyfat!
  2. makir35
    Hacked by users pass ga***t
  3. M@
    Sick with a cold.
  4. John Stone
    John Stone phillydude
    I see what you did there.
  5. phillydude
    Every day is egg day.
  6. newtest
    I test stuff
  7. phillydude
    Vegas, baby. So money.
  8. Rich H.
    Rich H.
    Hi John!
  9. volleyball
    Ironically, rarely playing my name. Now frequently getting pickled at the Mason Jar. Oh, aching knees -- you suck.
  10. phillydude
    Don't Never Give Up.
  11. michael1
    michael1 Alicia
    happy b day
  12. Brian Golden
    Brian Golden
    Yes, yes I am John.
  13. losh96
    losh96 abuseguy
    I read you post about planning for winter training...


    I am in the same boat you were a year ago and trying to figure a winter training plan to keep the weight creep at a minimum and keep the cycling fitness i built this year.

    Could you share any information what you tried over the winter and what worked or did not work for you?

    Thank you!
  14. John Stone
    John Stone smash
    You're set. Some accounts are placed in moderation based on certain flags at signup. You listed your birth year as 1902.
  15. smash
    smash John Stone

    Sorry to post this on your visitor page but I signed up in order to comment on one of your blog posts. I'm unable to login through your main page comment section and it appears my account here is in "queue moderation." Could you please activate my account so I can comment on your blog posts? I would have PM'd you but it appears I am unable to as well!

  16. Seltzer
    @jbarker. See my response to your questions in my journal that I posted earlier this afternoon.
  17. Justitia
    Justitia Chopaholic
    Happy birthday !!!!
  18. Justitia
    Justitia Carole
    Hi, Carole --- I am trying to get back -- and what helped me come back was you as an inspiration.

    Hope all is well.
  19. Whoracle
    Okay cool man I appreciate it let me know when you are there and we will work something out :)
  20. leftyx
    leftyx Whoracle
    Who, this is Jordan and I will be glad to give my gaming r I g to you when I leave MD. I'll be back there in Sept. And will be there until I sell my house there.
    I have a full tower with a 2 year old Intel CPU. the graph Ics card is updated to a GeForce TI 550i I believe. 4gb ram, 1terabyte of storage, 600watt power supply, 7 fans, and blue accent lighting.